Crimson Agate Locations

Genshin Impact is an open-world role-playing game that features a rich world filled with exquisite materials and in-game collectibles. You can roam around different regions and come across various items which you can collect and exchange for in-game rewards. Extensively focused on farming in-game materials, Genshin Impact requires players to dedicate adequate time to explore the world.

Since day one, I’ve been playing Genshin Impact and can say that you should collect everything you come across. Most of the time, I used to ignore collectibles, and after the introduction of different Genshin Impact characters and weapons, I felt the need to restock my inventory. Many times when I was trying to ascend a character and I was out of certain material. I’ll recommend you to try to collect materials you come across.

Let’s go over a short introduction of what you can expect from this guide:

  1. What are Crimson Agates and Crimson Wishes?
  2. What is a Frostbearing tree?
  3. Unlocking Frostbearing Tree
  4. Crimson Agate Locations
  5. Rewards for leveling up Frostbearing Tree
  6. Tips for exploring the Dragonspine area
  7. Concluding the guide with FAQs

What are Crimson Agates?

A type of crystal formed from the combination of concentrated life force with an energy unique to Dragonspine. Makes for an ideal nutrient for growing Frostbearing Trees.

Crimson Agate is a 1-star adventure item that you can use as currency to offer frostbearing Tree. Each level of frostbearing Tree requires a certain amount of Crimson Agates to be leveled up and gives rewards.

If you are near a crimson agate, an icon will appear on your mini-map just like it appears when you’re near an oculus. You can also find Crimson Agate in some chests, and they give a red appearance around them.

There are 80 Crimson agates that you can find by exploring the overworld and collecting from chests. You can offer these agates to a frostbearing tree to take it to level 9. 

Crimson Wishes

Crimson Wishes
Image by Genshin Impact Fandom

You will unlock crimson wishes to get Crimson Agates as a reward for completing commissions that reset every Monday and Friday.

You don’t need to do them every day; once you collect the remaining Agates to level up the frostbearing Tree to the maximum level, they will disappear. Like daily commissions, crimson wishes would be easy to do tasks that you can quickly complete.

Back then, when I was collecting crimson agates, I was surprised to discover that the last level was time-gated. If you’re a casual player, you should take your time exploring the area and clicking some pictures. Unless you set your commissions to Mondstadt, you’ll rarely visit Dragonspine after you complete leveling the frostbearing Tree and quests in the area.

What is a Frostbearing Tree?

The ancient Tree that should have slumbered forever under the ice and snow has sprouted scarlet sprouts anew. Offer the Crimson Agates scattered all over Dragonspine to this Tree, and you may obtain rich rewards in return…

Frostbearing Tree is in Dragonspine, Mondstadt. You will discover it after continuing the road from the adventurer’s encampment. Unfortunately, like the statue of seven, Frostbearing Tree will not appear on the map. Worry not; it’s not tricky to find. There will be a quick teleport point near it, and you can quickly go to and forth whenever you feel. 

Unlocking Frostbearing Tree

Frostbearing Tree

Frostbearing Tree won’t be available on your mini-map like the statue of sevens were. Instead, you’ll have to go to Dragonspine to find it and unlock it. Dragonspine quest initiates in research encampment to find NPCs and interact with them.

You will enter Dragonspine through that road with some fatui and a broken bridge.

Keep following that road, and you will come across a teleport point. Near the teleport point, you’ll see a frozen frostbearing tree.

Now, don’t be like me to pull your pyro characters and attack that Tree, hoping to free it from the frozen state.

You’ll need Scarlet Quartz to melt the ice covering the Tree. Scarlet Quartz looks like red colored stones which you can break and collect. If you’ll collect the Quartz and use a normal attack or just attack general, you’ll be able to melt the ice covering the Tree.

You’ll need to attack the frozen Tree 4 times with Scarlet Quartz. You can find four of them in the following places:

  1. The first would be just a couple of steps away from the teleport point. Break it, collect it and attack the ice-covered Tree. Make sure to hit the Tree as buff from picking up Quartz doesn’t last very long.
  2. The second one would be near Frostarm lawachurl, sitting beside it to the left of the Tree. Yes, you have to fight it and don’t collect the Quartz first and attack it. It’ll use up that Quartz, and you’ll have to wait for it to respawn.
  3. The third one would be behind the tree area, go from the left side where you defeat the lawachurl and collect it.
  4. The fourth one will be around some hilichurls on the right side of the Tree. It’ll not be on ground level but a big higher rock. Fight those hilicurls before collecting the Quartz so that you don’t use it on them.

If you collect the Quartz first and hit the enemy, you’ll consume it. You can wait for a few minutes for it to respawn and collect it again. So, don’t worry if you want to experiment, but be efficient next time.

After hitting the Tree with Quartz, the ice will disappear, and you’ll see your first ever Crimson Agate near the Tree! 

Locations for Crimson Agates

crimson agate locations

Crimson Agates will appear as an icon on your mini-map just like oculus appears. You can also find them in chests, but they won’t appear on the mini-map. Be sure to differentiate between Crimson Agates and Scarlet Quartz.

Here are some critical differences between both of them:

  • Scarlet Quartz can respawn, and Crimson Agates will be collected once
  • Scarlet Quartz is mainly found on rocky terrain or around that area, whereas Crimson Agates can be anywhere.
  • Crimson Agates are an offering for frostbearing Trees, and Scarlet Quartz can melt ice shards or reduce the rate of sheer cold to zero.
  • Scarlet Quartz appearance looks like red crystal ore, and Crimson Agate has a red colour ambiance around it; it’ll have a dark red color aura around it, so it’s hard to miss

Here are three sources I used to collect Crimson Agates:

Hoyolab article:

You can go to this article and start marking Crimson Agate locations. If you’re up for a challenge, you can go through this article and solve puzzles yourself for some Agates, which will be available from puzzles chest rewards.
Make sure to go through the comments to double-check if you missed any of them. I will advise you to keep marking the ones you’ve collected.

Genshin Impact Online Interactive Map:

You can visit the Official Genshin Impact Interactive map from Mihoyo here. Once you open the map, you can log in with your Hoyolab account and select Crimson Agates. They have given short GIFs showing how you can collect them and mark them as you’re collecting. It will help you avoid missing any Crimson Agate and keep track of their amount.

Genshin Impact Online Interactive Map:

Here’s another map that I like to use personally. Why do I use this map? Because of their helpful comment section. Now, some Crimson Agate is available from chests you can get by solving puzzles. To get better directions for collection can go through this map by map sample.

If you click on their comment section while marking an item, you can read comments from other people giving you different tips. If you need to solve a puzzle to obtain that Crimson Agate, someone would post the solution to that puzzle in the comment section.

I love this comment feature of this map and always prefer this one when collecting in-game materials like Oculis or Crimson Agates. Though I agree that sometimes people can comment rather pointless things, that’s where the upvote system comes into effect. So, have as many resources at your disposal if one cannot fulfill your need.

Rewards for Leveling Up Your Frostbearing Tree

Frostbearing Tree Leveling Rewards

Frostbearing Tree has a total of 12 levels which you achieve by offering Crimson Agates to it.

Note: Each level will give you Adventure EXP x 200, Mystic Enhancement Ore x 10, and Mora x 50000.

Following are the unique rewards you get per level besides the one’s mentioned in the note above:

  1. Acquaint Fate x 1
  2. Acquaint Fate x 1
  3. Hero’s Wit x 5
  4. Diagram: Warming Bottle x 1
  5. Acquaint Fate x 2
  6. Intertwined Fate x 2
  7. Hero’s Wit x 5
  8. Northlander Polearm Billet x 1
  9. Frostbearing: Ancient Tree x 1
  10. Memory of Frostbearing Tree x 1
  11. Crown of Insight
  12. Wings of Concealing Snow x 1

Let’s go over what these rewards are:

  • Acquaint Fate: Wishing item you can use on standard Wanderlust Invocation banner for summoning characters or weapons. Pity mechanics will apply when you wish on this banner.
  • Intertwined Fate: Wishing item you can use on promoted character banner for summoning characters or weapons featured on that banner. Pity system will be applicable on this banner.
  • Hero’s Wit: Character EXP material which gives 20000 EXP. You can use these EXP books to level your characters and help reach their ascension level.
  • Diagram: Warming Bottle : 3 – star Forging Blueprint which you can learn to craft a warming bottle. A warming bottle can help you reduce the effects of sheer cold. Let’s see which materials you need to craft it. See, you need to farm different materials to progress through this game.
    • Crafting: Warming Bottle = Flaming Flower Stamen x 2, Starsilver x 2, 500 x MoraWarming Bottle ( 3-star Consumable): You can consume a warming bottle if your characters are affected by sheer cold and losing HP over time. It’ll help remove sheer cold status over its 5 seconds. However, I won’t recommend you to create a lot of warming bottles because of their short-term effect. Just have a pyro character to light a torch or find a warming Seelie.
  • Northlander Polearm Billet: You can use this prototype billet to forge weapons through a blacksmith shop. Depending on your need, you can either refine the existing weapons you have or create a new one. However, I recommend you save it and use it only when needed. Drop rates for billets from weekly bosses are pretty low, and you might not get even a single billet for weeks.
  • Frostbearing: Ancient Tree: Suppose you’re someone like me who loves to complete regions or level up characters’ friendship level to 10 to get different name cards. Here’s one which you can add to your collection. You’ll be able to equip this name card once you obtain it at level 9 of Frostbearing Tree Offering.
  • Memory of the Frostbearing Tree: It’s a Forging Blueprint that you can use to create a Frostbearer catalyst weapon.
  • Frostbearer: Northlander Catalyst Billet x1, Crystal Chunk x 50, Starsilver x 50As of writing this guide, Genshin Impact 2.4 doesn’t have characters that can make good use of this weapon. I won’t recommend you forge this weapon as other 4-star weapons will be better suited for your characters. 
  • Crown of Insight : Sweet, sweet crowns, trust me, they’re rare! Rarer than wishes themselves. You use them to reach the maximum talent level. You can obtain them as reputation rewards from Frostbearing Tree and Sacred Sakura. They’re limited-time event rewards, and generally, only one is available in the event shop for purchase. They’re super rare, and I recommend you use them on characters that you love the most!
  • Wings of Concealing Snow: I love to equip my characters with different gliders when it comes to character customization. You’ll obtain this wind glider and use it on your characters after reaching the last level of Frostbearing Tree, which is level 12. 

Tips for exploring the Drangonspine region:

Drangonspine region Genshin
Image by Genshin Impact Fandom

You are free to choose your own teams for exploring and follow your own style for exploring. However, I’ll recommend you to go over some of these tips from my experience. I’m sure these tips will help you optimize your exploration team and save time roaming overworld.

At least one pyro character:

Dragonspine has a sheer cold mechanic, which means your character will be affected by sheer cold status. When your sheer cold status bar is complete, you will lose HP over time. You’ll need to be near a fire source to remove that status.

There will be fire torches you can light up with Amber’s charged shot and stay near them for a few seconds to let the sheer cold rate come down. It’s better to have at least one pyro character in your party to light up torches or break the ice covering chests.

Have a claymore character:

You can easily collect Scarlet Quartz or Starsilver ore by breaking them with Claymore. I used Diluc to light up torches or collect Scarlet Quartz when the sheer cold affected me. I always recommend having different weapon type characters at the party because you might need that bow character to light up that torch or Claymore character to break a shield.


Drangonspine can be tough to explore if you’re affected by sheer cold and fighting enemies simultaneously. You’ll start to lose HP fast, and characters might fall in the process. I recommend you have a healer like Jean, Bennett, Noelle, Sayu, Diona or Qiqi. Using a hydro element healer like Barbara or Kokomi can put you at the risk of getting frozen status. Trust me, getting frozen when fighting enemies is the worst experience.


You should prepare some recovery and stamina food before exploring a new region. It’ll help you explore safer and faster. Food like Goulash can help you out quite a lot in Drangonspine, which decreases the rate at which sheer cold affects your character.


goulash genshin impact

Chilled Meat x 2, Tomato x 1, Carrot x 2

Hot stew made from Chilled Meat and vegetables chopped into small pieces. Slow-boiled tomatoes give this dish a rich and thick texture. Filling one’s stomach with this comforting mixture has a warming effect. ~ in-game description

Effect: Somewhat decreases the rate of Sheer Cold accumulation for all party members for 900s. In Co-Op Mode, this effect only applies to your character(s).

That will help you explore without worrying much about your characters falling and keep the rate of sheer cold in check.

Character’s Passive Talent or Elemental Resonance:If you’re a Kaeya main or using double anemo team composition, then it’ll be an excellent choice to reduce the rate of stamina consumption.
Kaeya’s passive talent hidden strength can help reduce the rate at which your party consumes stamina by 20%. However, this passive talent doesn’t stack with other passive talents which provide similar benefits.

Also, if you have two anemo characters in your party, you can benefit from Impetuous Winds Elemental Resonance, which decreases stamina consumption by 15%. Increases Movement SPD by 10%. Shortens Skill CD by 5%

My goto characters for exploration are Jean and venti to benefit from elemental resonance. You can choose your exploration team according to the characters you have in your roster. If you’re a beginner and don’t have many characters, I recommend you to level up Kaeya and Amber, as their passive talents are helpful in exploration. 

FAQ: Let’s go Over Different Questions Which You May Have After Reading This Guide

Question: How good are rewards I get from collecting Crimson Agates?

Answer: If you’re a free-to-play player, I’d say these rewards are decent enough and comparatively similar to what you get from ascending statue of seven of sacred sakura. Anything for free is good for free-to-players; I’m a free-to-play player on my main account and invested the rewards I got in my main characters.

Question: How should I use the rewards I’m getting by levelling up the Frostbearing Tree?

Answer: I always follow the approach to invest in my primary team or teams I’ll be using for Spiral Abyss. This way, you’re strengthening characters that you’ll be using in the long term and will be able to clear tough bosses or enemies in upcoming updates.
The enemies get more robust with each update, just like in Inazuma. Enemies might have different mechanics or resistances to certain elements, so it’s better to invest in your most used characters and clear the content without much struggle.

Question: Are there different oculis or items to collect when new regions get launched?

Answer: Yes, Genshin Impact focuses heavily on farming and collecting different in-game items. For example, Inazuma introduced Electroculus for the statue of seven and sigils which you can offer to the sacred sakura tree for rewards.

Every region will have that region’s respective oculi, which you can collect and offer to the statue of seven. Mihoyo introducing the concept of unique trees in Genshin Impact, where you can provide in-game collectables for extra rewards, is incredible.
It’ll help you collect more characters, weapons and EXP material for investing in your characters.

Question: Is there any time limit to collect Crimson Agates, Oculis and sigils?

Answer: Unless it’s a time-limited event where you have to collect things for rewards, and they expire after a specific time. You can manage most in-game collectables in Genshin Impact at your own pace, and you don’t have to rush to collect them.
Some players l prefer to speedrun content and get back to routine for daily commissions. That’s perfectly fine if you do not have much time in your hand. If you’re a casual player who wants to clear content according to their pace, then take your time and enjoy the game.


Drangonspine is indeed a beautiful area to explore, and you can collect different items like Crimson Agates there for offering them to Frostbearing Tree. I teleport to the statue of seven at Dragonspine to listen to the ambient music and roam around.

I firmly believe that you should take your time enjoying the beauty of this game, and areas like Dragonspine also contribute to story quests of characters like Albedo. If you’re a lore enthusiast, you’ll love the story Dragonspine has to offer with soothing background music.

Take your time collecting Crimson Agates and completing world quests in Drangonspine. Do make some stamina food because, trust me, and you’ll be climbing a lot of rocks.

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