Albedo Genshin Impact Guide

Albedo Genshin Impact Guide

Since the day I started playing Genshin Impact, I have always pondered over its lore and how the fate of characters is intertwined with each other. While some characters aren’t portrayed enough in the story, others have dedicated events.

These events expand on the characters’ backstories, origins, and interactions with the Traveler on various occasions.

Among these characters is the chief alchemist of the Knights of the Favonius, who has been featured in two flagship events. In those events, we learned about his origin, aspirations, experiences, and weapons, which were curated to enhance his abilities.

There is a lot to unpack about this character, and that’s why we are here. In this Albedo Genshin Impact guide, I will go over this mysterious character who always has been the center of attention in the story and discuss the abilities that make him one of the best off-field damage dealers in the game.

So, without any further delay, let’s get to know about our alchemist friend and learn more about his extraordinary abilities.

Albedo, the Chief Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius

Albedo is a mysterious character who has learned the art of Khemia, art to create life itself. From the two major events in the game, The Chalk prince and the Dragon, and Shadow amidst snowstorms, we get to know about his birth and how he is an artificial human created by his master, Rhinedottir.

Albedo has a secluded personality and keeps to himself but is comfortable around children like Klee, whom he treats like his younger sister. Klee is one of my favorite characters in the game and if you are also a Klee main, then make sure to read our Klee guide!

albedo with little klee
Here’s a picture of Albedo with our cute little Klee! Cheers to my friend Sei for the artwork!

I remember that a lot of my friends ignored Albedo when he first came out, but once they got to know his potential, they started to stack up primogems and wished on his next banner.

I’d say that he’s a really good character who can support your Geo teams. If an abyss run features a Geo meta, then Albedo mains will be the first to get the taste of victory.

Albedo’s quite comfortable around the Traveler as he considers them someone who’s not from Teyvat and doesn’t mind sharing his secrets. The events were full of lore, and I was surprised to learn that he asked the Traveler to stop him if he went berserk and lost control.

That was quite a twisted plot because I wasn’t expecting him to be that dangerous. Well, as the story progresses, we’ll get to know more about him, but if you want to know more about those events, then do check out our events guide. Who knows? Maybe you will find some juicy lore crumbs there.

Ascension & Talent Level Up

Albedo’s skill scales off his defense, and you must level him up to the maximum level. As you level him up, the defense increases and proportionally enhances his skills’ damage.

On top of that, he gets a Geo damage bonus ascension stat which perfectly complements his abilities and turns him into a really good off-field character to invest in to support Geo teams.

Here’s a list of ascension materials that you need for Albedo:

  • Mora x 420,000
  • Basalt pillar x 46
  • Cecilia x 168
  • Diving scroll x 18
  • Sealed scroll x 30
  • Forbidden curse scroll x 36
  • Prithiva topaz sliver x 1
  • Prithiva topaz fragment x 9
  • Prithiva topaz chunk x 9
  • Prithiva topaz gemstone x 6

Coming to his talents, I don’t think you need to invest in his normal attacks because most of his playstyle is focused on his elemental skill. You will rarely use his normal attacks besides attacking trees to collect wood.

However, his skills, especially the Solar Isotoma, will play a significant role in his damage output and is the one you should first focus on.

ascension & talent level up
Preview: The materials you need to ascend a talent

Here are the materials you need to level up a single talent:

  • Mora x 1,652,500
  • Crown of insight x 1
  • Tusk of monoceros caeli x 6
  • Teachings of ballad x 3
  • Guide to ballad x 21
  • Philosophies of ballad x 38
  • Diving scroll x 6
  • Sealed Scroll x 22
  • Forbidden curse scroll x 31


Normal Attack, Favonius Bladework – Weiss

normal attack, favonius bladework - weiss
Skill attributes: Normal attack

Normal attack: Albedo strikes 5 times in a row with his sword

Charged attack: Albedo consumes a specific amount of stamina to rapidly strike twice

Plunging attack: Albedo plunges from mid-air to hit the surface below and deals area-of-effect physical damage

You don’t need to level up Albedo’s normal attack unless you want to play him as a physical damage dealer. It’s better to leave this talent at level 1 and save your resources.

Elemental Skill, Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma

elemental skill, abiogenesis - solar isotoma
Skill attributes: Solar Isotoma

Albedo creates a Solar Isotoma construct with the help of alchemy that deals an area-of-effect Geo damage.

Solar Isotoma has the following properties:

  • When the enemies inside the field receive damage, the Solar Isotoma will generate Transient Blossoms that will deal area-of-effect Geo damage scaling off Albedo’s defense. They can be generated only once every 2s
  • When your character stands on the Solar Isotoma, it will rise to a certain height along with your character.
  • Solar Isotoma is considered a Geo construct, so only one instance created by Albedo can exist at a time.
  • Holding the skill option allows you to position its deployment on the battlefield.

Albedo’s most important skill is Solar Isotoma. Besides its standard features, there are a few things that you should be aware of. This skill can resonate with other Geo constructs like Zhongli’s pillar and deal Geo damage to enemies. It may seem trivial at first, but combining this skill with Traveler’s Geo constructs can cover a lot of area.

solar isotoma
Solar Isotoma covers quite a vast area
redeploy the solar isotoma
You can reposition your skill and redeploy the Solar Isotoma
locus of the solar isotoma
You can stand on the locus of the Solar Isotoma to reach a certain height
the transient blossoms
The Transient blossoms will damage the enemies along with your character’s attack

Another perk about this skill is lifting a character to a certain height, which can help you in exploration or grab an oculus. You can easily deploy this skill in the field and let the Transient blossoms burst on enemies.

The bloom won’t trigger until you deal damage to an enemy. The damage is a small area-of-effect damage that has a chance to hit multiple enemies at once.

However, keep an eye on your construct because it may get destroyed by enemy attacks, and you must redeploy it again. The best thing is that you can easily redeploy it anywhere on the field with a minimal cooldown.

Elemental Burst, Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide

The moment you use this skill, Geo crystals will appear and burst in the front to deal area-wide Geo damage. If you have the Solar Isotoma on the field, then 7 fatal blossoms will be generated in the field and violently burst to deal area-wide Geo damage.

elemental burst, rite of progeniture - tectonic tide
Skill attributes: Rite of Progeniture
albedo's elemental burst
Albedo’s elemental burst deals damage in front of him

Because of its mechanics, the burst damage depends on the number of enemies. If you are facing a bunch of enemies in the Solar Isotoma field, then the burst will severely damage enemies in clusters.

This leads to a massive chain reaction of damage in an area. Additionally, the burst has a longer invincibility time, so you can easily dodge critical hits by enemies. If you are someone like me who rushes into enemies in the abyss, then burst animations will save you from a lot of attacks that otherwise have been fatal to your characters.

fatal blossoms massive damage
The fatal blossoms deal massive damage to enemies in a group

Still, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when using Albedo’s burst. The burst isn’t really good against an enemy like Maguu Kenki because there won’t be a lot of blossoms.

On top of that, enemies might change their position when you cast your burst. So, be careful when using his burst and pay attention to your surroundings. It might backfire and turn into a DPS loss in the case of a single enemy.

Passive: Calcite Might

Transient Blossoms generated by Albedo’s elemental skill will deal 25 % increased damage to enemies with less than 50 % health.

A really good passive that kills enemies with low health. If you don’t want to use your main damage dealer’s burst, then using Albedo’s burst might do the trick.

Passive: Homuncular Nature

The elemental mastery of nearby team members increases by 125 units for 10 seconds after you use the elemental burst.

The passive is amazing, but not for a Geo character. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a decent passive that can help to buff team members’ Elemental mastery, but Geo is a neutral element and doesn’t have any major reactions.

So, if you are using Albedo in an elemental reaction team, then you really have to choose your picks carefully. A character like Sucrose is a perfect fit instead of Albedo because she can share her elemental mastery and shred enemies’ elemental resistance with the Viridescent Venerer artifact set.

Passive: Flash of Genius

Albedo has a 10 % chance to receive double the product when he crafts weapon ascension materials.

A really good passive when it comes to saving inventory supplies. Throughout your journey, you will come across a lot of weapons and ascend them through various phases by utilizing weapon ascension materials.

To get these materials, you have to farm in the overworld and spend a lot of time, and this passive will help you to save a few extra runs for the same.


Albedo’s constellations

Albedo’s constellations and playstyle primarily focus on his elemental skill, Solar Isotoma, which summons Transient blossoms to damage enemies in an area. Depending on the constellation level, you may have to change your team composition or playstyle.

Flower of Eden

Transient blossoms generated by Albedo’s skill regenerate 1.2 energy units for him.

The constellation is good if you don’t have any characters to generate energy for him. If Albedo is the only Geo character in the team and facing a horde of enemies, then this constellation can easily generate energy for his burst.

Opening of Phanerozoic

Transient blossoms generated by Albedo’s elemental skill grant him a Fatal reckoning for the 30s:

  • Using Albedo’s burst will consume all stacks of Fatal reckoning. Each stack of the fatal reckoning consumed increases the damage of burst and fatal blossoms by 30 % of Albedo’s defense. This effect stacks up to 4 times.

A marvelous constellation for Albedo. Hands down, this is one of the best constellations that massively buff his burst damage against a group of enemies. Unless you are facing a single enemy, this constellation will really scale Albedo’s damage off his defense and stacks up to 4 times.

Grace of Helios

Unlocking this constellation will increase the level of Albedo’s elemental skill by 3 levels with a maximum limit of 15

Descent of Divinity

Active team members’ plunging attack damage is increased by 30% in the Solar Isotoma field.

This constellation isn’t good for Albedo because his playstyle is centered around using his elemental skill. However, if you have a character like Xiao, then this constellation can help to increase his damage since his playstyle focuses on plunge attacks. The same can be said for Scaramouche, who can fly in the air and land to deal with Anemo damage.

Tide of Hadean

This constellation increases the elemental burst level by 3 levels, where the maximum limit is 15

Dust of Purification

Active team members with a Crystallize shield receive a damage bonus of 17 % in the Solar Isotoma field.

The term “Crystallize” is important here. Crystallization is a reaction when Geo comes in contact with Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, or Electro element. In simple terms, a shard is dropped when the reaction occurs, and you can pick that up to form a shield around you.

Once your active character has a Crystallize shield, you will receive a damage bonus in the skill field. A Crystallize shield lasts for around 15 seconds, and that’s plenty of time to complete a team rotation.


albedo's weapons
Albedo with the Cinnabar Spindle

Primordial Jade Cutter

Primordial Jade Cutter features a CRIT rate substat that helps to enhance Albedo’s skill and burst damage. The more the CRIT rate you have on a character, the better damage they deal. However, you must also maintain decent CRIT damage on them to see the effect.

Usually, it’s recommended to maintain a 1:2 CRIT rate to CRIT damage ratio for optimal damage, so if you plan to equip a CRIT rate or CRIT damage weapon in the future, then make sure to balance out these ratios.

Haran Geppaku Futsu

Kamisato Ayato’s signature weapon is another decent choice for Albedo because of its CRIT rate substat. The weapon also offers an elemental damage bonus from its passive and helps to increase normal attack damage.

You won’t need a normal attack damage boost, but the CRIT rate and elemental damage bonus will help to increase Albedo’s skill damage.

Mistsplitter Reforged

Coincidently, this weapon is Kamisato Ayaka’s signature weapon and offers CRIT damage as its substat. Just like Haran Geppaku Futsu, this weapon offers an all-elemental damage bonus and further increases the active character’s elemental damage bonus.

This makes it a decent choice for Albedo, who needs to trigger his skill on enemies and deal enough off-field damage to support the main damage dealer.

Cinnabar Spindle (4-star)

Cinnabar Spindle was an event weapon featured in the Shadows Amidst Snowstorms event and by far one of the best weapons for Albedo. This weapon and its passive are a powerhouse of defense boost that massively enhances his abilities.

The weapon features a defense substat, and the passive helps to increase the skill damage by 80 % of defense. Since its launch, this weapon has been a fan-favorite and provides immense utility on the battlefield.

Festering desire (4-star)

Festering desire was another sword given during another event, and a viable choice for Albedo before Cinnabar Spindle came out. The Festering Desire was featured in the Chalk prince and the Dragon event and featured an energy recharge substat.

The passive is curated for characters who rely on elemental skills and boosts skill damage and CRIT rate.

Harbinger of Dawn (3-star)

You may feel that 3-star weapons aren’t that great and why you should invest in them in the first place. This is a common misconception that a lot of players have, and I can definitely prove that 3-star weapons are really good.

There are a few 3-star weapons that can rival 5-star counterparts, and one among them is Harbinger of Dawn.

Harbinger of Dawn features a CRIT damage substat and a passive that increases the CRIT rate if the character’s health is above 90 %. This weapon is a perfect choice for early-game players who want to have an off-field damage dealer on their team.

Most of the time, your supports will be swapped out to your main damage dealer, and you can easily benefit from this weapon’s passive.


albedo's artifacts
Albedo with the husk of opulent dreams artifact set

Husk of Opulent Dreams

This artifacts set is the default set for Albedo mains because it helps to buff defense and Geo damage simultaneously. You can easily equip a 4-piece set of this artifact and showcase 5-figure damage numbers.

The set is picture-perfect for a character like Albedo as its 4-piece effect enables you to stack Geo damage and defense over time, both of which are insanely potent on a defense scaling character like Albedo.

Noblesse Oblige

If you don’t have a dedicated artifact set for your support character, then Noblesse Oblige is the one you should go with. The set provides a burst damage bonus with its 2-piece effect, and the 4-piece effect helps to increase the attack of all characters in your team.

Tenacity of the Millelith

The artifact set is really amazing if you have off-field support, which depends on an elemental skill to damage enemies. The 2-piece effect here will give extra health to Albedo, and the 4-piece effect helps to buff the attack and shield strength of party members.

Archaic Petra

Run this artifact set if you don’t have any other options. The artifact set provides a geo damage bonus with its 2-piece effect and gives a damage bonus if you pick up a shield formed by a Crystallize reaction.

This artifact set isn’t that great, but when you don’t have anything else to equip on Albedo, then this is the only option you can go with.

Another option for you can be to use a 2-piece 2-piece combination on your characters. You can use the artifact options listed above and equip a combination that suits your needs.

Team Compositions

Mono Geo: Albedo Geo Geo Geo

mono geo - albedo geo geo geo
A mono Geo team: Albedo, Zhongli, Geo Traveler, and Ningguang

Mono Geo teams focus on dealing Geo damage only. As the name suggests, you will be using Geo characters in this team, and they are really good for characters like Ningguang, Arataki Itto, or Noelle, who can dish out severe burst damage.

You can have characters like Gorou, Geo Traveller, or Albedo funnel energy particles to your main character and have a 100% uptime on their burst. I’ve used plenty of combinations of Mono Geo in the past and can definitely vouch for its potency.

A fine example could be to use Ningguang, Albedo, Zhongli, and Gorou, where you can spam your characters’ bursts. You can switch one character to Noelle for healing, depending on your requirements.

I don’t think you need to have a healer in this type of team, but enemies like Riftwolves who deal corrosion damage can bypass shields and deplete your characters’ health. To tackle them, you can have a character like Noelle.

Another fun fact about Geo teams is that you don’t need an Anemo character because Anemo cannot swirl the Geo element. It may seem like a caveat for Geo teams, but it is easily compensated by Geo characters’ potential in the game.

Though, some of the Geo teams are highly dependent on constellations, so you may feel the absence of the Viridescent venerer set.

Geo Resonance: Albedo Geo Flex Flex

geo resonance - albedo geo flex flex

description of resonance
The description of the Geo resonance

Geo resonance teams focus on utilizing the Geo resonance to buff teammates. You can have Albedo with another character like Zhongli, Noelle, or Ningguang to either burst or heal your characters and have two other slots for characters from other elements.

A prime example could be Albedo, Zhongli, Hu Tao, and Xingqiu, who can be viable candidates for this team. Though it may become situational for some elemental teams because two slots are reserved for Geo characters, and there may not be a possibility to insert a Viridescent venerer artifact set.

Another example could be Albedo, Zhongli, Eula, and Fischl against Cryo enemies, where you can conduct superconduct to reduce their Physical resistance and ramp up Eula’s physical damage.

Geo Construct: Albedo Geo Flex Flex

geo construct - albedo geo flex flex
A Geo construct team: Zhongli, Geo Traveler, Albedo, and any other character

Geo construct is more like a meme team than a meta one, but it can be optimized to deal sufficient damage. The main focus of this team is to deploy Geo constructs on the battlefield with the limit of only 3 being active at the same time. The moment you deploy another construct, the one deployed first will vanish.

This team is good for chambers where you have to protect a monolith and not worry about the time limit. You can deploy Zhongli’s pillar or Geo Traveler’s burst to shield the monolith and stop enemies from approaching the area. Once you have shielded the monolith, you can take your time to finish enemies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The Cinnabar Spindle was featured in the Shadow amidst snowstorm event and has been one of the best weapons for Albedo ever since. There were plenty of event tasks that you had to complete to get this sword, and the refinements were given for free.

I don’t think this sword will be available anytime soon because it was an event-exclusive reward. I was playing this event and had to fight an enemy who had impersonated Albedo.
We may see these weapons in the future, but I don’t think that’ll happen anytime soon. That’s all speculation from my end, and I hope new players will be able to obtain this weapon.

Question: How do I Obtain the Festering Desire? Is there any Possibility that this Sword will Come in Future?

Answer: The Festering desire was another great option featured in the chalk prince and the dragon event. This sword was the de-facto sword for Albedo before the cinnabar spindle came out and greatly buffed his elemental skill. This event ran in version 1.2; since then, the sword has had no re-run.

Neither the event nor the weapon made a re-run, and I reckon it won’t come in the future, either. Most of the time, gacha games have event-exclusive rewards, and Genshin does the same with flagship events. Players miss out on important lore and rewards and don’t get another chance to give them a go.

Question: Will the Chalk Prince and the Dragon, and Shadow Amidst Snowstorm Events Re-run in the Future?

Answer: I don’t think that these events will possibly run again in the future because these events were featured quite a long time ago. However, I feel that maybe Hoyoverse could launch DLCs for these events and give players a chance to redo the event quests and get to know the story.

Though that’s speculation from my end, I feel this will help the game. A lot of fo players don’t know about these events and have to go on Youtube to watch them events.


Albedo is a remarkable support character who can provide insane off-field damage for your active character. His skill, Solar Isotoma, is the main focus of his kit and is really awesome against hordes of enemies.

His constellations are worthy enough to be unlocked and provide quality-of-life changes and damage bonuses. I would highly recommend you roll on him to buff your Geo teams and benefit the most from his abilities.

Characters like Zhongli, Gorou, and Geo Traveler can synergize quite well with their abilities and yield positive results on the battlefield. If you want to know more about these characters, then I highly recommend you check out our character guides and assemble the best possible team on your account.

To know more about his backstory, you can hop onto Youtube and search about the events he was featured in, the chalk prince, and the dragon and shadows amidst snowstorms. Both events had an awesome plot and revealed many secrets about Khaneri’ah and Albedo himself.

That was it, and I hope you liked the guide. Make sure to check our other guides to know more about your favorite character, and I’ll see you in another guide soon enough! Take care, my friend!

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