geovishap genshin impact guide

Geovishap Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin Impact has a large variety of monsters that you will encounter throughout different Teyvat regions. Whether it’s a Treasure hoarder trying to loot you or a Hilichurl charging at you, enemies in the overworld aren’t welcoming. 

The same is the case with Geovishaps, who have evolved from their previous form and now wreak havoc upon anyone who tries to approach them. Geovishaps are a ferocious enemy in Genshin Impact, and dealing with them requires you to output substantial damage so that you can defeat them. That’s why, in this Geovishap Genshin Impact guide, to get to know more about them, I dare you to join me on this fun adventure, and let’s meet our not-so-friendly Geovishap!

What is it?

what is geovishap
Geovishap’s description from the game

Monsters in Genshin Impact are mostly an evolution of their previous forms with time, and that can be noticed in their physique. You will see that Geovishaps look a lot like Geovishap hatchlings and have more or less similar attack patterns. Being said that, a mature Geovishap is the evolved form of a Geovishap hatchling that has shed its armor.

Though this process takes many years, these Geovishaps have been hibernating and have become active only in recent times. As such, no one has personally witnessed or recorded such a thing in person, as a mature Geovishap is a rare sight.

There are other forms of vishaps that you will encounter as you progress through the game, but Geovishaps are beasts that you can find in parts of Liyue. I’m in love with the addition of mythical beasts like Geovishaps because it expands the essence of the game and allows players to interact with formidable monsters. Though I do admit that enemies like Geovishap hatchlings are among the most annoying, their revolutionized form in Geovishaps are easy to deal with.

Where to find them

Like other monsters in the game, Geovishaps will drop materials that can be used for ascension purposes, and it might be possible that you need their materials for your weapons. 

You can find Geovishaps in parts of Liyue and areas of the Chasm. Keep in mind that they are not in groups with other Geovishaps unless you are doing a quest or a challenge.

They can be found roaming around in the overworld with other living beings or alone in the wild. I’ve attached related pictures from the Official Genshin Impact Interactive map.

teyvat interactive map geovishaplocation
Visit the Official Genshin Impact Interactive map to zoom in on the locations
geovishap locations
Geovishap locations in the Chasm area which is a part of the Liyue region

After defeating them, you can receive a Fragile bone shard, a Sturdy bone shard, or a Fossilized bone shard, depending on your world level. After defeating these enemies, you may also get some artifact sets, mora, and ascension material drops. 

bone shard genshin

As of writing this guide, In Genshin Impact 2.6, no Genshin Impact characters use Geovishap’s drop material for their ascension and are primarily used in ascending weapons. Some of these weapons are of three-star rarity and pretty good when refined.

I used them when I was in the early game and will recommend you take the most benefit of these weapons. At least have one maximum refined 3-star weapon of each weapon type in your inventory. You never know when you may need it in the future.

Geovishap Attacks

geovishap attacks genshin
You can have a shield on your character to facetank the Geovishap and stun it in the process

Geovishaps can infuse itself with elements like Electro, Pyro, Cryo, and Hydro to output a variety of damage. You don’t need to worry much about infused attacks because the attack patterns will remain the same, and the only difference is that you will get elemental damage. Let’s go over each element and see how the attacks change with the infusion.

Before diving into the infusion types, I’ll go over the basic Geovishap attack pattern. Once you understand the typical Geovishap sequence, understanding other patterns is easy.

A unique aspect of the infusion form is that the Geovishap will try to deal with that element’s damage to your character and substitute an extra attack. Let’s hop into variations.

Geovishap without Infusion

Geovishap without Infusion
A normal Geovishap without any elemental infusion

Jump or Bounce Attack: It feels like a WWE match when Geovishap goes into the air and makes a jump attack on my location twice in a row. I can hear John Cena’s tune turning up and Geovishap vibing with it.

The Geovishap will make a Jump attack twice in a row, and you need to dodge the attack to avoid damage.

It will go up in the air, and you will see a red circular zone forming where it will land. Make sure to dodge the attack as it will deal a lot of damage to you, and getting hit twice in a row isn’t good for survivability.

My strategy is to walk when the Geovishap is in the air and quickly make a dash when it’s about to land. You may not get it on the first try, but after a few attempts, you’ll be good to go and dodge any incoming Geovishap.

geovishap bounce jump attack

Charge or Ram Attack: A Geovishap will take a spiral shape and come charging at you with a spinning attack. If you get hit by the Geovishap, it will go into the air and come crashing at your location. Unless you are not protected by a shield, the Geovishap won’t be stunned.

If you have a shield character like Zhongli, if the Geovishap is charging at you and comes in contact with you, it will be stunned for a short time. The key takeaway is to tank the geovishap while your character is in a shield.

geovishap curl charge ram attack
The Geovishap will curl itself and coming charging at you

Spike Attack: Geovishap performs three waves of attacks in a cone-shaped area in this attack. The Geovishap will slam its right and left arms to summon a wave of spikes running in the respective directions. Then it will hit the ground with both arms to make a single combined attack.

While the range isn’t that wide, you should be careful if you are in it. Spike attack is dangerous when you are in a melee range as it will deal significant damage in continuity. You need to get away from the Geovishap and position yourself at a safer distance.

geovishap spike attack

Slash and Punch Attack: A variation of the previous attack but this time only two waves of attack. The Geovishap will come near the player and try to hit the player with its right hand and then slam the ground with its left fist in its front.

It may be scary at first that Geovishap is closing its distance, but when it is trying to attack you, you can dodge that attack in a short window. It’s not tough to avoid this attack, just pay enough attention, and you will be good.

geovishap slash punch attack

While these are the primary attack sequence that you can expect from the Geovishap, it will perform these similar attack patterns when elemental infusion occurs. But the difference would be how those elements will affect you and Geovishap’s abilities.

With elements come extra power, and you will certainly experience that when fighting a Geovishap with an elemental infusion. One thing to note here is that the Geovishap will deal Geo damage without the infusion and area-wide Geo damage on its broader attacks.

After a specific time period, the Geovishap will bury its claws in the ground and absorb an element. It will look like the Geovishap is charging it up with an element, and its structure will glow with that element’s color. You will be able to quickly identify the Geovishaps’ elements because it can only absorb four of them.

Geovishaps can absorb Pyro, Cryo, Electro, and Hydro elements. I like to call it a rage mode for the Geovishap because it really becomes aggressive with its attacks and deals elemental damage to you.

Pyro Infusion

pyro infusion geovishap

Charge or Ram Attack: The Geovishap will form a spiral shape with its body and rams towards the player to deal pyro damage.

As the Geovishap is infused with Pyro, the charge attack will come towards you like a hot fireball. And, if the Geovishap hits you, it will go up in the air and make a jump attack on you.

geovishap trail of fire
The Geovishap will leave a trail of fire

Spike Attack: The Geovishap will summon three waves of spikes that will deal Pyro damage in the area, and you can notice it by fire on the grass where spikes go through.

Attacks like these aren’t lethal to the player if the player is out of Geovishaps’ reach but will make the battlefield limited if you are fighting on grass.

geovishap aoe
Area wide pyro damage will occur with spikes coming at you

Slash and Punch Attack: Like a regular Slash and Punch attack, the Geovishap will try to close the distance between you and it and then try to deal with a Pyro-packed slash and punch attack to you.

geovishap punching
Geovishap will try to punch you

Jump or Bounce Attack: The Geovishap will hop into the air and aim at your location to perform a Jump attack two times in a row. Now with Pyro infusion, the damage will be converted to area Pyro damage and makes you prone to elemental reactions.

I would say this is an annoying attack because your stamina drains out fast to dodge the Geovishap. If you are low on stamina, you cannot run fast, making you vulnerable to Geovishap’s pyro attacks.

jump kick gorund geovishap
The Geovishap will go in the air and jump

Cryo Infusion

Cryo Infusion

Charge or Ramming Attack: The Geovishap will infuse itself with a Cryo element and come charging at you to deal Cryo damage to your character.

geovishap cryo damage
The Geovishap will deal Cryo damage to your character

Spike Attack: The Geovishap will attack in three waves, each dealing Cryo damage to your character and applying the cryo element. A con about Cryo application on your characters is that the rate of stamina consumption increases, and you lose stamina faster.

A few patches of Cryo will appear around the area that will explode after some time dealing Cryo damage.

geovishap patches on ground
Notice the Cryo patches

Slash and Punch Attack: Again, Cryo patches will appear around the area, and Geovishap will try to slash you with its right hand and punch the ground to deal damage in front of it.

I would suggest you notice this attack and avoid getting a direct hit because there will be cryo spots near you that will explode.

geovishap cryo attacks
Geovishap will deal Cryo damage

Jump or Bounce Attack: Geovishaps’ ability in Cryo infusion is to summon Cryo patches around it that explode after a short duration.

You need to avoid its Jump attack because it occurs twice in a row, and you don’t want to be in the Cryo application yourself. The Cryo element will affect your stamina consumption rate making it difficult for you to dodge the Geovishap.

Here’s a list of Cryo characters available.

geovishap red zone
Try to avoid the red zone

Hydro Infusion

hydro infusion

Charge or Ramming Attack: The Geovishap, being infused with hydro now, will deal Hydro damage to your character. If you get hit by its spinning attack, it will perform a jump attack.

geovishap hydro damage
Hydro damage to your character

Spike Attack: The usual spike attack where the Geovishap will perform three waves of spike attacks in its melee range. But, this time, the Hydro infusion will show its’ power, and you will be marked by the Geovishap. You will notice a hydro ring around your characters that looks like Barbara’s elemental skill.

But this time, this marker won’t heal you but rather deal damage to you by exploding after a short time. You can avoid the marker in a small window of time when it is static for a few seconds.

spike attack
Geovishap will attack with a combination of spikes

Slash and Punch Attack: The Geovishap will try to close the distance and approach you to slash your character with its claws and punch the ground afterward.

Both of them will deal Hydro damage to your character, and you will be marked by the Hydro effect. You need to dodge the marker to avoid getting hit by area hydro damage after it explodes.

geovishap hydro mark
You will be marked by the Geovishap once it infuses itself with Hydro

Jump or Bounce Attack: While the Geovishap is immobilized for a few seconds, it will make two jump attacks in a row. You need to position yourself better and avoid getting hit by the attacks.

You can also prevent the explosion as the marker becomes a bit static for a few seconds and tackle the incoming damage.

Avoid getting hit

Electro Infusion

Electro Infusion

Charge or Ramming Attack: An electrifying Geovishaps spinning attack will deal Electro damage. It is not as cool as it sounds because you are prone to electro reactions now, and the Geovishap can benefit from this.

I wouldn’t like to engage in a fight with Geovishap while I’m getting stun-locked.

geovishap electro damage charge
The Geovishap will come charging at you and deal electro damage to your character

Spike Attack: The Geovishap will perform its regular spike attack in three waves, but due to electro infusion, numerous Electro orbs will spread to directions.

Your character will be affected by these Electro orbs and receive incoming electro damage. These electro orbs aren’t permanent and vanish after a short time.

geovishap electro orbs avoid
Try to dodge the spikes coming your way and avoid getting hit by electro orb

Slash and Punch Attack: Again, the Geovishap will try to close the distance and have you in its melee range to slash you with its claws and punch the ground.

As the Geovishap hits the ground, you will notice two electro orbs roaming near you that will disappear after a short time.

Beware of electro orbs coming your way that can deal electro damage to your character

Jump or Bounce Attack: The Geovishap is getting ready for another dive into the air and will perform a Jump attack twice in a row.

You can avoid it by positioning yourself better and saving yourself from getting electrified because Electro orbs will be flying here and there. Better watch out for them because you will be vulnerable to elemental reactions.

Avoid getting hit by the jump attack and dodge the electro orbs hovering near the area

Pay attention you the surroundings around the Geovishap to check which elemental infusion it will get. Make sure to clear out the nearby enemies so that they cannot interfere in the fight.

More or less, Geovishap’s attack pattern will be similar to the one without any elemental infusion. And, you can easily dodge them if you pay attention.

Try not to get involved with elemental reactions on your character, and you will be good to go.


Let’s go over a few questions that you may have after reading this Geovishap guide

Question: Which type of characters are suitable for dealing with Geovishaps, or are there any tips to fight them?

Answer: When I’m fighting Geovishaps, I make sure to have a shield character with me to tank the incoming damage. Geovishaps can pump out severe damage with their attack patterns, and with infusion, things get ferocious. You will be dealing with an annoying enemy who can jump in the air to your location and deal elemental damage to your characters.

While the Geovishap won’t change different elements on infusion, it depends on how well you can tackle that damage. I recommend you have a shield character in your team to tank the incoming damage and save your character from falling. The geovishap has unique attack patterns that can damage your characters, and having a shield on your character will help absorb that damage.

Question: Should I be concerned about Geovishaps’ elemental infusion?

Answer: You should be a bit concerned because Geovishap, after infusion, will deal elemental damage and apply that element to your character. You will then be prone to elemental reactions which can deal huge amounts of damage to your party.

Question: Are Geovishaps resistant to any particular type of damage?

Answer: Geovishaps have 30% physical resistance, 50% Geo damage resistance and 10% resistance for other elements. Even if you have physical damage characters like Razor or Eula, you will deal less damage than your elemental counterparts. Sure, Geovishap, as the name sounds, is a Geo-based beast, so you can expect Geo resistance on it. But, this doesn’t mean that you cannot deal Geo damage to it, you can deal Geo damage, but it’ll be less potent. 

If the Geovishap absorbs a particular element, its resistance to that element increases by 20%. If a Geovishap is infused with Hydro element, its resistance to that element is 30%.  Geovishap’s base resistance to Hydro is 10%, and after Hydro infusion an extra 20% gets added to the resistance stat. Unless you have a hyper carry of that element, I won’t recommend dealing Hydro damage to a Hydro infused Geovishap. 

Geovishaps, Closing thoughts

Geovishaps can be said to be an evolution of Geovishap hatchlings and come from the same bloodline. Generally, they will follow the same attack pattern without elemental infusion and an extra elemental effect will be added to their kit when infused.

An increase in resistance, extra elemental damage, and elemental abilities will enhance their damage potential, which may pose a challenge to the player. To know more about their elemental infusion, you need to pay attention to the surroundings and will be able to get an idea of the kind of element Geovishap will absorb.

You will find them near water, electro crystals, flaming flowers, or Mist flowers corresponding to the element they will absorb. Depending on the element they will absorb, their Geo damage will transform to that element’s damage and apply to the player on hit. Attacks like these will make the player prone to elemental reactions.

That was all from my end about Geovishaps, and I hope you got to know something new about them. I would say that they are easier to deal with than Geovishap hatchlings who can stagger you with attacks and go under the ground.

So, don’t sweat it and easily slay them for ascension material, and I hope to see you in another guide soon! Till then, have fun playing the game!

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