genshin impact kaveh guide

Genshin Impact Kaveh Guide

Dendro was the most awaited Element in Genshin Impact. The Dendro element introduced a whole new generation of reactions in the game. Bloom, Burgeon, Burning, Hyperbloom, or Quicken, Dendro characters could tap into these reactions’ hidden potential and unlock new team combinations.

While some reactions like Burning aren’t used that much, others like Bloom and Hyperbloom are immense. Characters like Nilou specialize in Bloom reactions and can work in teams where only Dendro and Hydro characters are present. Every Dendro-related team requires a Dendro character, as you can’t rely on enemies’ Dendro aura for the reactions.

It may seem that you can use the same character for every Dendro reaction, however, that doesn’t work all the time. Characters like Baizhu might fit in every Dendro team composition, but someone like Kaveh is better in Bloom teams.

Characters have roles to fulfill, and without a proper team setup, the entire combat strategy falls apart. You won’t be able to clear the content in time in the Spiral Abyss at all.

However, using characters who specialize in dedicated reactions might save you the hassle. Take Kaveh, for example, a 4-star Dendro character who excels in Bloom teams and harnesses unique abilities which can trigger Dendro cores at any time.

One of the most adaptable characters in the game, Kaveh specializes in bursting Dendro cores and provides immense Dendro applications that can satisfy reactions’ Dendro aura requirement.

Being able to initiate such reactions makes him an invaluable character. Make way for one of the best designers in Sumeru, as in this Genshin Impact Kaveh guide; we discuss his best artifacts, team compositions, and remarkable abilities.

A Multipurpose Briefcase for a Versatile Personality

kaveh's briefcase mehrak Genshin Impact
Kaveh’s briefcase, Mehrak. Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Kaveh has a really distinctive personality. He’s the definition of ” Don’t judge a book by its cover.” He might not be the best conversationalist in front of Alhaitham, but his skills precede his reputation. Kaveh is a renowned architect in Sumeru who is one of the most high-profile personalities in the industry. Akademiya students idolize him, and throughout the land, you can learn about his feats from NPCs.

He’s a perfectionist who will work tirelessly to create the best designs. Numerous titles and achievements can boost anyone’s ego, but Kaveh doesn’t seem to be affected by it at all. He’s a down-to-earth person who avoids an extravagant lifestyle.

the palace of alcazarzaray Genshin Impact Kaveh
The Palace of Alcazarzaray in the Lokapala Jungle in Sumeru was designed for Dori by Kaveh. Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Kaveh has a heart of gold, and whenever a scam artist comes to him for help in the name of charity, he gives them everything he can. Such is the nature of our prodigal architect. He believes in doing good so that he can help to eradicate the evil in the world, but often fails to see people for what they really are.

kaveh's profile Genshin Impact
With enough friendship level, you can unlock Kaveh’s full backstory. Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Kaveh is the epitome of a people-pleaser. He will aim to satisfy his client’s expectations and donate to good causes. However, it is usually to his detriment as he often forgets to think about what’s best for him. After losing his father at a young age, Kaveh was burdened with emotions, and when Kaveh grew older, his mother remarried in Fontaine, leaving Kaveh all alone.

To the world, Kaveh is a successful person with a lot of inheritance and fame, but in reality, he doesn’t have any friends or family now. The Palace of Alcazarzaray, a miracle made by Kaveh, depleted all of his savings. He had to sell his home to fund the project after it fell to the misfortune of the Withering.

Genshin Impact Kaveh interacting with npc
You can interact with an NPC around the Palace of Alcazarzaray to get some Adventurer’s Experience books. Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Combat Talents

Normal Attack: Schematic Setup

Genshin Impact Kaveh skill attributes
Skill attributes: Normal talent. Image by Himanshu Verkiya
  • Normal attack: Kaveh uses his briefcase, Mehrak, to deal up to four consecutive hits.
  • Charged attack: Kaveh uses Mehrak to continuously deal hits with his Claymore by consuming Stamina over time. In the end, he performs a strong hit.
  • Plunging attack: Kaveh deals area-of-effect damage upon hitting the enemies on the ground after plunging from mid-air.

Once you use Kaveh’s Elemental burst, Painted Dome, he gets a Dendro infusion on normal attacks. If you want to play him in Spread teams, I highly recommend leveling up his normal talent. It’s rare to find a character whose Normal attacks are worth leveling up.

Usually, we focus on the Elemental skill and burst. However, Kaveh is a versatile unit whose normal attacks can be leveled up depending on the team composition.

Elemental Skill: Artistic Ingenuity

elemental skill Genshin Impact Kaveh
Skill attributes: Elemental skill. Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Kaveh uses Mehrak to initiate a radial scan of all the Dendro cores in the area and cause them to burst immediately. With Mehrak’s mapping ability, Kaveh can also deal an area-of-effect Dendro damage.

What a lovely elemental skill! I’m in love. Kaveh in Bloom teams can immediately burst the Dendro cores with his skill and deal massive damage in a short duration. The scaling on his elemental skill doesn’t matter much because your main focus is to burst the Dendro cores.

Elemental Burst: Painted Dome

Genshin Impact Kaveh elemental burst
Skill attributes: Elemental burst. Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Kaveh uses Mehrah to deal an area-of-effect Dendro damage in a cubic area to all the enemies and cause all the Dendro cores inside it to explode. Additionally, he gains the following abilities for a certain duration:

  • Kaveh’s normal talent gets a Dendro infusion. His Normal, Charged, and Plunging attacks are converted to Dendro damage.
  • Kaveh gains increased resistance to interruption in combat.
  • Bloom cores created by your party members will deal increased damage to enemies.

The effects mentioned above will be nullified once Kaveh is off the field.

Most of Kaveh’s kit focuses on Bloom reactions. Sure, you can use him in Hyperbloom and Burgeon teams as well; however, I would recommend him in a Bloom team composition. The Elemental burst initiates Dendro cores explosion in its area and infuses his attacks with Dendro.

You can either use his Normal to apply more Dendro in Bloom teams or trigger Spread reactions with an off-field Electro character. However, I suggest taking advantage of Bloom damage buff and using him as an on-field driver for Bloom reactions. The more cores you have, the better damage output there will be.

Ascension Passive: An Architect’s Undertaking

Kaveh’s health regenerates by 300 % of his Elemental Mastery when the damage from a Dendro core hits Kaveh. The effect has a cooldown of 0.5 seconds and includes both Burgeon and Hyperbloom reactions as well.

Bloom teams with Nilou are broken! Though the damage is astronomical to enemies, the 5 % self-damage from Bloom cores can kill your active character. I’ve had Alhaitham and Nahida die in Nilou’s teams to Bloom cores. This is where Kaveh shines.

He’s not budget Alhaitham but a unique character specializing in Dendro cores, specifically Bloom reactions, and he can survive the damage. With enough EM, he can proc a lot of Bloom reactions and heal himself simultaneously.

Ascension Passive: A Craftsman’s Curious Conceptions

During Kaveh’s Elemental burst, Painted Dome, his Elemental mastery increases by 25 units if his Normal, Charged, or Plunging attacks hit enemies. The effect has a cooldown of 0.1 seconds that can stack up to four times and vanishes once the Elemental burst’s effects end.

Free 100 units of Elemental Mastery that you can stack on Kaveh. The passive synergizes with the above-mentioned ascension passive, allowing better survivability.

Utility Passive: The Art of Budgeting

Kaveh has a 100 % chance to refund the materials used for crafting Landscape, Building, and Courtyard-type Furnishings.

Not a lot of community members focus on the teapot design. While most of us go there to collect the Transient Resin, others burn the midnight oil to procure materials from the overworld and architect mindblowing buildings. The passive is for those niche community members who spend most of their time refining their houses in the Serenitea pot housing system.


kaveh's constellation paradisaea Genshin Impact Kaveh
Kaveh’s constellation: Paradisaea. Image by Himanshu Verkiya

C1: Sublime Salutations

Within 3 seconds of using the Elemental Skill, Artistic Ingenuity, Kaveh’s Incoming Healing Bonus and Dendro resistance increases by 50 % and 25 %, respectively.

A highly recommended constellation. Quite self-explanatory. With this constellation unlocked, you now have a better chance of survival even on the most brutal floors of the Spiral abyss.

C2: Grace of Royal Roads

Kaveh’s Normal Attack speed is increased by 15 % during his Elemental Burst, Painted Dome.

Not a massive increase because you only get a 15 % increase in normal attacks. Unless you are using Kaveh in Spread-reaction-based team compositions, the constellation doesn’t have much effect on his play style. You might be able to land a few more hits than the normal attack sequence, but that’s pretty much it.

C3: Profferings of Dur Untash

A standard constellation that increases the level of Kaveh’s Elemental burst, Painted Dome, by three with a cap of fifteen.

The constellation helps to increase Kaveh’s Dendro core damage bonus. The Dendro cores damage isn’t that insane, as the multiplier is an additive one than a multiplicative one. So, you will get a damage boost, but not a game-breaking one. Nonetheless, a damage boost is still worth the shot.

C4: Feast of Apadana

The Bloom cores created by Kaveh’s Bloom reactions will deal 60 % extra damage upon explosion.

Quite a situational constellation. Unless Kaveh is the only Dendro character on the team, the constellation won’t have much of an impact. Usually, some other character would trigger Bloom reactions; that’s why the constellation’s effect might not be active.

C5: Treasures of Bonkhanak

A standard constellation that increases Kaveh’s Elemental Skill, Artistic Ingenuity’s level by three with a maximum upgrade level of fifteen.

C6: Pairidaeza’s Dreams

With a cooldown of 3 seconds, Kaveh’s Normal talent will unleash a Pairidaeza’s light on an enemy’s location after hitting them with Normal, Charged, or Plunging attacks. It deals 61.8 % of Kaveh’s attack as area-of-effect Dendro damage and bursts all the Dendro Cores inside the effective radius.

Quite an amazing constellation because it provides more Dendro application for the team and ruptures all the Dendro cores inside the area.


kaveh's artifact set Genshin Impact Kaveh
Kaveh with the Gilded dreams artifact set. Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Deepwood Memories

  • 2-piece set bonus: Increases the Dendro damage bonus by 15 %
  • 4-piece set bonus: The Dendro resistance of enemies decreases by 30 % for 8 seconds if the equipping character’s Elemental skill or burst hits the enemies. The effect can also be triggered even if the character is off the field.

Whenever you are running Dendro teams, most of the time, it’s recommended to have at least one Dendro character with this artifact set.

The set helps decrease the Dendro resistance, eventually leading to more damage output. Reducing enemies’ resistance is an important part of combat in Genshin Impact. Kaeh can use the artifact set efficiently as his low elemental skill cooldown will trigger the 4-piece effect on enemies. The Radial scan can cover melee range and instantly map the enemies around you.

Gilded Dreams

  • 2-piece set bonus: Increases the Elemental Mastery by 80 units
  • 4-piece set bonus: The character equipping this artifact set gains buffs depending on their Elemental type within 8 seconds of triggering an Elemental reaction. For each team member with the same element as the equipping character, the attack increases by 14 %, and Elemental mastery increases by 50 units for every different character in the party. The buff applies to up to 3 characters and can be triggered even if the character is off the field.

You can use the artifact set on Kaveh when he’s the only Dendro character in Bloom team compositions. The artifact set is featured alongside the Deepwood memories artifact set, which makes it quite a resin efficient to farm.

Ocean-Hued Clam

  • 2-piece set bonus: Increases the healing bonus by 15 %
  • 4-piece set bonus: A Sea-Dyed Foam appears for 3 seconds that contains the amount of HP regenerated from the healing and explodes once the duration expires and deals 90 % of accumulated healing as damage to nearby opponents. With a cooldown of one Sea-Dyed Foam every 3.5 seconds, each foam can contain up to 30,000 HP healing. Only one foam can be active, and the effect can be triggered even if the character is off the field.

A really good set when you don’t have shielding characters in your team and using Kaveh as an on-field character in Burgeon and Bloom teams. As his ascension passive, An Architect’s Undertaking will heal Kaveh from Bloom damage; the 4-piece effect will become active and damage the enemies around you.

Flower of Paradise Lost

  • 2-piece set bonus: Increases the Elemental Mastery by 80 units
  • 4-piece set bonus: The reaction damage of Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon reactions is increased by 40 %.With a maximum stack limit of four, the equipping character gains an additional 25 % damage bonus after triggering the reactions again. The effect lasts for 10 seconds and can be triggered even if the equipping character is not on the field.

Another good set for Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon teams is where Kaveh triggers these reactions. Kaveh’s Elemental burst’s Bloom damage will synergize perfectly with the 4-piece effect, resulting in better damage output.

Artifact Attributes

You can definitely use a 2-piece, 2-piece combination of artifact sets mentioned above to get Elemental mastery, Attack percentage, and healing bonuses.

As for the artifact attributes, you can either use an Energy recharge or Elemental Mastery Sands, Elemental Mastery Goblet, and Elemental Mastery Circlet. If you plan to use him as an on-field damage dealer like Alhaitham, you should go with an ER/Dendro damage bonus/ CRIT rate or setup.


Genshin Impact Kaveh forest regalia claymore
Kaveh with the Forest Regalia claymore. Image by Himanshu Verkiya

I highly recommend using the Claymore with Elemental Mastery and Energy recharge as their main stats on Kaveh. His high eighty burst cost needs sufficient Energy recharge, and to compensate for that, you can either use a Claymore with an Energy recharge stat or equip an Energy recharge Sands on him.

However, if you want to play him as a main DPS, then you need to focus on weapons with ATK %, CRIT rate %, or CRIT damage % as their substats.

Here are the top picks for the Claymores that you can use on Kaveh:

  • Makhaira Aquamarine
  • Favonius Greatsword
  • Mailed Flower
  • Blood tainted Greatsword
  • Rainslasher
  • Forest Regalia
  • Katsuragikiri Nagamasa

Team Compositions

Mono Dendro

mono dendro team Genshin Impact Kaveh
A mono Dendro team. Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Kaveh, Dendro Traveler, Collei, Yaoyao

Mono Dendro teams are an option where the enemies have elemental auras on them. You don’t need characters from different elements in your team to set up reactions and solely use Dendro characters.

I don’t suggest using Alhaitham in a team with Kaveh because both of them require field time, and if you are using Alhaitham as an on-field driver, Kaveh won’t be able to do anything because of the way his abilities function.

Tighnari is in the same boat as Alhaitham as he’s also a main Dendro DPS character and requires field time. Besides those Dendro characters, Nahida and Baizhu can be used. Nahida can be an off-field Dendro DPS character whose Elemental skill can churn out plenty of damage after triggering reactions.

On the other hand, Baizhu can heal your characters and provide a shield to buff your active character with resistance to interruption.


spread team Genshin Impact Kaveh
A Spread team. Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Kaveh Electro Flex Flex

Once you combine Dendro and Electro, the enemies get a Catalyze status, and upon applying the Dendro element on a Catalyzed enemies, the Spread reaction will trigger. Some people might say that Kaveh is a budget Alhaitham, which is true to some extent. Like Alhaitham, he gets a Dendro infusion.

However, Kaveh can also trigger Dendro cores around him to explode. In Spread reaction teams, I suggest having another Dendro character with the Deepwood memories artifact set to reduce enemies’ Dendro resistance.


Genshin Impact Kaveh burgeon team
A Burgeon team. Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Kaveh Pyro Hydro Flex

It’s not mentioned in Kaveh’s kit that he will buff any other Dendro core damage like Burgeon or Hyperbloom, so his ultimate’s damage bonus only boosts Bloom damage. For this team, you must create Bloom cores and use Pyro to trigger the Burgeon reaction.

You may be wondering why Burgeon reaction isn’t that useful at all; there are better reactions. I don’t agree with that. There was a Spiral abyss chamber where we had two Abyss Heralds: Frost Fall, and one Abyss Herald: Wicket Torrents.

I tried many teams to clear that chamber, but everything was in vain. Eventually, I tried a Burgeon team and easily cleared the floor. The reaction helped me break their shields, and I could clear the floor, thus finally getting 36 stars in that Spiral abyss run. Nahida, Xiangling, Xingqiu, and Bennett, I ran this team to trigger Burgeon reactions.

You can use Thoma, Dehya, or Xiangling with enough Energy recharge for the Pyro characters on a complete Elemental Mastery build. I suggest using Favonius weapons as they can generate energy particles for your team and help to bring your characters’ burst back before the cooldown expires.


Genshin Impact Kaveh hyperbloom team
A Hyperbloom team. Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Kaveh Electro Hydro Flex

Hyperbloom relies on Electro units to apply the Electro element on Bloom cores. Referencing our Dendro reaction guide, Hyperbloom has a small blast radius, so the explosion won’t affect Kaveh at all.

This means he won’t be able to benefit from the ascension passive, An Architect’s Undertaking, to heal himself. Electro characters like Kuki Shinobu can complement healing and trigger the Hyperbloom reaction on Bloom cores.

You can also use the Raiden Shogun with a full Elemental Mastery build to trigger the reaction. However, she can be used in other teams as well. There are many team compositions where the Raiden Shogun shines. Still, a viable choice for the Hyperbloom team if your second Spiral Abyss team is already solid.

You might think that Fischl can be used in the team, but from what I have found, she’s inconsistent in triggering Hyperbloom reactions.

Oz might seem like an intelligent NPC, but he has a bird brain and can’t hit anything properly. There was an instance when he ignored the Setekh Wenut in the Spiral abyss, which resulted in a massive DPS loss. Stay away from Fishcl for this team composition.


Genshin Impact Kaveh bloom team
A Nilou-Kaveh Bloom team. Image by Himanshu Verkiya

Kaveh, Hydro, Flex, Flex

Kaveh is amazing in Bloom teams because of his ability to immediately burst the Dendro cores, especially Bloom cores. Unless you have all the constellations, I suggest using another Dendro character like Nahida, Yaoyao, Baizhu, Dendro Traveler, or Collei to benefit from the Dendro resonance and reduce his energy recharge requirements.

Kaveh should be used as an on-field driver for the Bloom reactions, and with his low Elemental skill cooldown, he can detonate the Bloom cores. Kaveh has untapped potential in Bloom reactions, and he won’t be taking much damage because his ascension passive, An Architect’s Undertaking, would heal him.

bloom Genshin Impact Kaveh
A Bloom team. Image by Himanshu Verkiya

In the case of teams with Nilou, where you can only use Dendro and Hydro characters, Kaveh shines even brighter. I’m in love with Nilou and Kaveh’s teams because of massive Bloom damage. You can stack up as much HP on Nilou and let Kaveh burst the Bloom cores around the arena.

The team excels in the Spiral Abyss, where multiple enemies are in a chamber. Use Nilou’s Tranquility waters, summon Bloom cores, and use Kaveh’s skill to burst them immediately. Even if you miss any cores, Nilou’s skill can detonate them and clear out surrounding enemies.

Remember that Hydro characters will trigger Bloom reactions and need EM stats. You can stack Elemental Mastery on characters like Sangonomiya Kokomi, Xingqiu, and Yelan. Additionally, you can use Anemo characters with the Viridescent Venerer artifact set to reduce the Hydro resistance from the enemies. I wish it could reduce the Dendro resistance. Coming back, you can use Kaedehara Kazuha, Sucrose, or Venti to group up the Bloom cores.

Genshin Impact Kaveh Guide: FAQs

Question: How good are characters like Baizhu and Kirara with Kaveh?

Answer: Baizhu is a really decent healer whose abilities scale off his maximum HP, and Kirara is the new 4-star character.

I would recommend using Baizhu with Kaveh. However, Kirara is a situational character with Kaveh. He needs field time to detonate the Bloom cores and apply the Dendro element. If you lack a good Dendro character, you can use Kirara’s abilities to fill some gaps.

Question: Can I run a Kaveh team without a healer?

Answer: Absolutely, yes! Kaveh’s self-heal is quite potent, and you can easily get by in a Spiral abyss chamber without using any healer at all.

However, that might not be sustainable on higher floors, as the enemies become tanky and have fierce attacks. Some enemies can one-shot your characters and have invulnerability frames and multiple phases, which makes them hard to kill. It’s better to have a healer on your team to mitigate incoming damage.

Question: What is a must-have constellation for Kaveh?

Answer: Kaveh’s first, fourth, and last constellations are amazing. I highly recommend rolling for his first constellation if you are a free-to-player. It increases his chances of surviving and grants him a healing bonus and extra Dendro resistance.

I Can Build Houses, but I Don’t Have One


One thing I learned from Kaveh’s story is that you should always look on the bright side of life and never compromise with your craft.

Hardships will come and go. After every dark night, there’s a bright dawn waiting for you. Keep working hard and give everything you have. Kaveh struggled through his entire life. He was a prodigy to the world but had a plethora of issues in his personal life. Still, his friend, Alhaitham, came to his rescue when he was low and didn’t make fun of him.

Kaveh is a versatile Dendro unit that can be used in any Dendro-related reaction team. Spread, Bloom, Hyperbloom; Dendro cores are his niche, and that opens up a whole new horizon of team compositions with him.

Some future Pyro, Dendro, Hydro, and Electro characters might have a good synergy with him. If you don’t have Alhaitham, then you can use Kaveh as an on-field Dendro damage dealer.

With that said, the time has come to part ways and meet in another character guide in the future. Do check out our Dendro reactions guide to learn about the Dendro reactions in detail. If your Dendro characters don’t have decent weapons, check our Dendro weapons guide to pick a suitable weapon.

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