Fischl Genshin Impact Guide

Fischl Genshin Impact Guide

Fischl is a very interesting character; her theatrical nature and antics have won over a large part of the Genshin Impact community. She has a large fan base and is also a character that is cosplayed very frequently alongside Mona, Raiden Shogun, and Yae Miko.

The character featured in this Fischl Genshin Impact guide ranks highly among the few outgoing characters in the game, but her eccentric nature is not compatible with most people, so she is often not taken seriously or disregarded. However, this does not mean that she is entirely alone; aside from a few friends, she has Oz. 

A Summary of Fischl

Below, we can see a short breakdown of who Fischl is and a few other components of her character. Beyond this section, we will be looking at vital parts of her builds and team comps.

  1. Title: Fischl
  2. Nationality: Citizen of Mondstadt City
  3. Rarity: 4-star
  4. Weapon Type: Bow
  5. Vision: Electro
  6. Constellation: Corvus
  7. Specialty Dish: Die Heilige Sinfonie
  8. Birthday: May 27th

Ranking and Ascension Details


Fischl is one of the most versatile characters in the game because she can act as a Main DPS, Sub DPS, and Support character. Although she does not offer significant buffs like other Support characters, she can act as a battery, and this aspect of her build will help the team in more than one way. Fischl offers quite a lot when used in reaction team comps as one of the most desired characters in the game.

  Main DPS Sub DPS Support Exploration
Ranking A A S


Fischl is one of the few characters that have been around since Genshin Impact first started making her one of the more accessible characters, especially through certain events where players received an additional skin for her as well.

In order to fully ascend Fischl, players need to collect the following items.

  1. Small Lamp Grass – Players can find Small Lamp Grass spawning in small clusters in various parts of Mondstadt. Unfortunately, Diluc also needs Small Lamp Grass, so players will be torn when it comes to deciding who to upgrade in the early stages of the game.
  2. Lightning Prism – This can be collected after defeating the Electro Hypostasis.
  3. Vajrada Amethyst Sliver/ Fragment/ Chunk/ Gemstone – Players can collect these items after defeating Electro normal bosses, or Electro trounce domain bosses. Alternatively, players can convert the same materials from a different element to the one required by using the Dust of Azoth material conversion agent.
  4. Hilichurl Shooter drops – Fischl uses material dropped by Hilichurl Shooters. These materials are pretty easy to collect because Hilichurls are a very common mob in Genshin Impact.


As one of the most versatile and adaptable characters in Genshin Impact, it is not abnormal for players to want to crown her talents. However, although she can benefit from being triple crowned, different talents are required for different team comps.

In my opinion, I would recommend building Fischl and keeping her on retainer even if players do not plan on using her because she is a very valuable asset for any team comp. The talent priorities of this character are as shown below;

Nightrider> Normal Attack: Bolts of Downfall> Midnight Phantasmagoria

In-game Representation Name Description
Normal Attack: Bolts of Downfall Normal Attack – Performs five consecutive shots


Charged Attack – The attacks become more accurate when using the charged attack because players can aim at the enemies through this attack.

When using charged attacks, Electro is infused into the attack

Plunge Attack – When launching this attack, Fischl falls to the ground with multiple arrows coming down with her, dealing AoE Physical DMG.

genshin impact nightrider Nightrider Oz is summoned, and he deals Electro DMG periodically.


Tap – when the Elemental Skill is tapped, Oz will be summoned again. This is great when players have to reposition Oz.

Hold – Players can place Oz accurately when the Elemental Skill is held.

midnight phantasmagoria Midnight Phantasmagoria Fischl merges with Oz, and this fusion will;


  1. Increase her movement speed.
  2. Enemies in the vicinity are hit by lightning.
  3. After the Elemental Burst Ends, Oz will remain on-field, or his Elemental Skill duration will reset if he was already on-field.
stellar predator genshin impact Stellar Predator When Oz is hit with a fully charged Aimed shot, Oz deals 152.7% of the Aimed shot’s damage dealt, as AoE Electro DMG.
Undone be Thy Sinful Hex When the on-field character carries out an Electro elemental reaction Oz (when on-field) fires 80% of Fischl’s ATK as Electro DMG.
mein hausgarten genshin impact Mein Hausgarten When Fischl is sent out on an expedition, the time spent on the expedition is reduced by 25%.

To raise Fischl’s talents to level 10, players will need the items below;

  • Mora – 4,957,500
  • Crown of Insight – 3
  • Teachings of Ballad – 9
  • Guide of Ballad – 63
  • Philosophies of Ballad – 114
  • Firm Arrowhead – 18
  • Sharp Arrowhead – 66
  • Weathered Arrowhead – 93
  • Spirit Locket of Boreas -18


By using Fischl as a Main DPS or Sub DPS character, players can get the best out of her C1 and C4 constellations because she will spend some time on-field. The additional damage that will be dealt will be perfect for Physical DPS builds too, not as a direct buff but as an additional source of damage.

Using Fischl as a Support character, players can help the team with her C2 and C6 constellations because these benefits will be there even if Fischl is off-field. These benefits would be great for carrying out elemental reactions or even as a placeholder source of damage until the other team members recover.

In-game Representation Name Description
gaze of the deep genshing impact Gaze of the Deep Whether Oz is on-field or not, it does not matter for this effect to take place. When Fischl is launching normal attacks, Oz launches a synchronized attack that scales off 22% of Fischl’s ATK.
Devourer of All Sins When Fischl’s Elemental Skill is used, an additional 200% ATK is dealt, and the AoE is increased by 50%.
Wings of Nightmare The Elemental Skill level is increased by three levels, and the maximum level is 15.
genshin impact her pilgrimage of bleak Her Pilgrimage of Bleak After using the Elemental Burst, 222% ATK is dealt as Electro DMG to all opponents in the vicinity. Additionally, when the Elemental Skill expires, Fischl gains 20% of her HP. This constellation is perfect for an Electro Main DPS Fischl.
against the fleeing light genshin impact Against the Fleeting Light The Elemental Burst level is increased by three levels, and the maximum level is 15.
evernight raven genshin impact Evernight Raven Oz remains on-field for two extra seconds and deals continuous synchronized attacks alongside the active on-field character. The damage dealt is 30% of Fischl’s ATK dealt as Electro DMG.


4-Star Weapons

Alley Hunter

This weapon is ideal for a Sub DPS or Support Fischl, and the reason is that the second stat is ATK%. The longer Fischl remains off-field, the stronger the weapon’s passive becomes because there is a 2% DMG increase (maximum 20%) every second.

Unfortunately, when the character spends more than 4 seconds on-field, the previously mentioned buff decreases by 4% until the buff completely wears off.

(This weapon is earned through the wish system)

Fading Twilight

This weapon is excellent if players are trying to build a battery Fischl because of the high Energy Recharge stat given by this weapon. The ATK% buff that comes over time through the weapon’s passive is also perfect if players need to use Fischl as a damage dealer.

(Obtained after completing the “Perilous Trails” event. However, since the event is already over, new players cannot collect the weapon)

Mitternachts Waltz

This weapon is perfect, and the most compatible as well if players are looking to build a Physical Main DPS Fischl. The weapon is designed for a character that will remain on the field for a long time; ideally, players should use the Elemental Skill first and then launch as many Normal Attacks as possible to gain the best out of the weapon’s passive.

(This weapon is earned through the wish system)


This weapon is a great alternative as well for a Main DPS Fischl because of the second stat and the weapon’s passive as well. The passive increases the Normal Attack by 40% and decreases the Charged attack by 20%.

As long as players use a shield to reduce the damage taken and minimize interruptions, this weapon will help players go a long way because, with added refinements, this weapon becomes one of the best.

(This weapon is earned through the wish system)


This weapon is excellent for reaction-based team comps, preferably a Hyperbloom team, because of the weapon’s second stat. Additionally, players will receive a 24% Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst damage increase, and this will definitely help players carry out stronger elemental reactions.

(This weapon is earned through the wish system)

5-Star Weapons

Aqua Simulacra

This weapon would be the best second best option for Fischl, in my opinion. The Crit DMG second stat is a massive boost, but the real bonus comes from the weapon’s passive.

Whether the players are on-field or not, whenever opponents are close, the damage dealt by the character holding the weapon will increase by 20%. This means that players can get the best out of Fischl’s Elemental Skill no matter which role she plays.

(This weapon is earned through the wish system)

Elegy of the End

This weapon is the best option for a Support Fischl that can function both as a battery and a reaction enabler. The high Energy Recharge second stat will make things much easier for players when building her.

The Elemental Mastery buffs provided by the weapon’s passive will make her a more viable option for elemental reactions.

(This weapon is earned through the wish system)

Polar Star

In my opinion, for a Main DPS Fischl, this weapon is perfect, and it ticks all the boxes needed to help alleviate the damage dealt by any Main DPS. The Crit Rate second stat, followed by the Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst damage increase AND the ATK buffs as well, could make this a top two bow weapon in Genshin Impact.

Unfortunately, just because of how broken this weapon is, unless players have extra copies, I feel that it might be wasted on a four-star character and would be better for a character such as Tartaglia, Yelan, or Ganyu.

(This weapon is earned through the wish system)

Skyward Harp

This weapon is also excellent because of the Crit Rate second stat, and the weapon’s passive is not terrible either. The additional 125% of AoE damage dealt via the “Echoing Ballad” effect will help players get an extra dose of damage.

I would recommend using this weapon as a third choice weapon for a Main DPS Fischl, and this is because there are much better options available such as Polar Star or Aqua Simulacra.

(This weapon is earned through the wish system)

Thundering Pulse

This weapon is the best bow weapon available in the game as of version 3.5, and I would highly recommend getting it because it is a viable option for any Main DPS character. The second stat from this weapon is Crit DMG; not only will this help players balance the Crit values, but it will also provide a very high ATK buff that is perfect for on-field Main DPS characters.

(This weapon is earned through the wish system)

Flower of Paradise Lost

Flower of Paradise Lost Genshin impact

This artifact set will play an important role when it comes to pulling off Dendro related reactions, specifically Hyperbloom. With this artifact set, players must use Fischl as an off-field DPS with minimum field time.

This is because Fischl will only be a part of the team to be a battery/ Electro applier; after using her Elemental Skill, players are expected to swap her out. By using other characters that buff Electro DMG, such as Kujou Sara (at C6), players can easily build a Hyperbloom team.

The two-piece set bonus from this artifact set is an increase in Elemental Mastery by 80, followed by a four-piece set bonus that increases a character’s reaction DMG by 40% for Bloom, Burgeon, and Hyperbloom and another 25% increase as well once one of the above reactions are done. Moving forward, I believe that this artifact will be an essential part of any Dendro reaction based team comp.

Gilded Dreams

Gilded Dreams genshin impact

This artifact set is another Elemental Mastery artifact set; however, this is better suited for general reactions rather than being locked behind a need for one particular element. I would say that this artifact set is one of the most potent artifact sets for reaction teams, which characters such as Kazuha could also benefit from. In Fischl’s case, this artifact set will allow her to perform exceptionally in Electro-Charged, Overload, and Superconduct teams.

The two-piece set bonus increases Elemental Mastery by 80, and the four-piece set bonus comes after 8 seconds of triggering an elemental reaction. An additional four-piece set bonus is given to the artifact wielder; ATK is increased by 14% for every character on the team from the same element as the artifact wielder, and the Elemental Mastery of each member on the team that is from a different element increases by 50.

These effects can be triggered once every 8 seconds, and they can be triggered even if Fischl is off the field.

Pale Flame

Pale Flame genshin impact

This artifact set is important when Fischl is utilized as a Main DPS character; in this role, players will use Fischl continuously, meaning that she will be a constant on-field character. As the focal point of the team’s damage, Fischl would require buffs from teammates or even off-field damage assistance through characters such as Yelan or Xingqiu. The best part about this artifact set is that Fischl can easily activate the four-piece set bonus through her Elemental Skill because Oz attacks opponents more than once.

The two-piece set bonus from this artifact set provides a 25% Physical damage bonus, and the four-piece set bonus provides an ATK bonus of 9% for 8 seconds; when an Elemental Skill hits an opponent, the effect can be triggered every 0.3 seconds, and stacked twice. Once two stacks are reached, the two-piece set bonus is increased by 100%.

Tenacity of the Millelith

Tenacity of the Millelith

This artifact is a vital artifact that I believe is essential in every team comp; the buffs provided have an all-rounder feature because it buffs the on-field character’s ATK and makes up for the defensive aspect by increasing the Shield strength.

The 20% HP increase two-piece set bonus would be useless for her since her kit does not rely on HP; however, the four-piece set bonus is perfect because it will provide the team with constant buffs for as long as Oz is on the field, the buffs are a 20% ATK bonus and a 30% Shield strength increase. This artifact is perfect for a Support based Fischl since the effects can be triggered even when off-field through the Elemental Skill.

Any Two-piece ATK% Artifact and Two-piece Thundering Fury

two-piecee Thundering Fury genshin impact

By using this combo, players can deploy a Main DPS Fischl. Since there is an ATK buff and an Electro DMG buff, players can expect her to do a decent amount of damage if her CRIT values are high as well.

The two-piece set bonus provided by the Thundering Fury artifact will see Fischl receiving a 15% Electro DMG increase; this will be very beneficial for reactions and even as standalone damage via her Elemental Skill. There are four artifacts that provide an 18% ATK buff after equipping the two-piece set, and these are;

  1. Echoes of an Offering – found in the “Lost Valley” domain
  2. Gladiators Finale – found as a potential reward after defeating normal bosses, trounce domain bosses, and certain quests
  3. Shimenawa’s Reminiscence – found in the “Momiji-Dyed Court” domain
  4. Vermillion Hereafter – found in the “Lost Valley” domain

Main Artifact Stat and Complimentary Substats

  Flower of Life Plume of Death Sands of Eon Goblet of Eonothem Circlet of Logos
Main Stat HP ATK ATK%/ Elemental Mastery Electro DMG/ Physical DMG Crit Rate/ DMG
Substats Crit Rate/ DMG



Energy Recharge/ Elemental Mastery

Crit Rate/ DMG



Energy Recharge/ Elemental Mastery

Crit Rate/ DMG


ATK%/ Elemental Mastery

Energy Recharge

Crit Rate/ DMG



Energy Recharge/ Elemental Mastery

Crit Rate/ DMG



Energy Recharge/ Elemental Mastery

Reason This artifact only has HP as the Main stat This artifact only has ATK as the Main Stat Physical DMG/ DPS Fischl – ATK% build is better


Reaction Fischl – Elemental Mastery build is better

Physical DMG/ DPS Fischl – Physical DMG bonus is better


Reaction Fischl – Electro DMG bonus is better

Players need to use an artifact that will make up for one of the lacking Crit values

Team Comps: Free to Play

Fischl Main DPS Team

  • Main DPS – Fischl, Weapon – Hamayumi
  • Sub DPS -Xiangling, Weapon – The Catch
  • Support- Collei, Weapon – Favonius Warbow
  • Healer – Barbara, Weapon – Prototype Amber

If players can get Fischl in the early stages of the game, they will have little to no issues with Fischl leading the line. As an Electro Main DPS, she can hold her own through the Normal Attacks and the Elemental Skill as well. I would recommend using this team comps for Hyperbloom, Overload, or Burgeon (if Fischl needs to be rested).

Collei will operate as the Support medium for the entire team through her Dendro applications, and Xiangling will provide a small ATK buff through Guoba. As always, Barbara will be the designated four-star healer, and by using Prototype Amber, she will be able to provide the team extra heals and energy particle generation.

Fischl Sub DPS Team

  • Main DPS – Kaeya, Weapon – Harbinger of Dawn
  • Sub DPS – Fischl, Weapon – Favonius Warbow
  • Support- Noelle, Weapon – Whiteblind
  • Healer – Barbara, Weapon – Prototype Amber

Kaeya would be everyone’s first choice Main DPS when the game first starts out; ideally, players will be using Fischl in the Sub DPS slot for this team comp to get the best out of her damage. Players can carry out Freeze and Superconduct reactions, but players need to be wary of using Noelle’s Crystallize reactions since they might interfere with the team’s reactions.

I would recommend using Kaeya’s Elemental Burst and Fischl’s Elemental Skill simultaneously because this will help players carry out constant Superconduct reactions. Barbara will play a more hands-on role in this team comp because she will facilitate the Freeze reactions through her Hydro application while healing the entire team.

Team Comps: Best Team Comp

Fischl Main DPS Team

  • Main DPS – Fischl, Weapon – Thundering Pulse/ Mitternachts Waltz
  • Sub DPS – Kazuha, Weapon – Freedom Sworn
  • Support – Beidou, Weapon – Makhaira Aquamarine
  • Healer – Diona, Weapon – Sacrificial Bow

As the Main DPS in this team, Fischl will be on-field for most of the battles. Therefore, I would recommend building a Physical DPS Fischl because this will help players deal with most of the bosses in the game without the need for significant elemental reactions. By using Kazuha to shred the opponent’s elemental RES, Beidou to apply shields and provide Electro resonance, and Diona to heal and deliver additional shields, players have a very well-balanced team.

Diona can apply Cryo, and with the Electro characters already present in the team, players can efficiently conduct Superconduct as an alternative in case the Physical DMG will not work. By triggering Electro resonance, players will have more energy particles generated through reactions, resulting in a battery effect for the whole team.

Fischl Main DPS Team (Electro Main DPS)

  • Main DPS – Fischl, Weapon – Thundering Fury
  • Main DPS – Tartaglia, Weapon – Polar Star
  • Support- Beidou, Weapon – Makhaira Aquamarine
  • Healer – Bennett, Weapon – Mistsplitter Reforged

By using a dual Main DPS team, players can deal a significant amount of damage in a very short time. For this team comp, we are looking at consistent Electro-Charged reactions carried out by Tartaglias’s Hydro application and Fischl’s Electro application.

Players can rely on Beidou to provide shields and Electro application as well, plus the Electro resonance that is triggered will go a long way because Tartaglia needs large volumes of energy to carry out his Elemental Burst. Bennett is the ultimate carry; not only will he take the damage dealt by the team to the next level, but he will also provide healing.

Fischl Sub DPS Team

  • Main DPS – Tighnari, Weapon – Hunter’s Path
  • Sub DPS – Fischl, Weapon – Thundering Fury
  • Support- Nahida, Weapon – A Thousand Floating Dreams
  • Healer – Kokomi, Weapon – Everlasting Moonglow

Tighnari will be the focal point of the team’s damage, and most of the raw damage will come through him, while reactions will go through the other characters. Kokomi will be a vital part of the team because she will heal the team and is the only source of Hydro application.

By using Nahida to apply Dendro, this team will be able to apply Dendro to multiple enemies, both short-range and long-range as well. Fischl is the only Electro applier on this team, and she will take the field to deal damage whenever Tighnari is experiencing cooldowns.

By using two Dendro characters in this team comp, players will trigger Dendro resonance, this results in higher Elemental Mastery for all Dendro reactions, Hyperbloom in this case. 

Mistakes to Avoid

As always, players have to keep an eye on a few things when using Fischl; these little details will help them get the best out of her while making her an essential part of any team comp.

  1. Players often forget to upgrade Fischl’s Energy Recharge stat because they would instead invest in a more damage focussed stat. However, Fischl is widely known as a battery character and one that will help generate energy particles for the entire team. With this in mind, it is advised to always keep her Energy Recharge stat in mind when building her; ideally, she should have at least 120 Energy Recharge.
  2. Players can use her Elemental Skill more than once to reposition Oz in the perfect area before the large skill cooldown hits. In the frenzy of battle, players often use her Elemental Skill and then swap her off-field. However, sometimes this could lead to Oz being placed in the wrong position, and since he is an auto-attack entity, he may misfire at the wrong target(s) or an inanimate object.

How to Obtain Fischl?

dunkelnacht sakrament genshin impact

There are three ways to obtain Fischl;

  1. The wish system – Fischl can be obtained via the wish system, the same as any character. In banners featuring Fischl as one of the rated up four-star characters, players have a much higher chance to collect Fischl.
  2. Paimon’s Bargain Shop – Fischl appears every January and July alongside Xiangling and the Blackcliff weapon series. Players can purchase Fischl by exchanging 34 Masterless Stardust; however, only one character purchase can be made each month.

ein immernachtstraum genshin impact


Question: Which Character is Better, Fischl or Kujou Sara?

Answer: Neither character is better than the other because they have different uses. Players must identify which requirement needs to be met before selecting one of the two (or both) characters.

Fischl – Great Electro applier, can act as a battery, off-field DPS, and can be a physical DPS.
• Kujou Sara – Great Electro applier, helps the team via buffs, can generate energy particles, and requires minimal field time.

Question: What is Fischl’s Real Name?

Answer: Fischl’s real name is Amy, and she is from Mondstadt. Contrary to what she says, Fischl does not come from a world beyond Teyvat; she is not an actual princess, and she is just someone deeply immersed in role-play.

Question: Does Fischl Have Friends?

Answer: Yes, Fischl does have friends. Due to her eccentric nature, Fischl has a hard time fitting in with most people, and as a result, she has trouble connecting. However, she does have a few friends, and they are;

Oz – Oz is her trusted companion and translator.
• Mona – Fischl and Mona grew close during the “Unreconciled Stars” event and continued being close to each other in the “Summertime Odessy” event as well.
Bennett – It could be because both are outcasts, but Bennett and Fischl have a good friendship.


All things considered, Fischl is one of the best Sub DPS and Main DPS characters in Genshin Impact. She can easily fit into almost any team with her many attributes, and this makes her a very versatile character. However, she also has her shortcomings, but in general, her positives outweigh her negatives.

Fischl is one of the most fun characters in the game, and she is definitely the most entertaining as well. From her mannerisms to her form of speech, Fischl is a truly unique character and a definite fan favorite. Personally, I would love to see her in more story quests and events because she makes things very interesting and provides a sense of comic relief.

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