Genshin Impact Dirge of Bilqis Guide

Genshin Impact Dirge of Bilqis Guide

Golden Slumber’s ending frankly left me wanting more. I wanted to meet Jeht again because we didn’t see what happened to her after her father’s untimely death. So imagine my surprise when I learned we would see her again in the Dirge of Bilqis quest!

Dirge of Bilqis is a World Quest that follows up the events of Golden Slumber. It’s everything I had ever asked for because I got to explore the vast sand dunes with Jeht again.

This quest is much longer than Golden Slumber as well since we meet new characters from the Tanit tribe who have their own stories to share.

The puzzles in the Dirge of Bilqis quest are certainly easier than Golden Slumber puzzles, but that doesn’t mean you can easily breeze through the quest. In this Genshin Impact Dirge of Bilqis guide, I will lend you a helping hand and guide you through every aspect of this lengthy quest.

Dirge of Bilqis Overview

The Dirge of Bilqis is a World Quest released in the 3.4 patch of Genshin Impact. It acts as a sequel to the Golden Slumber quest. Liloupar, a gadget used for navigating sandstorms, is obtained through this quest.

During this quest, the Traveler will meet with Jeht again after the Golden Slumber quest events. Most of this quest occurs in the newly released desert area in Sumeru: Desert of Hadramaveth. Like Golden Slumber, you will unlock new underground areas throughout this quest.

Upon completion, the quest will reward you with 250 Primogems, 17 Hero’s Wits, 20 Mystic Enchantment Ore, and 225,000 Mora. Though that might not seem like a huge amount of Primogems, every penny (Primogem) counts, right?


This quest is divided into six mini-quests, so I have dedicated a section for each quest separately. Each mini-quest will grant around 50 Primogems, Player’s EXP, and Sumeru Reputation EXP.

Wisdom Has Built Her House, She Has Hewn Out Her Seven Pillars

To trigger the Dirge of Bilqis quest, you need to talk to Katheryne at Sumeru. She will hand you a letter from Jeht stating that she needs your help to deal with some unfinished business. Head to the Tanit Tribe Camp at the edge of the Desert of Hadramaveth to meet her.

Unlock the Statue of Seven near the Tanit Camps, and a pair of Eremite Scouts will surround you. They will allow you to enter the camp once they read Jeht’s letter. Talk to other members of the base.

genshin impact dirge of bilqis
Tanit Camps Statue of Seven

Chat with Babel, the matriarch of the Tanit tribe. Once you reunite with Jeht, she will ask for you to help out Yuften. Yuften will ask you both to feed the crocodiles.

Once you have fed the crocodiles, report back to Yuften. He will give you the additional task of handing over crocodile jerky to Aderfi. Deliver the jerky to Aderfi, and head back to Jeht’s tent to ask about her life with the Tanit.

genshin impact report-back-to-yuften
Tell Yuften that you have fed the crocodiles.

Jeht will ask you to accompany her on an expedition to bring her father’s remains to the Eternal Oasis. You will kickstart your trip the next day.

The Temple where Sand Flows like Tears

Head towards the Gurabad Ruins and meet up with Azariq, who will act as a guide for your team. Azariq will inform us that we need to find a fragment of the Mother of Jinn. Mother of Jinn will aid us in breaking the seals on our way to the Eternal Oasis.

However, the switch to unlock the ruins is covered with a thick pile of sand that can’t be cleared by Anemo attacks. Blow off the sand from the control by rotating the Rune Mechanism near the temple’s entrance.

Unlock the cube-shaped mechanism with the help of the Rune Mechanism.

Head inside the ruins and keep walking until you come across a giant pyramid. Use the active Rune Mechanism to remove some sand from the pyramid.

A cutscene will follow, and Azariq will urge you to touch the pyramid. You will be prompted to activate the other three Rune Mechanisms. Follow the steps given below to solve this puzzle.

  • Step 1: Activate the second Rune Mechanism

1. Hit the Rune Mechanism opposite the marked gate switch to remove the sand piled on it. Follow the quest marker till you reach a teleport waypoint.

2. Enter the room to your right. You will find another Rune Mechanism. Hit it twice to clear the sand off the switch. Flip the switch to open the small flap on the left side of the mechanism.

Hit the Rune Mechanism twice again to blow off the sand from the mechanism beyond the barrier.

genshin impact rune mechanism
Use this Rune Mechanism to clear sand from the switch and the device behind the barrier.

4. Walk to the left side of the main room and hit the mechanism once to dust off the sand from the switch. Interact with the blue device behind the barrier to unlock a new path.

5. Hit the Rune Mechanism twice in the next room to open the door. Keep following the quest marker until you reach a corridor full of fungi. Use the Rune Mechanism at the top of the stairs to clear the sand. You will be back in the main hall.

genshin impact rune mechanism near the fungi enemies
Rune Mechanism near the fungi enemies

6. One of the three Rune Mechanisms will be activated now. As usual, hit the mechanism to scatter the sand from the pyramid and enter the next doorway.

  • Step 2: Activate the third Rune Mechanism

1. In the second passage, the Rune Mechanisms are slightly modified. Slide the Rune Mechanism across the rail to clear piles of sand in different locations. Hit the mechanism thrice to uncover a switch and unlock the enormous door.

rune mechanism genshin impact
Hit this Rune Mechanism thrice.

2. Proceed deeper into the doorway till you reach a room with a Teleport Waypoint. This room has a similar layout to the one we encountered earlier during the activation process of the second Rune Mechanism.

3. Walk to your right side and head into the room guarded by a Primal Construct. Slide the Rune Mechanism along the rail and hit it once to clear the dust from the switch. Flip the switch to open a small window and hit the mechanism twice to scatter the sand from the device behind the barrier.

dirge of bilqis genshin impact
Your Rune Mechanism should be in this position after you scatter the sand.

4. Proceed to the left side of the room. Follow the same ol’ drill: slide the mechanism and hit it once to access the space behind the barrier. Activate the blue device to unlock a new path.

5. Activate Rune Mechanisms and beat any enemies you encounter on your way. As expected, you will end up in the same place you started, with a newly activated Rune Mechanism. Clear more sand from the pyramid and enter the final doorway.

  • Step 3: Activate the third Rune Mechanism

1. You will encounter two Primal Constructs at the entrance. Beat them and head into the passage to your left side. Slide the Rune Mechanism to scatter the sand from the door’s switch.

2. Keep walking till you come across a room with another Primal Construct. This particular room will have three Rune Mechanisms. Only one Rune Mechanism out of the two other mechanisms is activated.

Hit the activated blue Rune Mechanism once to uncover the switch beneath the pile of sand. Slide the mechanism across the rail and hit it twice to activate the second Rune Mechanism. Hit the second Rune Mechanism once and slide it to uncover the last mechanism.

Move the last Rune Mechanism to the front and hit it twice to blow off the sand from the switch. Head to the hall next to this room.

dirge of bilqis genshin impact rune mechanism
The three Rune Mechanisms in their appropriate positions

3. Activate the Teleport Waypoint and climb up the stairs. Hit the mechanism on the top of the stairs twice and use the now visible switch to uncover the space underneath the floor. Use the switch to activate the blue device.

Hit the Rune Mechanism near the Primal Constructs to uncover a switch that can open an alternate path to the main room.

genshin impact activating the rune mechanism
Activate the Rune Mechanism circled in red first. Then, activate the Rune Mechanism circled in yellow.

4. Once you reach your original location, hit the final Rune Mechanism to dust off the last grains of sand from the structure. Interact with the pyramid once again, and a cutscene will trigger. Collect the Luxurious Chest under the pyramid before you leave.

Lo and behold! A large portion of the sand outside has been swept away! After Azariq bids farewell to the party, follow the quest marker to reach a colossal tree inside another ruin. The fragment of Jinni resides here.

However, you must beat the Primal Construct boss before accessing the Jinni. I recommend using Dendro and Electro characters to beat the boss since it is stronger than the regular Primal Constructs.

Once you beat the boss, pick up the bottle inside the tree. The bottle is the Jinni you have always been looking for, Liloupar. Follow the quest marker to exit the collapsed ruins.

genshin impact liloupar's cell
A withered Liloupar’s Cell

Once you reach a waterfall, Jeht will leave your party, and some Eremites will ambush you. Defeat them and investigate the three Eremite encampments around the area.

After your investigation, leave the canyon to report your findings to Babel. Return to Jeht and Azariq afterward, and relay to them the events that have occurred so far. Once the conversation ends, this sub-quest will end.

Dune-Entombed Fecundity: Part I

When the next day dawns, check in with Jeht, Azariq, and Babel before you set out for Mount Damavand in the Passage of Ghouls.

An underground Wenut and a group of fungi near the Passage of Ghouls Teleport Waypoint will ambush you. Beat the fungi while dodging the Wenut’s attacks simultaneously. Once you beat the fungi, Azariq will part ways with you, and you will have to venture into Mount Damavand alone with Jeht.

Inside the mountain, you will encounter a new mechanism called Pipe Diverter Valve. Activate it to make the sand flow freely from one place to another. You can now proceed deeper into the tunnels through a new path.

Follow the quest marker until you encounter a set of valves. These valves must be activated in the following order:

1. Activate the valve on the top of a cliff first.

2. Glide to the platform below and interact with the second valve surrounded by fungi.

3. Enter the small room in front of the second valve. Rotate the Everlight Cell inside the room to unlock the final valve.

genshin impact pipe diverter valves
Activate the Pipe Diverter Valves according to the order shown above.

Interact with the final valve to open up a new path. Proceed deeper into the tunnels until you reach another room with a Pipe Diverter Valve puzzle.

However, this puzzle is much more complex since you must rotate the same valve several times to clear the sand. Here’s how you can solve this puzzle:

1. Interact with the valve above the hole once to unlock the switch to a room ahead. Enter the room, and you will encounter two Primal Constructs and a puzzle.

2. Interact with the plinth mechanism to remove the barrier. Rotate the valve outside the room again to unlock the blue device. Head inside and activate the blue device to remove the barrier.

genshin impact activating the blue device
Activate the blue device at last.

The Everlight Cell will automatically open a new path for you by directing a beam of light to the cell behind the barrier. It’s time to move on to the next area.

Use the elevator in the right corner to descend to a lower level. A brand new puzzle will greet you. Once again, follow these instructions to solve the puzzle quickly.

1. Interact with the valve in the center of the room once to remove the obstructing wall between the Everlight Cell mechanism and its blue cell.

2. Rotate the Everlight Cell once to unlock the door further ahead. Then, rotate the Everlight Cell near the door to send a light beam toward the cell inside the room.

3. Use the valve outside the small space again. The solid wall between the second Everlight Cell will vanish, and the door leading to the next area will be unlocked.

genshin impact solving valve and cell puzzle
How the valve and cell puzzle looked after I solved it

The sand covering the tunnels has disappeared! Descend into the tunnel below and unlock a Teleport Waypoint while following the quest marker.

Eventually, you will encounter two Primal Constructs before a massive door. Beat them to unlock the entrance to a large hall. You will find Liloupar’s fragment on a patch of grass in a basement beneath the hall. Once you collect the fragment, Liloupar will gain the ability to ward off storms as long as she has sufficient energy.

Follow the quest marker till you reach an area with a locked cube-shaped mechanism. Beat the scorpion enemy to unlock the mechanism. Continue to press forward till you see a yellow glowing device.

Your job is to stop the incoming waves of enemies from depleting the HP of the device. Once you clear off all the mobs, interact with the device to open the path ahead of you. You will gain access to King Desheret’s Goblet area.

genshin impact king desheret's goblet area
Protect the device!

Head back to the surface and update Azariq about your findings. After a cutscene, this sub-quest will end.

Dune-Entombed Fecundity: Part II

Azariq will urge you to follow him somewhere the next day. Your destination is a Ruin Golem in Dunes of Steel. Once you reach the indicated location, enter the golem through the passage in its arm.

However, the door to enter the golem’s main body is locked. Insert the three golden crystals in the panel before the locked door and enter the golem’s body.

The Ruin Golem is not functional, though. Reviving the machine and hunting down the second golden device is an uphill task, so I have broken down the process into several steps.

  • Step 1: Activate the Ruin Golem

1. The machine’s energy system is dead, so you must kick it back to life through the energy crystals. Pick up the first crystal near the entrance and use it to open a door to your right. You will find another crystal.

Retrieve both crystals and use them to open the next door. Pick up the third crystal. Insert these crystals in every battery to restore the energy system.

2. Once you bring the rusty robot back to life, head over to the control cabin on the top floor to check the machine’s condition with other characters. The machine seems more or less functional, though its left arm isn’t working well.

3. Use the crystals around the control cabin to revive the left arm. Use the newly-powered arm to punch a hole through the blocked entrance to the cave.

  • Step 2: Solve the first Pipe Diverter Valve puzzle

1. Zip toward the cave with the help of the four-leaf sigil zip line. Follow the quest marker till you come across a Pipe Diverter Valve. Rotate it to unlock a room further ahead. You must solve a puzzle in this room to open a new passage.

2. First and foremost, release the Primal Flame in the main hall and follow it to the top floor. On the top floor, hit the Rune Mechanism twice to remove sand from a Pipe Diverter Valve.

Use the valve to restore the second valve lying adjacent to it. Activate the second valve as well.

genshin impact solving the first pipe diverter valve puzzle
Activate both valves

3. Slide the Rune Mechanism across the rail and hit it twice. Use the newly-revealed switch to turn off the fan.

4. Lead the Primal Flame to its destination and return to the main hall. Activate the valve hidden inside a space to the left side of the stairs. This action will allow you to venture deeper into the cave.

genshin impact third valve in the main room
The third valve is hidden inside a chamber in the main room
  • Step 3: Solve the second Pipe Diverter Valve puzzle

1. Keep walking until you reach a broken valve. If you wish to proceed further, it would be best if you restored this valve. Enter the room in front of the broken valve.

Slide the rune mechanism forward and hit it once to clear the sand from the switch. Turn on the switch to enter the next room.

genshin impact solving the second pipe diverter valve puzzle

2. You will find two Rune Mechanisms to your left in the next room. Hit the first mechanism thrice to dust off the sand from the following mechanism. Then, hit the second mechanism twice to clear the sand from the valve we discovered earlier. Activate the valve to uncover a hidden passage in the previous room.

genshin impact adjusting the rune mechanisms
Adjust the Rune Mechanisms to access the valve

3. Return to the room where you started. Walk down the hidden passage on your left until you see a Primal Flame. Lead this flame to its torch to restore the valve.

genshin impact the primal flame
The Primal Flame lies at the end of the hidden passage.

Activate the valve to access the next destination, where Liloupar’s fragment lies.

  • Step 4: Find Liloupar’s fragment and defend the device

1. Pick up the fragment to make Liloupar stronger. A short cutscene will play, after which you must unlock the door in the main room. Use the plinth in the exact location as Liloupar’s fragment to enter the next room.

2. Rotate the Everlight Cell once to remove the barrier and unlock the Primal Flame. Lead the Primal Flame halfway through the passage. Then, rotate the cell once more to turn off the fan. Lead the flame to the first torch.

genshin impact finding liloupar's fragment and defending the device
Rotate the cell to switch off the fan or remove the barrier

3. Similarly, release the Primal Flame you encountered at the ruins’ entrance to light up the second torch. Once you light up both torches, venture deeper into Mount Damavand and jump into the hole.

genshin impact second primal flame's location
Second Primal Flame’s location

Activate the valve to access the second golden device. Defend the device from all the opponents and stop them from depleting its HP. Once you defeat all the enemies, you will end in King Deshret’s Goblet again.

The party will eventually return to the surface, marking the end of this part of the quest.

Dune-Entombed Fecundity: Part III

Back at the surface, you must enter the Ruin Golem again to break the stones blocking the next cave. Break the rocks with the golem’s arm and leave the cabin. However, once you exit the cabin, Azariq will reveal his ulterior motives of betraying the Tanit tribe, and a fight will break out.

Teach Azariq and the other Eremites a lesson. A cutscene of the Ruin Golem breaking down will trigger after the fight. Once you escape from the machine, confront Azariq’s partner in crime, Aderfi, and his Fatui allies.

After a fight with Aderfi and the Fatui, Liloupar will urge you to enter the final cave through the golem. Follow the quest marker until you come across a valve. Interact with the valve to clear the path ahead.

Keep walking, and you will reach an ancient gate. Open the gate to enter a vast hall similar to the ruins you encountered before. The puzzle in this ruin is a bit complex, so follow the steps below closely.

1. Walk into the passage on the left side of the main hall. You will encounter a valve near a couple of fungi. Rotate the valve to unlock a Primal Flame and the second valve. Lead the flame near the second valve.

genshin impact dune-entombed fecundity
Start the puzzle by rotating the valve near the fungi

2. Activate the second valve to open a room in the basement. Follow the first Primal Flame down the stairs to solve a new puzzle in the basement.

dune-entombed fecundity genshin impact
Second valve in the main hall

3. Rotate the Everlight cell until its beam hits the Neverlight Cell near the barrier. Activate the valve opposite behind the barrier to unlock the valve near the glowing, red mechanism. Rotate the valve near the mechanism to open the locked door ahead.

genshin impact dune-entombed everlight cell puzzle solution
Everlight Cell puzzle solution

4. Lead the flame up the stairs, and you will encounter two Primal Constructs. Beat the Primal Constructs to remove the barrier. Activate the valve beyond the barrier to unlock the second valve in the main hall.

genshin impact dune-entombed fecundity part iii
Rotate this valve to unlock the final valve in the main hall

Once you interact with the final valve in the main hall, you will gain access to the next area.

Follow the marker to acquire Liloupar’s next fragment. Then, head deeper into the ruin until you see a valve. Interact with it to activate the final golden device below. Once again, defend the device from incoming enemies.

Finally, you can descend to the platform inside King Desheret’s crystal goblet. Fly toward the platform and fight Ferigees, Liloupar’s sister.

genshin impact fight ferigees
Fight Ferigees on this platform inside King Deshret’s Goblet

Ferigees will put up her shield several times during the battle. Your job is to strip down her shield by beating the Primal Constructs around her. Once that’s done, shave off her health and defeat her.

After the battle, step into the center of the platform to travel to the Eternal Oasis. This part of the quest ends once you reach your destination.

The Eternal Dream, Ever Lush

After a long, tedious journey, we finally reach the Eternal Oasis in this part of the quest. Keep walking and recover the final fragment of Liloupar. The last fragment will give you the power to start and stop sandstorms in Jinni Temples.

genshin impact the eternal dream, ever lush
The Eternal Oasis, Sumeru’s own paradise

Chat with Liloupar and Jeht about Eternal Oasis in general. Finally, speak with Jeht and leave the oasis to give her some personal space.

Return to Babel and give her an update about the Eternal Oasis. She will offer you either Mora or a 4-star artifact. Alternatively, you can wish Jeht a happy birthday. I chose to wish Jeht because I bet she would feel overjoyed after receiving such warm wishes from her best friend.

Rewards and Achievements

Even though Dirge of Bilqis is longer than Golden Slumber, it grants almost the same amount of rewards as its predecessor. But don’t lose your heart, because you can easily rake many Primogems from the numerous chests.

Here’s a list of all Achievements you can obtain after completing this quest.

Name of the Achievement Requirements Primogems obtained
It’s Only an Eternity of Servitude! Obtained during The Temple Where Sand Flows Like Tears 5
“…Shew the Kingdoms Thy Shame.” Obtained during The Temple Where Sand Flows Like Tears 5
From the Soil You Are, and to the Sand You Shall Return Obtained during The Temple Where Sand Flows Like Tears 5
The Silent, Dreamless Paradise Obtained during Dune-Entombed Fecundity: Part III 5
The Loveless Tarantula Obtained during Dune-Entombed Fecundity: Part III 5
The Dirge of Bilqis Obtained after completing The Dirge of Bilqis questline 10


Question: Does Dirge of Bilqis have a Sequel?

Answer: The Dirge of Bilqis might not have a sequel like the Golden Slumber quest, but it does have a short follow-up quest called Rejoice With Me, for What Was Lost Is Now Found. This quest focuses on Jeht trying her best to find a cure for a sick Benben.

Question: How Long does it Take to Complete the Dirge of Bilqis?

Answer: Dirge of Bilqis is a time-consuming quest with several sub-quests. It can easily take you up to 10-12 hours to finish the quest in one sitting.

A Tale of Betrayal and Bittersweet Goodbyes

The Dirge of Bilqis not only delivered a fitting conclusion to Jeht’s story, but we also got a sneak peek into the life and culture of Desert Dwellers.

A lot is going on behind the scenes as well. The familiar theme of betrayal from Golden Slumber plays out in Dirge of Bilqis, and it was interesting to witness nearly everyone in the story hide their true selves beneath many layers.

I definitely recommend using Nahida’s Elemental Skill to catch important hints about every character’s hidden motives.

In conclusion, if you truly want to savor the story, I advise playing this quest in several sittings. However, if you can’t play this fantastic quest because you are still stuck on Golden Slumber, check out our Golden Slumber guide.

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