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nilotpala lotus guide

Nilotpala Lotus Guide

Regardless of your playstyle, everyone has a fun time exploring new areas. I remember going into a tunnel in the Chasm and getting out in Sumeru to a beautiful environment. I’ve not slept for a few days because I’m so much into exploring the Teyvat and doing world quests here and there.  Now we know …

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Genshin Impact Activities Guide

Genshin Impact Activities Guide

If you are a newcomer to Genshin Impact, I’m pretty sure you will feel overwhelmed by the amount of content the game has to offer. The in-game content including events and the vast open world will take you months to thoroughly explore. Although it can be overwhelming at first, the sooner you start climbing the …

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Genshin Impact Events

Genshin Impact Events Guide

If there’s one thing I love about Genshin Impact, it’s in-game events. In-game events are full of stories, challenges, and rewards that are a buffet for free-to-play players. I’ve gotten so many freebies from the in-game rewards that on my free account, I’m able to collect so many Genshin characters. I’m not a regular buyer …

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