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Starsilver Genshin Impact Guide – Shimmering Upon The Mountains

Genshin is a game that can be all-consuming, as players dedicated to the cause will log on every day without fail, just to go through the motions, even if they have completed all the content the game currently offers. Players will go into auto-pilot, completing dailies they have done hundreds of times before, or defeating […]

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Valberry Genshin Impact Guide

Valberry Genshin Impact Guide – A Stormwatcher’s Sustenance 

Teyvat plays host to a litany of interesting delicacies that have the ability to tantalize the taste buds and combine with other outlandish ingredients to make dishes that seem almost otherworldly. They may not have access to such incredible culinary masterpieces as Bernard Matthew’s Turkey Dinosaurs, but the residents of Teyvat fill the void pretty

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cecilia garden genshin impact guide

Cecilia Garden Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin Impact is a vast game that features a caveat of weapons that unique Genshin characters can equip depending on the weapon type. The game features an ascension mechanic that allows players to upgrade their weapons and use ores to level them up. These weapons come in specific rarities that consume more ascension materials, focusing

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Noctilucous Jades Guide

Noctilucous Jades Guide

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG game that offers various in-game materials for players to collect. Throughout your journey in Teyvat, you’ll obtain different in-game collectibles and use them for multiple purposes. Genshin Impact heavily focuses on farming mechanics where players have to collect specific materials for weapons or characters upgrades. Since day one, I’ve

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Retracing Bolide Guide

Retracing Bolide Guide

On your adventures through the vast world of Teyvat, you’ll come across many different ways to strengthen your characters. For the most part, leveling characters, strengthening weapons, and upgrading your talents are straightforward endeavors. Artifacts, on the other hand, will likely have most adventurers scratching their heads. With limited Resin at hand yet limitless possibilities

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