Genshin Setekh Wenut Guide

Genshin Setekh Wenut Guide

The Genshin Impact community has all types of players. Some want to explore unknown areas and put in the hours to solve challenging puzzles, while others want dedicated guides to save time. I’m someone who follows a hybrid approach.

If there’s a new area, I want to explore it myself, and if I feel stuck, I start hunting for solutions. Trust me; some exploration objectives are so mind-boggling they’ll give you a headache if you miss a step.

While the dedicated puzzles may feel particularly perplexing, some of the bosses in the game can serve as equally befuddling headscratchers. I remember challenging the Hydro hypostasis for the first time and couldn’t figure out how to destroy its droplets. Guess that’s what happens when you run a mono-Geo team.

That aside, whenever a new update drops, I keep my eyes on new additions to the game. Bosses, materials, challenges, areas, you name it, I want to know about it. With the recent update, we can challenge a new boss in the game.

A manifestation of malicious Anemo energy lying dormant in the scorching land of the desert that’s ready to devour its prey, the Setekh Wenut.

A boss whose arsenal is filled with unique Anemo attacks that can overwhelm your characters with their insurmountable strength. After fighting many bosses in the game, this one takes the cake for having one of the best designs.

In this Genshin Setekh Wenut guide, I will join you on this venture to challenge this fierce enemy in the middle of the desert of Sumeru. Embarking on this journey to defeat this boss, I will discuss various tactics that could help you survive the battle with flying colors. Call out your Sumpter beasts, and let’s ride to the scorching lands of the desert.

Setekh Wenut, Definitely not a Flower

A mystical creature that has strived through the test of time wanders in depths of sand to hunt its prey. The Setekh Wenut has been in the desert region for eons and has witnessed the transformation of a beautiful land full of birds and trees to one full of scorching hot sand.

The lore depicts that the desert wasn’t originally a part of Sumeru but rather formed as a result of catalytic events. While most of the lifeforms perished over time, Wenut evolved to adapt to the life of the land.

The creature doesn’t have any eyes and uses the vibrations of the land to hunt its enemies. I love that we get to know creatures that existed long before the concept of time and the rule of archons. The way Genshin Impact weaves in the intricate lore of unique living beings in the game is nothing less than phenomenal.

genshin setekh wenut
An event featuring the Setekh Wenut

The Setekh Wenut is a normal boss that you can find in the depths of Sumeru’s desert area. Located in the Desert of Hadramaveth in Sumeru, the boss has unique attack sequences and requires the players to form a precise strategy.

The boss can deal two types of damage: Anemo and Physical. Being an Anemo mystical creature, the boss has a high Anemo resistance, which means Anemo DPS characters like Scaramouche, Heizou, and Xiao will deal less damage.

The first time I encountered the boss, I was impressed because of its unique design and how it was somewhat of an easy-to-defeat enemy. Unlike the Electo regisvine, whose energy travels between its root and corolla, the Setekh Wenut doesn’t have typical mechanics.

Even its final phase is easy to deal with; all you need are non-Anemo DPS characters to deplete its health and break its Windbite bullets with non-Anemo Bow characters.

genshin setekh wenut electo regisvine
I hate the Electro regisvine > _ <

Setekh Wenut Location

You can find the boss in the Desert area of the Sumeru region. The best thing about this boss’s location is that there’s a teleport waypoint near it that you can use. After teleporting there, walk a few steps ahead and jump into a hole in the ground in front of you. Once you jump into the hole, you will fall in the boss’s arena.

setekh wenut location
You can see the Setekh Wenut on the map
setekh wenut teleport
Teleport near the Wenut tunnels

There are plenty of Sand Grease Pupa in Wenut tunnels that you can use for Alhaitham’s ascension. Usually, for a normal boss like the Setekh Wenut, the spawn time is 3-4 minutes, which is sufficient for you to farm some materials and revisit the boss to initiate the fight again.

Setekh Wenut Drop Materials, Pack ’em Up, and Use Them

Like any other boss in the game, Setekh Wenut drops materials that can be used on characters. While the enemy is quite new to the game, there are some special uses for its materials.

setekh wenut drop materials
Pseudo-Stamens’ description

You have the possibility to claim the following materials from Setekh Wenut’s Trounce Blossom by using 40 Original Resin:

  • Pseudostamens
  • Mora
  • Companionship EXP
  • Adventure EXP
  • Berserker artifact set
  • Instructor artifact set
  • Lucky dog artifact set
  • Gladiator’s finale artifact set
  • Wanderer’s troupe artifact set
  • Vayuda turquoise sliver
  • Vayuda turquoise fragment
  • Vayuda turquoise chunk
  • Vayuda turquoise gemstone

These rewards depend on your World level. Getting a 5-star drop is quite rare, but you can easily obtain 4-star ones if your world level is high enough. So far, in my experience, I’ve been able to claim Gemstones from Trounce blossoms only a few times. When it comes to RNG, my luck isn’t that great. That’s quite evident from my C5 Qiqi.

setekh wenut's trounce blossom
Alhaitham’s ascension material preview

The Pseudostamens can be used to ascend Alhaitham, a new 5-star Dendro DPS character in the game. Besides ascending Alhaitham beyond ascension levels, Setekh Wenut’s drop materials have no other use.

You can feed or use the artifacts that are dropped from the boss. As of now, there is no requirement for Vayuda character ascension materials for transmutation on the crafting table.

Here It Comes: Skills, Phases, and Attack Sequences

Let’s talk about Setekh Wenut’s attack patterns, phases, and abilities that it uses to attack players. The boss has unique attack strings that will change according to its transition phase. While the first phase’s attack sequences go away after the transition, the second phase’s remain until the final phase. Time for me to take you through its attack phases.

First Phase: The Fight Begins


The Setekh Wenut coils itself around and swings in a powerful pose to deal area-wide Physical damage in a semi-circular area. With a ferocious pose, the Setekh Wenut’s swing attack covers a large area in its vicinity that can hit all your party members.

Still, the area isn’t that large, and you can avoid it by standing away from the attack zone. My Zhongli is standing away from the attack zone, and once he moves into the zone, he’s hit by the swing attack.

Burst Shots

By swinging the top part of its body, the Setekh Wenut accumulates the Anemo energy and finally launches 3 projectiles that home to the player to deal Anemo damage.

These shots cover a tight zone around the player, and I reckon it’s not easy to dodge because of the projectiles’ speed. I would suggest having a shield character in your team to defend against these attacks, as they deal Anemo damage to your characters.

Transition to the Second Phase

The Setekh Wenut emerges from the ground, only to go inside the sand by staying a few feet above the ground for some time.

The moment it shifts to this transition phase, I keep my characters’ burst, ready to launch an attack. Though the time window isn’t long enough to do a complete team rotation, it is enough to attack it with a character’s elemental burst.

Once it enters the second phase after 20 seconds, the attacks from the first phase won’t be used anymore. If you are not confident enough to launch a power-packed burst attack, you can use your characters’ elemental skills to deal some damage.

You can deploy Fischl’s Oz, use Kamisato Ayato’s Hydro-infused normal attacks, or mark the Setekh Wenut with Nahida’s elemental skill. 

Second Phase: The Fight Continues


The Setekh Wenut will slither in the arena and expose its body parts for potential attack opportunities. You can mark its body with your elemental skills to deal some damage. Its body is visible for a short duration of time, so I wouldn’t suggest using your characters’ elemental bursts to deal damage.

Even if you use bursts, the characters’ won’t be able to deal massive amounts of damage, eventually, end up wasting your precious ultimate.

Surprise Attack

The Silence before the storm. The Setekh Wenut surprisingly emerges from the ground to attack your active character to deal Physical damage. It’s evident that whenever it attacks you with its body, the attack will be counted as Physical damage.

The attack can still be dodged if your response time is fast enough to move away from the attack zone. You will see a light circular indicating zone on the sand and quickly dash away from the area.

Anemo Slither

I find this attack quite hard to dodge because the Setekh Wenut fires numerous Anemo projectiles after emerging from the center of the arena.

Being Anemo projectiles, they hit the player with Anemo damage and cover a lot of areas. I would suggest having a shield character to protect your characters against these attacks, as dodging might not help you avoid the incoming.

Area-Wide Burst

I hate these kinds of attacks with a passion. Not only do they cover the potential escape zones, but deal severe damage to your characters. The Setekh Wenut assimilates Anemo energy at its front and launches a continuous beam of Anemo energy to deal Anemo damage to your active character.

The best way to deal with this kind of attack is to use a shield on your active character or move in the opposite direction of the beam.

You can also deploy Zhongli’s pillar to stand on top of it; however, that’s only possible if you can pull it off in the nick of time. It’s hard to dodge this attack; chances are, you will get hit by it.

An alternate way would be to go near the Setekh Wenut and avoid its mouth’s opening while rotating. You can immediately dash to its neck and avoid getting hit by the attack.

Focused Beam

After suddenly emerging from the ground, the Setekh Wenut targets your character to deal Anemo damage with a beam of accumulated Anemo energy. It will surprise you and give you a power-packed Anemo high five.

Transition to the Final Phase

Once 60 seconds have passed in the fight, or the Setekh Wenut’s health pool reaches 50 %, it transitions to its final phase, where the attacks from the second phase also come into play.

Final Phase: Fight or Flight

The Setekh Wenut slowly takes a flight to the air and suspends itself mid-air to summon Windbite bullets. I must say that the view is quite spectacular for a normal boss like this one, and for a second, you can admire the magnificence of its design.

Once 6 Windbite bullets have been formed, the Setekh Wenut consumes them instantly to launch a ferocious shower of Anemo projectiles toward the arena. Covering the whole arena, these projectiles deal area-of-effect Anemo damage.

These projectiles are hard to dodge, and it’s better to pop up your healer’s abilities to save your active character from taking severe Anemo damage.

setekh wenut projectiles
The Setekh Wenut launches the projectiles in a vast area to hit the players

You can temporarily immobilize the Setekh Wenut for 10 seconds by destroying 2 Windbite bullets with Cryo/Hydro/Pyro/Electro attacks. Once the Windbite bullets are destroyed, the Setekh Wenut loses momentum and falls to the ground.

You can immediately switch to your main DPS character to deal damage to the boss and easily slay it within the time limit. The best thing about the suspended state is that the Setekh Wenut loses elemental resistance to the element it was attacked with.

Suppose you have Fischl in your team and attack the Windbite bullets with her Electro attacks; the Setekh Wenut will have reduced Electro resistance and will be prone to serious Electro damage. A hypercarry DPS like Raiden Shogun can immediately tear the boss to shreds with her elemental burst after that.


You can claim the following achievements after defeating the Setekh Wenut for the first time. Though these achievements don’t grant you many primogems, they do have quirky names that you can feature in your achievements list.

He Who Controls the Spice…

setekh wenut - achievements in paimon's menu
You can search for achievements in the Paimon’s menu

The achievement rewards the player with 5 primogems once they use an element to trigger the Swirl reaction on the Windbite bullets to bring the Setekh Wenut down from its floating state.

I Hate ‘Em Myself!

setekh wenut
Wenut might be the most annoying enemy in the game

Couldn’t agree more. As much as I love Setekh Wenut’s design, I hate its irritating mechanics with a passion. The achievement rewards the player with 5 primogems once they are attacked by a Wenut for the first time. There are plenty of Wenuts in the desert area, and you can easily obtain this achievement.

Best Characters to Use Against the Setekh Wenut

Not all characters are good enough to tackle this boss. Featuring a high Anemo resistance, Anemo DPS characters are rendered useless against the Setekh Wenut because of their low damage output. You can definitely take the boss down using an Anemo DPS with constellations, but at that point, you are not an average player.

Getting character constellations requires you to spend money on the game. It’s likely that you’d have plenty of badass characters already. In case you are a free-to-play player, a dolphin, or a low-spender on the game, you can follow the tier list mentioned below.

I’ve created this tier list to help players tackle this boss easily and use characters that could help them clear the boss in less time.

best characters to use against the setekh wenut
You can form a team with these characters to finish off the boss in a short amount of time

Free-to-Play Team

Suppose you don’t have any promoted or unique characters in the game and have the default characters. In that case, Amber, Xiangling, Kaeya, and Noelle can help you take out the boss. In total, you will obtain 8 characters, Amber, Lisa, Kaeya, Collei, Xiangling, Barbara, Noelle, and the Traveler in the game.

If you don’t want to use the recommended team, you can go with your own team. Before moving to another section, let me give you some thoughts on these starting characters.

free-to-play team against the setekh wenut boss
My recommendation for a Free-to-play team against the Setekh Wenut boss

Fast Boss Run

I’ve cherry-picked some characters from the game that could help you with faster boss runs. You can clearly defeat the boss with these characters in no time and claim its materials.

I recently got Alhaitham and wanted to get Setekh Wenut’s drop materials for him as soon as possible. My main team consisted of Raiden Shogun, Bennett, Kazuha, and Yelan for heavy burst damage.

I could use Raiden Shogun’s elemental burst to Swirl the Windbite bullets with Electro element, or Yelan’s charged attack to cover two Windbite bullets. Once the boss is paralyzed, I would pop up Bennett’s burst, Yelan’s burst, Kazuha’s burst, and eventually use Raiden’s burst to chip away it’s the health bar.

Power-up Yourself with these Tips

The Setekh Wenut portrays itself as a ferocious boss; however, in my experience so far, I’ve been able to slay it many times without breaking a sweat. To help you do the same, I’ve come up with a list of tips that could help you take it down before the tables turn on you and it takes you into the sand with it.

Join Others’ Worlds

setekh wenut join others' worlds
You can join other people’s worlds

What’s better than tackling a boss with friends? Worst case scenario, you co-op with randoms in the game and eventually lose the boss fight. I’m a staunch believer of co-op gameplay because, first, it doesn’t make you feel alone, and second, whether it’s a pain of continuous attacks or a fruit of success, you share it with your teammates.

Succeeding together gives you a sense of camaraderie and brings the team members close to each other. I’ve made plenty of friends in the game by co-oping during events and weekly bosses, and I advocate playing with others.

Though I do recommend exercising caution when it comes to your personal information, at the same time, you can leverage other peoples’ well-built characters’ abilities.

Shield to Shield You

setekh wenut - shield to shield you
Zhongli has a pretty solid shield

Quite self-explanatory. You must have a shielding character when facing a boss like Setekh Wenut. As you are prone to both incoming Physical and Anemo damage, you should have a shielding character like Zhongli, Diona, Layla, or Noelle to protect your teammates.

A solid shield can protect you against any incoming attack and prevent your characters from being hurt. If your active character’s health is low, The Setekh Wenut can appear behind you and take them out in an instant.

Bow Characters Come to Rescue

setekh wenut - bow characters come to rescue
Bow characters that you can use against the Setekh Wenut

I would strongly recommend having a bow character in your party to send the Setekh Wenut in a paralyzed state in the final phase. Anemo, Geo, and Dendro bow characters don’t have any effect on the Windbite bullets, so it’s better to avoid using Venti, Tighnari, Gorou, or Collei.

It’s obvious that these elements are inert when it comes to Swirl reactions, and you need to trigger a Swirl reaction to temporarily suspend the Setekh Wenut.

Have Some Food

setekh wenut - food collection
Just showing off my little food collection lol

There are plenty of dishes in the game with attack-boosting and restorative effects. If you feel that the battle is getting stretched out, then it’s better to eat some food to harness unique buffs and tackle the boss at hand.

Whenever I’m fighting a normal or weekly boss, I switch to the NRE Gadget and consume restorative food in case one of my characters falls or has low health. Saving your characters takes priority when you are in a co-op battle. Teammates rely on each other to supplement their damage and benefit from each other’s buffs and abilities.

Characters Abilities

setekh wenut - characters abilities
Raiden Shogun’s elemental skill can help you with some off-field damage

There are some characters whose abilities can reach Setekh Wenut’s Windbite bullets. I would highly recommend using a Bow character. Still, if you don’t have any, you can use characters’ elemental bursts to take out the Windbite bullets.

Characters like the Raiden Shogun, Childe, Keqing, Xingqiu, Yae Miko, and Mona can apply their respective elements in their burst state on the Windbite bullets and take Setekh Wenut out of the floating state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How many Times Pseudo-Stamens do I Need to Ascend Alhaitham Beyond All Ascension Levels?

Answer:  In total, you need 46 Pseudo-Stamens for Alhaithm. The Setekh Wenut drops around 2-3 Pseudo-Stamens per run, and you might fight the boss more than 20 times.

The drops depend on the RNG and the World level, so the higher the world level, the better the drops will be. I suggest building a dedicated team for boss runs so that you can clear them without breaking a sweat.

Question: Is Setekh Wenut a Tough Boss to Challenge?

Answer: I don’t think it’s a tough boss when the likes of Dvalin, Azdaha, and Signora are present. The Setekh Wenut is a normal boss like the regisvines, and you can easily defeat it with most of the team compositions.

Question: Should I not Use Anemo Characters Against the Setekh Wenut?

Answer:  You can use Anemo characters to deal damage to it, but due to the boss’s high Anemo resistance, the damage will be low. If you have invested a lot of resources into Scaramouche and want to use him against the Setekh Wenut, I’d say go for it.

As long as you have a good Bow character or a character that can Swirl the Windbite bullets, you’ll be able to take down the boss in its paralyzed state.

The Lord of the Desert

At first sight, I thought Setekh Wenut was some kind of mutated flora like the regisvines. Anyone could be fooled by its appearance. Its front looked like petals of flowers, and I thought that it might be some sort of Anemo regisvine.

Soon enough, I realized that looks can be deceptive and was bombarded with Anemo projectiles and beams. The Setekh Wenut seemed like a pain to deal with, but to my surprise, it was rather easy to defeat.

I was running my strongest team when I faced it for the first time, and that may not be the case with you. I urge you to follow my tips or just co-op with friends to take this boss out. If you are an Alhaitham main, Setekh Wenut’s place will be your favorite spot for a while.

With that said, the time’s up, and I have to grind some materials for my Alhaitham. I will soon meet you in another interesting guide, and until then, feel free to check our other boss guides, like the Scaramouche boss guide.

It’s one of the bosses I struggle with, and I recommend checking it out. Maybe you’ll find a tip to help you easily take him down.

Citation: Used Tiermaker to list the characters in an organized format

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