Best Fishing Spots in Genshin Impact

Best Fishing Spots in Genshin Impact

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Hobbies are an essential aspect of life that even the most work-obsessed professionals need in their lives. You can work hard, but without recreational activities, you will burn out fast.

You need to establish a healthy work-hard/play-hard ratio if you want longevity in all things that you do. Skateboarding, river rafting, trekking, fishing, whichever activity gives you peace of mind works the best.

However, in the virtual world of Teyvat, you cannot partake in many hobbies besides fishing. I guess when you enlisted with the arduous task of contacting the seven Archons of Teyvat, fun little side projects come second.

However, when you can carve out some time between destroying Abyss Mages, and uncovering the secrets of the land, fishing is a great way to get away from it all. 

The fishing system offers players the chance to grab unique rewards, but be warned; the grind is real. After listening to Paimon’s fishing-related dialogue thousands of times, you might reach breaking point.

That being said, I know that all of you Genshin pros out there won’t let this opportunity pass you by. Hence why I’ve come up with this Genshin Fishing guide to ease the burden for you as much as I can.

In this Best Fishing Spots in Genshin Impact Guide, we can stand at fishing spots side-by-side, casting our lines in tandem. We will learn recipes and necessary skills needed to catch exquisite fish, and acquaint ourselves with the best spots available in the game.

I’ve curated handy routes that you can follow to easily catch all the fish species. What are you waiting for, Traveler? Bait that line, and reel them in! 

Here Comes the Fish

You might have seen weapons like The Catch, which requires exchanging fish from the Inazuma fishing association shop. However, you cannot unlock the fishing mechanic from the get-go.

You must complete the world quest, Exploding Population, to unlock the fishing system and head to the relevant spots to hunt for the fish. Let’s quickly talk about how to unlock the fishing mechanic for the first time.

1. Once you unlock the Serenitea pot system in the game, you are eligible to access the world quest. All you need to do is to interact with Katheryne in Mondstadt. Katheryne informs the Traveler about a commission posted by the fishing association, mentioning a spike in fish activity in the nearby waters.

genshin impact screenshot
Meet Katheryne in Mondstadt to initiate the quest

2. After that, we meet Nantuck, a senior fisherman in the Mondstadt fishing association, who talks about the increasing fish population. Inferring the origin to be a change in the ecological environment, Nantuck mentions the commission posted at the Adventurer’s guild.

With so many fish, the association has difficulty catching them and requires sufficient manpower. The Traveler agrees to his invitation. Nantuck instructs them to meet at Springvale, where he’s specially prepared a test for newcomers.

genshin impact nantuck
Meet Nantuck outside Mondstadt’s city gates

3. Nantuck meets us at Springvale, where plenty of fish is in a water pool. After giving me free equipment and bait to catch the fish, the hunt for an ornamental fish began.

Basically, you have to catch an ornamental fish; otherwise, the quest won’t be completed. If you can’t catch the ornamental fish on the first try near Cider lake, you can try your luck near the Stormbearer mountains. Don’t sweat it; you’ll get the fish.

genshin impact fishing
The location where you can fish during the quest

4. Eventually, you will get the fish, and showing the proof to Nantuck will end the quest. Nantuck praises the Traveler and informs them to swing by in case they need any goods.

World quest, Exploding Population rewards: Mora x 30,000 and Hero’s Wit x 3

Fishing Association Rewards: Exchange Your Fish

These fish are different from the usual Brass you want in bodies of water. You need the patience to catch these fish and exchange them for rewards at different fishing associations.

You have to remember to throw the bait near the fish but not too close to it as it can scare them away. The fish has a cooldown of 72 hours, which means once you catch one, it’ll respawn after 3 days in the real world.

Here are the rewards you can get from exchanging the fish at various Fishing associations:

Mondstadt Fishing Association

genshin impact mondstadt fishing association
Mondstadt Fishing association rewards
  • Windtangler Fishing Rod – 20 x Medaka, 20 Aizen Medaka, 20 Venomspine Fish, and 20 Tea-Colored Shirakodai
  • Formula: Redrot Bait – 3 x Medaka
  • Formula: False Worm Bait – 3 x Medaka
  • Formula: Fake Fly Bait – 3 x Medaka
  • Fishing Line Stabilizer – 3 x Medaka

Liyue Fishing Association

genshin impact liyue fishing association
Interact with Jiawei to open the menu
genshin impact liyue fishing association rewards
Liyue Fishing Association rewards
  • Wishmaker Fishing Rod – 20 x Brown Shirakodai, 20 x Betta, 20 x Sweet-Flower Medaka and 20 x Medaka
  • Pool of Sapphire Grace – 10 x Medaka
  • Fishing Line Stabilizer – 3 x Medaka

Inazuma Fishing Association

genshin impact inazuma fishing association rewards
Interact with Kujirai Momiji in Inazuma
genshin impact inazuma fishing association rewards
Inazuma Fishing Association rewards
  • The Catch – 20 x Golden Koi, 20 x Rusty Koi, 6 x Raimei Angelfish
  • Naraukawa Ukai Fishing Rod – 20 x Medaka, 20 Glaze Medaka, 20 x Lunged Stickleback and 20 x Purple Shirakodai
  • Ako’s Sake Vessel – 10 x Pufferfish, 10 Bitter Pufferfish, and 3 x Raimei Angelfish
  • Fishing Line Stabilizer – 3 x Medaka

Sumeru Fishing Association

genshin impact loumelat in sumeru
Interact with Loumelat in Sumeru to open the menu
genshin impact sumeru fishing association rewards
Sumeru Fishing Association rewards
  • End of The Line – 16 x Lazurite Axe Marlin, 4 x Peach of the Deep Waves, and 16 x Halcyon Jade Axe Marlin
  • Original Fish Ointment – 8 x Lazurite Axe Marlin, 8 x Halcyon Jade Axe Marlin, and 2 x Peach of the Deep Waves
  • Serendipity Fishing Rod – 20 x Sandstorm Angler, 20 x Sunset Cloud Angler, 20 x True Fruit Angler, and 20 x Medaka
  • Fishing Line Stabilizer – 3 x Medaka
  • Formula: Sugardew Bait – 3 x Medaka

B for Bait

With a total of six baits in the game, you only need five of them to catch the fish. The last, Glowgrass bait, was an event-exclusive bait. You cannot use the same bait for all species of fish.

Unique fishes require specialized bait that you can make at the crafting table. Here’s an organized table of all the fish and their specific baits.

genshin impact bait
You can create the bait at the crafting table
Bait Fish
Fake Fly Bait Golden Koi Rusty Koi Bitter Pufferfish Pufferfish Divda Ray Formalo Ray
Redrot Bait Betta Lunged Stickleback Venomspine Fish Snowstrider Akai Maou
Fruit Paste Bait Glaze Medaka Medaka Sweet-Flower Medaka Dawncatcher Aizen Medaka Crystalfish
False Worm Bait Purple Shirakodai Brown Shirakodai Tea-Colored Shirakodai Raimei Angelfish Abiding Angelfish
Sugardew Bait Lazurite Axe Marlin Halcyon Jade Axe Marlin Sandstorm Angler Peach of the Deep Waves True Fruit Angler Sunset Cloud Angler

Here are the recipes for the baits:

  • Fake Fly Bait ( Pufferfish, Koi, and Rays ) – Sakura Bloom x 1 and Horsetail x 1
  • Redrot Bait ( Sticklebacks ) – Dendrobium x 1 and Fowl x 1
  • Fruit Paste Bait ( Medakas ) – Sunsettia x 1 and Wheat x 1
  • False Worm Bait ( Butterflyfish ) – Slime Condensate x 1 and Berry x 1
  • Sugardew Bait ( Anglers and Axe Marlins ) – Harra Fruit x 1 and Sumeru Rose x 1

How to Fish in Genshin Impact

Who doesn’t skip tutorials? I believe most of us do. I want to figure out mechanics on my own, even if it takes me hours to do so. However, if you want guidance, you can rely on them to ease the learning curve. Still, the tutorials sometimes don’t paint a clear picture and confuse the players.

The same is the case with fishing tutorials. They don’t do a good job of explaining the mechanic. Worry not; your senpai is here. Let’s glance over the fishing procedures in the game.

1. Spotting the fishing spots is rather easy, only if you are fishing at night. There’s a unique glow over the fishing spots that indicate a playable area. You can head over to the spot and throw the bait to catch the available fish.

genshin impact fishing spots
Fishing spots have a unique glow to them

2. If you are on a PC, you have to rely on your mouse to catch the fish. Hoyoverse has made the controls rather easy, so even if you are on mobile, you will be fine. The mechanic isn’t complex at all. I wouldn’t advise fighting near the fish or even gliding above them, as it can scare them away, and you will lose a precious chance to get them.

3. After the fish takes the bait, don’t tap the pull button. Rather keep holding the button and see the tension bar. You have to track the tension bar to successfully catch the fish. Usually, you have to struggle for a few seconds until you get the fish.

Depending on the fish, the tension bar will fluctuate. Some would be tough to catch, while others, like Medakas, will be easier.

genshin impact fishing tutorials
Here’s the crux of fishing tutorials

4. Here’s a showcase of my fishing session. Do keep in mind that there are some fishing places where you may encounter enemies. I advise taking a detour around the spot and defeating the enemies first. That way, you can easily fish at that spot and not worry about any interference.

5. As for the equipment, if you are facing difficulty in catching the fish, you can buy a fishing stabilizer to help you in catching the fish. Each region has its own fishing rod variant and stabilizer. Attach the stabilizer to the fishing rod and improve your experience.

genshin impact fishing line stabilizer
A brief on the fishing line stabilizer

It depends on you whether you want to purchase and equip stabilizers or not. I got all the fish without any extra equipment. However, the controls on smartphones might be clunky, so it’s better to use stabilizers.

Grab Them All

The Catch is one of the most important items in the whole fishing rewards pool. I reckon most players leave farming fish when they get their hands on the Catch.

Before discussing the various spots where you can get the fish, here’s an infographic I used to catch the fish. Keep an eye on the tension zone to easily grab the fish.

genshin impact the catch
Here are the links to the infographics for The Catch and The End of The Line

As for the fishing spots, I highly suggest using the Official Genshin Impact Interactive map. I feel it’s better to use the interactive map as you can see the GIFs, spots, and fish types in an instant tap of a button. 

genshin impact official map
I highly recommend following the Official map to keep track of the route

As for the fishing rods, it depends on you whether you want to grind more or not. I completed everything without any exquisite fishing rod and could catch the fish just fine.

However, if you plan to exchange the fish for all the rewards, getting regional fishing rods is better. They have better quality-of-life features that can help you catch the fish quickly. You may get event-exclusive fish, baits, and rewards. However, their materials will only last until the duration of the specific event.

On top of that, you can get ornamental fish that you can place in your Serenitea pot. You can have a nice little garden around the fish pond and have plenty of flora to enhance the ecosystem. I hope your Serenitea pot looks better because mine resembles an incarnation of Khaneri’ah’s cataclysm.

Favorite Fishing Spots

Though you can refer to the Official map for fishing spots, here are my top fishing routes. I usually prefer to visit these spots as they are easily accessible. Let’s go over the various fishing routes that you can follow in each region.

There’s no need to go through all the fishing spots, as these routes cover all the available fish in the game. So, even if you strictly stick to these routes, you will be able to obtain all rewards.

Mondstadt Fishing Route

genshin impact mondstadt fishing route
Here’s a link to the Mondstadt fishing route

Stormbearer Point – Medaka, Aizen Medaka, Crystalfish, Golden Koi, Tea-Colored Shirakodai, Dawncatcher, and Venomspine Fish

genshin impact stormbearer point
Teleport to the nearest waypoint and go near the pool

Cider Lake – Aizen Medaka, Crystalfish, Rusty Koi, Tea-Colored Shirakodai, and Venomspine Fish

genshin impact cider lake
Cider lake, on the outskirts of the city

Windrise – Medaka, Aizen Medaka, Venomspine Fish, and Tea-Colored Shirakodai

genshin impact windrise
Windrise, behind the statue of the seven

Springvale – Medaka, Aizen Medaka, Akai Maou, Tea-Colored Shirakodai, Bitter Pufferfish, Pufferfish, and Venomspine fish

genshin impact springvale
Springvale, near the village

Dawn Winery – Aizen Medaka, Akai Maou, Pufferfish, Bitter Pufferfish, Tea-Colored Shirakodai, Venomspine Fish, and Dawncatcher

genshin impact dawn winery
Dawn Winery, you have to swim to the small island

Dragonspine – Medaka, Tea-Colored Shirakodai, Venomspine Fish, and Snowstrider

genshin impact dragonspine
Dragonspine, clear out the enemies in your path

Liyue Fishing Route

genshin impact liyue fishing route
Here’s a link to the Liyue fishing route

Qingce village – Sweet-Flower Medaka, Crystalfish, Bitter Pufferfish, Brown Shirakodai, Betta, and Dawncatcher

genshin impact qingce village
Qingce village

To the left of Qingce village – Medaka, Brown Shirakodai, and Betta

To the left of Qingce village, I suggest clearing out the nearby enemies

To the bottom left of Qingce village – Medaka, Crystalfish, Dawncatcher, and Brown Shirakodai

genshin impact qingce village
To the bottom left of Qingce village. Clear the hilichurls before fishing

Stone gate – Medaka, Sweet-Flower Medaka, Dawncatcher, and Brown Shirakodai

genshin impact stone gate area
Near the Stone gate area

Near Wangshuu Inn – Sweet Flower Medaka, Akai Maou, Golden Koi, Brown Shirakodai, Rusty Koi, and Betta

genshin impact Near the Wangshuu Inn
Near the Wangshuu Inn. Beware of Whopperflowers near the teleport point

Mingyun village – Sweet Flower Medaka, Akai Maou, Rusty Koi, Golden Koi, Brown Shirakodai, and Betta

genshin impact Near the Mingyun village
Near the Mingyun village

Luhua Pool – Sweet-Flower Medaka, Akai Maou, Rusty Koi, Golden Koi, Brown Shirakodai, and Betta

genshin impact luhua pool
Luhua pool; just teleport to the domain and glide to the ground level

Liyue Harbor – Sweet-Flower Medaka, Crystalfish, Pufferfish, Betta, and Dawncatcher

genshin impact liyue harbor
On the outskirts of the Liyue Harbor, you have to make a run for this one

Liyue Fishing Route 2

genshin impact liyue fishing route 2
Here’s a link to Liyue’s second route

Mount Aocang – Medaka, Sweet-Flower Medaka, Crystalfish, Abiding Angelfish, and Dawncatcher

genshin impact mount aocang
Mt. Aocang; climb the mountain to get to the pool

Qingyun Peak – Medaka, Sweet-Flower Medaka, Crystalfish, Brown Shirakodai, Betta, and Dawncatcher

genshin impact qingyun peak
Qingyun Peak; you can teleport to Azdaha’s domain and walk out of it

Tianqiu Valley – Medaka, Crystalfish, and Betta

genshin impact tianqiu valley
Tianqiu valley; clear out the Fatui enemies in the area

Inazuma Fishing Route

genshin impact inazuma fishing route
Here’s a link to the Inazuma fishing route

Ritou – Glaze Medaka, Akai Maou, Bitter Pufferfish, Pufferfish, and Lunged Stickleback

genshin impact ritou - glaze medaka
Ritou’s port

Amakane Island – Glaze Medaka, Purple Shirakodai, and Lunged Stickleback

genshin impact amakane island
Amakane Island; teleport to the domain and fish

Nazuchi Beach – Medaka, Purple Shirakodai, Bitter Pufferfish, and Lunged Stickleback

genshin impact nazuchi beach
Nazuchi Beach

Near Kujou Encampment – Raimei Angelfish ( Only at night, 18:00 – 6:00 )

genshin impact near kujou encampment
Near Kujou Encampment, take a wave rider and clear out the enemies before fishing

Fort Hiraumi – Glaze Medaka, Akai Maou, Rusty Koi, Golden Koi, Purple Shirakodai, and Lunged Stickleback

genshin impact fort hiraumi
Near the statue of the Seven in Fort Hiraumi

Fort Hiraumi – Medaka, Dawncatcher, Pufferfish, Purple Shirakodai, and Crystalfish

fort hiraumi genshin impact
Near a teleport point in Fort Hiraumi

Enkanomiya Fishing Route

enkanomiya fishing route
Here’s a link to the Enkanomiya fishing route

The Serpent’s Bowels – Divda Ray, Crystalfish, Formalo Ray, and Lunged Stickleback

genshin impact the serpent's bowels
The Serpent’s Bowels ( the place where you land for the first time entering Enkanomiya )

The Serpent’s Heart – Divda Ray, Purple Shirakodai, Formalo Ray, and Dawncatcher

genshin impact the serpent's heart
The Serpent’s Heart

The Serpent’s Heart 2 – Akai Maou, Formalo Ray, Divda Ray, and Dawncatcher

genshin impact the serpent's heart 2
The Serpent’s Heart 2

Sumeru Fishing Route

genshin impact sumeru fishing route
Here’s a link to the Sumeru fishing route

Mawtiyima Forest – Peach of the Deep Waves, Lazurite Axe Marlin, Halcyon Jade Axe Marlin, and Sunset Cloud Angler

genshin impact mawtiyima forest
Mawtiyima Forest; it’s near a road’s dead end

Sumeru City – Sandstorm Angler, Lazurite Axe Marlin, Dawncatcher, and Sunset Cloud Angler

genshin impact sumeru city
Near a small port in Sumeru city

Yazadaha Pool – Akai Maou, True Fruit Angler, Halcyon Jade Axe Marlin, Lazurite Axe Marlin, Sandstorm Angler, and Sunset Cloud Angler

genshin impact yazadaha pool
Yazadaha Pool; clear out the hilichurls before you fish

Vimara Village – Medaka, Sandstorm Angler, Lazurite Axe Marlin, Halcyon Jade Axe Marlin, True Fruit Angler, and Sunset Cloud Angler

genshin impact vimara village
Near a teleport point in Vimara Village

Devantaka Mountain – True Fruit Angler, Halcyon Jade Axe Marlin, Sunset Cloud Angler, and Dawncatcher

genshin impact devantaka mountain
Below a teleport point in Devantaka Mountain

On the outskirts of Devantaka Mountain – Crystalfish, True Fruit Angler, Halcyon Jade Axe Marlin, Lazurite Axe Marlin, Sandstorm Angler, and Sunset Cloud Angler

genshin impact outskirts of devantaka mountain
Near Port Ormos, on the outskirts of Devantaka Mountain


There are a few achievements that you can obtain while fishing. However, they aren’t that rewarding but showcase your experience.

  • “That’s What They Call a Getaway!” – 5 x Primogems – You have to let go of a fish from the hook.
  • “Oh, so That’s How You Fish…” – 5 x Primogems – Scare the fish by throwing the bait close to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How Long did it Take to Obtain the Catch Polearm and Refine it to the Maximum Level?

Answer: I was co-oping with my friends and joining random peoples’ worlds to get the fish. There was an insane rush to get the fish because everyone wanted that polearm for the Raiden Shogun.

In total, it took me around 6-8 hours to farm the fish. It’s definitely not an easy task because of the RNG mechanic. Sometimes the fish would be there, but not the ones I wanted.

Question: Should I Get Both Weapons, End of the Line and The Catch?

Answer: I recommend farming for The Catch, as it’s one of the best polearm weapons in the game.

The End of the Line can easily be outclassed by other 4-star Claymores, so it’s better to stick with the ones you already have than farming for this specific Claymore. If you are a completionist, then by all means, head straight to the fishing pools.

Question: How much Bait Should I Create for the Fish?

Answer: Don’t stock the bait in your inventory. Trust me; it’s useless to stack redundant baits. I accidentally created a lot of bait and ended up wasting materials. That was a naive mistake I made initially, but now, I only create a few batches to fish/

Question: Is there a Character Whose Passive can Help me out in Fishing?

Answer: Thoma is your buddy in fishing. Well, at least in Inazuma because his passive only works in Inazuma. Thoma’s passive, Snap and Swing, helps him to get a double catch while fishing. Though there’s only a 20 % chance of getting the fish, it’s still better than having no chance. As they say, something is better than nothing.

So Long, and Thanks for All The Fish

While you can rely on online maps for exploration, sometimes it’s better to go on your own. I wouldn’t be surprised if you discover new locations as I do. Unknown fishing spots which haven’t been spotted by the community. You never know what Hoyoverse has got in the bag.

I was on Watatsumi Island when I discovered a new fishing spot that wasn’t marked on any map. Though most sites are secluded, some are wide open in the overworld. Surrounded by exquisite flora, these fishing spots entice the players to relish their beauty and feature special fishes at different times.

Some fishes only appear at night. You can tweak the clock via the Paimon menu to collect them. However, for most rewards, you need that fish that appears in the daytime. As someone who sometimes likes to speedrun the content, I wouldn’t advise grinding the fish for hours; it’s a tedious task to complete in one go.

The Catch is a great weapon; however, it does demand sweat and tears. Awful RNG can make your fishing journey a nightmare. As a Genshin Impact veteran, I’d say take your time, don’t rush the content, and embrace the experience.

That was it for the Best Fishing Spots guide, and I hope you’ll bookmark the routes I’ve suggested. You can follow them on the Official map anytime or modify them to your needs. I’ll soon meet you in yet another exciting guide. Until then, take care, fellow travelers.

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