Parametric Transformer Guide

Parametric Transformer Guide

Throughout your journey in Teyvat, you’ll collect different things. Some of them would be used on your Genshin characters, weapons, or as consumables. Though there are still many things that stack in relatively large amounts, and players don’t know where they can use them. Here’s where Parametric Transfomer comes to the player’s rescue.

I was pretty fascinated with this equipment when Mihoyo introduced it in version 1.3. My inventory was full of things that I didn’t use, and with the help of this Genshin Impact Gadget, I could turn them into something I could use on my characters. Having stacked plenty of berries, I was happy to turn them into mora and some exp books.

Mind that rewards are according to RNG and what materials you use as fodder. Let’s go over a brief overview of what Parametric Transformer is and its different uses! Here’s what we’re going to explore in this Parametric Transformer Guide:

Key Details Upfront:

  1. Introduction to Parametric Transformer
  2. What is the use of Parametric Transformer?
  3. How can you get it and its related quest details
  4. Achievement for using Parametric Transformer
  5. How you can use it and tips regarding farming
  6. Concluding the guide with FAQs 

What is Parametric Transformer?

This mysterious device, discovered within the ruins, has the power to accelerate cycles and “transmute” material objects. Generally speaking, everything is undergoing a cycle. Memories and elements surge within the ley lines, rotten fallen fruits return to the soil, and the trees born from the soil will one day bear their crystalline fruit…

The parametric transformer is a mysterious artifact, which you can obtain by completing the Tianqiu Treasure Trail quest. It’s one of the collectibles in-game that you can get just by following this Genshin quest and using it for the rest of your game.

I’ve found this equipment quite helpful, but don’t expect high rewards. It’s more like equipment where you can put extra materials as fodder and receive something better in return. You might get some weapon ascension material, mora, EXP books, character, ascension material, or talent material.

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What is the Use of Parametric Transformer?

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It is a device that can transmute materials placed within and convert them into some other material.

– During the transmutation process, you must use Elemental Attacks to generate enough energy for the transmutation to take place

– After obtaining the transmuted materials, you must wait seven days to use them once again

Though it might seem that rewards aren’t great, having something is better than having nothing. You can use this equipment to get extra materials for your low-level characters and invest in them.

How to Get Parametric Transformer?

You need to complete the Tianqui Treasure Trail quest to get the equipment at the end. You don’t have to craft anything here, just finishing the exploration and getting this equipment as a reward for it.

Investigate an area, fight some mobs and get your bonus! Relatively easy if you ask me! 

Tianqui Treasure Trail Quest – 

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You need to be Adventure Rank 31 to initiate this quest. Once you’ve hit Adventure Rank 31, head over to Adventurer’s Guild in Liyue, Lan would be standing to the left of Guild, hard to miss because you’ll be collecting your daily commission rewards there every day.

  • Goto Lan and interact with her; she’ll give you clues to Treasure which you can find if you choose to accept the quest.
  • After accepting the quest, the map would mark a location on your map. As the name of the quest sounds, the area would be Tianqiu Valley.
  • You’ll have to fight through some enemy mobs, and one of them would drop a treasure map. Open up your inventory tab and observe the area. It will point to Dunyu Ruins, where you’ll find strange notes by a camp. It’s on top of fallen pillars near the camp; there are some bushes over them as well. Beware, you might find a fatui agent there! If you’re looking to collect some fatui dropped materials, this place has plenty of them.
  • After going through the Strange note, the quest would mark three locations on your map, and you have to investigate them. Order of investigation doesn’t matter; investigating each location will reward you with an exquisite chest. There will be a “DIG” dropdown marker floating in those areas, and they’re easy to find!
  • Now that you’ve collected those chests, you’ll get a Strange box. Quite a naming if you like me, strange note, strange box and you get strange equipment. Okay, now head back over to Lan.
  • After interacting with her and following through dialogues, you get rewarded with Parametric Transformer!

Don’t sweat it; it’s an easy quest, and I’m confident you’ll get the equipment! You can do it! It’s pretty handy equipment, and for collectors like myself, anything I can get my hands on in-game it’s always welcomed!

How to Use the Equipment?

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The equipment doesn’t have any complex mechanisms you need to go through, just simple steps, and you’ll have those rewards in less than 5 minutes!


Most of the time, I prefer to place the Gadget in quiet places with no monsters nearby. I don’t want to get disturbed when I’m collecting rewards! So, you can teleport to the city of your choice or even a statue of seven and place the equipment nearby. You need to put it on a valid surface, just like you place Serenitea pot.

Place the Gadget

Open your inventory in Gadget’s section and place a parametric transformer there. Just like you place Serenitea pot, You’ll place it there.


I call it fuel or fodder; you can call materials anything you want to. You need to choose materials you wish to use as fuel for the transmutation process. Different rarity materials will yield other rewards. However, I won’t recommend you put any materials with more than a 1-star rarity.

You have to put 150 items and can choose to add multiple items. Quite flexible if you ask me unless you want to put 150 crystal cores just like I did. The rewards weren’t great except getting some mora and ascension chunks.

Continue reading about the different types of items found in Genshin.

Initiate Transmutation

After putting materials, start transmutation. Now you have to apply elemental energy to the Gadget. You can use elemental skills to fill up the meter to 100%. Now your elemental skills have cooldowns, and you have to switch characters, which will consume time.Here’s what you can do

Switch to catalyst users and make regular attacks. Catalyst users have their normal attacks as elemental damage, so Parametric Transformer would count even barbara common attacks as elemental energy being supplied to the Gadget.

Parametic Transformer

You can also place a parametric transformer near electro crystals, and it’ll automatically charge it—no need to attack or do any extra work. I wish I had known about the second technique earlier, and it would have saved me some clicks there.

Keep in mind that Internal cooldowns for elemental attacks are still applicable to the parametric transformer. Each attack can fill the meter up to 5%, so it’s better to mark some electro crystals.

Claiming the rewards

Though it’s based on RNG, the number of rewards they’re not good enough to compensate for the time you’ve put in collecting the materials used as fuel. The player can receive 5-10 sets of items.

However, most of them end up with 5 or 7. If you’re lucky enough, you might end up with ten sets. You can get the following rewards from the parametric transformer.

  •  Mora
  •  Character EXP Material
  •  Weapon Enhancement material
  • Character ascension material
  •  Talent level up material
  • Weapon ascension material

It has been observed through data mined files that the type of fuel used gives an increased chance for obtaining particular categories of reward.

The video shows that I’ve put crystal cores and got character ascension materials of better quality. But I won’t recommend using higher rarity material as fuel.

It’s better to feed the materials in excess and get some rewards from them.


After you’ll put 150 valid materials to Parametric Transformer and complete your first transmutation, you’ll see an achievement “Transmutation Nuclide” on your screen. Another achievement you can showcase to your friends and some primogems. Hey, come on more or less, primogems are primogems

Here are some tips which you can follow

Collect everything you can

Remember that Genshin Impact focuses a lot on farming different materials throughout your journey in Teyvat, and it is based on open-world; You’ll be roaming around vast land areas with other shiny objects and plants to collect. Please don’t shy away from collecting them.

It’s better to fill up bags more because you never know which future character might use those materials for their ascension. When it comes to crafting potions, weapons, ascension material, or just making food items, you’ll start to run out of materials quite fast if you’ve not pre-farmed them already.

My tip for your would-be is to collect materials as much as you can, and if you see that you have some things in excess, you can feed them in a parametric transformer once a week and get some rewards out of them.

Don’t feed high rarity material

It might be good to make memes once in a while and try to feed those precious crystal cores you collected. Just like I did, but it took me many days to recover the 150 crystal cores I provided to the parametric transformer, and rewards weren’t good enough to compensate for the time I spent there.

I’d recommend you save your higher rarity material and feed only 1-star items to the Gadget. Because to create higher rarity material with the help of a crafting table, you need multiple items of lower rarity material to make even a single item of higher rarity. Though higher rarity material does drop from overworld mobs, it’s pretty rare to get them.

Check cooldown

The parametric transformer has a cooldown of 7 days from the day you use it. It’s not something like weekly bosses, which reset after a week, so you have to use it when it becomes available. You can choose a particular day, just like I have chosen Monday.

I complete my weekly bosses and feed extra materials to Gadget for some rewards. It’s better to wrap up everything for once and all because after finishing reputation quests, bounties, weekly bosses, and commissions, you’re pretty much done for the week.

Check your inventory and expeditions

Yes, you need to keep an eye on your inventory to see if you’re not overusing the same material every time. Let’s suppose you’re feeding sweet flowers to a parametric transformer, and then you need to do expeditions to re-fill their quantity over the week. I prefer to use expeditions to passively farm the materials I’ve used in transmutation and keep my gaming experience simple.

If you’re someone who plays in co-op and actively farms world materials, then this shouldn’t be a problem for you. However, you might get busy on some occasions and could get low on materials.

Good for under-leveled characters

Most of us have our primary teams, which we like to play and invest appropriately in their builds and talent progression. Now investing minimal rewards from the parametric transformer to high-level characters is like putting a drop in the ocean.

So I’d recommend you invest those materials in characters that are under-leveled now or ones you plan to ascend in the future. I have some players below level 40, and using these reward materials on their talents or EXP would be a better choice.


Let’s cover some FAQs before coming to a conclusion

Question: Is it compulsory to use the Parametric Transformer?

Answer: It depends on you. Most of the time, we have a lot of materials in excess. If you can’t put those materials to any use, it’s better to convert them to something useful. Though I agree that rewards aren’t great, having something is better than having nothing. You are going with this ideology; after collecting numero uno materials in the overworld, you can invest in your characters if you can convert some of them to something. I see it as a win-win situation.

Question: I play less and don’t have a lot of materials to feed to equipment. Am I missing something important?

Answer: No, you’re not missing anything of great value. Sure, there are better rewards if you feed higher rarity items to the parametric transformer, but even those are lackluster compared to materials you can farm with resin. The parametric transformer is better suited for abundant materials and has a lower rarity.

So, if you’re someone who doesn’t spend much time on the game, I’d recommend you save your material and invest them into your characters instead.

Question: Can I still get Parametric Transformer, even if I start the game now?

Answer: Yes, you can. Parametric Transfomer will be rewarded after you’ll complete the quest. You can get it just by progressing through your Adventure Rank and unlocking the quest at Adeventure Rank 31. It’s not event exclusive, so be assured that you’ll be able to get it one day, even if you’re starting now.


Knowing that Genshin Impact focuses heavily on farming for characters and collecting different things in the overworld, it’s best not to ignore any shiny something you can add to your backpack.

Materials that aren’t being used on any character, talent, or weapon can be used on future characters. It’s better to stack materials than run low on them.

Otherwise, you’ll be running short of collecting them as most of the collectible in Genshin Impact has respawned timers. You don’t want to be waiting for items to reset from their cooldown if you’re going to ascend your favorite character fast!

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