wolf's gravestone guide

Wolf’s Gravestone Guide

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG game that features a wide variety of in-game weapons. Currently, there are 5-weapon types with which players can equip their characters. It becomes crucial to provide your Genshin characters with the best available in your inventory with quite an abundance of weapons to choose from the roster.

I’ve been playing since day one and can vouch that weapons are crucial when it comes to gameplay.

Weapons have different rarity ranging from 1-star to 5-star. Weapons have their unique stats and passives, allowing players to adopt suitable playstyle on their characters. Here, I’ll be going over details of one weapon, which is “Wolf’s Gravestone.”

Before that, let’s go over a summary of what you can expect from this Wolf’s Gravestone guide:

  1. What is Wolf’s Gravestone?
  2. Weapon Details
  3. Characters that use Wolf’s Gravestone
  4. Concluding the guide with FAQs

What is Wolf’s Gravestone?

Image from Fandom

It is described as a longsword used by Wolf Knight, which initially was just a heavy sheet of iron given by a blacksmith from the city to the knight. It became endowed with this legendary power because of the knight’s friendship with the wolves.

Wolf’s Gravestone is a 5-star Claymore weapon that packs quite a punch when dealing damage to enemies. Wolf’s Gravestone gives a massive attack boost to your active character, and its passive is extremely good for overall party buff. This weapon’s good for both main damage dealers like Diluc and off-field damage dealers like Beidou.

You have a chance to obtain Wolf’s Gravestone from the standard “Wanderlust Invocation” banner or promoted weapon’s banner. If Wolf’s Gravestone is on the weapon’s banner, you can chart start an “Epitomized Path” by selecting Wolf’s Gravestone and accumulating fate points.

You’re guaranteed to get Wolf’s Gravestone after accumulating two fate points. However, If you’re a free-to-play player, I won’t recommend you wish for a weapon’s banner “Epitome Invocation.” It would be best to collect characters to opt for more versatile team compositions.

Weapon Details


  • Base Attack: 46
  • Secondary Stat: ATK%
  • Secondary Stat Value: 10.8%
  • Passive Ability: Wolfish Tracker
    Increases ATK by 20%. On a hit, attacks against opponents with less than 30% HP increase all party members’ ATK by 40% for 12s. It can only occur once every 30s.

Weapon Progression

Weapon Level Base Attack ATK(%) Increase
1 46 10.8
20 122 19.1
40 235 27.8
60 382 36.5
80 532 45.3
90 608 49.6


I would say that weapons which give party damage buff and active character damage boost at the same time are rare. Wolf’s Gravestone is indeed one of the best weapons this game has to offer.

Wolf’s Gravestone is also ranked high among weapons with high base attacks, and having a 49.6% extra attack bonus is the cherry on top. Weapon’s secondary stats allow players to modify their artifacts stats, thus allowing more team composition and rotation flexibility.

Refinement Rank ATK(%) Increase Party ATK(%) Increase
1 20 40
2 25 50
3 30 60
4 35 70
5 40 80

Refinements always enhance a weapon’s damage capabilities and offer insane value to the weapon’s passives. Throughout your journey, you’ll receive multiple weapons from wishes and refinements for standard 3-star weapons.

Ascension Material

Here’s a table of ascension material you require and mona to ascend Wolf’s Gravestone:

Dandelion Gladiator Chaos Scroll
Fetters = 5 Device = 23 Divining = 15
Chains = 14 Circuit = 27 Sealed = 23
Shackles = 14 Core = 41 Forbidden Curse = 27
Dream = 6 Total Mora Required: 225000


Ascension Phase Weapon Level Base Attack  ATK(%)
0 1/20 42 10.8
1 20/40 122 19.1
2 40/50 235 27.8
3 50/60 308 32.2
4 60/70 382 36.5
5 70/80 457 40.9
6 80/90 532 45.3


I’ve listed vital ascension levels and the weapon’s relative stat adjacent to them. It will help you understand how the weapon progresses through different levels and its secondary stat value progression.

With the different ascension materials listed above, you need around 907 mystic enhancement ores and 1.2 million mora to ascend your weapon to level 90. Yes, you read that right! 5-star weapons consume more resources than 4-star weapons and require extra materials for ascension and leveling.

I recommend you do the daily commission and send your characters on expeditions to collect white chunks and crystal ores. Then you can use them to forge different weapons EXP material for your weapon. Genshin Impact focuses on farming in-game materials for other things, so it’s better to collect whatever materials you can get your hands on.

Characters That Can Use Wolf’s Gravestone

Genshin Impact 2.4 has 9 Claymore characters that can use Wolf’s Gravestone. Without much detail, I’ll remark how good wolf’s Gravestone is on those characters. Worry not; if you don’t have Wolf’s Gravestone, I’ll be listing 4-star weapons which you can use alternatively on them.

Before giving my remarks, I’d like to make a few things clear:

  1. I’ll be considering refinement rank 1 of weapon and its use on the character.
  2. There are different compositions and team rotations that can give better damage.
  3. It’s just my viewpoint and for an in-depth characters overview, refer to the character guide.

Don’t feel bad even if you don’t have Wolf’s Gravestone. 4-star weapons are a decent choice, and one significant advantage is refinements. You can refine 4-star weapons and thus enhancing their damage-dealing capabilities.

The following characters can use Wolf’s Gravestone:

  • Razor: He is a 4-star Electro Claymore user specializing in dealing Physical damage to enemies. With its insane attack boost, Wolf’s Gravestone shines on Razor and is indeed a good choice if you have this weapon sitting in your inventory.
    • 4-star weapon alternatives: Serpent Spine, Prototype Archaic, Lithic Blade
  • Diluc: He is a 5-star Pyro claymore user who can shine in dealing pyro damage to his enemies. With pyro infusion from his burst, his elemental damage potential rises further. Wolf’s Gravestone is a good choice for him, offering an insane attack boost to his overall damage.
    • 4-star weapon alternatives: Serpent Spine, Rainslasher, Blackcliff Slasher, Prototype archaic
  • Arataki Itto: He is a 5-star Geo Claymore user whose damage-dealing abilities scale at DEF. Wolf’s Gravestone does offer plenty of ATK%, but in his case, it’s better to go with other weapons which provide DEF stat.
    • 4-star weapon alternatives: Whiteblind, Serpent Spine
  • Noelle: She is a 4-star geo claymore user who specializes in the healing and shielding team overall. Just like Arataki Itto, Noelle’s abilities scale with DEF. So, It’s better to use a weapon with DEF as a secondary stat.
    • 4-star weapon alternatives: Whiteblind, Serpent Spine
  • Beidou: Beidou is a 4-star electro claymore user who can act as an off-field damage dealer and also used as a primary damage dealer. Wolf Gravestone is a good choice, boosting her damage capabilities with an extra attack.
    • 4-star weapon alternatives: Serpent Spine, Lithic Blade, Favonius Greatsword
  • Xinyan: She is a 4-star Pyro claymore user who can use as a primary damage dealer or shielder. Her shield scales with DEF and is flexible with weapons overall. Wolf’s Gravestone is suited on her if you’re looking to build her as a primary damage dealer.
    • 4-star weapon alternatives: Snow-Tombed Starsilver, Prototype archaic, Blackcliff slasher
  • Chongyun: Chongyun is a 4-star cryo claymore user who can provide suitable cryo applications in the field. Wolf’s Gravestone is an excellent choice for him if you’re looking to build him as support. Wolf’s Gravestone’s passive provides team buff capabilities and synergizes exceptionally well with chongyun.
    • 4-star weapon alternatives: Sacrificial Greatsword, Serpent Spine, Lithic Blade, Akuoumaru
  • Eula: Eula is a 5-star cryo claymore user specializing in dealing massive physical damage to enemies. Wolf’s Gravestone is one of the best choices and boosts her damage-dealing potential.
    • 4-star weapon alternatives: Blackcliff Slasher, Serpent Spine, Luxurious sealord
  • Sayu: She is a 4-star anemo claymore user whose abilities are more healing-oriented. Wolf’s Gravestone gives so much attack that it’s good on most characters. You will need to manage energy recharge requirements on her.
    • 4-star weapon alternatives: Sacrificial Greatsword, Favonoius Greatsword, Rainslasher

These are short remarks from my end and my approach to characters. I agree that you can use these characters for different roles, and the playstyle will change according to team compositions. So, don’t strictly follow these remarks, but it’ll be better to use them with your game sense. Remember, Genshin is all about experimenting with different things and improving your characters. So, one character which is good for now might go out of meta in future updates.


Question: Should I refine Wolf’s Gravestone?

Answer: Refining 5-star weapons comes down to your budget management. If you’re a free-to-play player, I won’t recommend you to refine Wolf’s Gravestone. It’s better to have multiple copies of 5-star weapons than refine a single one. Unless you can afford to wish for numerous refinements, you should be happy with a random 5-star drop. Most 5-star weapons are better than their 4-star counterparts and can provide a significant damage boost to your characters.

Question: What happens if I mistakenly feed a 5-star weapon to another weapon?

Answer: I’ll be a bit philosophical here, life’s full of regrets, and this will become one of them. Trust me; this will be one of the biggest mistakes you’ll be making in this game. If you feed a 5-star weapon to some other weapon, then extra EXP would refund as ores. Yes, the weapon will act as weapons EXP material.

There are videos about people feeding their 5-star weapons to other weapons on youtube; I’ll recommend you to check them out before experimenting with it yourself. You should head to youtube or other genshin circles if you’re into experimenting.

Question: Do I need 5-star weapons to clear end-game content like Spiral Abyss?

Answer: No, you don’t need 5-star weapons to clear the spiral abyss. Spiral abyss is doable with 4-star weapons as well. Some 3-star weapons like Thrilling tales of Dragon Slayers, White tassel, and Harbinger of Dawn are good with refinements. Spiral abyss is more focused on your team composition and their rotation to clear the floors in a limited time.

However, I agree that having 5-star weapons would give you an extra boost in damage and help you clear the floors faster. As far as clearing spiral abyss is concerned, that’s possible with 4-star characters and 4-star weapons as well. However, having 36 stars on floor 9 to floor 12 might require some good investment in your characters and multiple constellations on them.

Question: Does a weapon’s appearance change when we ascend or refine them?

Answer: Yes, a weapon’s appearance generally changes when you ascend them or even refine them. Most of the time, the weapons have a dull look when you obtain them. As you proceed through different ascension phases, the weapon’s look will become brighter and more vibrant colors. I love small details game offers when you invest in your characters or weapons. Moreover, you’ll be ascending and refining long-term weapons, so it’s better to invest in your characters and weapons together.


Wolf’s Gravestone is goto choice if you’re looking for a weapon that offers both character damage boost and party buff at the same time. Wolf’s Gravestone enables your character to have a massive attack boost and passive, benefiting your overall party.

This weapon is suited for a character that can act as your primary damage dealer or off-field damage dealer. Having a 5-star weapon is always an excellent upgrade to your inventory. However, I won’t recommend you to wish on the weapon’s banner as a free-to-play player. It’s better to use 4-star weapons with multiple refinements than for 5-star weapons with your limited wishes.

If you’re a free-to-play player, I recommend you prioritize getting characters over weapons in the long run. That will help you to adopt a flexible team composition and playstyle overall.

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