Chilled Meat Genshin Impact Guide

Chilled Meat Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG game that features various in-game items. Throughout your journey in Teyvat, you’ll collect a lot of exquisite materials while roaming the beautiful world in Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact focuses heavily on farming in-game items for crafting, ascension, and food items.

Since its launch, I’ve been playing Genshin Impact and can vouch that you’ll spend a lot of time farming different materials. Moreover, when doing quests, you may need to give certain materials to NPCs for quest completion. So, it becomes essential to keep replenishing your inventory over time and not running low on materials.

In this Chilled Meat Genshin Impact guide, I’ll be going over one such item, “Chilled Meat.”

  1. What is Chilled Meat?
  2. Uses of Chilled Meat
  3. Chilled Meat Locations
  4. Tips for farming
  5. Concluding with FAQ remarks

What is Chilled Meat?

Chilled Meat is described as rare fresh Meat obtained from frozen boars. This boar species is recorded to have gone extinct several hundred years ago and has been preserved by the extreme temperatures on Dragonspine. Chilled Meat is an ingredient of unspeakable sacrosanctness for the gourmets of Teyvat.

Chilled Meat is a 1-star cooking ingredient that animals drop. You can obtain Chilled Meat from snow boars trapped in ice and get a few drops to collect. So far, there aren’t many dishes that use Chilled Meat as their ingredient. But when it comes to exploring Dragonspine, you may want to give it a second thought.

Dragonspine has a Sheer Cold mechanic and requires players to keep an eye on their rate of Sheer Cold. Accumulating too much Sheer Cold will result in HP loss over time and eventually kill your active character. So, you have to pay attention to heat sources or food, which helps reduce the Sheer Cold rate.

Uses of Chilled Meat

As of writing this guide, Genshin Impact 2.4 has only one use of Chilled Meat. Chilled Meat helps to make a food item, Goulash. Goulash would be extremely helpful for you while exploring Dragonspine. Let’s go over its details here first to get an idea of which food item it has used.

Food: Goulash

Described as a hot stew made from chilled Meat and vegetables chopped into small pieces, it helps fill one’s stomach with a comforting mixture with a warming effect. Slowly boiling tomatoes give this dish a rich and thick texture.

Goulash Recipe
Chilled Meat = 2 Carrot = 2 Tomato = 1

Goulash is a 2-star food item that reduces the rate of Sheer Cold accumulation for all party members for 900s. In co-op mode, this effect only applies to your characters.

The catch here about Goulash is that you don’t need to cook it with certain characters to obtain a unique addition in the buff it gives you. Even if you receive Suspicious Goulash or Delicious Goulash, you’ll still get 900s of effect.

So, chilled Meat has only one use, and that is for making Goulash. I didn’t use Goulash much because I could find warming sources in time and light fire torches with Pyro characters.

So, it depends on you to take your time exploring Dragonspine or speed-run the content. Moreover, obtaining Chilled Meat can sometimes be a pain because of its typical locations and the snowy environment.

Chilled Meat locations

Currently, there are only 16 locations in Genshin Impact’s official interactive map from where you can get Chilled Meat. You can also get 6-10 Chilled Meat from Greatboar king, which respawns every 12 hours.

Here are a few places I like to visit and collect Chilled Meat. After collecting the materials, you can see these places and make Goulash for consumption.

  1. Chilled Meat Locations in Dragonspine
  2. Great Snowboard King

There are a couple of frozen boars already in that area, and after hunting them, a mini-boss will spawn. Great Snowboard King is a giant boar with different attack patterns that you have to fight.

After defeating Great Snowboard king, you’ll be able to collect plenty of Chilled Meat from him and boars he’ll summon. As you enter the area, you’ll already see a couple of boars frozen. You can unfreeze them by applying pyro and hitting them to collect Chilled Meat, which drops.

And soon after you’ll manage to collect their drops, you’ll see an area ahead of you where the Great Snow boar king will spawn. It’s an exciting fight, and the first time you’ll be fighting animals as big as him.

Make sure to keep an eye on your Sheer Cold, so you don’t lose more health and heal in time. It surprised me when I explored Dragonspine back then and managed to defeat him.

If you like to defeat overworld enemies, then go for it. Moreover, defeating him will save you a couple of runs to distant locations for Chilled Meat.

Tips for Exploration

When I started exploring Dragonspine, trust me, it was a bit of a tiring experience because of the “Sheer Cold” mechanic. Players have to go near a fire source to reduce the rate of Sheer Cold and stop the loss of HP over time. Here, I’ll be going over some tips which may help you optimize your exploration.


Genshin Impact has a lot of recipes from which you can make different food items. Mainly, food helps for recovering HP or reviving a character. However, certain food items can help you buff your characters with other stats.

For exploration, food items that provide stamina consumption rate reduction, stamina recovery, and reduction of Sheer Cold can help you a lot while exploring Dragonspine.

Team Composition:

Trust me; you don’t want to run a team with all characters from the same element. It’s always best to have characters from different elements or weapons. You can use Claymore characters to break ores faster, bow characters to shoot, and other weapons to aim precisely in melee combat.

You can have flexibility in dealing with specific environment mechanics like Sheer Cold with different elements. In Drangonspine, you need to be around a fire source, and having a Pyro character in your party will highly benefit you.

Dragon spine has light torches at different locations, which you can put on fire to have some warmth. So, I’ll recommend you to have more flexibility in team composition.

Character Passives:

Now, if you’re a beginner, you can use Kaeya Alberich and Amber in your party to explore much more efficiently. Why is that so? Because of their passive abilities. Characters have different passive abilities besides their elemental skill and elemental bursts.

Some characters’ passive skills can help you find specific things like local specialties or provide a stamina reduction rate buff till they’re in your party. Kaeya’s passive ability, Hidden Strength, can help you reduce stamina consumption rate while running by 20% while he’s in your party.

And Amber’s Passive, Gliding Champion can help you minimize stamina consumption rate while gliding by 20%. So, even having these characters in your team can help you explore much quicker and more efficiently.


Trust me; the co-op mode is best when it comes to exploration. You can party up with your friends or even random strangers. I’ve met many people in this game, and it’s an excellent experience so far. You have to ask nicely if you can farm in their world or whether they can help you in clearing some in-game content.

Most of them would be willing to help you or even add you as their friend. Just ask them nicely, and you’ll be on your way to making more friends. Most of the time, I co-op whenever a new region comes out, and I need some materials for an upcoming character. I farm it on different worlds and stack it up in my inventory.

Elemental Resonance

Elemental Resonance benefits your party enjoys when you have two characters from the same element. Particular Elemental Resonance, Impetuous Winds can be highly beneficial for your party, which you get from having two anemo characters in your team. It provides the following benefits:

  • Decreases stamina consumption rate by 15%
  • Increases movement speed by 10%
  • Skill cooldown reduces by 5%

Most of the time, I follow these tips whenever I’m exploring a new region. My primary exploration team always consists of Jean and Venti with two characters which can be beneficial in that area. Let’s take the example of Dragonspine; Jean and Venti are always on my team whenever I’m exploring an area.

So now, I need a pyro character that I can use to light up torches and to unfreeze animals or chests. So, I used Klee, Bennett, Venti, and Jean most of the time to explore Dragonspine. You know, I love when I have double elemental Resonance in the team. More benefits, the better it is.

But it depends on you which characters you want in your team. Sometimes, I used to swap to Amber to take benefit of her passive ability and complete some particular challenge. Genshin Impact is all about experimenting with different things with your character compositions and finding the best match for your play style.


Let’s go over a few questions which you may have after reading this guide:

Question: Should I worry about collecting a lot of Chilled Meat?

Answer: I don’t think you should collect more than you require. And most of my friends were able to explore Dragonspine without even using Goulash for once. I just made it for collecting it in my inventory and didn’t use it while exploring. I was having a pyro character in my team all the time and lighting up torches on my way to different teleport points.

Question: Is it okay to convert Chilled Meat to raw Meat?

Answer: I won’t recommend doing such a thing. You can convert Chilled Meat to Raw Meat by processing it, but that’s very inefficient. Firstly, it’s tough to explore Dragonspine, and you’ll have around 16 locations where you can get Chilled Meat. It’s not worth the effort to convert it to Raw Meat, which you can easily farm in the overworld or even buy from shops. I recommend you have some Chilled Meat in your inventory but don’t convert it.

Question: I’m a beginner in this game, is there any team you recommend?

Answer: Stick to your main characters for now. If you have got a character that can benefit from elemental Resonance, that’s good. Otherwise, have either Kaeya or Amber in your team benefit from their passive. I know many people say they’re not good in the abyss, but they’re good at clearing overworld content.

Even in the deep, they’re good till a certain number of floors, so investing in them will pay off in the long term. You shouldn’t worry about abyss and meta updates if you’re a beginner. Instead, focus on clearing in-game content and overworld enemies you encounter throughout your journey.


Genshin Impact focuses heavily on farming in-game materials to craft food, ascend characters and complete certain quests. Players have to collect enemy drops, weapons, exquisite flora, and fauna from the overworld. I’ve been playing since day one, and even I fall short of materials sometimes. You can expect to see new in-game plants or enemies with updates, and upcoming characters may use them for their ascension.

Progressing in the game requires players to farm the materials over time and check their inventory continuously. So, whenever you’re roaming around, make sure to collect anything that shines. Who knows, you may have used it for a character in the future.

I wish you luck on your journey to explore Dragonspine and enjoy a view with soothing background music. Remember to click pictures when researching, and it’s best to have some memories whenever you’re doing something you love.

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