Genshin Unusual Hilichurl Locations

There are many exciting and unique creatures in Genshin Impact, but none live up to their name quite as much as the Unusual Hilichurl. This hilichurl stands out from its brethren in many ways, the most notable being that it was the only hilichurl to receive an event of its own. You can find the Unusual Hilichurl across Mondstadt and Liyue.

When you defeat him enough times, you’ll earn some primogems and progress toward the Challenger Series II achievement tree to get a cute name card featuring, you guessed it, the Unusual Hilichurl. In this guide to Genshin unusual Hilichurl locations we’ll look at where you can find this cabbage-loving hilichurl and the goodies you can receive when you take him down.

unusual hilichurl locations

What’s the Point of the Unusual Hilichurl?

The Unusual Hilichurl is a fun and unique enemy that’s basically a huge reference to Hoyoverse’s co-founder Liu Wei, as well as Hoyoverse’s other major titles, Houkei Gakuan and Honkai Impact. Even the amount of mora it drops upon defeat is internet slang in Chinese for “lol.”

This enemy is meant to be a little bit of fun and is the perfect partner for pictures, as he won’t attack you unless you attack first. I really enjoy when Genshin Impact includes these fun little side activities, and I still remember seeing the Unusual Hilichurl for the first time and having no idea what was going on.

Though you don’t get much from defeating the Unusual Hilichurl, adventure rank XP is always great to have, especially when you can collect a total of 180 adventure rank XP from the Unusual Hilichurl a day.

An Unusual Adventure

genshin impact hilichurl

Now that we know that the Unusual Hilichurl is here as a fun reference, it’s time to find him in your world and see him for yourself. Before we get into the exact locations, let’s establish how the Unusual Hilichurl spawns work.

You can have two Unusual Hilichurls spawn in your world in a day, but only one Unusual Hilichurl will appear at a time. It will always spawn in one of the 14 locations we’ll discuss below, so once you find and defeat one Unusual Hilichurl, you can go and check the other locations and defeat him again.

After you defeat two Unusual Hilichurls, you’ll have to wait 12 hours until it spawns again. Despite this, you can actually claim rewards from the Unusual Hilichurl 10 times in a day, so if you’re really desperate for bonus XP, cabbages, and achievement farming, then you’ll have to join four other peoples worlds and ask nicely to hunt down the Unusual Hilichurl in their world.

If you don’t find one or both of the Unusual Hilichurl locations in a day, these locations will change after 12 hours, so if you want to find him quickly, go straight for the locations below.

Unusual Hilichurl Locations


There are six possible locations for the Unusual Hilichurl to spawn in Mondstadt, and all are relatively close to a teleport waypoint, so you won’t have to travel too far when you’re grinding for Unusual Hilichurl kills. We’ll go from the northmost location to the southmost location, but the order in which you check the locations doesn’t matter in terms of spawning.

I’d also recommend you mark these locations on your map to make finding the Unusual Hilichurl easier in the future.

Stormbearer Mountains

sGenshin Unusual Hilichurl Locations tormbearer mountains

The first location in Mondstadt is in the Stormbearer Mountains. Northwest of the teleport waypoint and west of the Anemo Hypostasis, you’ll find a shrine of secrets. If you’re lucky, the Unusual Hillichurl will be standing just outside of this shrine. This is one of the longest treks you’ll have to make from a teleport waypoint in Mondstadt, but if you’re ever fighting the Anemo Hypostasis, it’ll be worth the detour to check for our unusual friend.

Stormterror’s Lair

Genshin Unusual Hilichurl Locations stormterror's lair

This location is one of the easiest to check, as you barely have to leave the teleport waypoint to see if the Unusual Hilichurl is there. He’ll be standing at the start of the bridge that leads out of Stormterror’s Lair, so you can dip in and out of this location within moments.


Genshin Unusual Hilichurl Locations wolvendom

In this location, the Unusual Hilichurl will be standing on the wall surrounding the Lupus Boreas, Dominator of Wolves boss arena. He’ll be on the wall to the right of the path that enters the arena, but to save time, I recommend that you teleport to Cecilia Garden and travel south from there.


Genshin Unusual Hilichurl Locations windrise

If you teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Windrise and navigate around to the back of the huge tree, you might find the Unusual Hilichurl relaxing on its roots. Just like the spawn location in Stormterror’s Lair, this is a very fast location to check, as you only have to run a few meters to see if the Unusual Hilichurl is there.

Cape Oath

Genshin Unusual Hilichurl Locations cape oath

This is the furthest you’ll have to travel to see the Unusual Hilichurl in Mondstadt. Though it’s a long walk, it’s still an easy one, and you can avoid every enemy along the path relatively easily. In this location, the Unusual HIlichurl will be on the edge of the cliff looking out at the ocean. This is one of the more picturesque locations for the Unusual Hilichurl to spawn, so if you like taking pictures, trying to find a spawn in this location is a must.

Dadapua Gorge

Genshin Unusual Hilichurl Locations dadapua gorge

When you teleport to the teleport waypoint in Dadapua Gorge, climb the small cliff to your left, and you should be able to see the Unusual Hilichurl out at the gorge from the cliff if he’s spawned there. With the exception of a short climb, this is also an easy location to check and the last location where the Unusual Hilichurl can spawn in Mondstadt. If you can’t find him at any of these locations, it’s time to move on to Liyue and check the different locations there.


You can find the Unusual Hilichurl in eight different locations across Liyue. Like Mondstadt, most of these locations are simple to get to, but some of them require a little footwork. As with Mondstat, we’ll start with the northmost location and end with the southmost one.

Qingce Village

Genshin Unusual Hilichurl Locations qingce village

This is where I found my first Unusual Hilichurl. At first, I thought he was just a funny-looking scarecrow, so imagine my surprise when the boss’s health bar appeared out of nowhere. Even though it’s an easy fight, I still have fond memories of Qingce Village, largely due to finding the Unusual Hilichurl there. By going to the teleport waypoint outside the main pavilion of Qingce Village and gliding down to the fields below, you’ll find the Unusual Hilichurl lounging on one of the stone walls.

Stone Gate

Genshin Unusual Hilichurl Locations stone gate

At this location, the Unusual Hilichurl will appear on top of the cliff that’s just above the teleport waypoint. Here you’ll find him looking out over the water. Thankfully this location is very close to the teleport waypoint, so after a quick climb, you’ll be able to either defeat the Unusual Hilichurl or move on to the next location.

Qingyun Peak

Genshin Unusual Hilichurl Locations qingyun peak

This is one of the fastest locations to check in Liyue. If you travel to the teleport point on top of the mountain at Qingyun Peak and then drop directly down onto the fancy-looking rocks below, you can find the Unusual Hilichurl standing on one of the rocks and appreciating the view below.

Mingyun Village

Genshin Unusual Hilichurl Locations mingyun village

Here the Unusual Hilichurl will spawn on top of the cliff south of the Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula domain. You’ll know you’re on the right cliff because you’ll find a flaming flower in the middle. You can approach this location in two ways, and both take roughly the same amount of time to get to the location.

The first way to get here is by teleporting to the Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula domain and climbing the cliff until you see the flaming flower, and the other is to teleport to the Statue of the Seven to the west and glide down on top of the mountain. I prefer the gliding method, as I think you can see the Unusual Hilichurl spawn sooner than the climbing method, but either way, it’s a reasonably fast location to check.

Cuijue Slope

Genshin Unusual Hilichurl Locations cuijue slope

If you’ve explored much of Liyue, you’ll likely already be familiar with this location from the Nine Pillars of Peace questline. Go to the teleport point directly south of Cuijue Slope and travel north until you see the little courtyard in the middle of the nine pillars. There in the courtyard close to the entrance of the ruins, you will be able to find the Unusual Hilichurl.

Tianqiu Valley

Genshin Unusual Hilichurl Locations tianqiu valley

Here the Unusual Hilichurl will spawn on the edge of the smaller ruins looking out to the larger ruins to the west. If you go to the teleport waypoint directly east of this location, you’ll be able to run directly to this spawn location. Just be wary of the Fatui agents along the way, as I always seem to agro them when I check this location.

Sea of Clouds

Genshin Unusual Hilichurl Locations sea of clouds

To get to this spawn location, you’ll need to do a little sprinting and climbing. Though it’s one of the longer distances to travel, by starting at the teleport point to the northeast of the pinned location, you’ll be able to get to the Unusual Hilichurl soon enough. You’ll know you’re in the right place because there is a Seelie home right next to where the Unusual Hilichurl spawns.

Lingju Pass

Genshin Unusual Hilichurl Locations lingju pass

The last spawn location in Liyue is located in Lingju Pass. After you teleport to the waypoint, glide down to the small abandoned campsite directly just south of the waypoint, and the Unusual Hilichurl will be standing there waiting for you to say hello. Again this is one of the fastest spawn locations to check, so you’ll be able to move on quickly if you don’t find the Unusual Hilichurl there.

Unusual Hilichurl Combat

genshin impact hilichurl combat

Now that you’ve found the Unusual Hilichurl, it’s time to fight him so you can start making progress. Though the Unusual Hilichurl has a boss health bar, do not mistake this for a tough battle.

There are three different types of attack patterns. When close enough, the Unusual Hilichurl will swing at you with his briefcase. Otherwise, he will throw primogems, cabbages, or a little toy at you to deal damage. Unfortunately, you cannot pick up these primogems, no matter how hard you try.

You’ll be able to take down the Unusual Hilichurl easily enough, so just keep fighting him until his health bar is empty. Once you win the fight, he’ll scramble to crawl back into his suitcase, leaving some mora, adventure rank EXP and cabbages in his wake. If this is the first Unusual hilichurl you’ve defeated in 12 hours, you can now go back and check all of the spawn locations again to fight another one. If you’ve defeated two Unusual Hilichurls, you’ll have to wait 12 hours for them to spawn again.

Well, That Was Strangeā€¦

The main reason to hunt and defeat the Unusual Hilichurl is to complete the achievement “…Well, that was strange.” in the Challenger Series II tree. You can earn a total of 35 primogems by finding and defeating the Unusual Hilichurl a total of 50 times. If you’re really dedicated, you can easily finish all three iterations of this achievement in a day, but you’ll have to utilize co-op in order to get it all done.

This is by far the most time-consuming achievement in the Challenger Series II tree, but if you’re a completionist or an avid name card collector, this is well worth completing.
Even the name card you get from completing these achievements features the Unusual Hilichurl, so you’ll be able to show off your dedication to this strange enemy.

Ella Musk, a Friend of the Hilichurls

It would be remiss to have talked about the unusual hilichurl so much without inviting Ella Musk to the party.

Ella Musk is an NPC from Mondstadt who loves all things Hilichurl and has dedicated her life to studying them and their language. As such, she will offer up two daily commissions in Mondstadt, both asking you to try and communicate with a group of Hilichurls and test her translation skills. When the RNG gods align and you successfully complete both daily commissions, you will complete the Olah!: series I achievement chain.

Language Exchange

One of the two commissions Ella Musk will give you is Language Exchange. To complete this successfully, you’ll need to approach the camp of Hilichurls when asked without disturbing them, let Ella Musk do her thing, and then the commission will be complete. This is arguably the easier of the two commissions to complete. You just have to resist the urge to attack the Hilichurls before the quest is over.

Poetry Exchange

For this commission, Ella Musk will ask you to recite poetry to a group of Hilichurls. Don’t worry, she has already written down what you need to say, you just need to remember it and perform it accordingly. If you’re likely to get stage fright (or just keep skipping dialogue options), here’s what you’ll need to say:

Once you are speaking to the Hilichurls, select the three following dialogue options in any order: “Yo dada!” “Mimi Nunu” and “Muhe ye”

When done correctly, you can talk to Ella Musk again to receive your rewards, and if this is your second commission from her, you will finish the achievement chain “Olah! Series I”.

Ella Musk was also, to no one’s surprise, prominent in the MImi Tomo event (more on that in a second). To kick off the event, we would have to go and save her from a group of angry Hilichurls. Perhaps her HIlichurlian is not as advanced as she had hoped. After rescuing her, she will then want you to escort her to Hilichurls, who seem amicable so that you can solve their problems too. Doing this will reveal the location of the Unusual Hilichurl for that section of the event.

Mimi Tomo Event

Back in the early days of Genshin Impact, the Unusual Hilichurl was significant enough an enemy that Hoyoverse decided to give him an event fully dedicated to finding and defeating him.

This event would reward you with primogems, experience materials, mora, and some furnishing blueprints. This event was by no means significant to the lore of Genshin Impact, but it was a nice bit of fun and a good way to farm the Unusual Hilichurl for the achievements.

It’s been a long time since this event was last seen in the game, and though there doesn’t seem to be any plans for Mimi Tomo to return any time soon, I would love to see the Unusual Hilichurl get some time in the spotlight once again in the future.


Question: Is it really worth finding the Unusual Hilichurl?

Answer: If you’re a completionist, it’s definitely worth defeating the Unusual Hilichurl at least 50 times for the achievements and name card. The extra adventure rank XP is also great to grind for, but most people probably aren’t prepared to defeat 10 Unusual Hilichurls a day, especially because you’ll need to enter co-op to do so. If you’re not huge on achievement hunting, then you probably won’t have to worry about specifically hunting the Unusual Hilichurl, but it can still be a lot of fun to find him.

Question: Will the Mimi Tomo event ever come back?

Answer: Mimi Tomo was last available to play in Genshin Impact back in 2021, so it’s been a long time since the Unusual Hilichurl has had the limelight. As of now, it has not been confirmed that the Mimi Tomo event will have a re-run, but because Hoyoverse has been known to recycle events every so often, we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of a return.

Question: How long will it take me to defeat 50 Unusual Hilichurls?

Answer: This depends on a few things. If you do the absolute bare minimum and defeat two Unusual Hilichurls a day, it’ll take you 25 days to defeat 50 of them. If you don’t want to play co-op, you can defeat a maximum of four a day in your own world, so it’ll take you 13 days to defeat 50 Unusual Hilichurls. If you want to make sure you always get rewards for defeating the Unusual Hilichurl, you’ll need to defeat ten a day, so it’ll take you five days to reach 50.

You could theoretically defeat 50 Unusual Hilichurls in one day by joining at most 24 co-op games as well as farming the Unusual Hilichurl in your own world, but for the sake of your sanity, I would not recommend this.


wolvendom location

If you haven’t already guessed, the Unusual Hilichurl is a strange but unique enemy. Hunting him down is a fun change of pace to the sometimes monotonous nature of Genshin Impact, so if you’ve yet to battle this cabbage-loving hilichurl, I would highly recommend you do so.

Now that you know where and how to find the Unusual Hilichurl, you’ll have no problem earning all of the goodies he can offer you, so good luck hunting down this unusual guy!

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