Almond Tofu Genshin Impact Guide

Comprehensive Almond Tofu Genshin Impact Guide

Genshin Impact has a wide variety of food items that you can cook, and I’m sure there must be some dishes that will become your go-to food items. Whether it’s some demanding boss or you need to pack some extra punch to a group of random hilicurls, it’s better to consume food and continue the fight.

Weekly bosses or overworld bosses can be pretty challenging to deal with if your characters are a bit weak;

You can use food items to help fill the gap in between. In the early game, even apples were vital until I discovered different food items. You never know which item you’ll need in future, so if you see anything shiny, press that collects option!

Without further ado, let’s go over what I’ll be covering in this Almond Tofu Genshin Impact Guide:

  1. What is almond tofu?
  2. Use of almond tofu
  3. Where to find the recipe for Almond tofu?
  4. Tips for cooking and brief FAQ about cooking with my remarks at the end

What is Almond Tofu?

Almond Tofu

A dessert made out of almonds. It has a silky-smooth texture with a long-lasting aroma of almond. It’s named tofu only because of its tofu-like shape.~ in-game description

Genshin Impact has a lot of food items that you can consume to have different effects on your active character or overall party.

Any of the consumed items will affect the player’s active character(s). Consumables affect character stats like ATK, DEF, Stamina consumption rate, Critrate, different Damage bonuses and many more.

However, if you’re in a co-op party, the effects of the consumed item will apply to your characters only and not be shared with other co-op members.

What Does This Food Item Do?

Almond tofu increases all party members’ ATK by 81 for 5 minutes (300s). However, if you’re in co-op mode, consuming it will affect only your active character(s) and won’t share with other party members.

Depending on the quality, Suspicious/Normal /Delicious, you can increase the party’s attack by 66/81/95 for 5minutes (300s).

On the cooking screen, you can choose a character you want to use to cook a particular dish. Now some characters have unique dishes, which you can get if you use those characters for cooking.

If you use xiao for cooking almond tofu, there’s a chance you’ll get “Sweet Dream” almond tofu which increases attack by 144 for 5minutes(300s).

How to Find the Recipe for Almond Tofu?

Genshin Impact Cooking

  1. Teleport to Wangshuu Inn, Dilhua Marsh
  2. You can see NPC named Verr Goldet there, go to her and interact; she sells Almond tofu for 1550 mora with two tofus per day.
  3. Now, head down the stairs to Kitchen where chef Smiley yanxiao is cooking.
  4. To the left of Smiley yanxiao, you’ll see a shiny area to investigate. You’ll get the recipe for the dish after you explore that area.
  5. Now, to make almond tofu, you need Milk(3), Sugar(1) and almond (1) and a cooking pot.
  6. Goto your favourite cooking spot, or use the cooking station near chef smiley yanxiao. I preferred to use that one because it was near.

You can use xiangling for cooking it to have a chance to receive double the product.

I used xiangling to cook a lot of ATK boosting dishes because of her passive Chef de cuisine: When Xiangling cooks an ATK-boosting dish perfectly, she has a 12% chance to receive double the product. So, remember to use xiangling for cooking ATK boosting dishes in future for having a chance to get extra dishes!

Almond tofu isn’t the best ATK boosting dish in the game, but it’s better to have something than nothing. Moreover, if you’re an early game player, it’s good to make use of whatever consumables you have at your disposal.


Let’s go over a few questions which you might have

Question: How Much Almond Tofu Should I Cook?

Answer: It depends on you; if you’re into completing Achievements like Survival Expert – Learn 10/20/40 Recipes or Star Chef – Master 10/20/40 Recipes. Then you can cook it until you unlock auto cook. I won’t advise you to overcook the amount because it’s an early game food item. 

As you’ll progress through the game, you’ll discover different ATK boosting dishes, and you’ll start using them. It’s better to use the remaining ingredients in some other dish.

You can have a couple of extra almond tofus in your inventory for completing certain quests, like the one where you have to give almond tofu To Chenxiang, so having a cooking a couple of them extra won’t hurt.

Question: Is There Any Way I Can Get Cooking Items Without Farming?

Answer: Technically, Yes, because that’s what expeditions do in-game. You can send your characters on different expeditions in different regions, and they’ll be able to collect the material you sent them to farm.

Currently, I send at least two of my characters to farm items like meat, raw meat and matsutake. Even If I don’t use them in many recipes, I can put them in Parametric Transformer.

In expeditions, it’s better to put your characters to farm white iron chunks and crystal chunks. However, those spots being limited, you can send your remaining characters to farm some food items. That way, you’ll have to have weapons, EXP material and different food items in your backpack.

Question: Am I Cheating if I’m Using Food Items to Buff My Characters and Clear Content?

Answer: Trust me when I say this; I heard this question from one of my friends and remembered a fight. I won’t spoil it because it’s a critical fight for newcomers.

But I’d say it was one of the most challenging boss fights I faced. I used Razor as the primary damage dealer back then, and the rest of my team fell off. The only thing that made me clear that fight was Jade Parcels and Sweet Madane!

Some people might feel that we have healers in the team and the statue of seven for reviving fallen teammates. Then we don’t need many food items.

But in domains where you fight key bosses, if your main healer falls, you have no other option than restarting the whole fight again. Moreover, teleporting to the statue of seven to get healed or exit the domain will reset the battle.

I’d recommend you to have at least a couple of ATK boosting and recovery dishes, just in case you need to use them urgently and clear that formidable enemy.

Question: I Only Want to Keep High Rarity Dishes and Not Low Rarity Dishes. Is That a Bad Thing? 

Answer: Even I want to cook and use the best dishes available. However, in-game, you might have to complete certain quests, where you have to submit particular dishes.

And most of the time, those dishes aren’t rare. No one will ask you to submit Adeptus temptation in a daily commission, but you might use sweet madame. Geri’s Gastro-Nostalgia is one specific quest in Liyue region, where you have to offer either of the following:

  • Two Sweet Madames
  • Two servings Flaming Red Bolognese
  • Three Radish Veggie Soup servings
  • Two Tea Break Pancakes

I didn’t have any sweet madame to submit when I completed this quest. After that, I farmed for a week and made extra dishes for every recipe. I’m pretty sure my food stock won’t be running out anytime soon; maybe I can feed half of Liyue myself.

So, it doesn’t matter if you have low rarity dishes or high rarity one’s; having extra food items in your backpack won’t hurt you.

Question: When Should I Use Food Items?

Answer: You won’t need to use any food items when fighting random enemy mobs. However, if you’re facing a weekly boss or story boss, it’s better to consume some ATK, DEF and damage bonus dishes.

Remember that dishes providing the same effect won’t stack up. Meaning if you have Almond tofu, then jade parcels, then that won’t stack both of their buffs.

Any dish you have consumed the latest will override the previous dishes effect of the same category. So, if you eat Adeptus Temptation on top of almond tofu, then Almond tofu effects would clear, and Adeptus temptation effect would be active.


Throughout my journey in Genshin Impact, I’ve cooked many dishes and spent days farming different materials. Trust me; When I started this game, I had no clue what other items were and wandered cluelessly across lands most of the time.

I used to think Teyvat fried egg was the only recovery dish I needed and collected many eggs because of that. 

Now, I know that you can use a lot of different dishes in different situations, and it’s better to be ready before tackling a formidable enemy like those four ruin guards in guyun stone forest. All I saw was missiles coming in and turning my whole team to ashes. 

Stories aside, I wish you luck if you’re starting in this game. And even if you’re a veteran, you know farming is super duper important when it comes to Genshin Impact!

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