Top Genshin Impact Ships

Top Genshin Impact Ships Guide

Every community, whether it’s a game, anime, manga, comic book, movie, or TV show, has a fanbase behind it. These fan bases can either see between the lines or pick up subtle hints left behind by the creator/ creators of the particular entity. Some fans go far enough to create fan-made theories or fan-made stories, “fan fiction,” this is out of love and deep commitment to whatever they follow. Among these community-based interactions, there are fans that make “ships,” these ships are potential/ hidden relationships that have gathered community-wide approval because others can see the potential as well.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for this guide came from researching Genshin Impact community-based forums, along with the insightful knowledge of other Genshin Impact players. Since there is no statistical data available for each ship and also because there has been no official confirmation from any official Genshin Impact social media source, it was quite difficult to pin them in their exact spots on the list; however, based on the interactions from the community, I believe that I have been able to gauge the spot that each ship belongs to.

As for my personal top Genshin Impact ships, I would say that they are;

  1. Zhongli and Guizhong
  2. Jean and Diluc
  3. Lumine and Tartaglia
  4. Aether and Ayaka
  5. Xiao and Hu Tao (odd pick, yes, I am aware)

Top Genshin Impact Ships

#01 Arataki Itto and Kujou Sara

Image from Wiki Fandom

These two are constantly trying to one-up the other, with Kujou Sara winning almost every bout. Itto constantly challenges Kujuo Sara, and she almost always decimates him or throws him in jail. Their interactions remind me of Lulu’s Elekid and his crush on the Maril found at the farm in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl series.

However, Kujou Sara is not too tolerant of Itto’s antics, unlike Maril. They do work well together in terms of gameplay, although Kuki Shinobu is a better Electro substitute for the Itto team comps due to her healing capabilities. It would be great to see more interactions between these two, possibly with Itto getting a win or two.


  1. Itto and Kujou Sara seem to have an opposites attract scenario.
  2. They could achieve a lot more if they worked together.


  1. They work on opposite ends of the law.
  2. Kujou Sara does not tolerate Ittos antics.

#02 Kaeya and Rosaria


Kaeya and Rosaria seem to be a low-key private couple, and between them, they probably know almost all of Mondstadt’s activities. They have common interests and have the same vision as Cryo characters, their in-game synergy is quite good because they can activate Cryo Resonance.

Most fan arts depict them sitting at Diluc’s tavern and getting drunk, and I could picture them wobbling to their residencies after a night out with Rosaria getting odd glances from the sisters at the church. Their personalities go well together as well, with Kaeya being a very deceptive and calculating individual and Rosaria being a very attentive and analytical individual; I feel like they could understand each other better than most characters.


  1. Since they are both from Mondstadt, they have good history between themselves.
  2. Both of them have common passions, such as protecting Mondstadt and alcohol.


  1. Kaeya’s lifestyle as a Captain in the Knights of Favonius can limit their interactions.
  2. Lack of in-game interactions between the two characters.

#03 Jean and Lisa

Image from Wiki Fandom

Jean and Lisa are a combo that makes sense as well; both are high-ranking individuals within the ranks of the Knights of Favonius, and they have a sense of responsibility and duty towards Mondstadt. They have compatible elements, and they could work well together as well through Electro Swirl reactions. Jean and Lisa have similar idle animations as well; Lisa summons a purple rose and observes it before releasing it, and Jean summons a daffodil and smells it before releasing it to the wind.

Since both of them are hard-working intellectuals, it would make sense that they are compatible. Not to mention, they seem to be best friends as well, which the fan base might be reading into a little too much, but again that is how communities begin their shipping journeys.


  1. Since they work in the same building, the characters will have more chances to bump into each other.
  2. Both are intellectual individuals; therefore, they can work together very well.


  1. Aside from the first stage of the game, we do not see many interactions between the two.
  2. Jean is the overworking type, which means that she might not have time to see Lisa.

#04 Albedo and Sucrose

Image from Wiki Fandom

Albedo and Sucrose have a mentor-student relationship, but the fan base has looked beyond this to make a ship out of them as well. Both of these characters are highly intelligent, with Albedo being the Chief Alchemist and Captain of the Investigation team in the Knights of Favonius. Sucrose looks up to Albedo; she respects his intelligence and often tries to observe his analytical prowess and incorporate what she learns into her own research.

Although they study two different branches of research, Albedo is very approving of Sucrose’s work and considers her to be one of the more talented individuals in Teyvat. Since they are the same age, he tries to get her to speak to him using his first name, but out of respect for him, Sucrose speaks to him using a formal tone, which annoys Albedo a little bit, according to his voice lines.


  1. There is a lot of mutual respect between the two.
  2. Sucrose tries to take care of Albedo, although he does not seem to need it.


  1. They have a mentor-mentee relationship, which I believe Albedo will not cross the boundary of.
  2. Albedo spends his time in Dragonspine, so he will not have time for Sucrose.

#05 Cyno and Candace

Cyno and Candace

Cyno and Candace are brand new characters in the world of Genshin Impact, but the Genshin Impact community was even faster in getting their new ship together. Candace and Cyno were released along with the new desert area in Sumeru, and they appeared on the same banner as well.

They share different personalities, and according to a few voice lines, Cyno appears to be someone who loves joking around, and Candace appears to be the voice of reasoning. They are from different worlds, Cyno from the Akademiya and Candace from beyond the wall, but they have great synergy since they can pull off Electro Charged reactions and act as Main DPS/ Sub DPS characters.


  1. Cyno can be serious when he needs to be, which will align with Candace.
  2. Both of them are the protective type.


  1. They are from two different walks of life.
  2. Cyno will have to return to the Akademiya at some point in time.

#06 Aether and Noelle

Noelle and Aether
Noelle and Aether in Noelle’s hangout event. Photo by Rashen Perera.

Aether and Noelle are a different entry to the usual suspects that we have seen in the list above; this is because we have received some very suspicious art from Noelle’s hangout quests. The two can be seen at the library, where the Traveler gazes at Noelle while she studies, and they even have a small nap under a tree.

In the second part of Noelle’s hangout quest, Aether and Noelle travel to Liyue together and explore the city because Noelle wants a change of pace and new experiences. Over there, they encounter Iron Tongue Tian, who, at the end of the particular branch in the hangout quest, tells a tale of a fabled knight, and when the audience recognizes that Noelle looks similar to the knight in the story, we can see Aether and a very flustered Noelle running away.


  1. They are very compatible together.
  2. Noelle will take care of everything, without a doubt.


  1. Aether’s (protagonist) lifestyle will inhibit the relationship.
  2. Noelle’s studies will prevent her from leaving Mondstadt.

#07 Amber and Eula

Image from Wiki Fandom

Amber and Eula are a huge fan favorite ship, and they have many cutscenes and events where they interact with each other, and we can see Eula constantly looking over and protecting Amber. Amber is the carefree, extroverted one, and Eula is the serious, calculating one.

Together they prove to be a compatible duo, and with Eula looking out for Amber, they barely ever find themselves in any odd situations. They lowkey remind me of a golden retriever and its owner because there is a lot of care and attention available in their relationship. Eula even paid for Ambers’s food during the Weinlesefest event; this surprised Amber, and when she started protesting, Eula became a little stern; then Amber caved in and accepted the gift, this satisfied Eula, and they went on their way.


  1. They are very compatible, and their energy balances each other out.
  2. Eula is very protective, so Amber is in good hands.


  1. Since they work in two different branches of the Knights of Favonius, meeting each other would be difficult.
  2. They lack interactions in comparison to other ships.

#08 Beidou and Ningguang

Image from Wiki Fandom

Beidou and Ningguang are one of the most popular ships in Genshin Impact. So much so that the developers themselves continue to tease the players by incorporating Beidou and Ningguang in the cutscenes and other event-related mechanics as well. Especially during the final cut scene in the 2022 Lantern Rite festival when Ningguang’s new outfit is revealed to the public, there is a small scene where Beidou and Ningguang interact, which could technically be considered flirting.

Beidou almost walks past Ningguang but stops and says, “Hey, check you out; looking pretty fancy!” to which Ningguang responds with, “Only a true treasure catches the eye of Captain Beidou; seems I’ve struck gold with this one” before they enjoy the fireworks together. I mean, this combo is pretty great because two of the most high-profile members in Liyue are found here, The Captain of the Cruz Fleet and the Tianquan of Liyue.


  1. They had similar upbringings; therefore, they could understand each other.
  2. Together, they can conquer land and sea, literally.


  1. Beidou’s voyages take months at a time.
  2. Ningguang’s busy lifestyle would not give much time for the two.

#09 Lumine and Tartaglia

Image from Wiki Fandom

This ship started out with Tartaglia saving Lumine during the first stage of the Liyue Archon quest. The line “Hey Girlie, Hold still” made the fanbase immediately ship the two, right before Tartaglia went on to almost destroy Liyue after unleashing Osial. Still, they do make a very formidable duo.

Beyond the events of the Archon quest, Lumine and Tartaglia have met during other events and Tartaglia’s very own story quest. During these interactions, we see more of Tartaglia’s good side, which makes the fans a lot more receptive toward him.

Tartaglia is very fierce when it comes to protecting his loved ones; as we saw in his story quest, he did not hesitate to unleash his Foul Legacy form to take out Ruin Guards and set them up in order to prevent Teucer from feeling sad, although Tartaglia himself was severely injured leading up to the battle. This means that he will not hesitate to protect Lumine if the need arrives.


  1. Their first interaction had a chokehold on the community.
  2. Tartaglia is very protective.


  1. As rivals who are constantly traveling, they will not have much time for each other.
  2. Lumine (as the protagonist) would have to eventually defeat all of the Harbingers.

#10 Lumine and Xiao

Image from Wiki Fandom

Speaking of protective ships, this ship is one of the most protective, if not the most protective. Xiao’s history has shown that he does not show mercy or think twice; for years upon years, Xiao wiped out enemies in Liyue. But when it comes to Lumine, he displays a slightly softer side and is a lot nicer in general than he is to everyone else except Zhongli; Zhongli has Xiao’s undying loyalty.

Xiao is intrigued by Lumine, and he even goes far enough to say that if Lumine is having trouble and needs to kill someone, just mention Xiao’s name, and he will appear and do the needful. After the final battle against Osial, we see the Jade Chamber dropped on Osial; here, as Lumine falls, we see Xiao teleporting to her; he grabs her and teleports her back to safety. Xiao is fiercely protective of Liyue, and if he extends half of that toward Lumine, then she would never have to worry about danger.


  1. Xiao would kill for Lumine (protagonist) on request.
  2. Lumine (protagonist) helps bring out Xiao’s soft side.


  1. Xiao’s duty towards Liyue and Lumine’s (protagonist) lifestyle would clash.
  2. Xiao could be susceptible to erosion or karmic weight.

#11 Aether and Ayaka

Image from Wiki Fandom

Aether and Ayaka are another famous ship in Genshin Impact, and this is due to Ayaka openly sending signals of interest to Aether. During her story quest, Ayaka walks around Inazuma with Aether, and she explains the events happening on Amakane Island; she then talks about herself and expresses her feelings and past. She has a deep interest in Aether, and it is evident when looking at the way she speaks to him or even addresses him. At the end of her story quest, we see Aether and Ayaka walking back toward the Kamisato Estate.

On the way, Ayaka stops and dances for Aether, and she then says that she can find her way back home. There was one theory that I read that stated; the reason Ayaka danced and did not want Aether to accompany her back to her house was her knowing that she could never be with him because of his mission; due to that understanding, she wanted to leave one final good memory for both of them.


  1. Ayaka seemed like she genuinely had a crush on Aether (protagonist).
  2. Aether also seems softer and more caring around Ayaka.


  1. Aether’s (protagonist) lifestyle and Ayak’s duties will inhibit the relationship.
  2. Ayaka has to focus on her role in the Yashiro Commission.

#12 Zhongli and Tartaglia

Image from Wiki Fandom

Zhongli and Tartaglia are opposites, which is one reason they work well together. Zhongli is the calming and sensible one, and Tartaglia is, well… Tartaglia. One of the funniest things that the fans have coined about these two is that Tartaglia is Zhongli’s coin purse, although Zhongli is the one who invented Mora. In the game, Zhongli and Tartaglia can be seen together throughout the course of the Liyue Archon Quest.

However, after Tartaglia almost destroys Liyue, Zhongli is on the defense and will attack Tartaglia on sight. However, this has not stopped the fans from putting the two together and just running with it. This combo is one of the most popular in terms of fan art and fan fiction as well. Hopefully, we will see more interactions between these two because I would love to see a redemption arc for Tartaglia or, more realistically, a game of hide-and-seek between the two.


  1. Zhongli does not have money, and Tartaglia has money, therefore, ultimate financial balance.
  2. Tartaglia can further hone his skills under Zhongli’s guidance.


  1. Zhongli probably hates Tartaglia for trying to destroy Liyue.
  2. Tartaglia’s lifestyle is not compatible with Zhongli’s.

#13 Zhongli and Guizhong

Zhongli with Glaze Lillies
Image from Wiki Fandom

Zhongli and Guizhong were supposed to be close friends who took care of their respective people and brought everyone together when they established the Guili Assembly. However, even I smell something suspicious between the two. Guizhong is not an NPC or playable character, she has been mentioned many times in Liyue-related Archon Quests and other quests, but we have never seen her.

Guizhong is the Lord of Dust and is also known as the Ruler of the Realm of Clouds. Zhongli and Guizhong met during a time when different gods were scrambling for power. Zhongli, or Morax at the time, was the brawn and Guizhong was the brains behind their partnership. They met at a field of Glaze Lilies, where Guizhong presented Zhongli with a stone dumbbell; the contents of this dumbbell are unknown, but Guizhong was “visibly excited” to present it to him.

However, this potential romance did not survive the Archon War because Guizhong lost her life while defending her people. In honor of her, Zhongli planted Glaze Lilies all over the place of her death, and modern day Liyue also includes Glaze Lilies in their traditions. This ship is the only one that I would like to know more about or have confirmed; they seemed good together, and I wish we could see their interactions via a cut scene or event even.


  1. Together, they have an amazing balance, with Zhongli being brute strength and Guizhong being the tactical mastermind.
  2. They shaped the structure of modern day Liyue.


  1. Guizhong has never been shown in official fanart or cutscenes.
  2. Guizhong is dead; therefore, the ship will not work for the current version of the game.

#14 Jean and Diluc

Image from Wiki Fandom

Jean and Diluc are probably the most realistic ship in Genshin Impact due to the way they interact and how they present themselves around each other. Diluc is infamous for his views on the conduct of the Knights of Favonius; however, among the few select individuals that he considers to be functional within the ranks of the Knights of Favonius, Jean is rated quite highly (if not the highest).

They were in the Knights of Favonius together, with Diluc being senior to Jean. Diluc is someone that Jean respects; she understands Diluc’s views and his past, although she does wish that he would join the Knights of Favonius once again. Diluc, on the other hand, had his Sasuke arc before he returned to the Leaf village, uh, I mean Mondstadt; upon returning, he decided to be a vigilante of sorts rather than take up his position in the Knights of Favonius.

Together, I feel like they are the most compatible combo and that if the developers do decide to make any ship canon, it will be this.


  1. They have a rich history.
  2. They grew up together as they rose through the ranks at the Knights of Favonius.


  1. Diluc is very reclusive.
  2. Jean is very busy with official work.

#15 Yae Miko and Raiden Shogun

Image from Wiki Fandom

Yae Miko and Raiden Shogun are a ship that took the Genshin Impact world by storm (pun unintended) due to their very opposite natures. Yae Miko is a playful and mischievous entity, whereas Raiden Shogun is quite serious and often cannot differentiate between jokes and banter.

However, the only person that Raiden Shogun trusts seems to be Yae Miko; this is shown to us when it was revealed that Raiden Shogun handed her gnosis to Yae Miko before entering the Plane of Euthymia. In fact, Raiden Shogun seemed almost relieved when Yae Miko came to the plane of Euthymia along with the Traveler, where we could see Raiden Shogun softening up immediately and putting on a smile, and getting slightly flustered.

This pairing could potentially be the strongest so far; they have great synergy in the game as well, with many players opting to run Raiden Shogun as a Support character in a Yae Miko team in order to generate more energy particles. All of their cut scenes and interactions have not hidden their care and watchful eye over each other; after all, for Raiden Shogun, Yae Miko is the only one left from her inner circle, and as for Yae Miko, Raiden Shogun is someone that she will continue to look out for, even if it is from Raiden Shogun’s own intentions.


  1. They have a deep understanding of each other.
  2. They have shared memories and a rich history.


  1. Raiden Shogun likes to isolate herself.
  2. Yae Miko has a busy lifestyle.

#16 Xingqiu and Chongyun

Image from Wiki Fandom

Xingqiu and Chongyun are the most famous ship in Genshin Impact; in events and cut scenes, we often see the two together doing their own thing. Their in game synergy is perfect because together, they can pull off constant Freeze reactions while dealing high volumes of damage. Xingqiu and Chongyun are shown to be best friends, but the fans can see a little more than that, similar to how they see things between Beidou and Ningguang.

They appear together on most of the official art posted by the Genshin Impact social media pages, and their voice lines about each other are mostly positive. To be honest, I do see it, and they act a little too suspiciously to let it go unnoticed. Xingqiu is the smart and grounded one, and Chongyun is the serious but gullible one.

We often see Xingqiu playing pranks on Chongyun and tricking him into eating spicy food, which Chongyun detests. Nevertheless, Chongyun admires and respects Xingqiu and speaks of him highly whenever his name comes up. Xingqiu, on the other hand, looks out for Chongyun and takes care of him while also, of course, harassing him, as with all relationships.


  1. They have many cutscenes together.
  2. Xingqiu loves pranking Chongyun, and this adds depth to their ship.


  1. They live very different lifestyles.
  2. Xingqiu’s duties towards his clan will inhibit this relationship.


Question: What is the most famous ship in Genshin Impact?

Answer: Xingyun. This is a fan made ship between Xingqiu and Chongyun. This was made after fans noticed their interactions during cut scenes and events; these interactions went a long way and sparked so many discussions and fanfiction stories inspired by their dynamic. Xingqiu and Chongyun seem to be the best of friends; they are quirky and complement each other quite well.

Funny enough, their in-game synergy goes great as well since they can pull off constant Freeze reactions, with Chongyun as the Main DPS and Xingqui as the Sub DPS.

Question: Are there any NPC ships in Genshin Impact?

Answer: Yes, a few, actually. More famously and more recently as well, we have both Dunyazad Zhiqiong have been shipped with Aether. There are a few inter-NPC ships as well, and even a cheating/ love triangle relationship in Liyue. Also, yes, of course, almost every eye patch wearing NPC is immediately shipped with either Beidou or Kaeya.

Question: Do the Travelers have any official ships?

Answer: No. The Travelers do not have any ships, and to be honest, they should probably not get any until the end of the game, or maybe even not then. However, they have had their moments with different characters, and throughout the game, they share cute moments and important memories through events, story quests, hangout quests, and events.

But, as I mentioned before, nothing has been confirmed, and nor will it be confirmed, due to the nature of the game. A few significant ships for each Traveler are; Aether and Ayaka, Lumine and Tartaglia.


As always, we haven’t received official confirmation about any particular ship, but we have been given very subtle hints, and the on-screen chemistry between the characters adds a different dimension to their interactions with other characters. The above-mentioned list is not an official list in any possible way, but one based on my own preference and how good I think each character is with the potential partner. We will definitely see more characters added to Genshin Impact as the game goes on, and the chances of us receiving new ships are quite high as well.

The “shipping,” along with the discussions that come with it, increases interactions between diehard members of the community, and this increases the activity within the community. I am interested to see where Genshin Impact takes some of the long term ships, primarily because we have seen these characters interact with each other more than once. However, I do doubt that Genshin Impact will definitely offer a confirmation.

Either way, though, I believe that the fans will continue speculating and drawing lines to connect characters and come up with unique ideas and ships. Interactions such as this are often the driving force behind most communities.

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