Amos Bow Guide

Amos Bow Guide

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG that offers a vast in-game world and allows players to collect exquisite in-game items. Players can explore the enormous world of Teyvat and engage in challenging battles with enemies. As players progress through the game, enemies will become more formidable with increasing world level.

This requires players to switch to better weapons and choose those that suit their playstyle. With an abundance of options to choose from, it may be overwhelming to decide which one to equip from inventory. However, with enough game knowledge, players can choose the best weapon for their Genshin Impact character and embark on their journey to slay mighty beasts.

Since its launch, I’ve been playing Genshin and have collected many weapons to this day. Every weapon is unique in its own way and offers a unique passivity. However, their strength depends on their rarity, just like other in-game items. So, keeping an eye on better weapons is always a good choice to make.

In this Amos Bow guide, I’ll be going over a 5-star weapon, Amos bow, that can help to make your journey easier and offers its own unique passive and damage boosting capabilities.

Amos Bow: Weapon Details

Amos bow is an extremely ancient bow that has retained its power despite its original master is long gone. It draws power from everyone and everything in the world, and the further away you are from which your heart desires, the more powerful it is.

Weapon Details:

  • Rarity: 5-star
  • Base Attack: 46
  • Secondary stat: ATK%
  • Secondary stat value:10.8%
  • Passive ability: Strong-Willed
  • Passive ability description: Increases Normal and Charged Attack DMG by 12%. After a normal and charged attack is fired, the DMG dealt increases by a further 8% every 0.1s the arrow is in the air for up to 5 times.

Amos bow is a 5-star bow that gives plenty of ATK% to your character and significantly boosts attacks. Amos bow’s passive means it’s better suited for characters who maintain a distance while attacking. Basically, the longer your shot is in the air, the more the damage boost will be. Passives can be a bit complex to understand sometimes, but if you focus on game mechanics, you’ll be able to relate to them.

So, the passive here simply means you have to use a character you can play from long range to maximize damage boost. This kind of passive is beneficial in freeze teams where you can shoot enemies from a distance and let passive’s damage boost grow.

So, just like other weapons in-game, Amos bow can be a niche weapon depending on team compositions. Overall, it’s a good weapon because of its ATK% secondary stat, which can be used on almost every bow character. All you have to do is balance CRIT stats, and voila! Damage numbers will skyrocket.

You can obtain Amos bow from Standard Wanderlust Invocation and Epitome Invocation weapon’s banner. Sometimes, you may notice Amos bow having boosted drop rate, which means it’s specially featured on the weapon’s banner for a limited time duration.

So, if you’re looking to get yourself a copy of the weapon, you better have some primogems stacked up. That will help you wish more and increase your chance of getting the weapon.

Want to know more about the best Genshin bows, how to obtain them, their stats, and more? Check out our complete Genshin Bow Guide.

Amos Bow: Stat Progression

Weapon Stat Progression

I’ve listed vital weapon levels where you can see the weapon’s progression. As you can see, the more you invest into your weapon, the better it becomes in its stats.

Amos bow, a 5-star weapon, also offers a high base attack, which helps your character utilize their maximum potential damage.

This becomes important when focusing on end-game content like Spiral abyss, where you have to clear the enemy mobs in a time-limited environment.

Weapon Level Base Attack Attack (% Increase)
1 46 10.8
20 122 16.9
40 235 27.8
60 382 36.5
80 532 45.3
90 608 49.6

Now, as you’ll ascend the weapon, its appearance will change. Many times, when you ascend weapons in Genshin, their colors become more vibrant and noticeable. More like eye candy; if you’re someone who likes aesthetics, then you’ll love minor changes the weapon goes through after ascension. Amos bow’s blue base violet color shade changes to vibrant blue color and becomes brighter after you ascend it.

Yet another reason to ascend weapons is to see your characters equipping vibrant color weapons. Personally, I love the weapon changes after the ascension, and it’s soothing to the eyes to see such colors.

Last but not least, you need around 900+ mystic enhancement ores and approximately 1.2+ million mora to level up Amos bow to level 90. I know that’s a lot of resources you need to accumulate. Generally, 5-star weapons are better, and because of that, they will consume extra resources. The higher the rarity, the higher the resource consumption.

Genshin Impact relies on players farming materials daily, which means you should collect ores or in-game materials on a timely basis. Unless you’re a casual player who wants to take time by clearing content, you’ll have to invest in farming.

I’ll say to be on the safer side, you should do your daily commissions, expeditions and visit ores locations from time to time. That way, you’ll have a constant supply of materials and slowly stack them in your inventory. You can’t farm everything in one day because of respawning timers on items, so it’s better to take things slow and avoid burning out in the process.

Refinement Rank Progression

Refinements are one of the best ways to increase your weapon’s damage potential. You can refine your weapon to a maximum level of 5 and enhance its passive ability.

Most of the time, you’ll have a couple of extra weapon copies in your inventory that you can use for refinement. Trust me, it helps increase damage when you refine a weapon.

Refinement Rank Normal and Charged Attack DMG
(% Increase)
DMG Increase after fire
(% Increase)
1 12 8
2 15 10
3 18 12
4 21 14
5 24 16

However, when refining 5-star weapons, you should avoid it if you’re a free-to-play or battle pass player. Getting refinements for 5-star weapons may consume a lot of fates, which isn’t feasible for low spenders. So, even if you can get an extra copy of Amos bow, I’ll recommend you to level that up separately.

That way, you’ll have an extra copy to equip on another character if needed. This can prove helpful in the Spiral abyss, where you have to run two teams and clear enemies in a limited time.

Amos Bow: Ascension Material 

Dandelion Gladiator Material Chaos Material Slime Material
Fetters of the Dandelion Gladiator = 5 Chaos Device = 23 Slime Condensate = 15
Chains of the Dandelion Gladiator = 14 Chaos Circuit = 27 Slime Secretions = 23
Shackles of the Dandelion Gladiator = 14 Chaos Core = 41 Slime Concentrate = 27
Dream of the Dandelion Gladiator = 6 Total Mora Required for Ascension = 225,000


As you can see, you need a lot of materials when it comes to ascending Amos bow. Genshin Impact relies on players farming different in-game materials, whether they’re for ascending characters or weapons. So, be prepared to put some extra effort in advance if you plan to upgrade in-game items like weapons.

I’ll recommend you farm materials in co-op mode, which will save your time, and that way, you’re able to cover a lot of areas faster. Also, you should save up some condensed resin to farm for materials that are available only on a specific day or Sunday. On Sunday, every material is available to farm, and if you’re a casual player, that’s your best day to farm materials.

Amos Bow: Characters

There can be different playstyles that you can choose to adopt when it comes to weapons. You’ll be using weapons that can synergize well with your team composition and provide passives that affect the whole team most of the time. And with 5-star weapons shining in this niche, it’s best not to miss using them on your characters.

As of writing this guide, Genshin Impact 2.5 has the following characters that can use Amos Bow:


Ganyu Genshin

Ganyu is a 5-star character specializing in dealing with cryo damage. She’s preferred to be in as primary damage dealer because of her insane charged attack scaling. And this makes Amos bow one of her best weapon choices.

Also, if you’re using her in freeze comp, then your attacks will have plenty of time to take benefit from the weapon’s passive.

This will eventually help boost her damage potential through the roof.

  • 4-star weapon choices: Hamayumi, Prototype crescent, Blackcliff Warbow


Diona Genshin

Diona is a 4-star character whose abilities scale off her overall HP and is more support-oriented. With her abilities focused on providing shield and healing, it’s better to equip other weapons than Amos Bow.

I recommend you put her in a support role, where she shines the best.

  • 4-star weapon alternatives: Favonius Warbow, Sacrificial Bow, Recurve Bow(3-star)


yoimiya genshin

Yoimiya is a 5-star pyro character whose abilities focus on dealing single target damage. Her skill infuses her normal attack with pyro, allowing her to deal a decent amount of damage in vapourising team comps.

Amos bow is a fantastic choice for her because of its passive effect. She can benefit from a regular attack damage boost and trigger better vaporizing reactions.

  • 4-star weapon alternatives: Rust, Prototype Crescent, Viridescent hunt


Amber genshin impact

Amber is a 4-star pyro character whose skill helps taunting enemies and provides good pyro application in her burst. I don’t think you’ll need to use an offensive weapon on her.

Unless you plan to run melt composition, you should avoid using Amos Bow. I’d instead advise you to use her as a supporting character and switch to the main character for damage dealing.

  • 4-star weapon alternatives: Prototype Crescent, Hamayumi, Windblume Ode


Aloy genshin impact

Aloy is a 5-star event character whose abilities specialize in dealing burst cryo damage. However, all of her constellations are unknown as of writing this guide. So, you can only take benefit from her current kit.

Amos bow can be good on her if you use her as Quickswap or Burst DPS. Basically, you’ll be using her burst to deal damage and swap back to your primary damage dealer.

This will eventually scale if you’re using her burst to trigger a reverse melt reaction dealing 1.5X damage.

  • 4-star weapon alternatives: Stringless, Viridescent Hunt, Prototype Crescent


Fischl genshin

Fishcl is a 4-star electro character specializing in dealing with off-field damage. She can summon Oz, who can pump out a decent amount of damage with her skill.

Amos bow is incredible because of the ATK% boost it gives from its secondary stat. However, you won’t find much value from passive if you use her as an off-field damage dealer.

  • 4-star weapon alternatives: Prototype Crescent, Stringless, Viridescent Hunt


gorou genshin impact

Gorou is a 4-star geo character whose abilities scale off his DEF and is preferred in team support roles. Personally, I won’t recommend you to use any weapon besides Favonius Warbow on him.

You can use that weapon to compensate for his high burst energy cost and often use burst. Amos bow wouldn’t be a good choice because you won’t be able to benefit from its stat and passive.

Kujou Sara

Kujou Sara genshin

Kujou Sara is a 4-star electro character who can provide overall team damage buff with her abilities. I’ll advise you to build decent energy recharge on her to compensate for her high burst energy cost.

Amos bow will be a proper choice because of its high base attack. Better the base attack on the weapon she’s equipping, better the team attack boost.

She can be used as a Burst damage dealer, using her burst and switching back to your primary damage dealer.

  • 4-star weapon alternatives: Sacrificial Bow, Mouun’s Moon, Favonius Warbow

Tartaglia or Childe

Childe is one of the most unique characters in-game in his abilities. He’s a 5-star hydro character with a hybrid attack stance, melee, and ranged. Amos bow being able to buff both normal and charged attack damage is quite decent on Childe.

Amos bow’s high base attack and normal attack damage boosting passive will help Childe clear enemies faster. Also, if there are multiple enemies, you’re sure to see some insane riptide damage action there.

  • 4-star weapon alternatives: Viridescent Hunt, Mouun’s Moon, Prototype Crescent


Venti is a 5-star anemo character specializing in crowd control abilities. Trust me, in earlier days of Abyss, venti was a blessing to have; well, he still is. Venti’s ascension stat is energy recharge, so you don’t have to worry about getting your burst back.

Amos bow can definitely be used on him if you’re planning to make him anemo damage dealer but will fall off against EM build venti. So, I’ll advise you to use other weapons if you plan to use him on full EM build.4-star weapon alternatives: The Stringless, Windblume Ode, Alley Hunter

Final Thoughts on Characters

These were some remarks from my end, and I’ll advise you to experiment with your team compositions. Remember, the more you experiment, the more you learn, and you’ll be able to adapt a better playstyle. If you’re wondering what EM is, it’s Elemental Mastery, and I’ll highly recommend you to go through our guide on Elemental Mastery.

Also, if you’re wondering which weapons are best for your character, I’ll advise you to go through character-specific guides. Who knows, you may learn something new from there.


Let’s go over a few questions that you may have after reading this guide

Question: Should I refine Amos Bow?

Answer: If you’re a free-to-play player or battle pass user, I won’t recommend you refine the weapon. 5-star weapons are rare to obtain, and it’s better to have copies of them. Suppose you’re in a spiral abyss where you need two teams on both sides. If you have support characters on both teams that can use Amos bow, then having two of them will benefit you.

Unless you can afford to heavily spend on the game, and risk the chance of getting another rated weapon, avoid refining Amos bow. Personally, even if I get an extra copy of a 4-star weapon, I level up both of them separately. Always prefer to have versatile gameplay, and you’ll have better team compositions.

Question: How good are 5-star weapons in comparison to 4-star ones?

Answer: I’ll suggest you pay more attention to passive weapons when comparing them. Most of the time, passives can make a difference, especially regarding 4-star weapons. Suppose you have one 5-star weapon with refinement rank 1 and other 4-star weapons with refinement rank 5.

Both of them can give you a decent damage boost, and even in some cases, refined 4-star weapons rival 5-star weapons in damage potential. So, it’s not that you need 5-star weapons only for clearing Spiral abyss. That’s doable enough with 4-star weapons as well. Ultimately, your team compositions and character rotations are essential to trigger elemental reactions for good damage.

Question: Why do 5-star weapons use so many more resources to level up than 4-star weapons?

Answer: Genshin Impact mainly focuses on farming in-game materials, whether it’s for ascending characters or weapons. Simply, it’s just game mechanics which relies on farming overworld drops to utilize them for various uses. That being said, now the amount of materials you need for a particular weapon depends on its rarity.

Rarity is just the number of stars you see, 3-stars,4-stars, and 5-stars. They depict how rare it is to obtain that item, and leveling up that item will take more resources. So, you may notice that 4-star weapons take fewer ores and more to level up, whereas 5-star weapons sometimes wipe out inventories.

Question: Should I feed 3-star weapons to 5-star weapons as EXP material?

Answer: I won’t recommend you to try feeding 3-star weapons as EXP materials for two reasons. Firstly, the EXP you get from feeding 3-star weapons is minimal compared to EXP ores. They may be good for a few levels early on, but when you ascend the weapon, EXP starts to rise exponentially.

Secondly, it’s better to have 3-star weapons with refinements. Some weapons like Thrilling tales of Dragonslayers shine quite well when refined to maximum level. Even 5-star weapons don’t come close to that weapon’s passive. So, my advice is to keep at least 2 copies of maximum refined 3-star weapons. That way, you’re future-proof and can use them in situational battles.

Closing Remarks

Amos bow is a good weapon that can enhance your character’s normal and charged attack damage. When it comes to characters like Ganyu and Yoimiya, who focus on dealing damage with their normal and charged attacks, Amos bow is the best pick. However, the weapon comparison may differ in some situations, so you should check out specific character guides for that.

But ultimately, investing in a 5-star weapon will pay off in the long run and help you clear content faster. Also, most 5-star weapons are pretty good when clearing Spiral abyss, so you sure have some solid advantage using them. But, it doesn’t mean 4-star weapons aren’t good enough. With refinements, some 4-star weapons can rival 5-star weapons’ damage potential.

I’ll say Amos bow is a solid choice, and you should use this weapon on a character you want to. That was all from my end, and I hope you learned something new today. I recommend you check out the character guide to know more about them and have fun exploring Teyvat.

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