genshin clearance guide

Genshin Clearance Guide

Since the inception of notable quests like the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual, we’ve been introduced to world quests that span entire regions.

Unlike world quests like the Chi of Yore, where you must protect a certain objective by fending off monsters, these unique world quests introduce exclusive mechanisms, items, and areas. While the areas remain playable after unlocking, the Quest items serve niche purposes. 

Take the Aranyaka book; you can only use it to complete quests related to the Aranara. Besides finding and helping the Aranara, the book serves no extra purpose.

These Quest items have one-time use and hold no value thereafter. I’m glad we have such a spacious inventory, but what’s the use of keeping an item that’s only valid for certain quests?

It seems Hoyoverse has decided to walk on this path. In continuation, they have introduced a Quest item similar to the Aranyaka book that serves the sole purpose of solving complex mechanisms.

The Scarlet Sand Slate is a Gadget within the Quest items category that helps the Traveler to pass through restricted areas. Don’t get me wrong, these areas aren’t the map’s boundaries where Paimon stops you from exploring further.

The Slate helps you to access the mechanisms in the desert left by King Deshret. The more you explore, the more complex these mechanisms become. However, you can easily operate these complicated mechanisms by getting enough clearance.

The Scarlet Sand Slate’s unique clearance levels can ease your exploration by allowing you to roam freely in restricted areas. Complicated mechanics, Primal barriers, Verity cells, every mechanic will become available with enough clearance.

In this Genshin Clearance guide, I will help you to access the restricted areas on the map to solve King Deshret’s mysteries. Concealed structures, intricate puzzles, and ancient artifacts, we will investigate everything to reach the maximum clearance level.

Scarlet Sand Slate, Uses and Clearance Levels

The Scarlet Sand Slate is a Gadget that you will receive during the Golden Slumber World quest. If you’ve been into the ruins in the desert, you might have come across mechanisms imbued with red color. You cannot interact with these mechanisms because you lack clearance levels.

Simply put, the Scarlet Sand Slate is a Gadget used to interact with these mechanics. The higher your clearance, the more mechanisms you can interact with.

scarlet sand slate genshin clearence
The Scarlet Sand Slate is located in the Quest items section of your inventory

The Scarlet Sand Slate won’t be visible in the Gadget section. Like the Aranyaka book, the Scarlet Sand Slate will rest in your inventory’s Quest items section and open up a dedicated menu.

You have to interact with specific devices to increase the clearance level. Once you do that, you’ll be able to operate more mechanisms. Here’s a quick overview of the sub-menus:

Hidden Clearance

clearence of khaj nisut genshin impact
As you complete the quests, you will receive clearance levels.

You can see the activated clearance levels on this menu. Once you complete all quests and objectives, you can obtain all the levels on the Scarlet Sand Slate, including the final hidden clearance.

The Supplicant’s Steps

the supplicant's steps genshin impact
Objectives that you have to complete to get the maximum clearance

The section shows the objectives you must complete to get clearance levels. As you follow the quest chain, new areas will be unlocked to explore.

Delving Deeper

delving deeper genshin impact
You can navigate to these places.

Basically, a catalog of the places you can travel to. If you lose track of Slate’s objective, you can come here to re-initiate the navigation.

Clearance Uses

Besides the places you can visit with enough clearance, here are the mechanics that become available once you fulfill their respective clearance requirements.

You will have to interact with these mechanics in ruins, where you have to gain access to certain areas. It’s tough to explore the ruins without proper knowledge of these mechanics.

  • Primal Barrier – These are special energy barriers that allow you to access restricted areas with enough clearance. Once accessible, the color will change from red to blue.
  • Everlight Cell – You will interact with them on various occasions. You can change their rotation and move them to other holders to connect them with other cells.
  • Obscuring Cell – Really unique cells that remove the presence of walls to allow the Primal beams to pass through them.
  • Verity Cell – In certain puzzles, the Pyro torches won’t be visible unless you approach them with a verity cell.
  • Plinth of Secret Rites – With their help, you can open certain areas, domains, or structures.
  • Giant Fan Blades – As the name suggests, they can help you to ride the updraft to reach the higher floors or obstruct your way with a strong gust of wind. Do remember to wait for them to halt for a few seconds when you carry Primal embers through them.

Mysterious Replicator Keystones

Mysterious Keystones and disappearing platform
Description of Mysterious Keystones and disappearing platform.

These mechanics can’t be categorized under the Clearance mechanics. However, I reckon they are the ones you will interact the most with.

Mysterious Replicator Keystones will be in ruins, where you’ll have to explore the areas to increase the clearance levels. Disappearing platforms and elevators are in the same boat because they are also in abundance in ruins.

I suggest looking for Forged Primal lights, Triangular light masses that you can guide to the Replicator Keystones to create certain ruin devices. Pay attention to them when you’ll be clearing the Three trials in Khaj-Nisut.

Clearance Levels Overview

Before we move on to the walkthrough to get all the clearance levels, here’s an overview of the checkpoints where you will receive clearance levels:

  • Following the Golden Slumber world quest will reward you with two clearance levels.
  • The Dual evidence world quest gives you one clearance level
  • You will receive one clearance level each from Place of Rebirth, Place of Breath, and Place of Swallowing.
  • The last and final clearance level will be unlocked after you interact with a Pathfinders’ log.

Increasing Clearance levels doesn’t require you to go through a lot of hoops. Unlike Dendroculi, where you have to scour the map to reach nitty gritty corners, Clearance levels are rather easier to obtain. There are puzzles, but they aren’t really tricky, and you can easily complete them.

Golden Slumber World Quest

Here’s the thing: The quest was full of lore, presented underground structures, featured typical exquisite mechanisms, and everything was perfect except for the voice-over. Besides a bunch of dialogues between NPCs and Paimon, everything was muted.

All the major world quests, like the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual, the Aranyaka, Golden Slumber, and Dual Evidence, have no voice-over. As a player, the experience is disappointing. The cutscenes were great, but what’s the use of spending so much time over a significant quest that doesn’t even have voice actors?

golden slumber genshin impact
Make sure to follow Seelies and not get distracted by enemies.

Rant aside, let’s go through the quests that will automatically grant you clearance levels. I highly recommend following Seelies, as their path overlaps with your objectives’ routes.

Lost In The Sands

The quest initiates once you reach the Aaru village and meet Bonafiz, a merchant from Mondstadt who came to trade in supplies at the request of a researcher, Tirzad, from the Akademiya. Bonafiz informs the Traveler about his associate Nachtigal. The initial dialogues would be slightly different if you’ve interacted with Katheryne before starting this quest.

I was running past Katheryne when she called me and informed me about a merchant who posted an urgent commission. After getting briefed about the whereabouts of the archaeology team, I set out to find them.

location to begin the world quest genshin impact
The location where you can begin the world quest


bonafiz, an npc merchant genshin impact
Bonafiz, an NPC merchant you meet in the Aaru village

Turns out they fell down a deep pit in Abdju road. We meet two mercenaries, Jeht and Jebrael, an Akademiya researcher, Tirzad, and Bonafiz’s associate, Nachtigal. After a heated argument between drunk Tirzad and others, we eventually conclude to find a way out. Tirzad, thanks to his Indoorsology research skills, manages to open a ruin’s door.

The area is nothing less than magnificent. A surreal Egyptian vibe encompasses the underground area. After exploring and solving some puzzles, we reach the depths of the ruin. I’ve attached a video showcasing how you can reveal the hidden Pyro torch.

electro character genshin impact
Use an Electro character to reveal the hidden Pyro torch

tirzad genshin impact
Tirzad easily opens the door

Tirzad reveals his motive to find the truth behind the Scarlet Sand Slate, a project of his relative in the past. Tirzad gets into a heated argument with Jebrael and faints on the scene.

The Traveler and Jeht explore the area while leaving Tizard in Jebrael’s care. Jebrael and Jeht’s attacks will apply Electro and Hydro on enemies, respectively. You can benefit from their elemental application to trigger reactions. 

npcs fight genshin impact
The NPCs can fight alongside the Traveler and have health bars

Upon exploring the area, we encounter a ruin machine capable of understanding human sentiments. Jeth somehow manages to communicate with it and names it Benben. I love Jeht’s aptitude to crack silly jokes at Paimon’s expense. After wrapping up, we return to meet Tirzad and Jebrael and introduce them to our new friend, Benben.

benben genshin impact
Jeth names the ruin machine, Benben

Tizard might be a pessimist, but he acts quickly and makes logical decisions. Tizard concludes that Benben might be related to Ruin machines and reacts to the Scarlet Sand Slate. Unable to trust the mercenaries, Jeht and Jebrael, Tirzad entrusts the Scarlet Sand slate to the Traveler.

Quite the irony, how he’s not able to trust the mercenaries but would trust an unknown Traveler with a flying pigeon. After finishing the dialogue, a tutorial flashes on the screen, indicating the importance of clearance level to control the devices within the ruins.

Tirzad gives the Scarlet Sand Slate to the Traveler
Tirzad gives the Scarlet Sand Slate to the Traveler


raising the clearance level genshin impact
Now you can focus on raising the clearance level

After meeting Nachtigal, fighting the enemies in the pit, and making our way to the exit, the first part of the quest ends. What a tedious journey it has been. Wait, Traveler, it’s just the beginning.

nachtigal genshin impact
You meet Nachtigal and rendezvous at the exit point

An Introduction to Indoor Archaeology

After exiting the pit, the team decides to stop at a Sobek Oasis. While everyone’s resting, we meet Jebrael near a researcher’s gravestone. He instructs the Traveler to safeguard the Scarlet Sand Slate. It was shocking because how could he know that Tirzad entrusted the Scarlet Sand Slate to the Traveler?

The night falls, and everyone shares their stories. Reminiscing his past, Tirzad shares about his relative who abandoned everything to pursue the desert. 

the campsite near the oasis genshin impact
The campsite near the oasis


jebrael genshin impact
We meet Jebrael near a researcher’s gravestone

In the morning, the party decides to explore the Khemenu temple and formulate contingency plans if things go wrong. Our little secret of holding the Scarlet Sand gets revealed to Jeth, but Jebrael, her father, saves the Traveler. The party lets Benben interact with the door, and he successfully manages to open the passage without any hassle.

It took me some time to solve the puzzles. As usual, the party members develop their hypothesis about King Deshret’s civilization, but Jebrael interrupts them to focus on the task at hand.

tirzad genshin impact
We set out for the Khemenu temple in the morning

Keeping their guard, the party finally manages to reach the concealed room by riding an elevator. The more we explore these underground ruins, the more we learn about King Deshret’s past. According to Tirzad, King Deshrat was an insufferable Tyrant who dictated his subjects, but how could a civilization flourish under his rule? Despite his views, Jebrael puts aside fruitless arguments, and the party decides to explore further.

elevator genshin impact
The door opens, and everyone gets on the elevator

The Secret of Al-Ahmar

Coming across an ancient mural, Tirzad, Jeth, and Jebrael argue over its interpretation when suddenly the mural reveals a hidden passage. The passage leads to an elevator that pops up in front of the Mausoleum of King Deshret.

Again, the door reacts to Benben and reveals a path. Benben’s sudden reactions intrigue the party, and they decide to venture into the Mausoleum. Upon entering the chamber, Tirzad proposes to open a sarcophagus.

The Secret of Al-Ahmar genshin impact
Everyone’s stunned to see such a symmetrical mural


Mausoleum genshin impact
We eventually decide to enter the Mausoleum


opening the sarcophagus genshin impact
After solving the nearby puzzles, we manage to open the sarcophagus

You may get lost in the maze-like structure of the chamber, so keep track of the route you follow. The sarcophagus will automatically open after finally completing the puzzles to reveal nothing. Infuriated by the results, Tirzad pushes to explore the highest levels of the chamber.

I don’t like Tirzad’s annoying habit of indulging the Traveler in receiving validation for his theories. We are here to accompany you in your research, not participate in it. The Scarlet Sand Slate reacts to the structure to reveal another hidden passage.

elevator comes down genshin impact
The elevator comes down, and everyone decides to board it


scarlet sand slate genshin impact
The Scarlet Sand Slate automatically reacts to the structure

Moments after, Paimon woke me up with no recollection of whatsoever that happened in the meantime. We see Jeth and others being ambushed by the Fatui and immediately jump to the rescue operation, only to find that Benben is missing.

Finally, we find Benben surrounded by Eremites and Fatui members in the depths of the Mausoleum.

samail, jebrael's ex-comrade, genshin impact
Samail, Jebrael’s ex-comrade, who is a member of Thutmose

Turns out, Jeth’s former comrade, Samail, had been working behind the scenes all along. After defeating Samail, Jebrael reveals that his wife, Jeht’s mother, a researcher, was killed by him.

Once again, we venture into solving a tedious puzzle to find another structure that projects a holographic map. After a few hypotheses about King Deshret’s rule, everyone decides to check upon Nactigal and other merchants near the oasis.

holographic map genshin impact
We see a holographic map showing two structures’ locations

Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand

We encounter Samail’s flunkies at the oasis, and after defending the merchants, Paimon iterates the whole story to Nachtigal. The party makes a pitstop at another oasis before the night falls and sets up the camp there.

Jebrael, once again, shares his past with Jeht’s mother, Ufairah, and how the Thutmose, a wicked Eremite alliance, disposed of Ufairah after she wasn’t able to unlock the secrets of the desert. Eventually, Jebrael reveals the last location to be Khaj-Nisut, where Al-Ahmar’s throne lies. The night grows, and Jebrael sings a lullaby to Jeht.

Teleport to Khaj-Nisut genshin impact
Teleport to Khaj-Nisut and complete three trials to reveal the hidden structure

The next day, we set for Khaj-Nisut, only to be beaten by Eremites. After defeating the last bunch of them, we learn about three trials that must be completed to reveal the throne’s location. After I went inside the structure in Khaj-Nisut, I witnessed grandiose architecture.

After a few discussions, the party decides to activate the mechanisms to reach the throne room. You have to sort out three mechanisms to activate the air current to the top floor. There will be another puzzle that can be easily solved. There will be some enemies, but they will shut down as soon as you approach them.

entrance to Khaj-Nisut
After completing the trials, the entrance to Khaj-Nisut opens up

moving platforms genshin impact
Move the platforms to connect the rays.

Finally, after so long, you will reach the throne room and where you will be ambushed by the Fatui, and Jeht is kidnapped by Samail’s lackeys. Typical villains, I see.

Jebrael manages to strike a deal with Samail in exchange for his daughter’s life and lets him sit on the throne.

To my surprise, Samail dies the moment he takes the authority of the throne, and the party is ambushed by the Fatui and Eremites.

throne room genshin impact
At last, we reach the throne room


Samail's life force genshin impact
Samail’s life force leaves his body the moment he sits on the throne

Barely trying to escape Samail’s power, Jebrael defeats him in the Eternal Dreamland to protect everyone. Jebrael, whom we once thought to be a suspicious mercenary, sacrificed his life to protect everyone.

The party without Jebrael reaches the Aaru Village. Everyone’s devasted by Jebrael’s loss, and there is no end to Jeht’s pain of losing her only family, her father. What a heartbreaking ending.

tirzad genshin impact
A dark space starts to consume the structure, and everyone tries to flee the scene
jebrael genshin impact


    Eventually, Jebrael sacrifices himself
dialogue screen aaru village genshin impact


    A dialogue screen splashes, and we come back to the Aaru village

The world quest broke my heart. Though we manage to flee from the scene, Jeht loses her father to the Eternal Dreamland, and a short cutscene flashes on the screen. The quest completes after we share the story with merchants.

Old Notes and New Friends: Dual Evidence World Quest

Note that there’s no hint for this quest. You have to wait for one daily reset and visit the Aaru village again to initiate this quest. A short cutscene will trigger near the Statue of the seven, where you’ll meet a researcher.

As we approached the village, me and Paimon were interrupted by Kalantari, a student from Akademiya, who overheard our conversation mentioning Tirzad. It’s generous of Tirzad to acknowledge us in his groundbreaking paper.

Inspired by Tirzad, Kalanatari wants to walk on his steps and treats the Traveler to a scrumptious meal to discuss his future plans.

You have to come back to the Aaru village to begin this quest
You have to come back to the Aaru village to begin this quest


We meet Kalantari near the Statue of the Seven in the Aaru village

Just as we approach the village, a Researcher, Soheil, interrupts the conversation and mentions students leaving the Akademiya in droves to hunt for more clues. Soheil manages to send Kalantari back, but it’s peculiar that, being a researcher himself, he plans to stay back to stop other researchers from recklessly investigating the desert.

It’s clear that Soheil is jealous of the Traveler and Tirzad’s accomplishments of discovering historical places and writing about them. Just because he couldn’t do it doesn’t mean everyone’s incapable of pulling such feats.

I don’t like Soheil

The Traveler decides to use the Scarlet Sand Slate to pursue the investigation of more underground ruins. Basically, this is where your pursuits for remaining clearance levels begin.

Scarlet Sand Slate
Once again, the Scarlet Sand Slate comes to the rescue


Scarlet Sand Slate
You can use the Scarlet Sand Slate to find the objectives

You have to teleport to the Dune of Magma, unlock the teleport points in your way, and follow a seelie inside the underground structure. Upon reaching the Duat hall, Paimon notices three dots of light on the Scarlet Sand slate.

Both The Traveler and Paimon conclude that we need to visit three places before we can access a place named “Aaru.”

I feel it’s better to take you through a video walkthrough as the architecture inside the structures is confusing, and you might miss a few checkpoints.

Keep referring to the Slate’s navigation to stay on track. A short cutscene will play after you solve each mechanism.

Place of Rebirth

This one’s a little sneaky. You have to go inside a cave adjacent to the entrance of Duat hall. Once you solve the mechanism surrounding the place, Paimon affirms that we have to”peck organs,” basically, solve puzzles.

Place of Breath

Teleport to the Khemenu temple and follow the Slate’s navigation. Solve the mechanism and watch the Primal Embers, as they could vanish in the wind currents.

Once you complete the mechanism, Paimon raises suspicion about the end results. Anyways, only one more clearance left, and we’ll get to know the end result of our expedition.

Place of Swallowing

This one’s in Duat hall’s area, and after clearing the final mechanism, you can proceed into the Great Hall of Truths in front of Duat hall.

The Great Hall of Truths

I find it funny that Paimon relates the hall to Stormterror’s Lair. The place, indeed, is significant to King Deshret. Upon examining the giant device, the party concludes to turn on switches and activate the device. After you activate the device, a short cutscene will play, and you will be able to go inside the device.


Once you go inside the device, you will reach Aaru. Again, thanks to Paimon’s critical analysis skills, the Traveler figures out to activate another device with the help of Primal Embers. There’s no need to fight the spawned enemies. Guide those Primal Embers to board an elevator and fight a Field Annihilation Array.

A short cutscene will play, and you can obtain an item,  the Record of Aaru’s Shut. Now you can show this to Soheil and tell him not to underestimate the Traveler’s capabilities.

Soheil apologizes for his behavior
Soheil apologizes for his behavior

Upon reaching the Aaru village, you see Soheil arguing with the guard to let him enter the desert; however, the guard refuses to go against the Grand Sage’s restrictions. Soheil is stunned to see such a miraculous stone slate.

Admitting his ignorance, Soheil apologizes to the Traveler and requests them to let him examine the Slate. The Dual Evidence ends with full clearance on the Scarlet Sand slate.

Final Hidden Clearance, Pathfinders’ Log: VI

After you’ve received all the clearance levels, you can explore most of the underground areas. However, you will find space for another symbol upon noticing the Scarlet Sand Slate. The final space is reserved for a hidden clearance you will obtain after interacting with a certain object.

There’s a Pathfinder log that can increase the clearance level of the Scarlet Sand slate. You have to read the notes left by Jeht’s father, Jebrael, in a cave near Wadi-Al-Majuj. You’ll find a stone left behind by Jebrael that will react to the Scarlet Sand Slate. A short cutscene follows to show the mark appearing on the Slate. The final clearance will appear on the Scarlet Sand Slate in the cutscene. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I Need the Final Hidden Clearance?

Answer: Some mechanics in the overworld will be unlocked once you have the final hidden clearance. Without that, you cannot proceed through the underground doors located in Qusayr Al-Inkhida in the desert of Hadramaveth.

Question: Is Leaving the Dual Evidence Quest in the Middle Okay?

Answer: Absolutely. Though I recommend finishing the quest before you pause it in the middle. Once you have all the clearance levels, you can complete the quest without hassle. Finish it, get your rewards, and talk to Soheil; done and dusted.

Question: Do I Need to Collect all the Pathfinders’ logs to get the Final Hidden Clearance?

Answer: No, you can go to the location and interact with the item to unlock the final hidden clearance. Unless you want to get the achievements after finding all the logs, you can leave them.

The Land Of Sand Is Grand

The Golden Slumber and Dual Evidence world quests lacked voice artists’ touch. I never imagined such a vast underground area beneath the desert was possible.

The area had a similar vibe to the underground mines area of the Chasm and Enkanomiya. Abandoned regions with no civilization posed numerous questions. With archon quests teasing the location of Khaneri’ah near Sumeru, it’s only a matter of time before we get to know horrifying secrets.

Whatever happened in Khaneri’ah was no less than genocide. The Great Red Sand, King Deshret’s subjects, hilichurls, everything seems connected with the other sibling.

We can only wait by the sidelines and watch the future unfold. Whatever happens in the future, it’s sure that not every quest will have a happy ending. Sacrifices will be made to protect loved ones, and it’s only a matter of time before we lose someone close to us.

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