Rashen Perera

Rashen is a dedicated and passionate Genshin player turned writer who has used his love for this brilliant live service game as a means of turning his passion into a career. While not outspoken in nature, when let loose on a page, Rashen let's his work speak for itself and when it comes to the world of Genshin, there are few players out there that can offer more detailed and informative articles than him. He's poured literally thousands of hours into Genshin and explored every nook and cranny of Mondstadt, and he's more than willing to pass this knowledge on to you, our faithful readers!

Paimon Guide

Paimon Guide

Who is Paimon? We’ll begin this Paimon guide by introducing you to Paimon. Paimon, aside from being Emergency food for the Traveler, is a floating entity that accompanies the Traveler in the Protagonist’s journey to find the missing sibling. As an NPC, Paimon is not a playable character, so even though she might speak to

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