aquila favonia guide

Aquila Favonia Guide

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG game with its beautiful open world, music, and exciting lore. Throughout your journey in Teyvat, you’ll come across different characters and weapons. With the wide variety of in-game materials, choosing which option to pick can sometimes be unclear. Whether a beginner or a veteran, everyone wants to equip their characters with the best weapon.

It’s been over a year I’m playing Genshin Impact, and with numerous weapon options for characters, it can sometimes be confusing what I should equip for a particular character. Well, worry not! Here I’ll share my experience with you and hope you’ll get to know something informative.

Let’s go over a quick summary of what I’ll be covering in this Aquila Favonia guide.

  1. What is Aquila Favonia?
  2. What resources are needed to level it up?
  3. Which characters use it and different playstyle you can adopt for them?
  4. Brief FAQ sections about the weapon and my end remarks on it

What is Aquila Favonia?

Aquila Favonia

The soul of the Knights of Favonius. Millennia later, it still calls on the winds of swift justice to vanquish all evil — just like the last heroine who wielded it”

Aquila Favonia is a 5-star sword weapon that you can obtain from Gacha. Gacha means the only way to bring this sword is through the wish system, and you’ll have to spend fates to get it. Aquila Favonia is one of the highest base attack weapons in Genshin Impact and can provide an excellent boost to a character ATK stat. 

Let’s go over the weapon’s stats, and I’ve mentioned the weapon’s level adjacent to its base attack.

  • Base Attack – 48 (1) to 674 (90)
  • Weapon Stat – Physical Damage Bonus (9% – 41.3%)
  • Weapon Passive: Falcon’s Defiance
  • ATK is increased by 20.
  • Triggers on taking DMG: the soul of the Falcon of the West awakens, holding the banner of the resistance aloft, regenerating HP equal to 100% of ATK and dealing 200% of ATK as DMG to surrounding enemies. This effect can only occur once every 15s.

What Resources are Needed to Level it Up?

To ascend Aquila Favonia to the maximum level, you need the following :

  • Mora: 225000 
  • Arrowheads – Firm x 15, Sharp x 23, Weathered x 27
  • Decarabian’s Tower weapons ascension material – Tile x 5, Debris x 14, Fragment x 14, Scattered Piece x 6
  • Horns ascension material – Heavy x 23, Black Bronze x 27, Black Crystal x 41

Yes, it takes some time to ascend weapons to their maximum level. Genshin Impact focuses on farming overworld materials and drops you get from enemies. If you wish for a specific character or weapon in the future, it’s better to pre-farm materials for them if you know their materials. You need more resources to ascend higher rarity weapons than lower rarity weapons.

It’s better to focus more on weapons EXP ores because you need a lot of them to ascend weapons to level 90. Around 900+ mystic enhancement ores must take a weapon from Level 1 to 90 and 900k+ mora. 

Yes, you need to invest quite many resources, even if you’re ascending weapons. But worry not, this one-time investment will go a long way and help you out complete end game content like Spiral abyss.

Which Characters Use it and Different Playstyle You Can Adopt for Them?

Aquila Favonia Ayaka

Before going further, I’d like you to know that these are short remarks from my end about Genshin Impact characters and their synergy with Aquila Favonia. I’m keeping my comments limited to overworld space and not Spiral Abyss or team comps. For brief information, I’d recommend you to follow character guides as in-detail team compositions and build recommendations would be discussed there.

Moreover, it depends on whether you want to play the character as a Physical DMG dealer or Elemental DMG dealer.

As of writing this guide, Genshin Impact 2.4 has the following characters which can use Aquila Favonia:

  1. Bennett (4-star pyro) – His burst scales with flat ATK and Aquila Favonia has one of the highest base attacks in-game. Aquila favonia is quite good and provides an extra attack buff when you play him as support.
  2. Qiqi (5-star cryo) – Qiqi can provide some solid heals to your party if you’re looking for a healer. Her heals scales with the attack, and the extra 20% attack buff from the sword passive is nice.
  3. Jean (5-star anemo) – Jean’s healing also scale with the attack, and similar to Qiqi, the more attack on her, the better she can heal your team. However, please don’t sacrifice your crit ratios; they’re equally valuable.
  4. Keqing ( 5-star electro) – If you’re someone who wants to play Keqing as a physical DPS, then this sword should be your pick. Aquila Favonia would add a Physical DMG bonus from the sword’s stat and a 20% extra attack.
  5. Ayaka (5-star cryo) – You can use it on Ayaka; however, using her as a Physical damage dealer would be a waste of her Cryo damage-dealing capabilities and cryo infusion on the sword after you use her dash. Read our complete Ayaka guide.
  6. Kaeya (5-star cryo) – He’s good with physical damage dealing if you can unlock his pretty rare constellations. If you build him as Physical DPS, you can quickly kill overworld monsters.
  7. Xingqiu (4-star hydro) – Same as Kaeya, with the hydro application. Good for Physical DPS, but his hydro support role is more preferred. Xingqiu is better suited for vapourising team comps.
  8. Traveller (5-star) – Preferred for overworld monsters, and you’ll have to invest in Traveller’s regular attacks to get better damage.


Let’s go over some questions which you may have.

Question: Should I Refine Aquila Favonia?

Answer: If you’re a F2P or, say, a Free-to-play player, then I’d advise you to keep multiple copies of the weapon. It’s better to use it on different characters simultaneously if you’re not spending on the game. Even if you’ve purchased battle pass or welkin, I’d recommend you to level up swords and not refine them.

If you’re someone who can afford to wish on a weapon’s banner, then refinements on 5-star weapons do pack an extra punch. Refinements always give an extra boost to weapons overall damage.

Question: What Happens if I Feed a 5-star Weapon to Another Weapon?

Answer: I don’t know who hurt you, but for the sake of curiosity, the weapon will be treated as EXP material and will be refunded as ores if you’re weapon hits ascension. Even if you feed 3-star weapons as EXP material to weapons, they provide less EXP than weapon ores. It’s better to keep refinements of 3-star weapons.

Some of them are underrated and can apply in different situations. For example, the white tassel is Liyue specific weapon, which you can obtain from opening chests in Liyue region. White tassel, a 3-star weapon, has critrate substat and can be used as a good alternative on Hutao.

Question: I Don’t Have Enough Weapon EXP Ores to Level Up my Weapons. Is There Any Way I Can Obtain Them?

Answer: I’ll tell you what I do. Daily, I log in to my account and send my characters to the expeditions for farming Ores. 2 characters in Mondstadt and 1 in Liyue for white chunks and crystal ores. Now, I have a constant supply of ores, and I go to the blacksmith for forging weapons ores. Keep doing it along with your daily commissions, and you’ll have quite a stock of weapons ores.

Just make sure you don’t click on forging ores with resin. That’s a big no-no whether you’re a whale or a free-to-play. A whale is a person who spends a lot of money on the game.

Question: Is it Necessary to get 5-star Weapons to Complete Content Like Spiral Abyss?

Answer: Having 5-star weapons in your inventory is an advantage, but you can clear spiral abyss content with 4-star weapons as well. Spiral abyss is all about how you make team rotations and team composition.

I won’t go into detail about that here because that needs a post on its own. Keep playing, and I’m sure you’ll get a 5-star weapon. There are a lot of free 4-star weapons which you’ll get in-game and even events to have exclusive 4-star weapons with refinements.

Question: Where Should I Not Use Aquila Favonia?

Answer: If you’re facing enemies who have high Physical DMG Resistance like a perpetual mechanical array, then it’s better to use an elemental DMG team to clear that floor. In the abyss, it’ll be more important how you approach your characters in team-building and their respective builds.

If you’re using your characters in the overworld and they’re having Physical DMG builds, they’d still be able to clear any mobs you’ll face.


Now, I know that there are different playstyles for certain characters when it comes to team compositions. However, I’d recommend you try out different team compositions than your primary team. I believe that the more you experiment with team comps, the more you’ll learn about other characters and their dedicated roles. It’s no hard rule that you only have to play some characters as main DPS only. 

You can choose to play them in any way; trust me when I say this because I’ve seen people making Ganyu as support and Amber as their main DPS. It all comes to which role you want to dedicate your character to and your love for investing time in them. 

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