Deathmatch Genshin Impact Guide

Deathmatch Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG game featuring a wide variety of in-game items which players can use. Among the many collectibles, weapons have significant value in the gaming experience. Each player wants to equip their character with better weapons and enough firepower to beat in-game content.

You can use weapons depending on their rarity in different phases. Some weapons are suitable for the early games, while others are for beating end-game content like Spiral abyss.

Here, I’ll be going through ‘Deathmatch,’ one among many in-game weapons, and summarizing its details. Before that, let’s go over a summary of what I’ll be covering in this Deathmatch Genshin Impact guide:

  1. What is Deathmatch?
  2. Materials needed for Deathmatch
  3. Battle pass progression
  4. Characters that can use Deathmatch
  5. Concluding with a FAQ section

What is Deathmatch?

Image from Fandom

It is a sharp crimson-colored polearm stained in the blood of countless beasts and men. Held through numerous battles and the bravery of gladiators, it was once a priceless treasure.

Lore wise, this weapon has slain many foes and drenched them in their blood. Gladiator’s fate was bloodstained, and freedom always balanced on the knife’s edge. The dull sound of crimson polearm’s tip piercing flesh of enemies turned to their death-knells.

Deathmatch is a 4-star polearm weapon that you can claim after reaching level 30 of the Gnostic Hymn Battle pass. You cannot obtain this weapon from the overworld, and you have to purchase the battle pass for $9.99.

There’s also a premium variant of Battle pass, namely Gnostic Chorus, which costs $19.99. Gnostic Chorus includes extra items like name cards and fragile resins.

If you’re a light spender on the game, I won’t recommend you go for Gnostic Chorus; instead, go for Gnostic Hymm. You can obtain a battle pass only weapons from both of these variants, so better save some money to buy the blessing of welkin moon for 90 daily primogems.

Weapon Details:

  • Rarity: 4-star
  • Base attack: 41 
  • Secondary Stat: CRIT rate
  • Secondary stat value: 8%
  • Passive Ability: Gladiator

Note: If at least two enemies are nearby, ATK increases by 16%, and DEF increases by 16%. If fewer than two enemies are nearby, ATK is increased by 24%.

Weapon Stat Progression:

Weapon Level Base Attack CRIT Rate (%)
1 41 8
20 99 14.1
40 184 20.6
60 293 27.1
80 401 33.5
90 454 36.8
Refinement Rank ATK/DEF Increase(%)
at least 2 opponents nearby
ATK Increase(%)
less than 2 opponents nearby
1 16 24
2 20 30
3 24 36
4 28 42
5 32 48

Materials Needed for Deathmatch

Genshin Impact heavily focused on farming in-game materials and ascending weapons. It would be best to have plenty of mora and weapon enhancement ores with materials to increase weapons EXP. Here’s a detail of resources you need to ascend Deathmatch to level 90:


Boreal Wolf’s Dead Leyline Nectar
Milk Tooth = 3 Branch = 15 Whopperflower = 10
Cracked Tooth = 9 Leaves = 18 Shimmering = 15
Broken Fang = 9 Sprout = 27 Energy = 18
Nostalgia = 4 Total Mora for ascension: 150000

Moreover, it would be best to have around 600 mystic enhancement ores and 600k+ mora for ascending 4-star weapons to level 90. Genshin Impact is more like a marathon where you can progress each day and can’t complete everything in one go.

I recommend you take things slow and don’t rush on clearing content. As a late-game player, all I do now is daily commissions and events, if any are going on.

Battle Pass Progression

Gnostic Chorus

If you decide to buy Gnostic Hymm or Gnostic Chorus, your next aim should be to complete battle pass missions and progress through its level to 30 to claim the battle pass weapon of your choice.

Currently, the battle pass has three types of missions: daily, weekly, and battle pass. If there is some event going on, then it’s possible to have a task related to that event in battle pass.

Each level requires you to gain 1000BEP with a weekly limit of 10000BP. It means you can level up by ten levels in a week.

Here are four daily missions which reset every day at 4:00 AM. The timing may differ depending on your time zone:

  1. Daily Login – Rewards you with 120 Battle Pass EXP
  2. Completing 4 Daily Commissions: Rewards you with 150 Battle Pass EXP
  3. Mine 10 Items: Rewards you with 150 Battle Pass EXP
  4. Use of a total of 150 Original Resin: Rewards you with 225 Battle Pass EXP

Completing daily commissions over a week will yield you 4515 Battle Pass EXP. It means you’ll be able to progress through 4 levels just with daily missions.

Now to progress through the rest of the six levels for the week before reaching the 10000EXP limit, I’ll recommend the following weekly challenges which are efficient:

  1. Complete Trounce Domains or the Dominator of Wolves challenge three times: Rewards 1350 Battle Pass EXP
  2. Use a total of 1200 Original Resin: Rewards 675 Battle Pass EXP
  3. Obtain a total of 1000 Realm Currency: Rewards 675 Battle Pass EXP
  4. Complete Ley Line deposit challenge 20 times: Rewards 450 Battle Pass EXP
  5. Purchase two items from Teapot traveling salesman in another player’s Serenitea Pot: Rewards 450 Battle Pass EXP
  6. Complete 3 Requests: Rewards 450 Battle Pass EXP
  7. Complete 3 Bounties: Rewards 450 Battle Pass EXP
  8. Defeat boss opponents ten times: Rewards 450 Battle Pass EXP
  9. Forge 20 items: Rewards 360 Battle Pass EXP
  10. Cook 20 Dishes: Rewards 360 Battle Pass EXP

These challenges look like quite a list to do, but they’re not. You can complete three weekly bosses, which require a total of 90 resin, bounties, and requests on a single day.

Having extra food is always recommended; you can create a higher rarity dish depending on your inventory supply or just some 1-star dish. As for leylines, you can complete them without claiming, and they will count towards progression.

You can join a friend’s world and repeat the same process; both of you will progress in the battle pass and don’t have to claim leylines if you don’t have any resin left. The same goes for weekly world bosses, which you can complete without using resin.

Ascending weapons require a lot of ores, and you can send your characters on expeditions to farm some ores for you daily. After that, you can use those ores to forge weapons enhancement ores, thus stacking up weapons EXP material and completing battle pass missions.

Genshin Impact requires you to consistently invest in your characters and use daily resin for farming overworld bosses and talent materials. So, I assume that you are investing in your characters, thus using daily resin. You will get one fragile resin from a free battle pass every week, so you’ll be able to complete 1200 weekly resin missions.

If you want to save some condensed and fragile resin for the future character, you can go with other weekly missions or even battle-limited pass missions.

Characters That can use Deathmatch

Characters That can use Deathmatch

I’ll be giving short remarks on how Deathmatch synergizes with different characters using polearms. Do keep in mind that there are better weapons than Deathmatch, depending on different team compositions and rotation requirements. I won’t be going to weapons comparison, requiring a separate detailed guide for each character.

As of writing this guide, Genshin Impact 2.4 has the following characters which use Deathmatch:

  1. Hu Tao: She’s a 5-star pyro polearm from Liyue region. Deathmatch is good on her if you’re looking for a decent crit rate and focusing on single target damage. Her abilities focus more on a single target, and she can deal a significant amount of damage in vaporizing or melt reactions.
  2. Raiden Shogun: She’s a 5-star electro polearm user from Inazuma. Though, I’ll recommend you farm for ‘The Catch’ weapon, which you can get for free just by fishing. It takes some time to fish, but it’s worth it because you can also purchase its refinements. Deathmatch is good on her if you want your burst to crit more often, but you need to keep energy recharge requirements for her in check.
  3. Rosaria: She is a 4-star cryo polearm user from Mondstadt specializing in giving crit rate buff to party members. Deathmatch is a decent choice if you’re looking to use her as support, but you need to keep her energy recharge stats in check for frequent burst use.
  4. Shenhe: She’s a 5-star cryo polearm user from Liyue. I won’t recommend Deathmatch on Shenhe unless you want to play her as a Physical damage dealer. She can be used in the overworld to kill mobs, but her abilities scale off ATK. It’s better to use ATK substat polearm or Energy recharge stat polearm on her.
  5. Thoma: Thoma is a 4-star pyro polearm user from Inazuma who acts as a shielder for party members. His shield scales off HP and gets stronger with every constellation. Favonius polearm is better suited to fulfill his high energy 80 burst cost required to have good uptime on his ult. You can use Deathmatch on him if you’re looking to use him only in the overworld as a physical damage dealer.
  6. Xiangling: She is a 4-star pyro polearm user from Liyue specializing in dealing area-wide damage to enemies. You can use Deathmatch to give extra critrate and buff her pyronado damage.
  7. Xiao: He is 5-star anemo polerarm user from Liyue. Deathmatch is quite good on him if Xiao is your primary damage dealer. He can crit more often in his burst and deal significant damage to enemies in a wide area. Keep in mind to pair him with a good healer to sustain his HP loss in a burst over time.
  8. Yunjin: She’s a 4-star geo polearm user from Liyue.Pretty decent on her if you’re looking to play her as support. Extra defense from Deathmatch can add to her burst and provide a buff to the prevailing party.
  9. Zhongli: He’s a 5-star geo polearm user from Liyue.If you’re the one who wants to deal decent damage with his burst and using him as a burst damage dealer, then Deathmatch is indeed a good choice for him. 

Deathmatch is a decent 4-star weapon if you want to use it on your primary damage dealer. Crit stats on damage dealers are valuable for clearing end-game content like Spiral abyss. Remember to balance other offensive and defensive stats depending on team composition.


Let’s go over some questions which you may have after reading this guide

Question: Should I refine Deathmatch as a light spender?

Answer: I won’t recommend you refine Deathmatch; instead, go for another battle pass weapon. It’s better to have different types of battle pass weapons than to refine a single one. It might be possible that you’ll get a better 5-star weapon and stop using the battle pass one.

Even if you’re subscribing to battle pass every refresh, it’s better to collect other weapons before refining any particular.

Question: How good is Deathmatch when compared with other polearms?

Answer: There’s no simple answer to this question. Every polearm has different passive and stat, affecting your character’s playstyle. Energy recharge weapons would be more focused on bursts, and crit rate weapons would be more into characters with DPS roles. It depends on your team composition about which weapons you want to use for certain characters.

Question: Are battle pass weapons good enough to clear end game content like spiral abyss?

Answer: Yes! Even if you don’t buy a battle pass or spend money on this game, you can clear the spiral abyss with your characters. However, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be able to 36 the abyss without having constellations on your characters or some well-refined weapons. But, it’s possible enough to clear all floors of the abyss without spending a penny.

Spiral abyss requires you to invest appropriately in your characters and figure out the best team compositions that can output good damage to enemies.

Question: Is it worth leveling up Deathmatch to level 90?

Answer: It might be possible that you’re out of resources, for now, to level up your weapon. But, it’s always an excellent choice to fully upgrade the weapon and use it. If you’re using Deathmatch on your main DPS, you can freely upgrade it to level 90 and bring out the maximum damage potential of your character.

Weapons are crucial when dealing with enemies, and weapons like Deathmatch, which gives crit rate stat, are rare. Feel free to level up this weapon and put it on your primary damage dealer if you don’t have a better 5-star option.

Question: Which weapons are alternatives to Deathmatch?

Answer: As of writing this guide, Genshin Impact 2.4 has only two-other polearms besides Deathmatch, which offers CRIT rate as a secondary stat value. Primordial Jade Winged-spear and White tassel.

Primordial Jade Winged-spear is a 5-star polearm that you can obtain from weapon’s banner wishes or standard banner. This weapon gives an extra attack boost to your active character and can provide a good base attack. If you’re lucky enough to get this weapon, lock it and invest properly in it.

White tassel is a decent 3-star weapon that gives you Crit rate stat and can refine to level 5. You can only find it in the chest in the Liyue region, so don’t mistake feeding it as EXP material in ascending some other weapon. I made this mistake, and I haven’t found another copy of the White tassel to this day. It’s a good weapon for early games and can be used on characters to get better crit rate stats and use a crit damage circlet in artifacts.

Deathmatch Genshin Impact Guide: Conclusion

Crit rate is an essential stat for most characters when dealing with damage to enemies. When building team comps, extra crit rate is always a cherry on the cake.

In contrast to Deathmatch, only one 3-star polearm gives Crit rate stat, the white tassel. As of writing this guide, you can only obtain White tassel from opening chests in the Liyue region in Genshin Impact 2.4. 

If you’re a light spender on the game, Deathmatch is a good choice for your primary damage dealer until you get a 5-star polearm that outclasses it. Even if you get a 5-star polearm, investing resources in Deathmatch won’t be a waste as you can equip it on other characters.

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