Noelle Genshin Impact Guide

Noelle Genshin Impact Guide

After completing a few quests at the beginning of Genshin Impact, starter characters will join your party. Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa will accompany you on various quests. Eventually, you will obtain them as playable characters in the game.

While these characters form the core starter team on your account, one unique character will join your team from the wish banner. Players are guaranteed to land themselves the Geo hero, Noelle, and while she is a freebie of sorts, she’s a real asset to all players beginning their assault on Teyvat.

Noelle is a guaranteed character from the Beginner’s Wish banner who passionately seeks her dream of becoming a Knight and protecting her beloved city. She is one of the sweetest characters in the game and is always ready to help others.

She’s one of the early-game characters who will join your party and continues to be an essential part of your roster.

In this Noelle Genshin Impact guide, I will go through this unique supporting character whose abilities complement your main team in the early game. Whether your team needs healing or shielding, Noelle will always be ready to protect you.

Without further ado, Let’s learn about her best artifacts, weapons, and team compositions, which will help you make the best team possible with her.

Noelle, Maid of Favonius

Noelle is a really sweet character who’s always willing to help people, even if the task endangers her own life. She is a dedicated person who wants to join the rank of Knights of Favonius and constantly works hard towards her goal.

Taking notes, learning about customs, helping people, and giving her best are part of her daily routine. Noelle has a strong work ethic, a pure heart, and a genuine passion for helping the needy.

Her nature to commit to a task and see it through to fruition is what impresses me the most. She is an inspiration for people who want to focus single-handedly on a task.

noelle, maid of favonius
A memory from Noelle’s hangout

Noelle’s caring nature is what makes others reciprocate the same. Jean and Kaeya try their best not to assign dangerous tasks to Noelle to avoid any unexpected harm and care for her well-being.

Noelle has a pure heart and a genuine passion for helping people, but that leaves her vulnerable to people with malicious intent. Though she has avoided danger so far, she still needs to improve her judgment of others’ character.

Her hangout quests are wholesome, and I suggest you dedicate some time to them. You will get to know her interests, aspirations, and goals that she wants to fulfill.

After completing hangout quests, you will receive rewards and hangout memories. Honestly, I love to restart hangout events and cherish the wholesome exchanges between the Traveler and Noelle. To me, Noelle is an amazing character who can fill your life with joy, happiness, and positivity.

Ascension & Talent Level-up

Noelle gains a defense percentage ascension stat that helps to solidify her abilities. She’s one of the rare examples of characters in the game whose abilities scale off the defense, and it’s recommended to stack defense on her.

You should level her up to 90 because that will increase her defense. The more defense you have on her, the more potent her abilities will be.

noelle ascension & talent level-up
Noelle’s ascension material preview

Here’s a list of ascension materials you need for Noelle:

  • Mora x 420,000
  • Basalt Pillar x 46
  • Valberry x 168
  • Damaged mask x 18
  • Stained mask x 30
  • Ominous mask x 36
  • Prithiva topaz sliver x 1
  • Prithiva topaz fragment x 9
  • Prithiva topaz chunk x 9
  • Prithiva topaz gemstone x 6
noelle's talent level-up
Noelle’s talent material preview

Here’s a list of talent materials that you need for Noelle to level up a single talent:

  • Mora x 1,652,500
  • Damage mask x 6
  • Stained mask x 22
  • Ominous mask x 31
  • Teachings of resistance x 3
  • Guide to resistance x 21
  • Philosophies of resistance x 38
  • Dvalin’s claw x 6
  • Crown of insight x 1

I suggest youinvest equally in her talent levels because there are situations where you have to switch her play style. You can also change artifacts to opt for another role.

That way, you don’t have to worry about talents because you would have already invested in them and can focus more on team compositions.

Combat Talents

Normal Attack: Favonius Bladework-Maid

normal attack - favonius bladework-maid
Skill attributes: Normal talent

Normal attack: Noelle strikes up to 4 times

Charged attack: Noelle consumes stamina to continuously strike enemies and performs a unique slash at the end of the sequence

Plunging attack: Noelle plunges from mid-air to damage enemies in the group

You can use her charged attacks to break shields faster by positioning yourself properly around enemies. Her spinning charged attack animation might be fun to watch, but at the same time, your stamina bar will start to deplete.

That leaves you vulnerable to enemy attacks, and you might be unable to dodge critical hits in time. You should also invest in her regular attacks. Once you use her burst, your normal attacks will be infused with Geo element and take the multipliers into account for damage calculation.

Elemental Skill: Breastplate

elemental skill - breastplate
Skill attributes: Breastplate

Noelle summons a protective stone armor that deals Geo damage to nearby enemies and creates a shield around her. The shield’s damage absorption scales off Noelle’s defense and has the following properties:

  • The shield has 150 % damage absorption against all elemental and physical damage.
  • When the shield is active, Noelle has a certain chance to regenerate health for all party members with her normal and charged attacks.

It’s a bit disappointing that you cannot generate any energy particles with her skill. Most characters can generate energy particles, but that’s not the case with Noelle. However, the best thing about her shield is that you can stack up defense and energy recharge on her to play an easy rotation and heal your characters anytime you want.

She may feel underwhelming compared to other healers in the game, but she may be the only healer in your team in the early game. Noelle is guaranteed on the beginner banner, and I would suggest you invest in her.

Elemental Burst: Sweeping Time

elemental burst - sweeping time
Skill attributes: Sweeping time

Noelle’s claymore gains a power-up, and she can strike enemies in a large area around her with Geo damage.

She obtains the following effects:

  • An increase in an attack that is based on her defense to deal damage in a large area
  • The attack damage is converted to Geo damage that other elemental infusions cannot override

The shield will persist on Noelle even if she’s swapped out to another character. The defense is converted to an attack bonus on her, and she gains a Geo infusion on her attacks. This makes her normal talent powerful enough to damage enemies in a large area or break shields faster.

Fun fact, if you use her burst with elemental skill, you benefit from both abilities to cover a large area and heal your characters simultaneously.

In my early-game days, I used to play Noelle as a support and was able to clear abyss runs with her. Barbara and Noelle were two of my main healers in the early game, and with their help, I was able to ace through the hardest chambers.

Passive: Devotion

With a cooldown of 60 seconds, when an active character’s health drops below 30 %, they get a shield for 20 seconds that can absorb 400% of Noelle’s defense as damage. Additionally, the shield has 150 % effectiveness against all elemental and physical damage. This effect works only if Noelle is on the team but not on the field.

The major caveat about this passive is that the shield isn’t transferrable to other characters. Sure, you can get a shield below 30 % of your health, but if the incoming damage is greater than 30 %, then your character will get one-shotted.

I wouldn’t advise you to depend more on this passive because enemies in the abyss or sometimes overworld bosses do deal massive bursts of damage. That can leave your character vulnerable to one-shot attacks, and your character will vanish before your eyes.

Passive: Nice and Clean

The cooldown of the breastplate decreases by 1 second every 4 normal or charged attacks. Remember that hitting multiple enemies with a single attack counts as 1 hit.

A really good passive if you face a group of enemies and want to benefit from cooldown reduction on your elemental skill. Usually, the team rotations are long enough to get the skills near their cooldown; however, sometimes, a few extra hits might save you a few seconds and become the reason you could 3-star a chamber.

Passive: Maid’s Knighthood

For a defense-boosting dish, Noelle has a 12 % chance to receive double the product.

I wouldn’t suggest you cook a lot of defense-boosting dishes unless you are madly in love with Def-based characters. You won’t be able to use any food items in the abyss and will mostly carry a healer in the overworld.

So, it’s good to use this passive for dishes you want to achieve proficiency, but I don’t think you will consistently benefit from this passive. There are barely any characters who scale off the defense, and cooking a lot of Def-based dishes will waste precious resources.


noelle's constellations
Noelle’s constellation: Parma Cordis

C1: I Got Your Back

The breastplate’s healing effects are increased to 100 % when both sweeping time and breastplate are active.

This constellation turns Noelle into a complete support role, and you can use her as a dedicated healer. At C0, Noelle’s healing depends on RNG, but once you unlock the constellation, the RNG is basically non-existent.

Do keep in mind that you have to have her burst and skills active at the same time. I would say that’s the best way to use Noelle because you can benefit from shielding and extra attack.

C2: Combat Maid

The stamina consumption rate of Noelle’s charged attack decreases by 20 %, and its damage increases by 15 %.

There are a few cases where you can use Noelle’s charged attack. It’s not something you use daily, but when enemies surround you, it’s better to spin like a Beyblade and shred them.

C3: Invulnerable Maid

The level of the breastplate increases by 3 with a maximum cap of 15

C4: To Be Cleaned

The breastplate deals 400% attack as Geo damage once its duration expires or is destroyed by incoming damage.

Indeed it is a decent amount of damage from a skill. However, you have to be in the proximity of your enemies to benefit from this constellation. The shield does break, but in a small area, and it’s not an explosion. So, basically, you have to stick with enemies to make them suffer from this constellation’s effect.

C5: Favonius Sweeper Master

This constellation increases the level of Sweeping time by 3 with a maximum limit of 15

C6: Must of Spotless

Noelle’s attack increases by an additional 50 % of her defense in Sweeping time, and every defeated enemy adds up to 1 second to her skill duration. This effect can stack up to 10 seconds.

The last and game-changing constellation for Noelle that turns her into an on-field damage dealer. Trust me; this constellation is really powerful because it helps to max out her healing efficiency and damage capability. Even if you build Noelle without any healing bonus and use her as C6 support, she will yield flawless results.


noelle's weapons
Noelle with the Serpent spine

Redhorn Stonethresher ( 5-star )

Arataki Itto’s signature weapon is an incredible choice for Noelle due to its passive’s sheer buff to a character’s defense and normal and charged attacks. The weapon features a mind-boggling CRIT damage substat that goes up to 88.2 % at level 90. The weapon’s substat is so cracked that even characters who don’t scale with defense use it.

If you don’t have Arataki Itto or have an extra copy of the weapon, then definitely use it on Noelle. The weapon’s substat is good enough to be equipped on any claymore character in the game.

Skyward Pride ( 5-star )

Skyward Pride isn’t the optimal choice, but if you lack energy recharge on Noelle, this weapon can definitely help you fulfill energy requirements. The weapon’s passive grants you a minor damage bonus and the effect of a vacuum blade on hitting enemies.

You can deal minor damage with the passive, but the key to the weapon is energy recharge which will help to regenerate your burst.

Serpent Spine ( 4-star )

Serpent spine is one of the best 4-star weapons in the game that you can obtain from the battle pass. You must level up the battle pass to level 30 to claim the rewards and obtain the Serpent spine. The weapon offers a unique CRIT rate substat with a passive that helps to increase your character’s damage.

With a stacking mechanism, you get an increase in both damage output and incoming damage. That makes it an amazing weapon for a character like Noelle, who can benefit from a damage boost as an on-field damage dealer at C6.

Whiteblind ( 4-star )

Noelle’s free-to-play option is another amazing choice you can equip on her and benefit from the weapon’s defense substat. The weapon has a passive that helps to stack attack and defense up to 4 times.

The best thing about this weapon is that you can easily refine the weapon with enough prototype billets in your inventory. Although, I must say that getting billets is a pain to get and depends on RNG. I hope you get lucky and get those billets.

Favonius Greatsword ( 4-star )

The Favonius greatsword features an energy recharge substat with a passive that helps to generate energy particles for your character. You can hit the enemies to generate energy particles and consume them or funnel them to another character.

This weapon is an amazing choice for Noelle if you want to play her in a support role. There have been many situations where I used this weapon to get her burst back.


noelle's artifacts
Noelle with the husk of opulent dreams artifact set

Husk of Opulent Dreams

The husk of opulent dreams is an artifact set curated for Geo characters. The 2-piece effect increases characters’ defense, whereas the 4-piece effect provides a Geo damage bonus and defense buff over time. With Noelle scaling off defense on her kit, this artifact set is the perfect choice for her, and you should prioritize equipping this set on her.

When Noelle reaches higher levels of constellations, the defense will become a valuable stat, and you can finally equip your defense rolls on Noelle. I can’t be the only one who gets defense rolls on artifact substats.

Gladiator’s Finale

Gladiator’s finale is a decent set on Noelle because it helps to increase attack and normal attack damage on her. Though, you should keep in mind that you have to focus on good substat to make this artifact set potent on Noelle.

It neither buffs her defense nor the Geo damage bonus, so you have to rely on RNG for good rolls. Nonetheless, Gladiator’s finale is a good artifact set for claymore characters, including Noelle.

Echoes of an Offering

An RNG-based artifact set that increases normal attack damage and provides the same 2-piece effects as Gladiator’s to increase the attack percentage by 18 %. If you don’t have good pieces on any offensive artifact sets, then this artifact set can be a viable choice to go with.

The RNG will increase the probability of buffing your normal attack damage in case you miss a hit. With a low cooldown on the 4-piece effect, you can definitely benefit from the normal attack buff.

Maiden’s Beloved

Maiden’s beloved artifact set is a dedicated healer artifact that helps increase your healers’ potency in the game. Both the 2-piece and 4-piece effects increase the healing efficiency of a character and are used in teams where your character’s healing isn’t efficient.

Though it may seem a good set, in the beginning, the overall results would diminish in the long run because your healers won’t be able to provide any damage at all. This is a mistake that beginners may make and go with a complete healing build.

Once you have leveled up your talents, you will realize that you don’t have to equip healing artifacts as you may have thought. After you level up the talents, the healing output will increase, and you don’t need to equip artifacts to amplify that result. Still, if you feel a lack of healing, I’d suggest you go with this artifact set.

Retracing Bolide

Retracing bolide’s 2-piece effect increases the shield strength, and the 4-piece effect buffs your character’s normal and charged attack.

The 4-piece effect only applies if your character is protected by a shield, which makes Noelle a perfect candidate for this artifact set. Depending on her role in the team, you can consider this set on her if you have good substats.

Artifacts Summary

For Noelle, you want either an attack or defense attribute on sands, a Geo damage bonus or defense on the goblet, and CRIT rate or damage on the circlet. If your Noelle reaches C6, you can swap out the attack percentage on sands for defense for a better damage buff from the constellation.

At last, keep in mind that you have enough energy recharge on her to use her elemental burst and get the most out of her abilities.

Team Compositions

The Geo element’s peculiarity is that it cannot be swirled. So, using Anemo characters in Geo team compositions is purely for crowd control purposes. Geo is a neutral element with no significant reaction to other elements. The only reaction is Crystallize, which produces an elemental shard that characters can pick to acquire a shield.

Other than that, Geo characters purely depend on their raw Geo damage to defeat enemies. Remember that you have to balance your energy recharge in your teams.

Support: Noelle Flex Flex Flex

support team composition
A support team: Sucrose, Noelle, Xingqiu, and Diluc

These teams have Noelle as a supporting character who can provide a shield and heal at the same time. Though, I’d advise that you should have a dedicated shield character because Noelle’s shield might not stand against a massive hit.

Other characters like Zhongli, Diona, or Thoma can provide better shielding and help you with an off-field elemental application. Depending on your team’s requirements, you can use Noelle to heal your characters.

Sample teams:

  • Noelle, Xingqiu, Sucrose, Xiangling
  • Noelle, Diluc, Xingqiu, Kazuha
  • Noelle, Nahida, Fischl, Kokomi

Geo Resonance/Double Resonance: Noelle Geo Flex Flex

geo resonance - double resonance team composition
A Geo resonance team: Zhongli, Noelle, Raiden Shogun, and Fischl
geo and electro elemental resonance
A description of Geo and Electro elemental resonance

Geo resonance teams benefit from the Geo resonance for characters, which is highly beneficial for characters who use shield characters. The Geo resonance helps to boost characters’ damage and reduce Geo resonance from enemies. You can use other characters like Fischl, Xingqiu, or a double resonance setup.

You can also prefer to use Noelle as the main damage dealer in this type of team setup because you can benefit from the Geo resonance. However, if you want to keep using Noelle as a support, I suggest you use hypercarry characters like Raiden Shogun, Hu Tao, or Arataki Itto.

Basically, a hypercarry character deals the most damage in a team and has other characters acting as supports. You can set up a rotation to buff a hypercarry to deal massive bursts of damage.

  • Noelle, Zhongli, Raiden Shogun, Fischl
  • Noelle, Arataki Itto, Fischl, Raiden Shogun
  • Noelle, Hu Tao, Xingqiu, Sucrose

Geo Construct: Noelle Zhongli Albedo Geo Traveler

geo construct team composition
A Geo construct team: Zhongli, Noelle, Fischl, and Geo Traveler
three geo constructs
You can deploy a maximum of three Geo constructs at a time

A Geo construct team focuses on shielding an area from enemies and benefitting from Zhongli’s pillar resonance with other constructs. The constructs resonate with Zhongli’s pillar to deal Geo damage, and only 3 can exist at a time. If you deploy a new construct, the one deployed first will be removed.

So, make sure that you remember the deployment order and cover the field according to your need. A Geo construct team isn’t the best team for Geo, but when you are in a situation where you have to protect a monolith in a chamber, a team like this is fruitful. The key to this team is Zhongli, whose pillar can resonate with other Geo constructs.

You can also deploy Ningguang’s shield, but there’s a risk of breaking the shield on enemies, and it’s better to run her as a burst DPS in the game. The core team is Noelle and Zhongli, and for the rest of the slots, you can choose any Geo character you want.

A Few Questions

Question: Should I Use Noelle as a Support or the Main DPS Character?

Answer: You can use Noelle in any role that fits your needs. I think you should build her as support, as many other characters can act as main damage dealers. Once you have Noelle on your team, you can focus on an off-field damage dealer or buffers for your main damage dealer.

Question: Is Noelle a Good Character for Free-to-play Players?

Answer: Indeed, Noelle is a good character for F2P players. She can heal and protect your characters simultaneously and be of immense help in the abyss. You can easily use most of your defense-based artifacts on her and benefit from her abilities.

Once you reach her fifth and last constellation, you can easily switch her into the main DPS role and benefit from the attack buff that you get at her last constellation. I would highly suggest that you should target her constellations, at least C1, for efficient healing.

Question: How to Get Noelle’s Constellations?

Answer: You can easily get a copy of Noelle from the Beginner’s banner, where the fates are spent at a discounted rate. Other than that, you can buy her constellations from Paimon’s bargains shop, which features 4-star characters on a rotation. 

Leave it to Me! Noelle, The Most Reliable Maid

Noelle is an amazing character who will join your team in the early game. She can provide a shield and heal your characters at the same time and has abilities that scale off her defense. To me, that’s the best thing about her because you can utilize your defense-rolled artifacts on her.

RNG plays a vital role in an artifact’s enhancement, and plenty of rolls go into defense stats. So, rather than feeding them as EXP to other artifacts, you can equip them with defense-based characters like Noelle, Yun Jin, Gorou, and Arataki Itto.

Other Geo characters perfectly synergize with Noelle and fit perfectly with her playstyle. Some team compositions, like the Geo construct team, use Zhongli’s pillar and make him a crucial character for a Geo resonance effect on constructs.

Check out our guides on Zhongli, Arataki Itto, and Gorou to make the best of their abilities. That was it for Noelle Genshin Impact guide, and I’ll be back with yet another fascinating character guide. Until then, keep the grind alive!

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