Mist Flower Corolla Guide

Mist Flower Corolla Guide

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG that features a vibrant world filled with exquisite in-game materials. Players can collect unique in-game materials while roaming different regions. Boasting its beautiful music, Genshin Impact offers intricate lore linked to collectibles.

Since day one, I’ve been playing Genshin Impact and enjoyed collecting different materials, whether it’s an apple or monster drop. Many things will take space in your inventory and use them for various purposes. You can manage some plants easily, whereas others require you to apply specific elements to them to be available.

Image from Genshin Impact Wiki (Fandom)

Here, I’ll be going over details of one such in-game material, Mist Flower Corolla, and discussing its details.

Let’s go over a summary of what you can expect from this Mist Flower Corolla guide:

  1. What is Mist Flower Corolla?
  2. Mist Flower Corolla locations
  3. Tips for Farming
  4. Crafting uses
  5. Concluding with FAQs

What is Mist Flower Corolla?

Mist Flower Corolla
Image from Genshin Impact Wiki (Fandom)

Mist Flower Corolla is 1-star in-game material that looks like a round blue flower covered with navy blue petals around it. The flower bud is in a solid ice layer, and it radiates cryo around it. They have thick green stems and are near water surfaces. You can expect them to appear near freshwater sources like lakes, ponds, and rivers.

Unlike other plants in-game, which you can collect quickly, plants like Mist Flower Corolla needs to be applied with an element to contain. It would be best to use a pyro on Mist Flower Corolla to collect it. Pyro element application on Mist Flower Corolla will help in defrosting it.

After you apply pyro on it, the cryo aura will disappear, and the flower will become less radiant and bring out a dark blue color on its top. Mist Flower Corolla’s bright shine cryo aura goes away and gives a crackling ice sound effect when you apply pyro on it.

Mist Flower Corolla Locations


Herbalist Guide is a Non-playable character who works as a pharmacist at Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue Harbor. Herbalist Gui sells 5 Mist Flower Corolla for 1000 Mora each refreshes every three days. 

Mist Flower Corolla Locations in Mondstadt

Mist Flower Corolla Locations in Mondstadt

Mist Flower Corolla Locations in Liyue

Mist Flower Corolla Locations in Liyue

Mist Flower Corolla Locations in Inazuma

Mist Flower Corolla Locations in Inazuma

Mist Flower Corolla Locations in Enkanomiya

Mist Flower Corolla Locations in Enkanomiya

Tips for Farming

Here are a few tips which you can follow to farm Mist Flower Corolla:

  1. Frozen state: Be careful when collecting Mist Flower Corolla; they’re near water bodies, and cryo slimes may be near them. Having a hydro status on your Genshin Impact characters and cryo enemies nearby is a terrible combination. Clear out enemies before collecting the plant and save yourself from using recovery food if you’re getting frozen and attacked simultaneously.
  2. Pyro Character: You can use pyro element characters to collect Mist Flower Corolla. All you have to do is either use their skill or charge shot on the flower and defrost it.
  3. Healer: Having a healer in your party will help you farm. Cryo slimes are near flower locations, and they may attack you most of the time. If you’re low HP and slimes attack you in the frozen state, you might have to teleport to the statue of seven or revive at the nearest teleport point. It’s better to have a healer in the party to avoid frequent visits to the statue of seven.
  4. Co-op: Playing co-op with friends can speed up your farming process. You can go to your friend’s world and farm materials there. Most of the time, I co-op with my friends and collect materials from our worlds, and it helps save time in fighting different monsters we encounter. I’ll suggest you farm materials over a weekend and enjoy doing fun activities with your friend. Hey! Don’t forget to click pictures.
  5. Team composition: I’ll recommend you have a team composition with different weapon-type characters or elements. Suppose you’re collecting Mist Flower Corolla and suddenly see a Flaming Flower roaming around. You can switch out to hydro character and collect it before continuing your journey.
    You can shoot flying anemo slimes or bloaty plants with different weapons characters to collect chest rewards.
  6. Two Anemo: Having two anemo characters in your party will give you Impetuous Winds. This Elemental Resonance will help reduce the party’s stamina consumption rate by 15%, increase movement speed by ten and reduce skill cooldown rate by 5%. I always have Jean and venti when exploring different areas.
  7. Character’s Passive: Characters have different passives, which may give exploration benefits. If you’re a beginner player having Kaeya Alberich and Amber at your party can help you explore. Kaeya’s passive talent Hidden Strength decreases all-party members’ stamina consumption rate by 20% and allows players to save stamina early in the game.
    Likewise, Amber’s passive talent, 
    Gliding Champion, reduces the gliding stamina consumption rate by 20% of your party members. Mind that both of these talents don’t stack with passives that provide the same benefits.
    There are different characters which passives, which are helpful in exploration. I’ve listed two of them that every player can get, and you can benefit from these passive talents by having those characters in your party.

Crafting Uses

As of writing this guide, Genshin Impact 2.4 has two uses of Mist Flower Corolla in crafting.

  • Frosting Essential Oil Frosting Essential Oil: Lizard Tail x 1, Mist Flower Corolla x 1Effect: Increases all party member’s Cryo DMG by 25% for 300s. Described as a potion with a chilling sensation that helps channel cryo energy better, this potion boosts one’s affinity to the Cryo element. It also helps in keeping you cool-headed and calm.You can use this potion for damage showcase or get an extra cryo damage boost. You will often see youtube videos without roof damage, and they may be using potions to boost their character’s damage.
  • Frostshield Potion Frostshield Potion: Crystal Core x 1, Mist Flower Corolla x 1Effect: Increases all party members’ Cryo Resistance by 25% for 300s.Described as miraculous potions that boost Cryo RES and help one withstand extreme cold After consumption, it induces a chilling sensation that spreads throughout the body and removes the feeling of coolness.

If you’re fighting enemies specializing in dealing cryo damage like Frostarm lawachurls, cryo whopper flowers, or cryo regisvine, you can use this potion to receive less Cryo Damage.

Generally, potions are rare to use unless you’re doing a damage showcase. But, I’ll recommend you to have at least two potions of each variety, just in case you’ll ever need them. I have two potions of each category in inventory; however, there’s still a day to come when I use them.

Moreover, with potions, you require exquisite materials like lizard tails or frogs, rare to farm.


Let’s go over a few questions which you might have after reading this guide

Question: Can I feed Mist Flower to Parametric Transformer?

Answer: Yes, you can feed it to Parametric Transformer. Though Mist Flower Corolla is a 1-star item, I won’t recommend you provide it because it’s cumbersome to farm it. Most of the time, cryo slimes are nearby or water sources where you can freeze. Parametric Transformer rewards aren’t significant enough to compensate for time spent farming those materials, and it’s better to feed them common materials than one’s which require extra effort.

It’s better to feed materials like mint, berries, or the ones you can farm through expeditions. They’re generally in abundance and won’t hurt your inventory even if you feed them. 

Question: Is Mist Flower Corolla useful for a weapon or character ascension?

Answer: As of writing this guide, Genshin Impact 2.4 doesn’t have any characters or weapons which use Mist Flower Corolla as ascension material. Mist Flower Corolla doesn’t have much use besides crafting purposes or being used in the “Darknight Hero’s Alibi” quest.
I’ll still recommend you to farm them a bit extra to be on the safer side in the future if any character will use them. I always prefer to pre-farm materials to avoid running low on them later.

Question: I don’t have extra characters to enjoy their passive benefits. Can I still collect all materials in-game?

Answer: Yes, you can. Genshin Impact offers starter characters like Kaeya, Lisa, Amber, Barbara, Noelle, and Xiangling. You can complete different in-game challenges or reach a certain Adventure rank to get these characters. Moreover, Noelle is a guarantee on the beginner’s banner, so be assured that you will have these characters even if you’re starting. 

These characters have different elements, and you can use them to clear any in-game content in the overworld. However, end-game content like Spiral abyss will require you to invest heavily in characters, but that’s something you should focus on after doing available content.


There are a lot of different plants in-game that you can collect, and some of them require you to apply specific elements to them to be collected. Mist Flower Corolla is among them and requires you to apply pyro element on it to defrost. As of writing this guide, Genshin Impact 2.4 doesn’t effectively use Mis Flower Corolla in weapons and characters ascension material. You can use Mist Flower Corolla for crafting purposes or submit it in certain quests.

However, to be on the safer side, I recommend you farm which materials you come across and have them in adequate quantity in your inventory. You cannot ignore the possibility that future characters or weapons might use any material which isn’t quite in use.

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