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genshin best passives ranked

Genshin Best Passives Ranked

Genshin Impact is famous for many, many reasons: amazing-looking characters, beautiful landscapes, a vast open world, and more. While many things spring to mind, there probably aren’t many people playing Genshin Impact just for the characters’ passive abilities. That being said, every character in the game has a passive ability, and while some are more

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Free to Play Spiral Abyss Guide

Free to Play Spiral Abyss Guide

Genshin Impact occasionally features special game modes for eligible players. Theatre Mechanicus, Warrior’s Spirit, Hyakunin Ikki, mini-games like these feature challenges with varying difficulty. While these events are fun to partake in, their duration expires after some time. However, there is one game mode that is permanent in the game, Spiral Abyss. The day I

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Genius Invokation Best Cards Guide

Genius Invokation Best Cards Guide

Ever since Genius Invokation TCG launched in Genshin Impact, I’ve been hooked. I’ve been furiously challenging players to matches and testing various decks. Despite some losses, I discovered flaws in my strategies and kept improvising. As the Bear Grylls meme says, improvise, adapt, and overcome. I’ve skipped a few nights’ sleep to gather character cards

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