Genshin Impact Faruzan Guide

Genshin Impact Faruzan Guide

The character featured in this Genshin Impact Faruzan guide is one of the most intelligent characters in Genshin impact, the inspiration for her design seems to come from Hatsune Miku, and her name means “shiny” or “radiant.”

Although she has the appearance of a young person, she is over a hundred years old, and she gets triggered quite easily if students do not address her as “Madam Faruzan.”

She dedicated her life to furthering the human understanding of mechanics. As a result, she has deciphered many ruins in Sumeru, written manuscripts that helped her colleagues and students, and she is looked upon as a great researcher/ scholar for her contribution to this field.

A Summary of Faruzan

Listed below is a summary of Faruzan; the reader can expect to see her character details. Beyond that, we will cover her builds, team comps, and many other important features.

Below is a breakdown of Faruzan:

  1. Title: Faruzan
  2. Nationality: Citizen of Sumeru City
  3. Rarity: 4-star
  4. Weapon Type: Bow
  5. Vision: Anemo
  6. Constellation: Flosculi Implexi
  7. Specialty Dish: Traditionally-made-Charcoal-Baked Ajilenakh Cake
  8. Birthday: August 20th

Ranking and Ascension Details


Faruzan is a character that can buff Anemo damage; therefore, she is classified as a Support character. She would be a great addition to any Anemo DPS team, and she would be exceptional for the early-game team comps as well if the Anemo Traveler is placed as the focal point of the attack.

Since the Anemo Traveler is not known as a significant damage dealer, using Faruzan in the team comp will bolster the damage.

However, in the game’s early stages, there is a heavy need to use elemental reactions and characters of different elements. Either way, players could benefit from having Faruzan in the early stages of the game; the only drawback to having Faruzan on the team would be that her ascension materials are all the way in Sumeru.

Unfortunately, Faruzan’s usage in team comps is limited to Anemo-only team comps. Ideally, players need characters such as Xiao, Scaramouche, or Heizou as the focal point of the damage, with Faruzan acting in a Support role to buff their damage.

Faruzan could serve as a Sub DPS, but this role is very limited since there are better Sub DPS characters available in Genshin Impact. However, by using her as a Sub DPS, players can use the Support slot for a character that provides shields, such as Zhongli, since all three of the aforementioned Anemo Main DPS characters can be pretty squishy.

  Main DPS Sub DPS Support Exploration
Ranking C B A


genshin impact faruzan ascension

Since Faruzan is a new character, it would be difficult for players to complete her ascensions immediately; instead, players are more likely to collect her materials after acquiring her. Unless, of course, players pre-farmed for Faruzan.

To ascend Faruzan to level 90, you will need the following character ascension materials:

  1. Henna Berry – Players will find themselves running around the desert searching for these berries. Players can use the official Genshin Impact interactive map to make things more efficient.
  2. Light Guiding Tetrahedron – Players can collect this after defeating the Algorithm of the Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network
  3. Vayuda Turquoise Sliver/ Fragment/ Chunk/ Gemstone – This can be collected after defeating Anemo normal bosses or Anemo Trounce domain bosses; players can also convert these (slivers, fragments, chunks, gemstones) from other elemental stones by using the dust of Azoth (purchased in Paimon’s Bargain Shop).
  4. Eremite drops – Faruzan uses Eremite material drops as her ascension material; this is excellent news for players since the Eremites have a high loot drop rate. Additionally, players can collect enough to level up her talents as well. The Eremites are found in clusters all over Sumeru and the desert region as well, allowing players to set up convenient farming routes for their Eremite hunts.


Faruzan is an Anemo Support character and the first of her kind; she is able to hold her own during a battle temporarily, but nothing great can be expected from her. Instead, players are better off focusing on building her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst damage.

I would not recommend leveling up her normal attack since it would be a waste of resources that would be better spent on her other talents. Instead, players should try to crown her Elemental Burst as soon as possible.

Additionally, players should also aim to use her Elemental Skill and follow it up with a charged attack (two charged attacks at C1). Her Talent priorities are;

The Wind’s Secret Ways> Wind Realm of Nasamjnin> Normal Attack: Pathian Shot

In-game representation Name Description
Normal Attack: Parthian Shot Normal Attack – Performs four consecutive bow shots


Charged Attack – The attacks become more precise when players hold the charge shot for longer.

When players fully charge the aimed shot, Faruzan infuses Anemo into the attack.

Plunge Attack – An array of arrows fall to the ground and deal AoE physical damage; this attack is the same for all bow users.

Wind Realm of Nasamjnin Faruzan releases a Polyhedron that deals Anemo damage to all of the enemies in the vicinity. After using the Elemental Skill, Faruzan will enter the “Manifest Gale” state. For her next charged shot, Faruzan infuses this state, and it becomes a Hurricane Arrow. The Hurricane Arrow will apply a Pressurized Collapse effect that causes a small vacuum, and this vacuum has a small crowd control effect as well.
The Wind’s Secret Ways Faruzan deploys a “dazzling Polyhedron” that unleashes a “Whirlwind Pulse”. This Polyhedron provides players an Anemo DMG bonus and an Anemo RES decrease for the enemy.
Impetuous Flow After Faruzan’s Elemental Skill is used, the charged attack is loaded up 60% faster.
Lost Wisdom of the Seven Caverns After Faruzan’s Elemental Burst is used, any on-field Anemo DPS character will receive an ATK buff scaling off 32% of Faruzan’s base attack.
Tomes Light the Path When Faruzan is dispatched on expeditions that last longer than 20 hours, the expedition reward is increased by 25%.

To ascend Faruzan’s talents up to level 10, you will need the following materials:

  • Mora – 4957500
  • Crown of Insight – 3
  • Teachings of Admonition – 9
  • Guide of Admonition – 63
  • Philosophies of Admonition – 114
  • Faded Red Satin – 18
  • Trimmed Red Silk – 66
  • Rich Red Brocade – 93
  • Puppet Strings -18


genshin impact faruzan constellations

As with every other character, with added constellations, Faruzan becomes a more integral part of any Anemo DPS team comp.

Ideally, players should aim to get C4 or even C6; at C4, the majority of Faruzan’s Energy Recharge issues will be solved, and at C6, she is an absolute must-have for Anemo team comps since she increases the Crit DMG of all Anemo damage by 40% when the Elemental Burst is active.

Unfortunately, players will have trouble getting her C6 since she is a new character, but over time when she shows up on additional banners, players can try to get her C6, which is, once again, a game-changer for Anemo team comps. Although, I would recommend going all out with the wishes, for players that main Xiao or Scaramouche.

Personally, as a Xiao main, adding Faruzan to my Xiao team comp (Xiao – Faruzan – Zhongli – Bennett) raised my damage output further than I expected.

By using three different buffs in my case, my Xiao came close to doing about 100k per plunge, which is a significant increase because, with just Bennett and Zhongli, the highest that I have gone was 89k per plunge.

In-game representation Name Description
Truth by Any Means Players can shoot two Hurricane Arrows.
Overzealous Intellect The Elemental burst will be on the field for an additional 6s.
Spirit Orchard Stroll “Wind Realm of Nasamjnin” talent level will increase by 3 levels.
The maximum upgrade level is 15.
Divine Comprehension After using the Elemental Skill, players will be able to use the Hurricane arrow when a charged attack is done. At C4, this attack sequence will generate energy particles.
Wonderland of Rumination “The Wind’s Secret Ways” talent level increases by 3 levels.
The maximum upgrade level is 15.
The Wonderous Path of Truth When an Anemo DPS character deals Anemo damage when Faruzan’s Elemental Burst is activated, the CRIT damage of the Anemo attack will increase by 40%.


4-Star Weapons

Fading Twilight

This weapon is the most compatible weapon for Faruzan, in my opinion. Unfortunately, unless players participated in the “Perilous Trail” event, they will not be able to obtain the weapon now. The Energy Recharge substat from this weapon goes a long way when it comes to Faruzan’s Energy Recharge issue.

(Obtained by participating in the Perilous Trails event. The event has already concluded as of the time of writing)

Favonius Warbow

This weapon is an excellent alternative to Fading Twilight, and the Energy Recharge substat will once again be used to solve Faruzan’s Energy Recharge issue.

The best part about this weapon is that it can be obtained after completing the “A Long Shot” Archon quest and as a potential weapon on any of the wish banners, giving players a much higher chance of collecting refinements for this weapon.

(Obtained through Gacha)

Sacrificial Bow

genshin impact faruzan sacrificial bow

Sacrificial Bow is another great alternative; once again, this is selected mainly for the Energy Recharge substat.

However, players have a chance to use Faruzan’s Elemental Skill more than once due to the weapon’s passive ability to end the Elemental Skill cooldown (based on random chance), and the second reason is that Faruzan’s Elemental Skill has a very low cooldown.

(Obtained through Gacha)

End of the Line

The End of the Line is not a famous bow since it was introduced recently; however, players have been sleeping on this because it could potentially be one of the best weapons for a Support character. The substat is, of course, Energy Recharge.

However, the main importance is placed on the weapon’s passive ability to deal AoE damage based on 80% ATK after the Elemental Skill is used via the “Flowrider” effect. Acquiring the weapon is a bit tricky since it requires quite a few hours/weeks spent fishing, not just to obtain the weapon but to get the refinements too.

(Obtained after purchasing it from the Sumeru Fishing Association)

The Viridescent Hunt

The Viridescent Hunt is also another great option, but it is better suited on a Sub DPS Faruzan than a Support-based one. The substat is Crit Rate, which means that players will not have to spend much time finding the perfect artifact set to balance her Crit Rate to Crit Damage ratio.

The weapon’s passive works to her advantage as well since it has a crowd control effect that is relatively similar to the crowd control triggered by Faruzan’s charged attacks after she uses her Elemental Skill.

(Obtained after completing the 30th tier of the battle pass, players are eligible to collect the weapon if they purchased the battle pass)

5-star Weapons

Elegy for the End

This weapon is the best and most compatible five-star option for Faruzan as of version 3.3. The Energy Recharge substat is quite large for this weapon, and as a result, it will solve Faruzan’s Energy Recharge issue and even allow her to act as a battery for other Anemo units.

The weapon’s passive is more compatible with team comps that are built around reactions, especially for Scaramouche team comps; the increased Elemental Mastery and ATK increase will go a long way when it comes to dealing damage.

(Obtained through Gacha)

Amos Bow

genshin impact amos bow

Amos Bow is the second most compatible weapon for Faruzan, the increased ATK from the weapon’s substat will help Faruzan deal more damage. Additionally, the weapon’s passive increases the damage dealt by the charged attack; this is a great option because players will use her charged attack after using the Elemental Skill.

The crowd control effect accomplished by her charged shot is a key component in Faruzan’s attack rotations, and as a result, players are expected to use her charged attack regularly.

The Amos Bow is relatively easy to obtain since it is available on the Standard banner, unlike most other five-star weapons that only appear occasionally when their Weapon banners are released.

(Obtained through Gacha)

Hunters Path

Hunters Path is a new addition to Genshin Impact, and as a result, most players have not had enough time to get accustomed to it. However, it is an excellent alternative for a Sub DPS or Support Faruzan; the Crit Rate substat is very beneficial, but the weapon’s passive is the most important part.

The weapon’s passive increases the damage done by charged attacks; this falls in line perfectly because, according to Faruzan’s attack rotation, she should use the charged attack after using her Elemental Skill.

The only issues that I see with this weapon are that it requires a lot of field time for Faruzan and the fact that the Hunters Path only showed up on the weapon banner once means that not many players have this weapon.

(Obtained through Gacha)

Thundering Pulse

Thundering Pulse is a great option, purely for the Crit Damage substat, which will help players save a lot of time when searching for the perfect artifact set. However, the weapon’s passive is wasted on her since players will not use Faruzan’s normal attacks as a Support character.

Once again, this would be better suited for a Main DPS or Sub DPS Faruzan, but I would not stand against using this weapon, although there are more compatible ones.

(Obtained through Gacha)

Skyward Harp

Skyward Harp is an alternative that will be more beneficial for a Main DPS or Sub DPS Faruzan rather than a Support. This is due to the weapon’s passive Crit Rate, and Crit Damage aspects will increase, which will allow her to carry out stronger attacks.

However, as a Main DPS, Faruzan’s team comps will be limited, so players might be unable to find the best fit. This is why I would recommend using this weapon as a last resort because better weapons are available.

Skyward Harp is available on the Standard banner, which means that players should have a higher probability of obtaining this than most of the other five-star weapons.

(Obtained through Gacha)

Faruzan is a character that requires a decent amount of investment, but this does not mean that she is a difficult character to build. In fact, most veteran players should have artifact sets ready for her that they already use on other characters.

However, newer players will be spending some time farming for her artifacts; therefore, to make things easier, I will list a one two-piece artifact combo that will work well with Faruzan, and a 4-star/ 3-star artifact can be used as a placeholder until the perfect artifact sets are gathered.

Noblesse Oblige

noblesse oblige

Two-piece bonus: The character’s Elemental Burst damage will increase by 20%

Four-piece bonus: After the character’s Elemental Burst is used, all members of the party will receive a 20% ATK increase. This effect will last for 12s and cannot be stacked.

This artifact set is perfect for any and every Support character. In fact, it is looked at as a staple need for almost every team comp since it provides an ATK buff when the four-piece set is used.

This artifact set goes a long way when players look at the team’s long-term needs since Faruzan can enhance the damage done by the team/ Main DPS.

Emblem of Severed Fate

emblem of severed fate

Two-piece bonus: The character’s Energy Recharge will increase by 20%

Four-piece bonus: The Elemental Burst damage is increased by 25% of the total Energy Recharge, although players can only obtain a maximum damage bonus of 75%.

This artifact set is one of the most important artifact sets in Genshin Impact. The four-piece buff that comes with this set would be great for Faruzan team comps since her main contribution to the team comes from her Elemental Burst.

Viridescent Venerer

viridescent venerer

Two-piece bonus: The character’s Anemo damage will increase by 15%

Four-piece bonus: Swirl damage is increased by 60%, while the Elemental RES of the opponent is decreased by 40% of the infused element via a Swirl reaction(s) for 10s.

Every Anemo character can use this artifact set, which makes it a very versatile artifact set. However, there are better artifact sets and set combos that can be used instead. But overall, this artifact set is great due to the Elemental RES provided via Swirl; the only issue is that this bonus is useless for Xiao and Scaramouche team comps.

Tenacity of the Millelith

tenacity of the millelith

Two-piece bonus: The character’s HP will increase by 20%

Four-piece bonus: After the equipped character uses the Elemental Skill, for each instance that the Elemental Skill comes into contact with an opponent, all members of the party receive two buffs. ATK is increased by 20%, and the Shield Strength is increased by 30%; however, this effect can only be triggered once every 0.5s.

As an added bonus, even if the equipped character is not on the field, as long as the Elemental Skill contacts the opponent, the buffs can be applied.

This artifact set is excellent for off-field DPS characters such as Xiangling, Fischl, or Zhongli and characters that can use recurring Elemental Skills such as Sucrose or Xiao. According to the four-piece set bonus, when an Elemental Skill comes into contact with an enemy, there is a 20% increase in ATK and a 30% increase in shield strength.

Unfortunately, Faruzan does not have an off-field DPS Elemental Skill, but she has a very low cooldown for her Elemental Skill. This means that players can use the Elemental Skill frequently to keep the buffs activated.

The Exile

the exile

Two-piece bonus: The character’s Energy Recharge will increase by 20%

Four-piece bonus: After an Elemental Burst is used, every other member of the party receives 2 energy particles within 2s intervals. This effect lasts for a total of 6s and cannot be stacked.

This artifact set is relatively easy to obtain since we will be able to collect them from almost every chest or as a reward. However, getting the perfect artifact set would be a difficult task, but it is not impossible.

In fact, players are recommended to have a few artifacts from this set to act as placeholders for characters that require Energy Recharge issues or requirements.

Noblesse Oblige and Emblem of Severed Fate


This combination of artifacts is perfect if players want the best of both worlds. Not only will this combination buff the Elemental Burst damage, but it will also provide Faruzan a significant increase to her Energy Recharge.

With a high Energy Recharge, the energy particles generated will also help the team, resulting in faster loading of the Elemental Bursts.

Of all the above mentioned artifacts, The Exile is the easiest artifact to farm because most players should be having more than one good artifact from this set.

Although in my opinion, players only need to use this as a placeholder until they obtain the desired artifacts from the Noblesse Oblige or Emblem of Severed Fate set, which are better options for Faruzan.

Main Artifact Stat and Complimentary Substats

  Flower of Life Plume of Death Sands of Eon Goblet of Eonothem Circlet of Logos
Main Stat HP ATK Energy Recharge/ ATK% Anemo DMG bonus CRIT Rate/ DMG
Substats Energy Recharge


Elemental Mastery

Crit Rate/ DMG

Energy Recharge


Elemental Mastery

Crit Rate/ DMG

Energy Recharge


Elemental Mastery

Crit Rate/ DMG

Energy Recharge


Elemental Mastery

Crit Rate/ DMG

Energy Recharge


Elemental Mastery

Crit Rate/ DMG

Reason This artifact is always HP. This artifact is always ATK.  Players need to slot in the stat that is lower when looking at Faruzan’s attributes.  Anemo DMG bonus will help her conduct stronger attacks.  Players just need to use the lower Crit value in order to balance the ratio.

Team Comps: Free to Play

Faruzan Support Team

  1. Main DPSAnemo Traveler,  Weapon – Harbinger of Dawn 
  2. Sub DPS –  Faruzan, Weapon – Messenger
  3. Support – Noelle, Weapon – Whiteblind
  4. Healer – Barbara, Weapon – Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

The Anemo Traveler is not well known as a Main DPS character; however, with Faruzan on the team, the Anemo damage dealt will increase significantly. Players need to use quick rotations for this team since Faruzan does not need to be on-field for too long to apply her crowd-control skills and Elemental Burst.

Although, players can use her as a reliable Sub DPS character that will be able to deal damage and balance the workload. As usual, Noelle will act as the shielding unit, and Barbara will be the designated healer of the team. This team does not require an attack rotation to deal significant damage, but it is more of a general-use team.

Best Team Comp

faruzan support team

Faruzan Support Team

  1. Main DPS –Xiao, Weapon – Primordial Jade Winged Spear
  2. Support – Faruzan, Weapon – Elegy For The End
  3. Support – Zhongli, Weapon – Staff of Homa
  4. Healer – Bennett, Weapon – Mistsplitter Reforged

Xiao is the focal point of the team’s damage, as the Anemo hypercarry that he is. A significant time has passed since his release, but we finally have a character that is compatible with Xiao’s playstyle while allowing him to perform at a higher level via the buffs and RES shred.

With Faruzan acting in the Support role, she provides the necessary buffs via her Elemental Burst. Additionally, her crowd control mechanism is great for this team since Xiao’s burst pushes enemies away.

Zhongli is once again our reliable shielding unit; I would always recommend Zhongli for a Xiao team and as a shielder in general.

If equipped with the Tenacity of the Millelith artifact set, Zhongli can apply another ATK buff that will help Xiao. Bennett exists to heal and provide an ATK buff via his Elemental Burst. Overall, this team can bring out the best in both Xiao and Faruzan as well; the best attack rotation for this team would be;

Faruzan’s Elemental Skill then charged attack -> Zhongli’s Elemental Skill -> Bennett’s Elemental Burst -> Faruzan’s Elemental Burst -> Xiao’s Elemental Skill then Elemental Burst

Faruzan Support Team

  1. Main DPS –Scaramouche, Weapon – Tulaytullah’s Remembrance
  2. Sub DPS – Raiden Shogun, Weapon – Engulfing Lightning
  3. Support – Faruzan, Weapon – Elegy For The End
  4. Healer – Bennett, Weapon – Mistsplitter Reforged

Scaramouche is an Anemo DPS with unique gameplay aspects that requires a lot of attention to detail. However, as a dedicated Anemo DPS, he will be the focal point of the team’s damage. Raiden Shogun will act as the Sub DPS, although her elemental skill will help the team with additional Energy Recharge and on-field Electro damage/ application.

Additionally, she will help Scaramouche Swirl Electro, and this will help regenerate even more energy particles. Faruzan will be playing the Support role to buff Scaramouche’s Anemo damage and shred the enemy’s Anemo RES.

Since the team has Raiden Shogun, I would recommend building a Noblesse Oblige Faruzan for this team comp because this will provide the team an ATK buff.

Bennett will be the healer of the team and provide the ATK buff via his Elemental Burst. Additionally, he will help Scaramouche Swirl Pyro, which will increase his ATK. The best attack rotation for this team would be;

Raiden Shogun’s Elemental Skill -> Faruzan’s Elemental Skill then charged attack -> Bennett’s Elemental Burst -> Faruzan’s Elemental Burst -> Scaramouche’s Elemental Skill then Elemental Burst (after the duration of the Elemental Skill expires)

Mistakes to Avoid

faruzan support team mistakes to avoid

Faruzan will be an off-field Elemental Burst DPS, and therefore, players need to keep the rotations and factor in the energy expenditure when using her. She is not able to take significant hits, which makes her squishy, but with the right Support/ Utility characters, Faruzan can do very well.

  1. Since Faruzan will not be on the field too regularly, players need to find a way to keep the Anemo energy regeneration consistent in order to have her Elemental Burst loaded and ready. Faruzan requires a high energy recharge anyways since her Elemental Burst energy cost is relatively high.
  2. When looking at her kit, she will always be used as a Support character in Anemo damage-heavy teams. Therefore players need to have a strong Anemo Main DPS to fully utilize Faruzan unless they are planning to use her as a Main DPS.
  3. Due to her placement in Anemo DPS teams, this means that at least two characters in these team comps will be Anemo. This means that vital slots for potential elemental reactions could be used up. However, players can always find the right balance after experimenting with different team comps for a while.

How to Obtain Faruzan?

obtaining faruzan

The Wish System – Faruzan was first made available in version 3.3. Beyond that, she has been added to the natural pool of four-star characters, meaning that she could be a possible character every ten pulls regardless of the banner.

However, there is no guaranteed way of obtaining her, but there could be a possibility to obtain her via an upcoming event since she is a character that is in high demand.


Question: How Old is Faruzan?

Answer: Although Faruzan is said to have a youthful appearance, she is more than one hundred years old. This makes her one of the most senior members of the Akademiya, with many people looking up to her and acknowledging her immense expertise in the field of Ancient Mechanics.

Question: Why does Faruzan Look Familiar?

Answer: Faruzan looks very similar to Hatsune Miku from “More More Jump.” Hatsune Miku is a virtual singer, and she is a very bubbly character, often appearing cheerful and happy.
However, although Faruzan looks similar to Hatsune Miku, their similarities are polar opposites. Faruzan is a more serious and strict figure, and she prefers to keep things to herself, although Cyno says that she is a chatty person.

Question: What is Faruzan’s Field of Expertise?

Answer: Faruzan is often referred to as the “living encyclopedia of mechanics” due to her immense knowledge and understanding of the mechanical aspects of Teyvat. She is a winner of the “Sumeru Puzzlers’ League Lifetime Achievement Award” as an acknowledgment of her contribution to the field of Mechanics.


Faruzan is a great character and one that I would recommend for any and every Anemo team comp. Not only is she a great Anemo buff, but she also has a crowd-control mechanic that affects smaller enemies.

At C6, she is the perfect Support character for Xiao and Scaramouche, the Anemo RES decrease and Crit Damage increase is perfect for both characters because it allows them to deal significant damage.

However, they are more than capable of dishing out damage themselves. Since she is the first Anemo Support character, she will become a vital part of most or all Anemo-based team comps for the foreseeable future.

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