Starsilver Genshin Impact Guide – Shimmering Upon The Mountains

Genshin is a game that can be all-consuming, as players dedicated to the cause will log on every day without fail, just to go through the motions, even if they have completed all the content the game currently offers. Players will go into auto-pilot, completing dailies they have done hundreds of times before, or defeating the same bosses that they have squared up against every week like clockwork.

However, I would argue that one thing within Genshin Impact epitomizes the instinctive way that players engage with this game, and that is farming materials. No matter whether you are a Teyvat newbie, or a Genshin veteran, material farming is something that will always remain an important part of your routine, and no matter how many Sweet Flowers you have, it never hurts to grab one more.

However, unlike Sweet Flowers, there are certain materials that can only be found in certain regions of Teyvat, and you’ll have to go out of your way to grab them. Some are found in convenient areas, but others are located in hostile environments, making it a pain to farm them consistently. One such item that is found in the icy region of Dragonspine, is the material featured in this Starsilver Genshin Impact guide.

Dragonspine is a particularly unforgiving area, especially for beginner Genshin players, but with grit and determination, you’ll begin to understand how to navigate this frosty locale safely, and when you do, you’ll gain access to rich veins of Starsilver, and all the rewards that come with that.

However, you may be wondering what the point of collecting all this Starsilver is. What does it do? Where on Dragonspine can I find it, and is it even worth doing? These are all good questions, and I have equally good answers for you.

So join me, as we explore Dragonspine and get our hands on lots of this lucrative ore. This is Genshin Chronicle’s Genshin Impact Starsilver Guide!

A Background on Starsilver

Starsilver Genshin Impact

Okay, so before we get into the various ways that Starsilver blends with the gameplay of Genshin Impact, let’s break down what little lore we have on this Dragonspine resource. For whatever reason, there aren’t a lot of references to Starsilver within Genshin, aside from it being a resource used for forging items.

However, what we do know is that it is an ore that is a product of the Ley Lines under the Dragonspine region, and the harsh weather conditions that engulf the mountain. This perfect storm allows Starsilver to form around the mountain, and as of the time of writing, it is the only area cold enough to allow for this reaction to take place.

However, based on an old Birthday Gift from Tartaglia back in 2021, we may find more opportunities to farm Starsilver when we are finally introduced to the Snezhnayan region, as the message states that Tartaglia’s time on the mountain collecting its unique resources reminded him of the frosty mountains of his hometown.

We also learned in Albedo’s story quest, Princeps Cretaceus Chapter: Act One: Traveller Observation Report, that Starsilver serves as a great catalyst for brewing potions.

How to Find Starsilver

So you find yourself at the summit of Dragonspine, warming your buns by a nearby fire. Moving away from this fire will have you accumulate Sheer Cold, so you need to have a pretty definite route planned out if you want to collect all the Starsilver on Dragonspine without freezing to death. Luckily, we have a path in mind that will offer plenty of opportunities to light a fire and get toasty before setting off again.

Here are all the Starsilver Locations and the best path to get them in one fell swoop:

genshin starsilver map locations
Image Callum Marshall

The best way to go about navigating this path is by starting at the top of the mountain via a waypoint, and then work your way out to the edge. This allows you to avoid climbing apart from a few small sections.

Then you simply work your way around the perimeter of the mountain to collect the rest. You can even run out into Mondstadt and Liyue in some areas to avoid getting hit with Sheer Cold.

Also, as a bonus tip. If you have access to Ningguang, you can make use of her passive, Trove of Marvelous Treasures. This is a passive that identifies Ores on your in-game map, making this process of tracking down Starsilver even easier.

Starsilver Uses

As you might have gathered, Starsilver isn’t just a pretty rock to add to your ever-growing collection. It’s a useful resource that can be used for a handful of things within Genshin Impact. Now, unlike other materials in Genshin, this item isn’t currently an Ascension Material, nor is it an item used in cooking, because eating rocks isn’t exactly the most nutritious choice. However, it is a key component for some crafting recipes.

Here are all the things you can make with your newly acquired Starsilver:

Warming Bottle

Warming Bottle

Player needs:

  • Flaming Flower Stamen x2
  • Starsilver x2
  • Mora x500

As we have mentioned, Dragonspine is a cold and unforgiving place, and if you find yourself up the mountain and can’t find a nearby heat source. Well, you can kiss your HP goodbye until you do. However, there are items that can slow down the accumulation of Sheer Cold, like Goulash, and there are items that can provide a temporary heat source, like Warming Bottles.

A Warming Bottle allows the player to create a Warming Seelie for five seconds. Just long enough to completely eradicate any effects of Sheer Cold, before the Seelie disappears. I would say that this gadget is good to have, just in case, but of the two listed, Goulash is the better choice.

Fine Enhancement Ore

Fine Enhancement Ore

Player needs:

  • Starsilver x3
  • Mora x10

Weapons are a huge part of Genshin Impact, as is upgrading said weapons to deal with stronger enemies. So creating refinement material is near-essential to ensure you have the best tools for the job.

However, I only list this option for the sake of being thorough. While you can use Starsilver to create refinement ore, it’s much easier to go and farm Iron Chunks, or Crystal Chunks as they are more readily available.

Dragonspine Spear

Dragonspine Spear

Player needs:

  • Northlander Polearm Billet
  • Starsilver x50
  • Vitalized Dragontooth x8
  • Mora x500

Of the three weapons that Starsilver serves as a crafting material for, I would make the argument that the Dragonspine Spear is the one that still remains a good option years after its introduction. This is a weapon that can offer a max base damage output of 454, and offer a boost to physical attack of up to 69%.

Plus, this weapon is very easy to refine up to R5, which then allows players to consistently form Everfrost Icicles, which can deal huge AoE damage, or physical damage, depending on if you can apply Cyro to enemies beforehand. While there are definitely better alternatives now, this was a brilliant weapon back in the day, and for FTP accounts, this is still a great Polearm option.

Snow-Tombed Starsilver

Snow-Tombed Starsilver

Player needs:

  • Northlander Claymore Billet
  • Crystal Chunk x50
  • Starsilver x50
  • Mora x500

This is the Claymore equivalent to the weapon listed above. It offers the same refinement effects. However, it has an ascension stat that allows for a physical damage boost of up to 34.5% and a max damage output of 565.

This scaling means that this version of the weapon isn’t as viable within Genshin today as the damage output isn’t as impressive, and the slower-paced attacks due to this being a claymore make it a less viable DPS option.

It can be a decent option for the likes of Eula, Razor, Diluc, or Xinyan, but it doesn’t get much use outside of FTP accounts.


Frostbearer genshin

Player needs:

  • Northlander Catalyst Billet
  • Crystal chunk x50
  • Starsilver x50
  • Mora x500

Then as you might have guessed, this is the Catalyst edition of this weapon, offering the same refinement effects, a base attack of up to 510, and a boost to attack of up to 41.3%. This is probably the second-best of the three weapons on offer, as it is still a pretty viable DPS option for Catalyst users.

However, because there isn’t a Cyro Catalyst user who can truly take advantage of this weapon’s skill set, there is usually a better option for just about any character you assign this to. However, on an FTP account, options are limited, so if you want to get the most out of this easy-access weapon, you can make it work quite well for Mona, Klee, and Ningguang.

To get access to the weapons listed above, you’ll need to complete tasks on Dragonspine deeming you worthy of their respective blueprints. These quests serve as some of the steepest early-game challenges for new players.

However, they are worthwhile to get your hands on powerful four-star weapons, which will help you power through those all those Archon Quests in record time. Here are all the related quests which will, in turn, require you to collect Starsilver:

Festering Fang

The quest that is most closely linked to Starsilver is, without a doubt, the Festering Fang quest line. This is a quest that players will trigger when they find a Dragontooth on Dragonspine. If you go hunting around near the huge dragon skeleton, you’ll almost definitely stumble across one. After finding one, you’ll show it to Iris at camp, and she will tell you that there are seven more of these teeth to find. Oh, joy, more exploring!

Don’t panic, though, these are all pretty easy to find, and aside from the occasional strange Seelie puzzle, you should collect them with zero problems. After this hunt for the teeth is where Starsilver comes into play. The player will then need to scour the mountain and find 50x pieces of Starsilver Ore.

You will then need to vitalize the Dragon teeth, and that will wrap up the quest, which will give you a heap of XP, and the Dragonspine Spear. So, in short, well worth completing.

Ancient Carvings Puzzle

While this isn’t a marked quest, and you don’t necessarily have to collect Starsilver, it is a puzzle that will reward you with the Blueprints for a Starsilver-based weapon, so it’s noteworthy at the very least. If you have become accustomed to the cold of Dragonspine, you may have come across a circular door with eight stone carvings outside on the mountain. Well, behind that door is the Blueprints for the Snow-Tombed Starsilver Claymore.

How do you get in there, you ask? Well, you need to make your way around the mountain and find the right corresponding stone tablets. Again, if you are a diligent explorer, you should find most of these through natural play, and as you do, the tablets by the door will light up. Once they all light up, you can use the mechanism that rolls back the door, and just like that, you have access to a very powerful early-game weapon.

In The Mountains

Mountains in genshin impact

Now, this one is only partially relevant when it comes to Starsilver, because the In The Mountain quest line is a long and multifaceted quest where the player will eventually release the Skyfrost Nail into the sky. However, the initial stages of the quest will require the player to use Scarlet Quartz and free the Frostbearing Tree.

Why is this relevant, you ask? Well, if you raise collect lots of Crimson Agate and raise your Frostbearing Tree level to ten, you will gain access to the blueprint that will likely complete your Starsilver weapon set, Frostbearer. By the time you gather the resources to earn this weapon, you’ll probably have a better alternative anyway, but hey, it’s always nice to have a backup.

What Characters Benefit Most From Starsilver Farming?

So one question still remains. Outside of collecting more weapons for your arsenal, what are you actually doing this for? Well, because these are all linked to questlines and puzzles, I would imagine the XP and the Primogems that come with that. However, long-term, these weapons that you have acquired can serve you very well. However, you need to know how to put them to good use.

So here is a rundown of the characters that benefit most from Starsilver farming, and how to get the most out of them:


rosaria genshin impact

If there is one character that benefits from you thoroughly excavating Dragonspine, it’s Rosaria. If you complete Festering Fang and craft the Dragonspine Spear, you effectively have one of the best FTP weapons in the game for her character. This is because, as the only Polearm Cyro character, the refinement effects of this weapon are practically made specifically for her.

Then when you take into account that she is also a physical damage main, then you have the perfect setup to ensure devastating and consistent physical damage.

For best results, you would pair this with a Noblise Oblige artifact set, and, ideally, play her in a Sub-DPs role. Full disclosure, if you aren’t an FTP player, the Primordial Jade Spear is the best Gacha option, and as of recently, I would say that The Catch is also a better FTP option. However, the Dragonspine Spear is a great early option and one that will serve Rosaria well long-term.


Years into the Genshin Impact journey, and after countless banners and updates, it may shock you that there is still no Cyro Catalyst character. We could have had one in the form of Layla, but Hoyoverse decided that was not meant to be. So the character that currently benefits most from Frostbearer is Mona.

This is because she can use her hydro application alongside the Everfrost Icicles to freeze enemies while benefiting from the accompanying damage buffs, making her the best catalyst for the job at this moment in time. However, the truth of the matter is that no one in the Genshin Roster can currently use this weapon to its true potential.


Then lastly, if you want someone that can make the most of the Snow Tombed Starsilver Claymore, then Eula is your gal. This ice-cold character is able to make the most of this weapon’s Cyro-based damage buffs.

This allows players to build Eula as a physical DPS character and also allows the player to make the most of her Cyro Passives.

Again, there are better options for Eula, like the Serpent Spine or Song of Broken Pines, but for an FTP player, this is a brilliant option to maximize Eula’s physical damage output.

FAQ Section

Question: How Often Does Starsilver Respawn?

Answer: While there are some assets in Genshin that can take as long as a week to regenerate, Starsilver isn’t one of them. Much like other mining items, Starsilver will regenerate every 48 hours.

Question: What is Sheer Cold?

Answer: Sheer cold is a negative effect that the player accumulates over time simply by being in the region of Dragonspine. The player’s Sheer Cold bar will rise over time, and when full, the player will then start rapidly losing HP. The only way to deplete this bar is by finding a heat source and standing near it.

Question: Can You Go to Dragonspine Straight Away?

Answer: Obviously, Genshin will force you through a sizable portion of the prologue missions. However, once the core aspects of the game are unlocked, you can head straight over to Dragonspine if you want to. Would I recommend it for brand-new players? Absolutely not. Let Genshin hold your hand and shower you in primogems for a while. Work smarter, not harder. 

The Star of the Show

It might be a little out of touch for me to say that Starsilver is still a star attraction within the world of Genshin Impact. Since its introduction in V1.2, it’s somewhat fallen into obscurity, as aside from early game uses and crafting, it doesn’t play a permanent, important role within the game. However, for all you beginner Genshin players, this material is not something that you should ignore, because it can be a real game-changer, depending on the characters you have in your roster.

Plus, you’ll need at least 50 pieces of Starsilver to complete Festering Fang, so you’ll need to get acquainted with the mountain’s resources either way. I hope that this guide allows you to do just that, and as always, thank you for reading Genshin Chronicle.

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