genshin impact beacon of the reed sea guide

Genshin Impact Beacon of the Reed Sea Guide

For most of the players, Genshin Impact was an introduction to Gacha gaming. As someone who came from Honkai Impact 3rd, I knew what I was getting myself into.

However, plenty of new players struggled with the wishing system and ended up getting random rewards. Gacha games are addictive. You want the best characters and weapons on your account, and the game demands character and weapon optimization to clear end-game challenges.

Weapons are the main source of firepower, and have unique passives to turn the tide in battle and help you defeat boss enemies. With five weapon classes in Genshin Impact, it all boils down to personal taste. Some people like swords, while others rock Claymores.

I usually compose my team around Claymore or Polearm weapons to benefit from a blend of fast and heavy attacks. Claymores can perform heavy hits to destroy enemy shields and can be equipped on some solid 5-star characters like Diluc, Arataki Itto, and Eula.

The Wolf’s Gravestone, the Redhorn Stonethresher, the Song of Broken Pines, there are some amazing Claymores that every player wants to have on their account. However, most of their Claymores are signature weapons for specific characters and cater to their abilities.

Still, there’s an all-purpose Claymore that can fit on every Claymore character and provides a wide range of attributes, the Beacon of the Reed Sea. Though it’s Dehya’s signature weapon, the Claymore provides three different stats which can be used on other Claymore characters.

With such a versatile use, the Beacon of the Reed Sea becomes a must-have Claymore. To emphasize more on this Claymore, in this Beacon of the Reed Sea guide, I will be your companion to explain the different uses of this Claymore.

We will go through the best tips to use the weapon, suitable characters, and materials you need to invest in the weapon. With that said, let’s dive straight into the world of Claymores.

Beacon of the Reed Sea

The Beacon of the Reed Sea is Dehya’s signature weapon in the game. It was launched alongside Dehya’s promoted wish banner. If you haven’t got this weapon, you can try it out in Dehya’s story quest, Mantichora Chapter.

The weapon is perfect for Dehya’s ferocious playstyle, and you can face your enemies without any fear. Frankly speaking, I follow an aggressive playstyle. I can’t sit back, scout the area and sneak behind enemies.

I like to pop up the elemental bursts and strike enemies in their faces. The Beacon of The Reed Sea is a Claymore that rewards you for this kind of playstyle.

If you take damage, your attack will further increase, and you can dish out even more damage. With this weapon, you can let out your inner rage and blindly charge toward the enemies.

Weapon Details

  • Weapon type: Claymore
  • Weapon rarity: 5-star
  • Weapon series: Deshret Series
  • Base attack – ( 46 – 608 )
  • Secondary stat – CRIT rate
  • Secondary stat value: 7.2 % – 33.1 %
  • Passive: Desert watch
  • Passive description: A character’s attack increases by 20 % for 8 seconds after their elemental skill hits an opponent. Furthermore, the attack increases by an additional 20 % if the character takes damage. The passives mentioned above can be triggered even if the character is not on the field. If the character isn’t protected by a shield, their maximum health increase by 32 %.

Almost every Claymore character’s elemental skill is able to do damage. You can easily activate a 20 % attack buff by hitting an opponent with your elemental skill. As for an additional 20 % buff, you need to take some damage. You don’t necessarily need to take damage from enemies.

Environmental hazards like electrified bodies of water or burning grass can also damage your character, thus satisfying the buff’s condition. As for the health buff, it depends on whether you have strong shielding characters or not.

Without a shielding character in the team, you can benefit from the passive and enjoy an increased health pool for the equipped character.

Genshin Impact Beacon of the Reed Sea Guide
The Beacon of the Reed Sea details

It’s evident that a health boost doesn’t affect a character’s firepower unless their kit relies on health attributes. However, in my opinion, it’s still decent to have extra health when you are facing strong enemies like Maguu Kenki or Ruin drakes, who can chip away your HP with their attacks.

The Beacon of the Reed Sea is a complete package. An attack buff, a CRIT rate secondary stat, and a health buff is a discount deal on a promoted weapon. Besides the Beacon of the Reed Sea, there’s only one Claymore that offers a CRIT rate secondary stat, the Serpent Spine.

The Serpent Spine can only be obtained via the battlepass. You have to purchase the Gnostic Hymm from the shop and progress through the levels to pick a battlepass weapon of your choice.

If you are a free-to-play player and don’t want to buy the battle pass but instead want to wish on a weapon’s banner, then the Beacon of the Reed Sea becomes a perfect CRIT rate stat stick. I would prefer the Beacon of the Reed Sea over the Serpent Spine.

A Few Important Tips

The Beacon of the Reed Sea is a promising weapon that features CRIT rate, HP, and ATK % as its stats. However, to use the weapon to its maximum potential, you need to keep a few things in mind. You have to trigger the weapon’s passive to gain relevant buffs. Let’s go through a few important pointers before we review the weapon’s stat progression.

  • Your character’s health increases when they aren’t protected by a shield. That means it’s better not to have a shielding character in the team when a Claymore user can benefit from an increased health pool. Someone like Dori, whose abilities scale off her maximum health, can equip this Claymore without any shielding character.
  • You have to hit an enemy with the Elemental skill to gain a 20 % increased attack. Some characters like Arataki Itto, Sayu, or Beidou need to point their Elemental skills in a direction to hit the enemies. If there’s an intense fight going on and enemies are all over you, just don’t panic and accidentally shoot your Elemental skill in a random direction. Aim toward an enemy, hit the skill button, and get that sweet attack buff.
  • As for the additional 20 % attack buff, you have to take damage. Now, don’t go in front of three Maguu Kenkis and expect a light hit. They will crush your character in a fury of slashes. Let a hilichurl shoot you with their arrow, step into a Cryo zone or try to barely graze a slash and receive minimal damage to trigger the passive condition for an additional 20 % attack bonus.

As long as you keep these tips in mind, you will be able to harness the full potential of the Beacon of the Reed Sea. The best thing is you can trigger the passive even if the character is off the field, so that makes it an even better weapon to have in your arsenal.

Stat Progression

The Beacon of the Reed Sea Claymore offers a decent 33 % CRIT rate at level 90 that can bring a lot of value to your main DPS characters. Being one of two CRIT-rate Claymores in the game, the weapon is a rare grab.

I got the Serpent Spine for the sake of CRIT rate; however, I would wish on this Claymore in the future. It’s rare to see a weapon offering versatile stats like HP, CRIT rate, and attack percentage.

A 40 % attack buff with a health buff can make your DPS tanky enough to counter 3 Maguu Kenkis by themself.

Level Base Attack CRIT Rate ( Percentage )
1/20 46 7.2
40/40 235 18.5
50/50 308 21.4
60/60 382 24.4
70/70 457 27.3
80/80 532 30.2
90/90 608 33.1

On top of that, you have a good base attack of 608 that’s synonymous with other Claymores like the Wolf’s Gravestone and The Unforged. However, both of those Claymores offer attack percentage as their substat.

Maximizing one stat, like the overall attack, will give diminishing returns if other stats, like CRIT rate and CRIT damage, aren’t balanced. 

I suggest equipping a CRIT damage circlet on artifacts and satisfying the usual 1:2 CRIT rate to CRIT damage ratio via artifact substats. It’s better for you to equip artifacts that have a CRIT rate or CRIT damage substat.

Refinement Progression

genshin impact beacon of the reed sea

Refining a 5-star weapon does require a lot of resources, and I’m not talking about overworld materials.

You need to roll on the weapon’s banner to get extra copies of a 5-star weapon and feed them to achieve the final refinement level. If you can afford to refine the weapon, then I would highly suggest doing so.

Refinement Level Attack ( Percentage )  Additional Attack ( Percentage )  Maximum HP ( Percentage )
1 20 20 32
2 25 25 40
3 30 30 48
4 35 35 56
5 40 40 64

The Beacon of the Reed Sea offers an 80 % attack buff with a 64 % health buff upon reaching the final refinement. Though there are better options for characters like Arataki Itto, Eula, and Diluc; however, if you don’t have their signature weapon, the Beacon of the Reed Sea becomes a perfectly viable option.

Ascension Materials

You need the following ascension materials to ascend the Beacon of the Reed Sea claymore:

  • Mora x 225,000
  • Desiccated Shell x 23
  • Sturdy Shell x 27
  • Marked Shell x 41
  • Faded Red Satin x 15
  • Trimmed Red Silk x 23
  • Rich Red Brocade x 27
  • Echo of Scorching Might x 5
  • Remnat Glow of Scorching Might x 14
  • Dream of Scorching Might x 14
  • Olden Days of Scorching Might x 6

It’s rather easy to get Eremite and Domain drops; however, Shells are tough to obtain. Unless you have good characters in your team, I don’t recommend fighting Consecrated Beasts on your own.

They have distinct combat mechanics, and at times, they can overwhelm you with annoying staggers and throw your character off the cliff. There’s no denying the fact that they incorporate Teyvat’s distinctive beasts and pose quite a challenge, even in the spiral abyss.

Their elemental damage isn’t like the usual slimes we encounter in the overworld. So, it’s better for you to take a friend or shield into combat. Another tip I have is to focus on the Energy blocks they drop.

You can use elemental attacks to destroy these Energy blocks to temporarily immobilize them. The Energy blocks are quite effective and also damage these beasts.

genshin impact beacon of the reed sea
I swear these beasts are annoying!

As for the materials, I rely on the crafting table and characters’ passives to forge the required ascension materials. There’s no use in overfarming the materials if you have already satisfied the requirements.

Some characters feature utility passives that can boost the rewards you get from the crafting process. Albedo, Kamisato Ayaka, Alhaitham, and Mona, these characters are perfect picks on the crafting table. Utilize these characters’ passives and get better crafting rewards.

Beacon of the Reed Sea: Characters


Dehya’s signature weapon is a perfect fit for her on-field damage-dealing role. She’s a character who needs a lot of investment to dish out severe damage. You need supporting characters like Kaedehara Kazuha, Bennett, and Xiangling to buff her personal damage.

I was quite a fan of her ultimate ability; however, her kit loses its value in front of formidable enemies. There are other characters who outclass her in the DPS role.

However, the Beacon of the Reed Sea complements her abilities, and you can definitely expect better numbers with the weapon.

I wouldn’t suggest using a shield character on her as she might lose out on additional attack buff from the weapon’s passive. Let her tank some damage, and the Flame-Mane will wipe out her enemies with her shiny fists.


genshin impact beacon of the reed sea diluc
Diluc with the Wolf’s Gravestone

When the game was launched, Diluc was a fan-favorite DPS alongside Keqing for many community members. I yearned for Diluc but got him after a year and a half. By then, the hype had died down, and other DPSes had better kits.

Still, Diluc can be used in the spiral abyss in vaporize team compositions to clear out the enemies. The Beacon of the Reed Sea features the same base attack as the Wolf’s Gravestone and provides an attack buff.

I would prefer the Beacon of the Reed Sea because of the CRIT rate, as the Wolf’s Gravestone only offers an attack buff. With a CRIT rate Claymore, you can stack a CRIT damage circlet on the character and dish out chunky damage numbers.


genshin impact beacon of the reed sea eula
Eula with the Song of Broken Pines

It might seem that the Beacon of the Reed Sea isn’t a good fit for Eula. However, the weapon exceeded my expectations. If you don’t have Eula’s signature weapon, Song of Broken Pines, the Beacon of the Reed Sea, is a perfect substitute.

Like Arataki Itto, Eula also gets resistance to interruption and can facetank enemies. Her kit relies on Grimheart stacks that complement her abilities.

Eula’s playstyle is similar to Arataki Itto’s, where you have to churn out as many hits as possible in a short amount of time. You must avoid incoming attacks and ensure enemies don’t stagger you in a combo attack. 


genshin impact beacon of the reed sea beidou
Beidou with the Wolf’s Gravestone

Beidou can definitely benefit from the Beacon of the Reed Sea. She’s an amazing 4-star off-field Electro DPS that can bring great value to your team.

I highly recommend investing in Beidou as her ultimate ability can jump off multiple enemies. Though her energy recharge requirements are a bit high, she does tear through her enemies like a hurricane.

The Beacon of the Reed Sea would add CRIT rate and attack buff to her kit, and an extra health buff can increase her shield’s damage absorption.

In my opinion, Beidou is a character who can benefit from every stat that the Beacon of the Reed Sea has to offer. There are certain Electro-charged compositions where you can solely rely on Beidou’s shield to absorb incoming damage and ensure the survivability of your characters.


genshin impact beacon of the reed sea razor
Razor with the Wolf’s Gravestone

Razor is a 4-star Electro character specializing in dealing Physical and Electro damage to enemies. I didn’t have any good 5-star characters in the beginning, and the sole reason I was able to defeat challenging bosses like Childe was because of Razor.

I was lucky enough to get some constellations on him, but his agile abilities really helped me through numerous battles. The Beacon of the Reed Sea will give him a massive 40 % attack boost with an increase in CRIT rate, turning him into a fast heavy hitter.

You don’t have to worry about the Energy recharge as his kit helps to get him the burst back in a short amount of time. Besides Razor, Eula, and Rosaria are one of the best Physical damage dealers in the game. 

Beacon of the Reed Sea Alternatives

Not everyone can get the Beacon of the Reed Sea. Sometimes the gacha system is brutal, and you could lose pity for another 5-star weapon.

However, don’t lose heart, because there are some really cool alternatives that can be used instead of the Beacon of the Reed Sea. Here are my top picks for alternatives to the Beacon of the Reed Sea Claymore.

Wolf’s Gravestone

genshin impact wolf's gravestone
The Wolf’s Gravestone’s description

An all-rounder claymore that gives your character a massive attack percentage boost. I like the fact that it gives an attack bonus to all the party members when you hit enemies with less than 30 % HP.

For squishy enemies, that basically is a killing blow; however, for tankier enemies like Maguu Kenki and Geovishaps, that can help to buff your off-field damage dealers.

Serpent Spine

genshin impact serpent spine
The Serpent Spine’s description

The Serpent Spine is a battle pass weapon that features a CRIT rate stat and increases a character’s damage over time. I highly recommend getting this weapon as it features a chunky CRIT rate that can help your damage dealer to land heavy hits.

Don’t be scared of Claymore’s passive; your characters won’t take severe damage. As for extra refinements, I’d suggest avoiding that path.

There are other battle pass weapons that you can grab from the Gnostic Hymm. It’s better to have CRIT rate weapons for each weapon class than one max refined Claymore.

Redhorn Stonethresher

genshin impact redhorn stonethresher
The Redhorn Stonethresher’s description

The weapon features a CRIT damage stat that is a rare find among Claymore weapons. The passive increases Normal and Charged attack damage according to your defense.

However, if your character doesn’t scale off the defense, you can use the weapon for its massive 88 % CRIT damage stat. The Claymore is good on Arataki Itto, Diluc, Eula, and Razor.

Prototype Archaic

genshin impact prototype archaic
The Prototype Archaic’s description

A craftable 4-star weapon that features plenty of attack percentage and gives your character a passive that helps to deal damage in an AoE every 15 seconds.

The damage scales off your character’s overall attack and has a cooldown of 15 seconds. That much time is enough to perform a fast team rotation.

The weapon is good for early-to-mid-game players. Again, don’t have multiple refinements for this weapon as the passive deals Physical damage, which becomes negligible in the longer run.

The Unforged

genshin impact the unforged
The Unforged’s description

The weapon boosts your character’s attack to astronomical limits when protected by a shield. Even the weapon’s attack percentage secondary stat helps to buff the overall attack.

As long as you have a shield on your equipping character, you can enjoy a boosted attack to strike your enemies with heavy hits. Honestly, one of the most beautiful Claymores in the game.


Question: Should I Get the Serpent Spine or the Beacon of the Reed Sea?

Answer: In my opinion, the Beacon of the Reed Sea gives a better bang for the buck. You need to spend money to get the Serpent Spine via the battlepass, whereas you can wish on the Beacon of the Reed Sea’s banner if you have enough fates saved already.

I haven’t seen any change in the battlepass weapons and don’t expect Hoyoverse to change them in the future. It’s better to stick with the ongoing meta than go for the weapons that can be purchased whenever you want to.

Question: How Good are Weapons in the Deshret Series?

Answer: Pretty amazing. The Beacon of the Reed Sea Claymore, The Key of Khaj-Nisut Sword, and The Staff of the Scarlet Sands Polearm are among the best weapons in the game. Dehya, Nilou, and Cyno use them as their signature weapons, and the results have been amazing.

If you have any of these characters in your team and want to increase their firepower, then I suggest rolling on their weapon’s banner.

I got Nilou and her signature weapon, The Key of Khaj-Nisut, in 50 pulls, and I love the synergy the weapon has with Nilou’s abilities.

Question: Should I Wish on the Weapon’s Banner as a Free-to-play Player?

Answer: It’s not guaranteed that you won’t get a weapon on a character banner. If you expand the details section of banners, you will find a catalog of characters and weapons that can be obtained from those banners.

I have got the Skyward Blade and the Skyward Pride from the standard banner after 70 wishes. Sometimes, luck isn’t on your side; even the opposite can happen.

You might end up with a 4-star character on the weapon’s banner and not get the desired weapon. I would advise you to stay away from the weapon’s banner as it’s not efficient enough for a F2P player to spend their precious primogems on.

Genshin Impact Beacon of the Reed Sea Guide: A Gem Found in the Desert

As a veteran player, I highly recommend trying new weapons. It might sound a bit absurd, but Claymore wasn’t the only weapon class I despised of.

I was hesitant to try anything that wasn’t a Sword or Catalyst. Eventually, the meta pivoted towards the Polearm characters like the Raiden Shogun, Xiao, and Xiangling, and I had to change my old ways. I would never have cleared the Spiral abyss if I hadn’t used Polearm characters.

Finally, I started focusing more on the characters’ abilities than their weapon class. Some characters, like Childe and the Raiden Shogun, have hybrid weapons that can enhance their abilities.

If you have 5-star Claymore characters and haven’t tried any Claymores yet, it’s time to become flexible and play with a Claymore. I gave Diluc a try because I loved his Elemental skill animations.

The way he swings his Claymore around enemies is dazzling, and the Elemental burst has a flawless Pheonix animation.

The Beacon of the Reed Sea is a general Claymore that can be equipped on almost every Claymore wielder in the game except for Kaveh.

I don’t recommend the Beacon of the Reed Sea on Kaveh, as his kit focuses on the Bloom reactions, which have nothing to do with the CRIT rate, attack percentage, or health. You should use a Claymore with Elemental mastery on Kaveh. That’s the reason I left him out of our characters list.

That said, the time’s come to part ways and meet you in the future. Feel free to scour through the site and read your favorite weapon guides.

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