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genshin impact quest items guide

Genshin Impact Quest Items Guide

Genshin Impact always amazes me with the unique items we get throughout our journey with a plethora of in-game items. Not only are we traveling across vibrant nations but collecting things on our journey in the World of Teyvat. At first, I thought I could only collect items from the overworld and put them to …

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genshin impact quests guide

Genshin Impact Quests Guide

If you’ve played role-playing games, you know how much the Genshin story matters. Whether it’s a backstory about the main protagonist or a common NPC you meet in the world, you will find yourself connecting dots with the main characters and relating to them personally. While Genshin Impact baffles players with its in-game beauty, its …

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genshin clearance guide

Genshin Clearance Guide

Since the inception of notable quests like the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual, we’ve been introduced to world quests that span entire regions. Unlike world quests like the Chi of Yore, where you must protect a certain objective by fending off monsters, these unique world quests introduce exclusive mechanisms, items, and areas. While the areas remain …

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Trounce Domains Guide

Trounce Domains Guide

When I was a fledgling Genshin Impact player, the mere thought of fighting legendary opponents like Dvalin and Childe in a domain used to make me quake in my boots. I am sure many noobs, and even veterans share my sentiment. After all, these Genshin Impact domains, also known as Trounce Domains, house some of …

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