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Genshin Hangout Quests Guide

Sometimes, I feel that Genshin Impact is several games crammed into one. Rhythm games, hide and seek, cooking simulators – you name it, and Genshin Impact has done it. So the fact that the game has a dating simulator feature in the form of Hangout Events hardly surprises me. To explain in simple terms, Hangout …

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genshin impact quests guide

Genshin Impact Quests Guide

If you’ve played role-playing games, you know how much the Genshin story matters. Whether it’s a backstory about the main protagonist or a common NPC you meet in the world, you will find yourself connecting dots with the main characters and relating to them personally. While Genshin Impact baffles players with its in-game beauty, its …

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as the khvarena's light shows

Genshin Impact As the Khvarena’s Light Shows Guide

Sumeru Desert is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking and geographically complex areas in Teyvat. Every nook and cranny of the desert presents diverse landforms and structures such as sandstorms, labyrinthic ruins, and a brand new form of evolved opponents. Gavireh Lajavard and Realm of Farakhkert, the newest desert areas added in the 3.7 update, …

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