light of foliar incision guide

Light Of Foliar Incision Guide

Who doesn’t want a 5-star weapon? I’m sure all of us want reliable, brand-new weapons in our arsenal to challenge formidable enemies. With so many weapons in Genshin Impact, players often find themselves comparing promoted weapons to ones in their inventory.

While we all have an abundance of 4-star and 3-star weapons, 5-star ones are hard to come by. You have to wish on exclusive weapon banners and hope for a shining golden star to bless your wish screen. These weapons have unique passives that increase a character’s damage potential and allow them to opt for a flexible play style.

One such weapon is the Light of Foliar Incision. A 5-star sword featured alongside Alhaitham’s promoted character banner, a sword with unique effects that synergize with characters focusing on elemental reactions. Not only has the sword got a vibrant color scheme, but it also has a sleek design that will perfectly fit your character’s stance. A brand new 5-star sword that can enable your characters to reach new heights.

In this Light of Foliar Incision guide, I will accompany you on this venture to learn more about this sword and discuss all the ascension materials you need to take it to its full potential. Without further ado, let’s unsheath this new weapon and swiftly through our enemies.

Light of Foliar Incision, An Elegant Sword

The Light of Foliar Incision is a newly launched sword alongside the promoted banner of Alhaitham. His signature weapon features a thorough layout that suits his flawless character design. The sword has a vibrant green-colored structure and a curve that looks like it can cut through enemies with zero resistance.

While most swords have a straight-line layout, the Light of Foliar incision’s light green curve blends perfectly with Alhaitham’s attire. Once you ascend the sword, it embodies a radiant shining line across its edges and gets a refined dynamic look.

Light of Foliar Incision
What a sleek design.

Weapon Details

  • Rarity: 5-star
  • Base attack: 44 – 542
  • Secondary stat: CRIT damage %
  • Secondary stat value: 19.2 % – 88.2 %
  • Passive ability: Whitemoon Bristle
  • Passive ability description: A character’s CRIT rate increases by 4 %. After your normal attacks deal elemental damage, the passive’s Foliar incision effect activates, increasing normal attack and elemental skills’ damage by 120% of elemental mastery. The effect vanishes after 28 instances of damage or 12 seconds. The cooldown for the Foliar incision effect is 12 seconds.

The weapon features a solid base attack of 542 with a 88 % CRIT damage substat at level 90. The passive helps to increase the CRIT rate by a marginal amount and buffs an equipping character’s normal attack and skill damage based on the Elemental mastery. However, you can only trigger the passive after dealing elemental damage with normal attacks.

As of now, the only source of dealing elemental damage with normal attacks is to have an infusion on a weapon. Keqing, Alhaitham, Kamisato Ayato, and Kamisato Ayaka are prime examples of characters who get elemental infusion on their normal attacks.

genshin impact light of foliar incision details
The Light of Foliar Incision’s description
Genshin Impact The Light of Foliar Incision's description
The Light of Foliar Incision’s in-game lore

After using their abilities, you can get their respective elements’ infusion on their sword. However, with the help of a C6 Bennett, Candace, or Chongyun, you can enable any character to benefit from the Light of Foliar Incision’s passive.

Bennett’s last constellation imbues the character’s regular attacks with Pyro, Chongyun’s elemental skill grants Cryo infusion, and Candace’s elemental burst gives a Hydro infusion to party members.

genshin impact Chongyuns Cryo infusion on a character
Chongyun’s Cryo infusion on a character
genshin impact Bennett's Pyro infusion on a character
Bennett’s Pyro infusion on a character
genshin impact Candace's Hydro infusion on a character
Candace’s Hydro infusion on a character

How was I able to confirm it? I carefully read the weapon’s passive, curated a new team, and ventured out in the wild to test the passive. Once the passive triggers, you will see a leafy animation on your character.

That will confirm that the passive has activated, and you can proceed to finish enemies. Remember that the weapon increases normal attack and skill damage; it doesn’t increase your attack.

Light of Foliar Incision: Stat Progression

Weapon Progression

Weapons with high rarity are a must to level up. You might miss on potential buffs from these weapons and the amount of utility they bring to the table.

Weapons with higher rarity feature unique passives, stats, and generally have a high base attack than their 4-star counterparts. I suggest leveling up the Light of Foliar Incision to level 90 to benefit from its chunky CRIT damage substat.

Level Base Attack Substat ( CRIT-DMG %)
1/20 44 19.2
20/40 141 33.9
40/50 241 49.4
60/70 373 65.0
80/90 506 80.4
90/90 542 88.2

Refinement Progression

Coming to refinement benefits, the CRIT rate buff from 4 % to 8 % is minuscule. I don’t like the CRIT rate bonus at all. Just 1 % on each refinement! Is that a joke? Rants aside, the weapon is a decent addition to Alhaitham’s damage boost because his regular attacks and skill damage will get a boost.

You require a decent Elemental mastery stat on his build, and the weapon will ensure that the damage bonus scales more with extra refinements.

Genshin Impact light of foliar incision rank one
Refinement progression preview
Refinement Rank CRIT rate % Damage bonus %
1 4 120
2 5 150
3 6 180
4 7 210
5 8 240

Refining a 5-star weapon completely depends on your budget. Ultimately, the weapon banner has a lower pity than the promoted characters banner, and you may get the desired weapon earlier. However, in case you don’t hit the soft pity, you might go down in a spiral of wishes and end up with two fate points on the epitomized path, and need more primogems to secure the selected weapon. Unless your luck is on EXP boost, you shouldn’t gamble on the weapon’s banner. The RNG doesn’t play around.

If you can afford to refine the weapon to the maximum level, you can definitely for the weapons banner. There’s only a minority of players who can afford to refine the Light of Foliar incision to level 5. The more you refine the weapon, the more potent its passive will be, enabling you to speedrun abyss chambers. You can easily pass the heaviest DPS checks in the game and clear content in a few seconds.

Time to Hunt for Ascension Materials

To ascend the Light of Foliar incision to level 90, you need to collect the following materials:

  • Mora x 225,000
  • Faded red satin x 15
  • Trimmed red silk x 23
  • Rich red brocade x 27
  • Copper talisman of the forest dew x 5
  • Iron talisman of the forest dew x 14
  • Silver talisman of the forest dew x 14
  • Golden talisman of the forest dew x 6
  • Desiccated shell x 23
  • Sturdy shell x 27
  • Marked shell x 41
Genshin Impact ascend light of foliar incision
Ascension materials’ preview

You need to slay a lot of Eremites to get their materials. Usually, you can find them roaming out in the wild or surprise them at their camps. Talismans can easily be obtained in a domain where you can spend condensed, fragile, or original resin. As for the shells, you must defeat consecrated beasts like Consecrated Red Vultures in the overworld.

genshin impact Consecrated Red Vultures
Consecrated Red Vulture. I hate this one.

Mora requirements aren’t absurd. You can obtain 200k Mora in a couple of runs to Leylines. You can use the crafting table to forge items with higher rarity and utilize them to ascend the weapon. Sometimes there aren’t enough higher-level materials available, but you can fuse the lower ones to complement the shortage.

Notable Characters

Let’s go through a few notable characters that can use the Light of Foliar Incision in the game. With the help of characters like Bennett, Chongyun, and Candace, you can use the weapon on other sword characters.

Before I present my thoughts, I want to emphasize that the guide’s aim isn’t to compare similar swords. Rather, I would describe the path you can opt to use the weapon on certain characters.

Below are a few characters that can use the sword in niche combat circumstances.


Genshin Impact light of foliar incision alhaitham
Alhaitham, with the Light of Foliar Incision

The weapon perfectly fits Alhaitham’s DPS needs. You can use this weapon on Alhaitham to use him as a burst DPS or main DPS on your team. Building Elemental mastery on Alhaitham is recommended in Dendro reaction teams, and the best thing is that his abilities scale off Elemental mastery as well.

The weapon’s passive synergizes with his kit’s attributes and allows you to gain an attack buff from the Elemental mastery. A chunky 88.2 % CRIT rate will benefit you in Spread reaction teams where Alhaitham has to apply Dendro on the Quicken aura. I would highly recommend you use the Light of Foliar Incision on Alhaitham.

Weapon alternatives: Iron Sting, Harbinger of Dawn, Mistsplitter Reforged

Kamisato Ayaka

Genshin Impact light of foliar kamisato ayaka
Kamisato Ayaka with the Light of Foliar Incision

Kamisato Ayaka gets a Cryo infusion on her normal attacks once she is out of sprinting mode. However, I don’t feel that you need to have Elemental mastery on her unless you plan to trigger melt reactions with Xiangling on the team. Still, there are better weapons, like the Iron sting, that can fulfill the role of boosting her EM requirements.

I would say the only reason you should use the Light of Foliar incision on Ayaka is to benefit from the CRIT damage substat. You can equip the Blizzard strayer artifact set on her and grant her a massive CRIT rate in freeze teams. On top of that, you can equip a CRIT damage circlet on her artifact pieces, which adds to your overall CRIT damage along with the weapon’s substat.

Weapon alternatives: Mistsplitter Reforged, Haran Geppaku Futsu, The Black Sword

Kamisato Ayato

Genshin Impact light of foliar kamisato ayato
Kamisato Ayato with the Light of Foliar Incision

Kamisato Ayaka’s brother Kamisato Ayato is a Hydro sword user. You can equip the Light of Foliar Incision on him if you want to build some Elemental mastery on him. There are plenty of teams where he can benefit from extra EM on artifact pieces. Vaporize and Bloom teams can use an EM stat on his artifact pieces.

However, to trigger the passive, you must do elemental damage with your normal attacks. You can use his elemental skill to infuse your attacks with Hydro and activate the passive. You will often use his elemental skill to damage enemies, which perfectly fits the Light of Foliar Incision’s passive.

Weapon alternatives: Haran Geppaku Futsu, The Black Sword, Primordial Jade Cutter


Genshin Impact electro light of foliar incision
Keqing with the Light of Foliar Incision

Like Kamisato Ayaka, Keqing gets an Electro infusion on her normal attacks from her elemental skill. You can maintain a consistent Electro application and trigger the weapon’s passive. However, Keqing being an Electro DPS character doesn’t have much use for elemental mastery in her kit.

The weapon’s passive won’t be of much use, but the CRIT damage substat will be. You can equip a CRIT rate circlet on Keqing to have an optimal 1:2 ratio of CRIT rate to CRIT damage. If you don’t have a better option, you can use the Light of Foliar Incision on Keqing as a CRIT damage stat stick.

Weapon alternatives: Lion’s Roar, Aquila Favonia, Mistsplitter Reforged


Genshin Impact pyro light of foliar incision
Bennett with the Light of Foliar Incision

Bennett is one of the best-supporting characters on the team. You can play him in a main DPS or support role. Using him in vaporize team compositions, you can stack Elemental mastery on him and trigger reverse-vaporize reactions on enemies.

This will activate the weapon’s passive to convert elemental mastery to an attack bonus and increase the skills’ damage. However, it’s possible only in teams where you use a C6 Bennett, as his last constellation grants a Pyro infusion on normal attacks.

If you have a C6 Bennett, you can trigger the weapon’s passive on any sword character. Though unlocking Bennett’s last constellation will restrict flexible team building.

A Pyro infusion can potentially make some characters anti-synergetic with him in existing team compositions on your account. So, remember to keep your existing teams and characters in mind before you activate his final constellation.

Alternatively, you can use other characters like Chongyun or Candace to grant him an elemental infusion. However, it may restrict him to more niche teams. Nonetheless, I’ll recommend making an informed decision in Bennett’s case.

Weapon alternatives: Aquila Favonia, Favonius Sword, Sacrificial Sword


Genshin Impact light of foliar incision xingqiu
Xingqiu with the Light of Foliar Incision

One of the best off-field DPS in the game can benefit from the sword. Xingqiu is quite a versatile character who can equip a myriad of artifacts. You can equip an EM attribute on his artifacts sands for more Vaporize damage. To activate the weapon’s passive, you need to do elemental damage with his normal attacks, which is achievable if you have a C6 Bennett.

One of the most popular teams, Raiden Hypercarry, with the Raiden Shogun, Xiangling, Bennett, and Xingqiu, can help activate the passive. You can deploy Bennett’s burst on the field, and use Xingqiu’s normal attack to proc the attack bonus. The passive stays for around 12 seconds, which is a decent amount of time to let Xingqiu’s rain sword benefit from the passive.

Weapon alternatives: Sacrificial Sword, Favonius Sword, Primordial Jade Cutter


Kaeya with the Light of Foliar Incision
Kaeya with the Light of Foliar Incision

You can use the sword on Kaeya in teams where you plan to trigger Melt or Freeze reactions. You can deploy Chongyun’s elemental skill or use C6 Bennett’s constellation effect to imbue Kaeya’s sword with an elemental infusion.

Building Elemental mastery on Kaeya will enable him to proc high reaction damage in certain team compositions. You can use the likes of Xiangling or Chongyun for better elemental applications.

Weapon alternatives: Favonius Sword, Iron Sting, Primordial Jade Cutter


Genshin Impact light of foliar incision nilou
Nilou is amazing in Bloom teams

Bloom teams heavily focus on using Nilou as their core participant. Building Elemental mastery is necessary on Nilou if you plan to use her in Bloom-heavy team compositions. You can summon Bloom seeds by reacting Hydro and Dendro to deal AoE Dendro damage to surrounding enemies.

The area-of-effect of these Bloom seeds can deal severe damage to enemies. With extra CRIT damage on the sword, you can deal better Hydro damage. However, that completely depends on how you plan to build her. Nilou’s Hydro infusion from her skills can easily trigger the Light of Foliar Incision’s passive.

Weapon alternatives: Iron Sting, Freedom Sworn, Sacrificial Sword

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which Sword is Alhaitham’s Best Sword in the Game?

Answer: The Light of Foliar Incision is the best sword on Alhaitham. The sword perfectly complements his skills and helps him reach a higher damage potential. With a solid CRIT damage substat and a passive scaling off the Elemental mastery, the Light of Infusion becomes a solid choice on Alhaitham.

Question: Should I Wish on the Light of Foliar Incision as a Free-to-play Player?

Answer: I wouldn’t recommend wishing on the weapon if you don’t know how the pity system works. It may take a ton of wishes for you to get the weapon, and if RNG isn’t on your side, your precious primogems might go to waste. Though there is a dedicated epitomized path system on the weapons banner, the pity doesn’t carry forward to the next banner.

So, as an FTP player myself, I would urge you to avoid the weapons banner. Most 4-star weapons are good enough to clear the in-game content, even the spiral abyss.

Question: How Good is Elemental Mastery on Sword Characters?

Answer: Elemental mastery plays a crucial role in elemental reactions. Most of the characters rely on elemental reactions to deal damage to enemies. Vaporize, Melt, Bloom, and Spread are a few reactions dominating the meta. I would suggest going through our Elemental mastery guide to absorb the concept in more detail. Once you understand the basics, you can easily curate your teams around characters triggering reactions in your teams.

A Sword to Behold

I’m in love with the Light of Foliar Incision’s design. Genshin Impact’s developers put insane effort into their craft and always come up with the best weapon designs. The color scheme, layout, vibrance, and hue are perfect.

There couldn’t be a better weapon for Alhaitham. Though some weapons can serve as strong alternatives, if you can afford to get this promoted sword, you should go for it.

That was it for the Light of Foliar Incision guide. I would suggest going over our Weapons section to know more about them, and who knows, maybe you’ll find a guide on your favorite weapon.

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