dvalin genshin impact guide

Dvalin Genshin Impact Guide

Dvalin is the first trounce domain boss that we meet and the only single-player Trounce domain boss as of version 2.6. Dvalin played a crucial role in defending the City of Mondstadt and her freedom during the events of the Cataclysm, which ultimately led to him needing a time out to recuperate. The Abyss Order sought him out after he woke up, only to corrupt him in order to turn him against his own people. This event introduced us to our first Archon Quest and, after completion, our first Trounce domain boss.

A quick summary of what to expect in this Dvalin Genshin Impact guide would be:

  1. Who Dvalin is, and where to find him.
  2. The movesets recommended team comps and rewards.
  3. Lore and History, a few final words, and a brief FAQ session.

Who is Dvalin, his Lore, and History?

Dvalin is a Dragon from the Anemo element; he has been a loyal, trusted, well respected, and worshipped entity in Mondstadt. Roughly 2000 years ago, Dvalin was born through the convergence of elemental energy in the high heavens, from which he descended to observe the world of Teyvat and its inhabitants.

Due to his sizeable sprawling nature, Dvalin unintentionally caused trouble when he flew too close to the ground or too close to civilization. This sparked outrage and intimidation amongst the humans in the area; this was reflected severely in the eyes of Dvalin, who did not understand why he received all of this negativity.

One day, Barbatos (now known as Venti) was playing music from the “Holy Lyre der Himmel” when Dvalin heard the music; he flew down and sat next to Barbatos since he took a liking to the music. The civilians in the vicinity were terrified and looked at Dvalin with fear. However, Barbatos did not look at Dvalin in fear; instead, he remained calm and sang about the beauty and majesty of Dvalin.

Upon sensing a mutual feeling to be understood and accepted, Dvalin and Barbatos formed a bond through the music. Dvalin chose to remain close to Barbatos; he even learned Barbatos’ different singing techniques and human speech afterward.

Following the outcome of the battle for Mondstadt against Decarabian’s tyrannical rule, Barbatos established the Four Winds.

The Four Winds are responsible for protecting Mondstadt; the Four Winds include:

  1. Dragon of the East – Dvalin.
  2. Wolf of the North – Lupus Boreas
  3. Lion of the South – This is the title given to the Grandmasters/ Acting Grandmasters of the Knights of Favonius
  4. Falcon of the West – This is believed to be the title given to Vanessa.

As the Dragon of the East, Dvalin took his duty to protect Mondstadt very seriously. Since he was also the oldest out of the Four Winds, the respect displayed towards him was evident through the Shrine built for him, where the citizens of Mondstadt gathered to worship Dvalin.

Due to the events of the Cataclysm, all of the nations and landmarks in Teyvat were under attack. As the monsters from Khaenri’ah lay waste to the lands of Teyvat, they sent Durin to destroy and cast a shadow over Mondstadt.

Durin is a large black serpentine Shadow Dragon created by Rhinedottir; Durin was filled with poisonous blood from the Abyss, which still affects the surroundings in Dragonspine, where he currently rests. As the final resting place of Durin, the mountain of Vindagnyr was renamed “Dragonspine.”

As Durin flew over Mondstadt, the panic and fear-stricken citizens prayed for the Dragon of the East to rise again, to defend Mondstadt. After a long and grueling battle in the sky above Mondstadt and the mountain of Vindagnyr, Durin was slain when Dvalin ripped his throat out. As Durin crashed onto the mountain below, Dvalin flew overhead as the victor but at a considerable cost. When Dvalin ripped into Durin’s throat, he also ingested the poisonous blood from the Abyss that flowed through Durin. Now flowing through Dvalin’s veins, this poison caused him to fall into a deep slumber that lasted nearly 500 years.

Durin was unconscious of his actions and wanton destruction; only when fatally wounded did he snap back to reality and speak to Barbatos and Dvalin during his final moments. Durin expressed his inherent desire to befriend Dvalin and further stated that he bore no ill will towards Dvalin or Mondstadt before finally passing on.

He deeply regretted the circumstances under which they met and only hoped that things would have been different, a reality where both Dragons soared across Teyvat’s gorgeous skies. This shows the gentle heart of Durin, that was poisoned and afflicted by the Abyss, which led him to lay waste to everything in his path. I believe it to be a powerful foreshadowing regarding Dvalins ultimate fate.

Following the consequences of the Cataclysm, Dvalin went into a deep slumber, from which he awoke during the same time frame when the Traveler entered Teyvat. Upon waking up, Dvalin flew over to Mondstadt only to be greeted by fear from the citizens of Mondstadt.

Hurt and feeling betrayed by these interactions (which were catalyzed by the poison in his vein), the Abyss Order swept in and successfully turned Dvalin against his beloved Mondstadt. The Abyss Order further convinced Dvalin to relinquish his title as Dragon of the East and then attack the city, earning him the title “Stormterror.”


Dvalin can be found in the domain shown below; in order to unlock this domain, players must complete the final Archon Quest in Mondstadt, “Song of the Dragon and Freedom.”

Location on the map Dvalin in the game

Attacks, Stages, and What to expect

As a large Anemo Dragon, Dvalin’s attacks come from Anemo-based energy that he releases in the form of bombs and high-intensity pulses. These attacks are easy to dodge, but players need to be very aware of where they move, given the limited space on the platforms.

Players can always use the wind currents at the edges of each platform to dodge the attacks by floating above the platform.


Fly By

Dvalin flies by the player dealing Physical damage as he grazes the platform. Players need to be aware of their positioning because if the attack commences when the player is at the edge of the platform, players might have to brace themselves to take the attack head-on in order to avoid falling off the platform if the wind currents are unavailable.

Dragon Breath

Dvalin places himself next to the player, then positions himself on the edge of the platform (lengthwise) and unleashes an extremely high amount of Anemo energy. The attack moves along the length from one claw to the other, across the platform.

This is the best time to attack Dvalin with close combat characters since he stays on the platform for a long time, and players can use any form of attack to chip away at his shield.

Dragon Bite

Dvalin launches himself at the platform and swipes at the player with his head, and this deals Physical damage. Players can sprint away to dodge this, but players need to have immaculate timing and reflexes because it is a quick attack.

He stays on the platform for a few seconds after the attack. Players can attack Dvalin and reduce his shield during this time frame.

Pulse Bomb

Dvalin launches two pairs of energy bombs that deal Anemo damage on impact. Players can use the Anemograna at the edges of each platform to form a wind current that moves upwards to dodge the bombs. Alternatively, players can sprint to dodge the bombs.

Omega Bomb

Dvalin flies over the platform and releases a charged attack that deals with an extremely high amount of Anemo damage. This is an attack that deals a high amount of damage, especially if players cannot evade this on time.

Players can use the wind currents to avoid the attack, but players need to be highly aware of Dvalin’s position because the camera does not focus on him while he is charging up to attack.

Caelestinum Finale Termini

Dvalin unleashes a barrage of pulse bombs at the platform the player is standing on and the adjacent platforms, causing the platforms to crack and release Anemo energy.

The damage from the Anemo energy starts small and gradually increases. Players can use shields and stand on Geo constructs to avoid taking damage. However, players must quickly move on to the next platform and get onto a platform with no cracks.

Energy Lightning

Dvalin releases energy pulses at the platforms, hitting the platforms in a similar fashion to lightning. Circular indicators appear on the platforms before the energy strikes, making it easier for players to evade it. However, the duration between the circular indicator and the lightning strike is very short so players would need good timing and quick reflexes once again.


Dvalin has five stages; these stages last two minutes each. Although it is possible to defeat Dvalin once his shields are down (in the first stage itself), players usually have to keep trying his domain until they better understand how to run attack rotations against Dvalin.

At the end of each phase, Dvalin uses Caelestinum Finale Termini before forming cracks in the platforms, forcing the player to move onto platforms that are not cracked. With the exception of phase three, where Dvalin will use Energy Lightning.

The ending of each phase is determined by the time spent fighting and the total number of times Dvalin’s shield is broken. The final phase lasts indefinitely for as long as players need to defeat Dvalin. As shown below in the table, we can see when to expect the high tier moves indicating the end of each phase.

Phase Time Limit Shield Limit/ Number of times shield is broken Attack before transition into the next phase
1 2 minutes >=2 Caelestinum Finale Termini
2 8 minutes >=3 Caelestinum Finale Termini
3 2 minutes 3>x<6 Energy Lightning
4 8 minutes >=6 Caelestinum Finale Termini
5 Indefinite Indefinite No change

In order to break the shields, players need to constantly attack Dvalin whenever they can. Once the shield is broken, Dvaliln will enter a paralyzed state where players can actually inflict damage by attacking the poisoned blood clots on his back.

Attacking Dvalin during this state will deplete his health. I urge players to go on their maximum offensive output because if the player cannot defeat Dvalin during this time frame, Dvalin will enter his next shield phase.

Paralyzed State

What to expect

Since players automatically unlock Dvalin through the Mondstadt Archon quest, players do not have to go out of their way to unlock Dvalin. I would recommend doing this trounce domain from the early stages of the game in order to gather the talent level-up material for most of the characters from Mondstadt and the first released characters, as shown below:

  1. Dvalin’s Plume – Diluc, Jean, Bennett
  2. Dvalin’s Sigh – Traveler (Anemo and Geo), Chongyun, Beidou, Amber
  3. Dvalin’s Claw – Xiangling, Noelle, Lisa, Razor

Team Comps

For this domain, we are looking at Genshin characters who can keep up with Dvalin. In a way, this domain is similaar to an endurance match. Therefore, I recommend using high damage dealing characters, a long-ranged character, and a very consistent healer.

Since there are different stages, players might have to settle in for a long battle if they cannot knock Dvalin out during the first paralysis after breaking the shield. You have to be prepared to repeat the process a few more times. However, this is not a problem because Dvalin might be the easiest of the Trounce Domain bosses available as of version 2.6.

Free to play friendly

In this section, we will look at the team comps featuring characters that are freely available for all players. These teams usually include the starter characters and other guaranteed free characters and compatible weapon suggestions.

  • Kaeya – Xiangling – Amber – Barbara
  • Noelle – Lisa – Amber – Barbara

Main DPS

When tackling Dvalin, players need to be aware of the amount of damage that they are dealing; this way, the player would not waste an Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst by mistiming an attack.

By using either Kaeya or Noelle, players can use a one-shot Elemental Skill instead of a long-lasting Elemental Skill.

  • Kaeya

Kaeya, as always, is a reliable Main DPS role for any free-to-play team comp. Primarily because he can deal high volumes of damage while being able to take Dvalin on solo if the rest of the team falls.

Since Kaeya’s Elemental Skill can be used from a relatively safe distance, players can keep themselves in a safe position while being able to attack Dvalin.

Weapon – Dawn Harbinger (Obtained through Gacha)

  • Noelle

Noelle is a great Main DPS option for free to play players, mainly because she can provide shields and heal at the same time through her Elemental Skill “Breastplate.” Her Elemental Burst has a long reach, which would help players when tackling Dvalin.

As a Geo character, Noelle can produce Crystallize reactions which produce elemental shards that can provide additional shielding.

Weapon – Whiteblind (Obtained through forging)


The Sub DPS characters that we are looking at can deal damage without having to get too close to Dvalin. This would greatly benefit the players because they are not exposed to significant risks, mainly if players choose to go with Kaeya as the Main DPS since we are missing out on the shielding factor that we can get from Noelle.

  • Xiangling

As always, Xiangling makes the cut as a Main DPS or Sub DPS in these free-to-play team comps. Primarily because of her exceptional team benefits.

Players can drop Guoba near Dvalin when he is on the platform and dash away to avoid taking damage. Pyronado is a great attack to use when Dvalin is in his paralyzed state since it can function when Xiangling is off-field, allowing other characters to launch their own attacks.

Weapon – Crescent Pike (Obtained through forging)

  • Lisa

As the first Electro character that players obtain, Lisa becomes an excellent addition to the team comp due to her ability to apply Electro consistently. Both her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst can be initiated without having to get too close to Dvalin. T

his provides players a massive advantage because the normal and charged attacks deal damage that does not require close proximity. Having Lisa is an added advantage during the paralyzed state because her Elemental Burst can function even when Lisa is off-field, paving the way for Overload through Ambers Pyro.

Weapon – Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers (Obtained through Gacha)


  • Amber

Amber is an excellent option for players who have not found a long-range character; her playstyle is relatively easy to learn, especially for beginner players. Since she is also the first free character that players obtain (after the Traveler), players should be used to incorporating her into team comps.

As the first and only ranged character that we get for free, most players are adept at using her because we rely on Amber during the game’s early stages. This makes Amber a little better for this team comp because not every player can handle bow-wielding characters; the issue with mobile users having difficulties in aiming comes into play as well.

Unfortunately, we do not have other options for this position because a ranged character can help chip away at the shield without players relying on dealing damage when Dvalin comes close. Amber will also help trigger Pyro resonance if paired with Xiangling.

Weapon – Prototype Crescent (Obtained through forging)


  • Barbara

In the designated healer spot, we got our first healer of the game, Barbara. She is more than reliable when it comes to tackling healing-related obstacles in the early game. However, as the game progresses, players come across characters that are much better at healing while providing additional benefits.

As always, Barbara comes in to fill the healer slot. When equipped with “Prototype Amber,” Barbara can use the passive boost of the weapon to provide additional healing for the team, which would be great because I would not recommend pausing the battle to heal unless players pause right after an attack from Dvalin. Barbara can help with Elemental reactions during the paralyzed state, which can help deal damage to Dvalin.

Weapon – Prototype Amber (Obtained through forging)

Best Team Comp

In this section, we are looking at the best characters when it comes to tackling Dvalin multiple times. Most players want to redo the domain numerous times in order to get as many talent level-up materials as possible. Since we are looking at long-ranged attackers and characters that can amplify the attacks. Instead of going for elemental reaction-based damage, players should look to destroy the shields as soon as possible.

  • Xiao – Tartaglia – Zhongli – Bennett
  • Ganyu – Hu Tao – Kazuha – Diona

Main DPS

When we look at the Main DPS options for the team comps mentioned above, we are primarily looking at dealing the highest possible amount of damage while being able to maintain distances or move away quickly in an attempt to evade.

These team comps can produce elemental reactions as well, but once again, I would highly recommend focussing on taking out Dvalin’s shields.

  • Xiao

As a designated Main DPS, Xiao is more than capable of dealing all the damage necessary to take out Dvalin on his own. However, players can always take a more balanced approach when tackling Dvalin.

I would recommend Xiao over most Main DPS characters (except Ganyu, Tartaglia, and Hu Tao) because Xiao can be used offensively, and he can use his Elemental Skill to evade attacks as well.

Also, saving Xiao’s Elemental Burst until Dvalin enters his paralyzed state because by using Zhongli’s Elemental Skill, Bennetts Elemental Burst, Tartaglia’s melee stance Elemental Burst (Dvalin must have the Pyro status applied to pull off the Vaporize reaction), and finally Xiao’s Elemental Burst will make players maximize their total team damage output.

Weapon – Primordial Jade Winged-Spear (Obtained through Gacha)

  • Ganyu

As a Main DPS, Ganyu is arguably one of the best candidates for any primary damage dealer role. Since she is a bow user, players can use her charged attack from a safe distance to deal damage to Dvalin’s shield.

Players can also use her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst to deal AoE Cryo damage to Dvalin during all of his states (shielded and paralyzed). Players can use Hu Tao to trigger Melt reactions when Dvalin is paralyzed while using Kazuha to amplify the damage through his Elemental Burst.

Weapon – Amos Bow (Obtained through Gacha)

Main/ Sub DPS

The recommended Sub DPS characters can help bolster the team dynamics and help fill in to deal damage while the Main DPS is undergoing a CD. Tartaglia can help deal ranged damage while Hu Tao can deal Pyro damage whenever Dvalin is in close quarters.

  • Tartaglia

Tartaglia can swap in to deal damage while Xiao remains off-field to either run down a CD or gather elemental energy to load his Elemental Burst. I love using Tartaglia in this position because he can clean up all the slack left behind while successfully carrying the team. By applying “Riptide,” players can deal additional damage from the mini-explosions produced.

Weapon – Polar Star (Obtained through Gacha)

  • Hu Tao

Hu Tao is one of the best Pyro appliers in the game. This is why she is used as the trigger point of the Melt reactions when coupled with Ganyu.

Hu Tao can handle Dvalin easily while Ganyu recovers from her CD or gathers energy. However, players need to be aware of her health at all times, even when shielded because of specific attacks from Dvalin that deal excessive damage (I am looking at you, Omega Bomb).

Weapon – Staff of Homa (Obtained through Gacha)


Players can select between using a shielding character or a character that can help evade Dvalin’s attacks. I would recommend using a shielding character since Dvalin’s attacks deal a high amount of damage, especially at level 90. However, players can also greatly benefit from high mobility-based characters who can help maneuver around some or most of Dvalin’s attacks.

  • Zhongli

Zhongli produces the most reliable and durable shield in the game, which is excellent because both Xiao and Tartaglia are close combat characters. Although Xiao can dodge the attacks with his Elemental Skill, the additional protection from Zhongli’s shield goes a long way when it comes to large AoE attacks.

Weapon – Vortex Vanquisher (Obtained through Gacha)

  • Kazuha

Kazuha comes into this team to act as a mobility character and a damage amplifier. By using his Elemental Skill, players can launch themselves into the air, keeping themselves away from the cracked platforms, and if timed correctly, they could potentially find a way through the Pulse bombs as well.

Weapon – Freedom Sworn (Obtained through Gacha)


As always, my best recommendation for the healer spot would be Bennett or Diona. I would recommend Kokomi since she is the best healer in the game. However, she would not fit into either team comp. Players need a reliable healer in this domain, especially if they accidentally fall off the platform.

  • Bennett

My first choice healer, Bennett, will be a part of the Xiao team. Since he provides an ATK buff through the Elemental Burst while healing, players will definitely benefit even further if they equip him with a healing-oriented four-piece set of Noblesse Oblige. The Pyro application will further benefit when players use Tartaglia’s Elemental Burst.

Weapon – Mistsplitter Reforged (Obtained through Gacha)

  • Diona

Diona would be a great addition because she can provide shields, heal, and help trigger Cryo resonance. These benefits aim to amplify the Main DPS and Sub DPS damage output while protecting them from getting knocked out. By using Sacrificial Bow, players can deploy the Elemental skill twice in succession if the weapon passive is triggered.

Weapon – Sacrificial Bow (Obtained through Gacha)

How to beat Dvalin?

Players need to keep a few key points in mind when tackling Dvalin since he is not a boss that players can attack through the course of the battle. Dvalin is airborne for the majority of the battle, and this makes it harder for players to attack him while constantly dodging Dvalin’s attacks simultaneously.

  1. By using long-ranged characters, players can make up for the lack of overall damage inflicted on the shield. Using characters such as Ganyu, Tartaglia, Yoimiya, or Venti, players can launch charged attacks when Dvalin is resting before or after an attack.
  2. Players need to be aware of incoming attacks while gliding from one platform to another. This also includes not pressing the attack button accidentally while gliding because it will make the character perform a plunge attack into the void below.
  3. Since players have to tackle this domain solo, high DPS characters are very necessary, along with very proficient healers. Using a character that provides a shield is an additional benefit, but healers are more important in this domain.
  4. Players can use Anemograna present at the edges of platforms to create a wind current that moves upwards. This wind current can be used to avoid most attacks; sometimes players can use the same wind current to perform plunge attacks if Dvalin is close by.
  5. After using Caelestinum Finale Termini, the platforms will crack and release Anemo energy from the cracks. Players must avoid interacting with the damaged environment because it can chip away at the player’s health while interrupting their movements as well.


The first time we meet Dvalin
Dvalin’s first attack on Mondstadt


Players can expect to receive the same loot as other normal bosses and trounce domain bosses, with Dvalin’s talent level-up material being the only difference. In Dvalin’s case, he drops:

Dvalin’s Plume

Dvalin’s Claw

Dvalin’s Sigh

The Remains of the Gale

Reach the top of the tower in Stormterror’s Lair.

Players need to climb all the way up to the top of Stormterror’s Lair. You can find a Luxurious chest and an Anemoculus as well. Using mobility-based characters such as Keqing, Venti, or Kazuha would make it easier to access the top.

How much HP does Dvalin have?

As with all bosses, Dvalin’s HP scales with his level; in the table below, we can see the specific amount of HP against the particular level. His shield remains at 100% at each level; the only way to shave off chunks of it is through elemental reaction damage.

Level Health
1 365
5 820
10 1433
15 2553
20 4426
25 5726
30 7364
35 10443
40 13474
45 17966
50 24982
55 30735
60 41906
65 49914
70 65260
75 74604
80 92829
85 102122
90 121770
95 138744
100 183826


Question: Why is co-op not enabled for Dvalin?

Answer: We are not given a definite answer yet, but the community believes that this could be due to the camera angle of Dvalin’s battle being much better suited for a 1v1 as opposed to a co-op experience.

Question: What is the relationship shared between Venti and Dvalin?

Answer: Venti, more famously known as Barbatos, is the current Anemo Archon and the person who established the Four Winds. Their friendship has lasted for almost 2000 years, with Dvalin being a trusted entity for Mondstadt and her Archon as well. Their relationship was built on mutual understanding and acceptance; this love extended to the civilians of Mondstdat through Barbatos.

Question: How do I attack Dvalin while he is flying?

Answer: Players can use characters that use the bow to launch attacks while Dvalin is flying. These attacks should be charged aimed attacks, using Ganyu and Tartaglia highly recommended for this particular stage of the battle.

Question: Is Dvalin a part of the Four Winds?

Answer: Yes, Dvalin is a part of the four winds that were responsible for the safekeeping and protection of Mondstadt and her citizens.


Dvalin is the first trounce domain boss, but that does not mean that he should be taken lightly. Most players find it very easy to go through Dvalin, which is very understandable given the high volumes of damage that veteran players can deal. However, Dvalin plays an important role in many ways, including lore and story depth.

After further reading on Dvalin’s history and understanding the consequences of battle that led him to be “Stormterror,” not only does it bring me questions on how the Abyss corrupted him, but also questions on just how strong the Abyss is, to turn the oldest of the Four Winds against his beloved Mondstadt. Dvalin relinquished his position as one of the Four Winds after the events of the Archon Quest in Mondstadt; now, he soars the skies free from duty.

He looks out for Barbatos, the same way Barbatos looked out for him and set him free from the grip of the Abyss with the help of the Traveler, Jean, Diluc. Dvalin will always be remembered as one of the Four Winds, but now after the meddling of the Abyss, he will also be remembered by the unwelcome name “Stormterror.”

As a player that is deeply invested in the story that Genshin Impact is unfolding, I hope that Dvalin will be given a chance to redeem himself and potentially return to the good books of the citizens of Mondstadt. Everyone loves a redemption arc, and I believe it is only fitting for someone of such historical significance to Mondstadt to have a chance to clear his name. After all, Dvalin is an entity that was called upon to save Mondstadt once, perhaps one day he may return to save Mondstadt once again.

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