Genshin Impact Iniquitous Baptist Guide

Genshin Impact Iniquitous Baptist Guide

With the final part of the Sumeru Desert area released, we now have many new nooks and crannies to explore, new domains to conquer, and, of course, a new boss to defeat. 

Before we get too excited about our first looks at Fontaine, let’s take the time to go over what the Iniquitous Baptist world boss is, where to find him, what you can get from him, and most importantly, how you can take him down to build new members of your team all in this Genshin Impact Iniquitous Baptist guide.

Bottom Line

The Iniquitous Baptist is a world boss introduced in the last expansion of the Desert in Sumeru. You can get to him by using one of two teleport points at the Gate of Zulqarnain, and you’ll need to defeat the Iniquitous Baptist to build both Baizhu and Kirara.

The boss fight can be tricky if you don’t come prepared, as this boss can use three different elements at any one time. Though this boss looks visually menacing, with the right team, you’ll quickly take down this giant ol’ abyss monster.

Take me to Church

You can find the Iniquitous Baptist in the Northwest part of the Sumeru Desert. He is not challenging to get to if you already have the map of Sumeru lit up.

You’ll likely get to this boss by teleporting to the waypoint directly south of the boss’s location. From here, you can glide to the path below and then follow it into the cave, where you will find the arena where the Iniquitous Baptist awaits you.

 You can also reach the Iniquitous Baptist from the teleport point to the north of him. But first, you will need to approach from the first teleport point we discussed, go to the opposite end of the arena, and guide a Dendro Seelie to its sitting point.

This will unlock a direct path from the north telepoint point to the Iniquitous Baptist.

After you’ve done that, you’ll be able to teleport to the north teleport point and turn around for a faster route to the Iniquitous Baptist.

Give us the Goods!

The reason for defeating any boss is, of course, for the loot it drops. The Iniquitous Baptist drops a whole heap of items. However, what will drop depends on which elements the boss is using when you defeat it.

The quality and quantity of certain items will scale with your world level, so the higher your world level is, the higher quality items you may receive.

With a higher world level, you will also receive more Mora and XP and potentially up to three Evergloom Rings, the item that will let you ascend your characters and, therefore, the most important item that the Iniquitous Baptist can drop. 

Below is a list of all of the potential drops you can receive from the Iniquitous Baptist.   

  • Adventure Rank XP
  • Companionship XP
  • Mora
  • Evergloom Ring
  • All stages of Vajrada Amethyst character ascension items (when Electro is present)
  • All stages of Shivada Jade character ascension items (when Cryo is present)
  • All stages of Agnidus Agate character ascension items (when Pyro is present)
  • All stages of Varunada Lazurite character ascension items (when Hydro is present)
  • Berserker artifact set
  • Instructor artifact set
  • The Exile artifact set
  • Prayers for Wisdom artifact set
  • Prayers for Illumination artifact set
  • Prayers for Destiny artifact set
  • Prayers to Springtime artifact set
  • Wanderer’s Troupe artifact set
  • Gladiator’s Finale artifact set

Though only two characters need Evergloom Rings to ascend, the Iniquitous Baptist is still a great boss to farm, especially if you need character ascension gems. As you can farm three of these ascension gems at once, this is a great way to spend your resin. 

The only downside is that the two characters who need the Evergloom Rings are both Dendro characters, and this boss does not drop any of the Nagadus Emerals ascension stones.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to ascend your Baizhu or Kirara, you’re out of luck and will have to farm one of the many Dendro bosses to get your gemstones. 

Let the Fight Begin

genshin impact iniquitous baptist

With any boss, it pays to know what it will throw at you ahead of time so you can best counter it. The Iniquitous Baptist relies heavily on dodging attacks, so recognizing them before they start is vital to a successful fight.

Let’s go through these attacks together so you’re fully prepared to take on this oversized Abyss Herald. Before you start the fight, you will notice three elemental wisps floating above the boss arena. The color of these wisps will tell you which elements the boss will use for the fight.

The elements will change on a daily basis, so you’ll need to pay attention to which elements are there to decide which team you should use.

The Three Elemental Totems

genshin impact the three elemental totems
Iniquitous Baptist with Hydro, Electro and Pyro totems

At the start of every fight, the Iniquitous Baptist will summon three elemental totems that directly correlate to the three elemental whisps you can see before you start the battle.

These totems will deal huge elemental AOE damage if you don’t take them down fast enough, and they might knock out one of your characters if you don’t get to them first.

They are easy enough to destroy. You just need to attack them with an element that counters them. You can opt to leave them but be prepared to tank a lot of damage and miss out on a crucial stun at the beginning of the fight.

If you do take out all three totems, the Iniquitous Baptist will be stunned, leaving you with a large opening to deal a lot of damage. I’d recommend using your bursts here for maximum damage output. To counter this move most effectively, I’d recommend you destroy the totems over attempting to tank the damage.

To eliminate the elemental totems, bringing a Pyro, Dendro, and Hydro unit will be your best bet to cover all bases while leaving you room for a support unit of your choice. You can omit any elements you like. Just make sure you bring the correct elements to take out the totems!


Once the elemental totems are gone, either destroyed by you or exploded into AOE damage, the Iniquitous Baptist will move onto the next stage of the fight, which is the stage that will take up the main body of the battle.

Here the Iniquitous Baptist will rotate between the three elemental shields that match the elements set at the start of the fight.

When the Iniquitous Baptist has different shields equipped, it will be able to use other moves. You can destroy these shields, which will stun the boss for a short period of time.

When all three shields have been destroyed, the Iniquitous Baptist will reward you with a longer stun, where just like the period after you kill the three elemental totems, you can deal a load of damage. This is the time to use your elemental bursts and really beat up the boss!

If you fail to destroy a shield, the Iniquitous Baptist will shift to the next elemental shield after 30 seconds, and so on, until the boss is defeated. If you cannot destroy all of the shields fast enough, the Iniquitous Baptist will summon the three elemental totems again and will rebuild its shields after that attack, albeit with slightly weaker shields.

Below are the different moves the Iniquitous Baptist can use when equipped with the other elemental shields.

Moves that can be Used with the Pyro Shield Equipped

genshin impact pyro shield equipped
Iniquitous Baptist Pyro Shield

Pyro Bombs

During this move, four Pyro bombs will be launched at you from the ground, dealing a good chunk of Pyro damage. You can dodge these quickly as they are thrown to you at a fixed location, so just keep moving, and these won’t hit you.

If you’re especially averse to dodging, a decent shield should be able to absorb all of the damage. Failing that, stocking up on food, or having a strong healer will fix you up in no time.

Pyro Strikes

The Iniquitous Baptist will target seven spots on the ground around you and will unleash Pyro Strikes in a staggered move. This is also relatively easy to dodge, and you should be able to dash out of range of the targets or use a shield to tank it.

If you do get hit by these strikes, an effect will be applied to you that will drain your party’s HP once it expires. This can be pretty nasty if you’re not careful, so you should be prepared to heal this damage if you find yourself getting hit.

Moves that can be Used with the Electro Shield Equipped

genshin impact pyro shield equipped
Iniquitous Baptist Electro shield

Electro Bombs

Just as we saw with the Pyro Bombs, when the Iniquitous Baptist has the electro shield active, he will launch three electro bombs your way.

As they are once again being thrown to a set location, you can dodge or tank them with a shield but try to avoid getting hit by these ones, especially.

If one of these bombs hits you, you’ll have 20 Elemental Energy drained from all of your party members. This will slow down how often you can use your elemental bursts and can ruin setups if you’re not careful.

Electro Beam

This move is very straightforward. Here the Iniquitous Baptist will charge up and fire an Electro beam at you to deal heavy electro damage.

Thankfully, being hit by this move has no adverse effects other than hurting you, and like many of the Iniquitous Baptist attacks, it is very easy to dodge. Again, a strong shield will be able to tank this, but make sure you stock up on food or bring a decent healer if it does hit you.

Electro Spears

In this attack, the Iniquitous Baptist will charge and throw two electro spears at you to deal electro AOE damage in a small area.

These are slightly harder to dodge to the AOE damage, so if you know you’re not great at dash avoiding or using your elemental bursts to dodge attacks, I’d suggest bringing a shielder for this one.


The final trick the Iniquitous Baptist has up its sleeve with the electro shield equipped is a teleport move that it will use when you get too close. This is a reasonably inconsequential move, but it can be an annoying drain on stamina.

If you want to avoid the boss teleporting away from you, either keep your distance or stock up on some stamina-saving food to make up the distance between you.

Moves that can be Used with the Hydro Shield Equipped

genshin impact hydro bombs
Iniquitous Baptist Hydro Shield

Hydro Bombs

You may be noticing the trend by now, but just about every elemental shield comes with an elemental bomb attack of the same type.

Four Hydro bombs will be thrown at you and will deal hydro damage upon impact. Like the other bomb attacks, these are easy to dodge, but you can bring shields if that will help you.

Hydro Blades

It’s clear that the Iniquitous Baptist got some inspiration from Childe here, as several hydro blades will be thrown at you during this attack. These blades come fast and cover a wide area, so shields and healing are necessary if you struggle to dodge.

If you get hit by these blades, you will take hydro damage and have all ongoing cooldowns extended by six seconds. If you’re anything like me, you hate the Mondstadt weapon ascention material domain solely because it extends your ability cooldowns.

So, having it happen here is an unwelcome reminder of perhaps one of the most tedious mechanics in Genshin Impact.

Moves that can be Used with the Cryo Shield Equipped

Cryo Blades

This cryo blade attack functions like the hydro blade attack without the cooldown extension. The Iniquitous Baptist will fire several cryo blades at you, finishing with a larger one to deal a lot of cryo damage.

As it seems to be the drill with this boss, dashing to dodge this attack is simple, but shields will allow you to tank the attack to keep dealing more damage.

Icicle Attack

When the Iniquitous Baptist has the cryo shield equipped, the bombs we’ve seen with the other elemental shields are upgraded to icicles. During this attack, four icicles will be launched at you, dealing cryo damage upon a hit and draining 80 stamina.

If you’re an avid sprinter like me or use characters like Yanfei, who never seems to have enough stamina, this stamina drain can be a huge pain. Make sure you’re equipped to avoid this attack so you’re not stuck walking!

Cryo Shield Blast

This is the most unique attack the Iniquitous Baptist has in its arsenal. During this move, cryo energy will gather around the boss before being unleashed in a powerful blast, knocking you back and dealing a lot of AOE cryo damage.

This attack will only trigger if you’re in close quarters with the Iniquitous Baptist, so if you want to avoid it, keep your distance. If you see this attack beginning, turn and run in the opposite direction to avoid it.

Calling All Units!

genshin impact gate of zulqarnain
Iniquitous Baptist Map Location

Now that you know what moves are coming your way, you have everything you need to take this boss down and reap the rewards. That being said, you can plan as much as you like, but you’ll need a well-balanced and powerful team to really carry you to success.

I’ve put together a few strong options for you to use, but of course, you can mix and match to build a team to your liking.

Given that the Iniquitous Baptist fight revolves around elemental shields (literally), you’ll want to bring a good mix of elements to counter these shields.

Both Dendro and Pyro are able to take down two out of four of the potential elements the Iniquitous Baptist can have, and as only three different elements are used in a fight, you’re going to want to choose at least one out of Dendro or Pyro to cover as much ground as efficiently as possible.

You can then use Hydro to clean up the last element. This combination lines us up perfectly for a burgeon build, and though I know many favor the other Dendro reactions over Burgeon, it can work very well here.

Of course, Burgeon is by no means necessary. You just need a team that can counter the Iniquitous Baptist’s three elements that day.

Free to Play Burgeon Team

  • Main DPS – Kamisato Ayato
  • Sub-DPS – Thoma
  • Sub-DPS – Collei
  • Support – Dendro Traveller/Bennett

Although it does feature a limited 5-star character, this is as good as it gets for a free-to-play burgeon build. Ayato will be your main DPS, dealing hydro damage with his elemental burst and skill. This will also help take down the Pyro shield easily.

Collei is here for the Dendro application to create Dendro cores alongside Ayato, with the added bonus that Collei can single-handedly take down both the Electro and Hydro shields.

Though she will primarily be off-field, the Dendro damage she can do is most definitely welcome, mainly because this will allow Thoma to burgeon everything in sight.

Speaking of Thoma, he will act as the pyro trigger in this team so Burgeon can take place. Thoma is also able to deal with the Cryo and Electro shields.

Though Thoma makes this burgeon team shine, his pyro output may not be fast enough for everyone’s tastes. That is why you can use Bennett as your support for some increased Pyro damage output as well as a damage boost overall.

You can also use Dendro Traveller as a Dendro support for the resonance, but I always seem to get on slightly better with Bennett on my team.

This is a good team to use, especially if you’re a Free-to-play player. It ensures that you can take down every shield the Iniquitous Baptist can have and is a powerhouse at the same time. If you’re struggling for teams, this is a good pick.

True Free to Play Team

genshin impact iniquitous baptist

  • Main DPS – Lisa
  • Sub-DPS – Xingqiu
  • Sub-DPS – Dendro Traveller
  • Support – Barbara

This team consists of only Free to Play characters. The end goal is the same as the previous team, but this time, you’ll be triggering Hyperbloom, not Burgeon. Lisa will be our main DPS, being the only electro unit that’s free-to-play friendly.

The goal here is to apply as much electro damage as possible, and Lisa will also be the one to take down the Cryo shield if the Iniquitous Baptist has one.

It will take longer to get through the cryo shield with Electro instead of Pyro, but it will get the job done if you can output enough damage.

Xingqiu will act as your main hydro application, and as an all-around fantastic sub-dps, he will also be able to do a lot of off-field damage to complement Lisa’s on-field time.

Dendro Traveller will be the only Dendro application on this team, but as they can perform very well off the field, you only need to whip them out to take out the electro and hydro shields (if they’re there).

Alongside Xingqiu, these will make the Dendro particles needed for Lisa to trigger hyperbloom.

Barbara is here for Hydro resonance, extra hydro application, and her signature healing. If you have Barbara at C6, you’ll also have the bonus of resurrection in case you’re caught off guard by one of the Iniquitous Baptist’s stronger attacks.

This team can work very well if you’re free to play. However, there are stronger alternatives to this team and stronger characters you can substitute in if you’re willing to invest.

Tighnari Hyperbloom Team

  • Main DPS – Tighnari
  • Sub DPS – Raiden Shogun
  • Sub-DPS – Nahida
  • Support – Sangonomiya Kokomi

This is the team that I’ve run around with since just about the beginning of the Sumeru update, and it’s managed to carry me straight to the early days of Fontaine with no issue.

The only weakness this build has is with the Cryo shield, but just like the Free to Play team, this can be overcome with enough damage from the Raiden Shogun.

Tighnari will be your main DPS, and his quick Dendro output will be excellent for destroying the Electro and Hydro totems and shields. He can also be a very strong DPS, especially when you can get him off of the standard banner.

The Raiden Shogun will act as this team’s electro-damage output and hyperbloom trigger. As her elemental skill triggers when she’s off-field, she is perfect in combination with both Nahida and Tighnari.

Nahida is a fantastic Dendro applicator, and her elemental burst boosts make your damage output even better. This team originated as a sniper Nahida team but very quickly became my go-to for everything. It just works so well.

Last but by no means least, We have Sangonomiya Kokomi. Kokomi is one of the best healers in Genshin Impact by a longshot. Who needs shields when you have a jellyfish? She is also here to apply Hydro to set up the hyperbloom part of this hyperbloom team.

Achievement Hunting Time

Regardless of whether you are an achievement hunter or not, no one will turn their nose up at a few extra primogems in their pockets. You can earn three achievements from defeating the Iniquitous Baptist, and all three are very straightforward to do.

Let’s take a look at the different achievements you can earn and how you can get them for a total of 15 extra primogems. Don’t spend them all in one place! 

Proof by Exhaustion

genshin impact iniquitous baptist

This is a very simple but fairly time-consuming achievement to earn. Proof by Exhaustion is a part of the Challenger VII series and will grant you five primogems upon completion. 

In order to earn this achievement, you’ll have to defeat the Iniquitous Baptist in every elemental combination possible. 

This means that you will have to defeat the Iniquitous Baptist a total of three times. This sounds easy enough. However, to get the different elemental combos, you will have to wait for the Asian servers to reset twice.

If you’re farming this boss for materials, this achievement will likely happen naturally for you, but if you have no reason to battle the Iniquitous Baptist, then you may have to go out of your way for this achievement. 

When You Say Nothing at All

This achievement is by far the easiest of the three to obtain. A part of the Wonders of the World achievement series, and will net you an entire five primogems.

To complete this achievement, you need to destroy all of the elemental totems that the Iniquitous Baptist spawns during his first phase. 

With a little preparation, you’ll be able to get this achievement first try. Take note of what elements the Iniquitous Baptist will be using during the fight, and bring characters that will counter those elements.

Dendro and Pyro characters are able to take down two of the elements that the Iniquitous Baptist uses each, so a burning team may be the way forward here if you’re lacking elemental range. 

Despite the Barrier Between Us…

This achievement is also fairly easy to do. However, it can be a little tedious and time-consuming. You’ll need to defeat the Iniquitous Baptist without destroying any of its elemental shields to get this achievement.

That means that you’ll have to wait around for the shield to be removed until you can take down the boss. This only gives you a small window to deal damage without the shield getting in the way.

However, destroying the elemental totems will stun the boss for a longer duration and allow you to take him down and get yourself this achievement. For your troubles, you’ll earn another achievement in the Challenger Series VII and ten primogems. 

Bring a Packed Lunch – and a Friend or Two!

genshin impact iniquitous baptist

If you find yourself struggling against the Iniquitous Baptist, there are a few things you can do to better your odds. The first and probably easiest thing you can do is bring an array of food to keep you alive and buff you long enough to win the fight.

Sweet Madames are always a winner when it comes to healing food, and some Teyvat Fried eggs in case one of your characters go down are useful. In terms of buffing food, you will never go wrong with the buffs from Aduptus’ Temptation, and if you’re feeling crafty, you could bring some potions to increase your elemental damage or resistance.

If you’re still struggling, it’s worth going into co-op mode to enlist others with perhaps stronger characters to help you take down this boss and farm its materials. Be careful who you invite to your world, however, as you don’t want any of your world materials to go missing without your knowledge!

Now you should have all of the information you need to take down the Iniquitous Baptist, and though at this stage only Baizhu and Kirara need its unique materials to ascend up, many characters can benefit from the other boss drops it has to offer.

Remember to keep an eye on what elements the Iniquitous Baptist has chosen before you engage in battle and build around it, or bring one of the teams listed above to counter every possible elemental combo successfully.

Bringing in some friends is always a good idea if you are still having problems defeating this boss, but with a bit of determination, the Iniquitous Baptist will fall.

Genshin Impact Iniquitous Baptist Guide: FAQs

Question: Which Characters Need the Evergloom Ring to Ascend?

Answer: Right now, only Baizhu and Kirara need the Evergloom Ring to ascend their level, but it is possible that more characters will require this material in the future. 

Question: Which Teleport Point Gets me to the Iniquitous Baptist the Fastest?

Answer: The teleport waypoint just north of the Iniquitous Baptist will get you to the boss arena the fastest. However, in order to unlock this entrance, you will need to approach from the south and follow the Dendro Seelie until the wall breaks.

From there, you will be able to use the northern teleport waypoint to reach the Iniquitous Baptist at lightning speeds.

Question: Which Elements are the Best to Use Against the Iniquitous Baptist?

Answer: Though there is no “one size fits all” element for the Iniquitous Baptist, both Dendro and Pyro can take down two different elemental shields that the Iniquitous Baptist can equip.

From there, you only need a Hydro unit to take down the Pyro shield, and then you can take down the Iniquitous Baptist regardless of its elemental set up. 

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