qiqi genshin impact guide

Qiqi Genshin Impact Guide

I remember doing a single pull on the Standard wish banner and saw a golden star for the first time. I was thrilled to see my first-ever 5-star character, and after a few seconds, Qiqi flashed on my screen. Kiki? Chi Chi? How do you pronounce it? That was my first thought after I got Qiqi as my first 5-star character.

If you don’t know, Chi Chi is how you pronounce her name, and she’s an adorable character. After obtaining her, I immediately equipped her with the best sword I had, switched her to my main party, and went to surprise some hilichurls. I mean, there’s no better way to test your Genshin characters than fighting overworld enemies.

She’s a character who has helped me ace through the early game with her overpowered healing abilities and supported my team to clear the early floors of the abyss. Qiqi is a character who shines in co-op challenges and can heal your entire team in a few seconds.

There are a lot of players who don’t see Qiqi as a good 5-star character. I would beg to differ from that opinion because every character has a place in the meta. Ultimately, it depends on how you structure your team around a character and make the best use of their skills.

That is why, In this Qiqi Genshin Impact guide, I will go over Qiqi’s unique abilities that can heal characters in a matter of few seconds and discuss the materials you require to take her to the highest level. Ascension materials, talent materials, artifacts, and weapons, I will go over each of them and discuss the best team compositions.

Qiqi, A Cute Little Zombie

Qiqi is an apprentice at Bubu pharmacy in Liyue whom the Traveler meets during a quest. I remember visiting Bubu pharmacy and not seeing anyone on the counter. Suddenly, Qiqi spoke from behind the counter, and I saw a purple-clothed zombie staring at me. Qiqi is a lovely character who was resurrected by an adepti as a zombie.

She loves cold places, as her flesh starts to decay in warm ones, and she despises Hu Tao to the point of mentioning that she has a “punchable” face. That’s quite a bold statement coming from someone with an innocent nature. I suppose Hu Tao should stop provoking Qiqi.

qiqi, a cute little zombie
Protect Qiqi at all costs!

Qiqi is forgetful and keeps a diary with her all the time to note down the tasks that need to be done. Qiqi is a special zombie who gives orders to herself and has no problem completing them on time.

However, if any orders need to be canceled, she needs to be hugged from behind and say something like ” I love you the most.” This makes the orders disperse from her mind.

She has a lot of instructions in her notebook. Still, sometimes she forgets to check her notebook, and that’s where the real trouble comes in, and Qiqi ends up being completely confused.

She got her vision on the brink of death and was sealed by an Adepti Mountain Shaper in amber for thousands of years. Eventually, she was released and met Baizhu, who sheltered her.

Though she’s under the care of doctor Baizhu, it feels like she’s not completely safe there. Baizhu does seem to have ulterior motives for her, but for the time being, Qiqi has no place to go. I hope everything goes well with her and nothing hurts our sweet little Qiqi.

Ascension & Talent Level-up Materials

Qiqi is definitely a healer that you can take into fierce co-op domains to ensure the survivability of your team. Her healing may feel like overkill because of its dependence on attack and a healing bonus ascension stat.

Still, overhealing is better than underhealing. There are enemies like Riftwolves who can apply instances of corrosion damage to your character and deplete their health quite fast.

qiqi ascension & talent level-up materials
Qiqi’s ascension material preview

Here’s a list of Qiqi’s ascension materials that you need to level her up to level 90:

  • Mora x 420,000
  • Hoarfrost core x 46
  • Violetgrass x 168
  • Diving scroll x 18
  • Sealed scroll x 30
  • Forbidden scroll x 36
  • Shivada jade sliver x 1
  • Shivada jade fragment x 9
  • Shivada jade chunk x 9
  • Shivada jade gemstone x 6
qiqi ascension & talent level-up materials
Qiqi’s talent material preview

Here’s a list of Qiqi’s talent materials to raise a single talent:

  • Mora x 1,652,500
  • Divining scroll x 6
  • Sealed scroll x 22
  • Forbidden curse scroll x 31
  • Tail of boreas x 6
  • Crown of insight x 1
  • Teachings of prosperity x 3
  • Guide to prosperity x 21
  • Philosophies of prosperity x 38

Regarding the ascension, I advise you to level up her normal attack talent and elemental skill. Both talents focus on healing the team members and on-field characters. Qiqi was my first 5-star character in the game and has helped me survive a lot of formidable challenges.

She was the reason I could easily get through the content in the early game, which allowed me to invest in other characters. If you are in the early-game phase and looking for a solid healer, Qiqi is definitely a character you should have on your team. To be on the safer side, you can raise all her talents to level 6.

Combat Talents

Normal Attack: Ancient Sword Art

normal attack - ancient sword art
Skill attributes: Normal attack

Normal attack: Qiqi performs up to five strikes with her sword

Charged attack: After consuming a certain amount of stamina, Qiqi performs two strikes with her sword

Plunging attack: Qiqi plunges from mid-air to deal AoE physical damage on the ground below

Qiqi’s normal attacks are worth leveling up if you plan to use her as a healer in your team. She can be of immense help against weekly bosses in co-op domains where you need a ton of healing to tackle incoming damage and quickly need to fill up health bars.

Qiqi is my go-to healer in domains besides Jean and Bennett and has helped me earn the respect of fellow players as a support player. Now you know that I love to play the support role.

Elemental Skill; Adeptus Art: Herald of Frost

elemental skill; adeptus art - herald of frost
Skill attributes: Herald of frost

Qiqi summons a herald of frost that deals Cryo damage to the surrounding enemies.

The herald of frost has the following properties:

  • Regenerates the health of your active character
  • While following the character, it deals Cryo damage to enemies in their path.
  • Qiqi regenerates health for all team members or characters nearby with her normal and charged attacks. The healing scales off Qiqi’s attack.

Qiqi is an adorable character with a soothing voice and stunning animations. It’s quite the view when she uses her burst and releases cute little ghosts around her. Though her abilities may feel tempting to use, there are a few caveats. Her elemental skill has a long cooldown and doesn’t generate any energy particles at all.

You may expect energy particles from other characters, but that’s not the case with her. The elemental skill summons a herald that follows the active character and has a minor Cryo application on enemies. The Cryo application isn’t potent enough to break the shields of some enemies.

Enemies with massive Hydro shields like Abyss Heralds or mages won’t be affected much by Qiqi’s elemental skill. It’s better to use Qiqi’s skill to heal your characters than apply Cryo on enemies. Her skill is unmatched when it comes to healing team members.

Another good thing about the elemental skill is its ability to enable Qiqi to heal characters by attacking. That is a mind-blowing ability. You can easily damage the enemies and heal your characters at the same time. This makes her an excellent healer to use in co-op domains where you need to heal your character faster.

Elemental Burst; Adeptus Art: Preserver of Fortune

Qiqi deals Cryo damage and marks nearby enemies with a fortune-preserving talisman.

elemental burst; adeptus art - preserver of fortune
Skill attributes: Preserver of fortune

The talisman has the following effect:

  • The characters dealing damage to enemies affected by the talisman will regenerate their health.

Healing occurs whether the attack is blocked or does not deal any damage. Qiqi receives healing if the burst hits. The talisman is applied before the damage is dealt with.

A mind-blowing elemental burst that applies a talisman on enemies that can help your other characters to regenerate health. Once Qiqi uses her burst, she can apply a fortune-preserving talisman, and you can swap to another character. The major caveat is that the burst is an inefficient energy regeneration.

You have to funnel energy particles to Qiqi to compensate for her high 80 burst cost, and it doesn’t deal enough damage. On top of that, the cooldown is pretty long, so you really need to pay attention to characters who can battery her elemental burst.

Once you apply the fortune-preserving talisman, your active character will receive healing by damaging enemies. The description doesn’t state the nature of the damage. So you just need to damage enemies, regardless of the type of attack you use.

Whether you are using elemental skill, burst, or normal attacks, your active character can regenerate health. Characters like Eula can benefit from an ability like this, whose main source of damage is her normal attacks. Nonetheless, any character will be good to go with the fortune-preserving talisman.

Passive: Life-Prolonging Methods

A character triggering an elemental reaction under the effects of the elemental skill will receive an increase in healing bonus by 20 % for 8 seconds.

To benefit from this passive, your character has to trigger an elemental reaction. I don’t think you’ll have a problem with elemental reactions, as most teams depend on them. Even if you are in a physical damage team comp, you would need to trigger a superconduct reaction to reduce enemies’ physical resistance.

Passive: A Glimpse Into Arcanum

Qiqi has a 50 % chance to apply a fortune-preserving talisman for 6 seconds on enemies with her regular and changed attacks. The effect has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

passive - a glimpse into arcanum
Qiqi applying the talisman

Qiqi’s abilities, attacks, and constellation feature amazing healing abilities that can max out your health bar in a few seconds. Though some healers provide more utility than her and outclass her by a good margin, Qiqi still holds a spot among good healers. 

Passive: Former Life Memories

With Qiqi on your team, you can see the location of Liyue’s local specialties. I found her ascension material, Violetgrass, by having Qiqi in my party and taking advantage of this passive. What else can I say?

It’s a fantastic passive to quickly grab local specialties. Still, I recommend you follow the official Genshin Impact map for a better experience.


qiqi constellations
My C5 Qiqi! Constellation: Pristina Nola

C1: Ascetics of Frost

Qiqi regenerates 2 units of energy after the herald of frost hits an enemy marked by a fortune-preserving talisman.

At first, this constellation may seem extraordinary, but it may prove fatal in combat. The constellation takes effect when you use both elemental skill and burst. Once you use your elemental burst, the enemy is marked with a talisman and summon a herald of frost with your elemental skill.

Qiqi has a long cooldown on her abilities, and doing this will potentially risk your characters’ survival in case they are hit with a massive attack. That’s why you shouldn’t strictly follow this constellation and opt for general gameplay; attack, heal and switch to another character.

C2: Frozen to the Bone

Qiqi’s normal and charged attack damage increases by 15 % against enemies affected by Cryo

Unless you are going for Physical damage Qiqi, this constellation won’t be useful. I won’t recommend you to build her as a physical damage dealer because there are characters like Eula, Rosaria, and Razor who are really good Physical damage dealers.

C3: Ascendant Praise

The level of Qiqi’s elemental burst, Adeptus art: preserver of fortune, increases by 3 with a maximum cap of 15

C4: Divine Suppression

Enemies marked by the fortune-preserving talisman get their attack decreased by 20 %

The constellation is amazing if you have a good energy recharge on your Qiqi to use her burst flawlessly. Once you use her burst, you can swap to another character to damage and heal at the same time.

With this constellation in effect, the switched character will receive less damage, and damaged enemies will trigger the effect of a fortune-preserving talisman. One tip would be to initiate the burst near enemies so they can be marked easily.

C5: Crimson Lotus Bloom

The level of Qiqi’s elemental skill, Adeptus art: herald of frost, increases by 3 with a limit of 15.

C6: Rite of Resurrection

With a cooldown of 15 minutes, Qiqi can resurrect all fallen team members with 50 % health with her elemental burst, Adeptus art: preserver of fortune.

If Qiqi is the only standing character with a burst to deploy, then this constellation can be game-changing. You can instantly revive all the characters and use their abilities to continue the rotation.

This is a good constellation if you use a physical damage team composition; Razor, Fischl, Qiqi, and Zhongli are fine examples. Most of the time, you will rely on their skills and dish out physical damage with Razor.


qiqi weapons
Qiqi with the Aquila Favonia

You can easily use most of the weapons on Qiqi and benefit from their passives. There won’t be notable changes in her playstyle due to weapons’ passives because the main focus is to use normal attacks to heal. Whichever weapon you have, you can equip on Qiqi, which will perfectly synergize with her.

Weapons with CRIT rate, CRIT damage, or ATK % will be good to go, and you can switch Qiqi to the main DPS role with them. Still, let’s discuss a few notable weapons that will be apt for niche situations.

Aquila Favonia ( 5-star ) / Prototype Rancour ( 4-star )

Both swords feature a Physical damage substat that can help you dish out severe damage with the sword. If Qiqi is your main damage dealer, these weapons will be perfect for her.

Unless you have Chongyun in your team who can apply Cryo infusion to Qiqi’s sword’s attacks, you can use a Physical damage substat. Only a few teams can use Qiqi as the main damage dealer.

Favonius Sword ( 4-star )

The Favonius sword can generate a lot of energy particles for Qiqi and boosts her energy recharge by its energy recharge substat. You need a bit of CRIT rate from the artifacts to trigger the passive and funnel those energy particles.

Sacrificial sword ( 4-star )

The Sacrificial sword is another amazing weapon for Qiqi that can reset the cooldown of her elemental skill. You can use this weapon where you need more uptime on healing for the main damage dealer. Use the skill and heal an active main DPS character like Eula or Razor.


qiqi artifacts
Qiqi with the Ocean-hued clam artifact set

Ocean Hued Clam

This is the perfect artifact choice on Qiqi. The 2-piece effect helps to increase the healing bonus by 15 %, and the complete set summons a Sea-Dyed Foam that damages enemies. The damage is based on the healing, including the overflow healing. Each Sea-Dyed Foam can accumulate up to 30000 HP.

Another amazing fact is that this artifact set’s effect can persist off the field. You can easily farm this artifact along with the husk of opulent dreams in Inazuma. I would highly recommend you to equip a 4-piece set on Qiqi, as this artifact set helps to add up additional damage to Qiqi.

Maiden Beloved

The artifacts set specializes in providing extra healing capabilities to support characters and increase character healing effectiveness and receive healing for other characters. The complete artifact set bonus triggers after a skill or burst, which makes it a good option on Qiqi.

You can easily initiate her skill or trigger her burst and benefit from this artifact set. Nevertheless, you should remember that this artifact set is purely for healing and has no damage effects, unlike the Ocean hued clam.

Tenacity of the Millelith

The tenacity of the Millelith is a niche support artifact that increases a character’s health by 20 % with a 2-piece set. Once you equip a 4-piece set, and your elemental skill hits an enemy, your character’s attack and shield strength increases by a set percentage.

The artifact set is good on Qiqi if you have shield characters like Layla, Zhongli, Diona, or Thoma. You should remember to be in the melee range of enemies so that your elemental skill can hit them and trigger the set bonus.

Pale Flame

The artifact set focuses on increasing the physical damage of a character and is apt for Qiqi with a physical damage build. The 2-piece effect increases the physical damage, and the complete set helps to increase the attack and physical damage.

The set features a stacking mechanism that may not fit Qiqi, and you could miss the 4-piece set bonus. So, in that case, you can combine Pale flame and Gladiator’s Finale or Bloodstained chivalry.

Blizzard Strayer

Blizzard strayer is a niche set that’s good for teams focusing on freeze reactions. The 2-piece set gives a flat 15 % Cryo damage bonus. At the same time, the 4-piece effect boosts the CRIT rate against frozen or enemies affected by Cryo.

You can equip this artifact set on Qiqi and benefit from an additional CRIT rate. Alternatively, use this instead of Pale flame if you have better substats on artifacts.

Artifacts Summary

Qiqi’s kit is centered around attack percentage, and you can easily go with a complete attack percentage artifact combination on her. You can equip attack percentage on sands, goblets, and circlets for a healing role and easily heal your characters in a few seconds. Otherwise, you can go with a healing bonus circlet to increase the efficacy of healing.

For a physical damage team, I suggest you go with an attack percentage sands, physical damage bonus goblet, and CRIT rate or damage circlet on her. Qiqi will be buffed by other characters in those teams and act as the main DPS.

Team Compositions

Mono Cryo: Qiqi Cryo Anemo Flex

mono cryo - qiqi cryo anemo flex
A mono Cryo team

A Mono Cryo team focuses on dealing as much Cryo damage as possible. With Chongyun in your team, you can easily deal Cryo damage with Qiqi and infuse her attacks with the Cryo element. Depending on your requirements, you can have additional Cryo characters.

An Anemo character should always be in your team if you use an elemental damage team setup. You can easily apply crowd control to enemies with characters like Venti, Sucrose, and Kazuha and use the Viridescent venerer artifact set to shred Cryo resistance.

Elements like Pyro, Electro, Hydro, or Cryo can be swirled with Anemo, and in turn, you can reduce their resistance from enemies with the artifact set. I would highly suggest you have an Anemo character on your team.

Cryo Resonance: Qiqi Cryo Flex Flex

cryo resonance - qiqi cryo flex flex
A sample freeze team

A Cryo resonance team focuses on benefiting from the Cryo resonance. The Cryo resonance helps to increase your overall CRIT rate, and you can stack up more CRIT damage on your characters. The best use of the Cryo resonance would be in the freeze teams, where you can freeze the enemies and benefit from the Blizzard Strayer artifact set.

Hydro characters like Kokomi, Xingqiu, Yelan, or Ayato can provide good off-field Hydro applications. Couple these characters with Rosaria or Sucrose, and you can easily swirl the Cryo element to nearby enemies.

cryo resonance
The description of the Cryo resonance

Heal Support: Qiqi Flex Flex Flex

heal support - qiqi flex flex flex
Qiqi can be used as a general healer in any team

Qiqi’s main role is to be a supporting character who can provide healing to other characters. So, you can easily put her in a team where you require healing.

A prime example would be a team with Qiqi, Fischl, Xingqiu, and Kazuha. In this team, you can have Qiqi as an on-field DPS to continuously attack enemies and benefit from Fischl and Xingqiu’s off-field abilities. You can easily form a team with Qiqi to benefit from potent healing abilities.

Physical: Qiqi Electro Flex Flex

physical - qiqi electro flex flex
A sample physical team

Physical damage teams focus on the superconduct reaction. Once you combine Electro and Cryo, you can trigger the superconduct reaction to reduce enemies’ physical resistance.

A good team would be Eula, Qiqi, Fischl, and Zhongli. Qiqi’s elemental skill can provide utility to apply Cryo on enemies in a melee range, and a character like Fischl can easily provide off-field Electro application.

With Qiqi’s long skill duration, you can have a better uptime on the superconduct reaction and generate energy particles with Fischl’s elemental skill. Lastly, a shielder like Zhongli can protect Eula from getting staggered by enemies.

You can also run Qiqi as a Physical damage dealer with Fischl, Diona, and Beidou. You can have Qiqi as an on-field DPS, granted that you can manage the team’s energy requirements.

A Few Questions

Question: Should I Use Qiqi as a Healer or Main DPS?

Answer: It depends on whether you want to build her as the main damage dealer or a healer. Personally, I would say you should build her as a healer because most of her abilities focus on healing the team.

That will help you to focus more on DPS characters that can provide extra damage output and not rely on Qiqi to fill the DPS loss. Sure, Qiqi can hit enemies, but not hard enough to be considered an amazing DPS character.

Question: Is Qiqi the Best Healer in the Game?

Answer: She’s definitely a good healer but not the best in the game. Other healers can provide cleansing, attack buff, and shields to your characters, all of which are necessary for a challenging fight. Qiqi can heal the characters, but the lack of these extra buffs in her kit undercuts her ranking among healers.

Question: Should I Pull for Constellations on Qiqi as a Free-to-play Player?

Answer: I wouldn’t advise you to pull for constellations on Qiqi because you will likely obtain her after losing your pity. Qiqi is a good healer but not worth the extra mile.

Wind Could Blow Qiqi Away!

I do have healers like Jean and Bennett who can provide immense utility to the team, but there are some scenarios where I feel the need for Qiqi. She can apply talismans to enemies and heal all your party members in a few seconds.

I always say that no character is bad in the game, and the same is true for Qiqi. I always switch to Qiqi whenever I need to engage in a fierce co-op battle and provide consistent healing.

Just keep an eye on your skill cooldowns, and manage your energy recharge, and you are good to go. The game occasionally runs events where you have to fight formidable mobs in a co-op environment, and Qiqi can save your whole team.

That being said, if you plan to take on some challenging bosses in co-op domains, check our boss guides. Scaramouche and Signora’s weekly domains are where my Qiqi will pump those green numbers to party members. After all, I’m a proud C5 Qiqi holder.

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